Thursday, May 31, 2007

Titanium or Carbon Fibre?

One of the guys at work needs to replace a high end frame and has been round asking about the difference between carbon fibre and titanium as frame materials - specifically he is interested in what the ride difference is between the two materials. Any answers, either email me or comment here (if you can remember your username and password, Andy) ;-)

As most of you know, my experience is only of Reynolds 531!


Eve 10 #3 Result

WEDNESDAY 30th MAY 2007 G10/42


5. Ray Dare 28-53 4-30 24-23 3/6 2nd Hcp
6. Ann Bath DNS 0/0
7. Mark McNamara 34-30 8-30 26-00 2/2
8. Jackie Townsend 27-54 3-30 24-24 7/5 1st W/3rd Hcp
9. Pete Mitchell 30-03 4-45 25-18 2/2
10. David Croggon 29-43 4-45 24-58 2/2
11. Lisa Colombo 33-46 9-00 24-46 4/2
12. Paul Day 27-17 2-45 24-32 5/2
13. Grant Pyke 29-37 4-30 25-07 2/2
14. Jake Dodd 29-25 5-15 24-10 6/7 1st Hcp
15. Tony Tugwell*** 33-25 6-30 26-55 2/2
16. Andy Avis 25-59 1-30 24-29 6/4 2nd Fastest
17. John Beer 27-42 3-00 24-42 4/2
18. Rachel Croggon 29-29 4-30 24-59 5/2
19. Florence Hallett DNS 0/0
20. Joe Bertorelli 25-19 Scr 25-19 7/2 1st Fastest
21. Peter Edwards 27-27 PTT
Heather Basley DNS 0/0
*** Includes 30seconds late start

Kingston Wheelers
22. Ben Elliot         25-14
31. Christine Hamilton 30-08
33. Charlotte East 27-46
35. Nick Hamilton 28-42 not 27-42 as shown at HQ
39. Svilen Marinov 27-42
42. Russell Seekins 26-01
47. Colin Gray 26-31
51. Steven Saunders 23-42
52. Rupert Bole 25-27
53. Matthew Cook 25-33
55. Narayan Peralta 24-55
57. Adam Page 22-56

Many thanks to Ray & Grant for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course.

For those who intend to ride the 2 up on Wednesday June the 13th:

Please let me know before you get to the start line, who your intended partner will be. (Also may I suggest you let him/her know as well). But you can if you wish ride solo.

Frank Cubis

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hounslow 100

I'm not sure of the genesis of this plan: Jake needed an alternative 100 to the SCCU one as she is unable to ride, Jackie was keen to try her first 100 and Ann is always up for rides that make the rest of us wilt.

So it came about that the three of them entered the Hounslow 100 on Sunday May 27th, in preference to the mere 10 miles of the Interclub 10 that the rest of us wimps were riding. In theory is was an attempt on the Club Team Record of 16-0-47, requiring an average time of 5 hours 20.

As can be seen by the times of the 10 (previous post) the cold wet morning was not to the liking of many of us. Frank decided that perhaps timekeeping really was the lesser of the evils, David was the only rider to improve his 10 time - compared to the balmy evening the other week - and Tony finally managed to get round without puncturing (if I'm not mistaken, the first time he's actually crossed a finish line this season!). The Wheelers had Naz as their sole representative and Trevor likewise for the Festival so, as has been the pattern of recent years, the Interclub aspect was a washout.

With the cold and damp, the majority opted for a warm, dry breakfast at Wetherspoons in Leatherhead, but Pete and I drove over to join Andy and Brian at the 100 on the basis that I like to see people out when I'm getting my money's-worth in a long distance event.

Andy had foregone points in the club event to help Jackie, and Brian, with time on his hands due to the impending redundancy, was out to help Jake; and both were offering assistance to Ann who, as usual, had planned to ride unassisted.

Ann was off first at no. 12, Jackie at no. 14 and Jake at no. 17. As we joined the course, at the Farnham end, we saw Jackie coming the other way having covered around 45 miles and going strongly. Ann was some way back and we must have crossed with Jake where you can't see across the central reservation, although we did catch a glimpse of Andy's cap as he rode the other way. Having sussed where our riders were we turned at the 10 turn and retraced to the HQ in an effort to find a start sheet (no luck) and some breakfast (success, the event tea team were just ramping up). Heading back down the course we met Andy and Brian in the bus stop at the top of the Bentley slip road. They reported that Jackie was motoring along just shy of evens despite the unpleasant conditions and Jake was gaining slightly on Ann, both plodding on steadily and all looking somewhat bedraggled.

On a wet day, especially for a distance event, the problem is that you get cold and the hands stop working, even if the legs can be relied upon to push and the body temperature is just warm enough. Changing gear becomes harder, getting into the food in your pockets becomes a challenge - and worst of all - even when you get the food out the packets stubbornly refuse to open.

Between 50 and 75 miles Jackie continued to surge ahead, her focus changing to a battle with Jill Bartlett of the Hounslow who was riding at a similar speed having started 2 minutes behind her; Jake caught and passed Ann and began to see no.13 ahead (Ginny Henderson of the Didcot Phoenix, also riding steadily in her first 100. She started slightly faster than Jake and began tailing off, where Jake has a reputation for starting steadily and getting faster the longer she rides). As always Ann looked uncomfortable on the bike, but she was ploughing on steadily and feistily notheless.

With the HQ in the middle of the lap, the riders were dropping like flies, unable to resist the lure of the Bentley slip-road passed twice on every lap. After the 4th time past the finish point Jake stopped with Brian where he was waiting at the Hen & Chicken. Having covered over 80 miles she was finding that the usual problems with cold hands were made worse be the nerve problem currently affecting her right hand. Unable to change gear for the last 20 miles, nor get the food out of her pocket, she couldn't face a further 20 miles of the same. Sopping wet, she was soon getting cold, and while Brian loaded her bike and her stuff into his car she enjoyed the full warmth of the fan in my car (which we still needed after our soggy start to the day).
While we sat there Jackie came and joined us having finally finished in under 5 hours - an excellent first 100 under any circumstances, but worth a faster time in better conditions.

Ann continued doggedly on, passing the Hen & Chicken with around 10 miles to go as we all decamped to the HQ, finishing with a time of 5:43:47.

Congratulations to all three, whatever the result, for soldiering on under the conditions. Although, writing this on Monday morning, the wind that was forcast for yesterday is blowing strongly and I think we can all be thankful that it didn't come yesterday.

Split times:
100 25 50 75
12 Ann Bath 5:43:47 1:21:07 2:44:59 4:15:40
14 Jackie Townsend 4:58:08 1:14:57 2:29:32 3:41:57
17 Jake Dodd DNF 1:21:26 2:42:35 4:05:15
16 Jill Bartlett 4:57:25 1:12:29 2:27:06 3:42:05
13 Ginny Henderson 5:41:18 1:19:04 2:41:34 4:08:41


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Interclub 10 - result

KPRC / Kingston Wheelers / Festival RC / Clarencourt CC
Sunday 27th MAY 2007

3. Roy Instrall 26:11 Morden CRC
4. Pete Mitchell 30:23 4:45 25:47 3 3
5. Lisa Colombo 36:55 9:00 27:55 6 2
6. Grant Pyke 29:56 4:30 25:26 4 5
7. David Croggon 29:13 5:50 23:23 5 7 1st Hcp
8. Mark McNamara 34:36 8:30 26:06 2 2
9. Paul Day 28:56 6:00 26:11 6 2
10. Rachel Croggon 29:13 4:30 24:43 7 6 1st Woman
11. Tony Tugwell 32:03 6:30 25:33 2 4
12. John Beer D.N.S.
13. Ray Dare 30:54 0:4:30 0:26:24 2 2
14. Ann Bath D.N.S.
15. Joe Bertorelli 26:57 Scr 0:26:57 7 2 1st Fastest
16 Trevor Keenan 24:19 Festival RC
17. Naz Peralta 26:08 Kingston Wheelers
Heather Basley D.N.S.

As the fastest 6 from each club count as the winners, as an Inter Club it was a non event. But for the record: KPRC 2hrs 54min 38sec

Many Thanks To Grant For Placing and Retrieving The Event Warning Signs Round The Course.

For those who intend to ride the 2 up on Wednesday June the 13th.

Please let me know before you get to the start line, who your intended partner will be. (Also may I suggest you let him/her know as well). But you can if you wish ride solo.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Ladies Divisional Road Race

We are hosting The Ladies Divs Road Race again this year!
It is once again on the Ellens Green Circuit with the HQ at Ellens Green Hall.
Simon has sorted out marshalls , but anyone who wants to come and watch and cheer the Phoenix riders on are welcome.
We also need cakes for the tea ladies so if you can either bring them down or gave to Jake befor the day.
The date is sat 2nd June 1pm.
All entries to Simon Mitchell or enter on the line.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Eve 10 #3 start

Eve 10 #3
Wednesday May 30th 2007 - G10/42
No  Name              Hcp Start
5. Ray Dare 4-30 19-32-30
6. Ann Bath 5-45 19-33
7. Mark McNamara 8-30 19-33-30
8. Jackie Townsend 3-30 19-34
9. Pete Mitchell 4-45 19-34-30
10. David Croggon 5-30 19-35
11. Lisa Colombo 9-00 19-35-30
12. Paul Day 2-45 19-36
13. Grant Pyke 4-30 19-36-30
14. Jake Dodd 5-15 19-37
15. Tony Tugwell 6-30 19-37-30
16. Andy Avis 1-30 19-38
17. John Beer 3-00 19-38-30
18. Rachel Croggon 4-30 19-39
19. Florence Hallett 6-00 19-39-30
20. Joe Bertorelli Scr 19-40
21. Heather Basley 6-45 19-40-30
1st 2nd & 3rd Hcp
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman


Interclub 10 - start sheet

Sunday May 27th 2007 Inter Club -G10/42
No  Name           Hcp  Start
3. Heather Basley 6-45 07-33
4. Pete Mitchell 4-45 07-34
5. Lisa Colombo 9-00 07-35
6. Grant Pyke 4-30 07-36
7. David Croggon 5-50 07-37
8. Mark McNamara 8-30 07-38
9. Paul Day 2-45 07-39
10. Rachel Croggon 4-30 07-40
11. Tony Tugwell 6-30 07-41
12. John Beer 3-00 07-42
13. Ray Dare 4-30 07-43
14. Ann Bath 5-45 07-44
15. Joe Bertorelli Scr 07-45
1st Handicap
1st Fastest
Fastest Woman

What Frank was doing.....

...on Bank Holiday Monday:

Subtitled: Oxford, or Cambridge, or both?

Some of you have heard about this, so I promised to post Ralph Dadswell's account of his attempt with Dave Johnson on the Oxford to Cambridge and back RRA record on a Tandem Trike (otherwise known as the long barrow).
"Onward, into the Vortex of Muddy Spray - Ralph, May 2007
Perhaps I was asking for trouble when I selected a Bank Holiday Monday for the first record attempt of the year. On the plus side, we had clear runs in to the terminal points of our chosen place-to-place… but on the minus side, it was wet, cold and windy.
As part of a strategy to prepare us for bigger things later in the summer, Dave Johnson and I declared intentions to ride the tandem-tricycle over the Oxford to Cambridge & back route. This 160 mile journey didn’t have an established record in our category, but we were aware that Ian Dow had ridden his bike over the route in 6h 51m 15s, with this being the fastest ride that we could find. Guessing a time that we might be able to achieve, I devised a schedule for 6h 45m.
As the day approached, the weather forecast presented a picture of quite strong winds, and a bit of rain. As it turned out, the winds were in the main not a problem. However, the first few hours were certainly very wet and unpleasant.
We set off from our start point near Buckingham at 8am, with Oxford our first destination. Frank Cubis despatched us, and then hurriedly jumped into the following car driven by Greg Lewis, our soigneur.
Actually, things were okay to begin with, but after we passed Bicester, the rain was there. And once onto the A34, there was a lot of spray. It’s true that we were moving well, but there was a look more of grim satisfaction than juvenile excitement on our faces.
Then suddenly there was a Police car beside us, with the blue flashing light on. Oh, what? Do we have to stop? So we stopped. What’s up then? We’ve even got a back light flashing away. But luckily there was no trouble, as all he wanted was for us to keep in a bit. Irritating to lose a minute to be told that, but it could easily have been a whole load more awkward if we’d had to go through and explain exactly what we were up to (which was essentially Cycling Along The Road). But anyway, we were soon off again.
We seemed to be riding the floods as we neared the Oxford turn. Just as I started to get nervous, I saw Will Meers waving his hands in the air, telling us that we were at St John’s College entrance, and so we turned in the road, to make our way to Cambridge. I only saw Will at the turn, but unbeknown to us all, there was another figure hiding in the shadows, watching, waiting.
It is fairly standard practice for ‘record verifying bodies’ to send out representatives to covertly witness proceedings on record attempts – just to be sure that all parties are following the rules. The figure in the shadows was none other than John Woodburn, the President of the organisation concerned with the Oxford-Cambridge record. He had set out from his home at 06:35 that morning, and ridden the 30 miles to Oxford. He was soaking wet and very cold, and when he reached Oxford, he didn’t recognise anyone as being ‘obviously the turn checker’. So he waited, just in case he was the only person to witness us. He was cold, very cold. And wet. And not comfortable at all.
Suddenly, we were there, and Will jumped out from the roadside. Then we were gone. A few seconds after that, John rode along to Will and introduced himself. Shortly after that, Dean Robson turned up, hoping that he hadn’t missed us...
It took just less than an hour for the first 25 miles, and we were soon back on the A34. At Bicester we were 7 minutes ahead of schedule, and still being soaked. At 40 miles we made an unscheduled (but necessary) stop, because we’d been drinking lots more fluid than we’d been losing by perspiration. We were 5 minutes ahead of schedule when we passed our start/finish point.
I was beginning to be troubled by the cold. This is not normally anything that bothers me, but I was struggling to hold the handlebars, and picking my drink bottle from its cage was a real effort. I decided that, with 100 miles remaining, I had to take some action to sort this out. So we stopped near Milton Keynes, and I demanded extra clothing. I’m told that the back-up team thought I was (and hence ‘we were’) going to abandon. Apparently my general appearance resembled a Thunderbirds puppet.
Luckily, the extra layer on my upper body was a good simulation of body-fat, and I was soon revitalised. I was even able to contribute to the job of propelling the tandem along, which was a bonus. We were a bit behind schedule at the next check, but were ahead again as we approached Bedford.
We used the new Great Barford bypass; while we marvelled at its smoothness, I was delighted to see that the halfway point had been passed. The sun was cautiously making its presence felt as well, which was encouraging.
We were a couple of minutes ahead of schedule as we used the A1 to get us onto the Cambridge road from near St Neots. By the way, the schedule was nothing scientific – it just assumed 23.8 mph throughout. This was obviously going to be more and more difficult to sustain, but it was only a guide (with an arbitrary target time).
We were moving fairly well, but progress was hampered by roadworks. In a few months there will be an impressive section of dual carriageway from Caxton Gibbet all along to the Cambridge turning. However, we had to deal with the inconvenient phase of ‘nearly ready - please follow the diversion signs’.
I tried hard to take us off course at Madingley, but in the end we took the correct exit, despite a lack of signposts. So we zoomed down into Cambridge, where Alan Turner picked us up, flipped us around, and sent us on our heels. We were two minutes up, and wondering what the weather would be for the final 55 miles.
After another comfort stop, we settled into the task of ignoring a nagging cross-to-head wind. Surprisingly, we held onto a deficit of about 1 minute all the way to Bedford, where we had 25 miles to go.
We were about to receive our final food/drink hand-up from Frank and Greg, and then suddenly we were in a situation of backed-up traffic. It’s arguable that we could have immediately stopped and taken on the supplies in the traffic jam. But we didn’t. I was hoping that the delays would disappear after we’d crossed the two roundabouts immediately ahead of us.
However, the slow traffic persisted for some distance, and indeed was probably ultimately generated by the traffic lights at the M1 junction several miles ahead. So we were riding past the cars, and wondering when we would see the chaps again. Before the finish, hopefully, as Frank was the one with the stopwatch!
It’s probably best practice in these circumstances to continue drinking and eating as normal. However, there’s also an instinctive reaction to conserve your resources in case you have to wait a long time before stocks are replenished. We were both getting concerned. And then, just to kep our spirits up, I noticed that we had a punctured front tyre.
If it been a rear tyre, we could’ve ridden on without bother. But the front is a different thing. Once the air has all gone, you lose the ability to steer or brake in any reliable way. We made our way to the next layby, and phoned for help. Curses.
As luck would have it, we only had to wait a few minutes before the service vehicle arrived. We were quickly sorted out and on our way again. However, when we reached the next checkpoint, we were 10 minutes down In seven miles, the combined effect of increasing tiredness, negotiation of slow traffic, and the puncture, had cost us 9 minutes.
As mentioned earlier, we didn’t actually have a record to chase, and so this ride was really just a very hard piece of training. The original objective of 6h 45m was obviously out of the question, as we had just 18 miles to go. We were now starting to notice a fairly stiff headwind, and revised our target to that of beating 7 hours. We had 50 minutes left.
At the final checkpoint, we had 30 minutes for 10.9 miles. Surely that was achievable?
We were okay as we passed 10, 9 and 8 miles to go. But then there’s a fairly tough (in the circumstances) climb at Whaddon Chase. 7 miles to go took a long time coming. At 5 to go, we had 12.5 minutes, and were riding well. But at 2 to go, suddenly there was a particularly windy section. We did the best we could.
Seven hours and 38 seconds was the final result as we rolled across the line.
Upon reflection, we were probably less troubled by the wind that I’d expected, although obviously I hadn’t anticipated the effect of the rain on me. Ultimately, though, it was a tough day out for the two of us, and it was the training that was the true objective.
Many thanks to all those who helped us on our way. Now to think about the next one..."

Ralph and Dave are planning to tackle the End to End on the long barrow later in the year. We wish them the best of luck in their attempt.

The Road Records Association (RRA) website is:


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mountain biking with a difference...

Hello all,

I found this downhill mountain biking video. Would you follow these guys down this hill? You wont catch me doing it. Click here for the link. Broadband users only.

Also found this South Downs Way competition. Click here for the link. Is anyone else interested in this?

Happy cycling

Saturday, May 19, 2007


The KPRC barbecue is on Sun 3rd June at Jake and Gary's house.
4pm onwards. All members and saturday riders and friends invited.
Please bring some food for the buffet or barbecue.
Look forward to seeing everybody!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Norwood Paragon 25 - result


Club 25 Mile Time Trial
Incorporated in Norwood Paragon CC Open Event
Sunday 13th May 2007
No Name Time Hcp Hcp Time Scr/Hcp Award
66. Tony Tugwell DNS 16-30
81. Florence Hallett 1-18-53 15-00 1-03-53 6/5
86. Rachel Croggon DNS 10-30
89. Jake Dodd 1-17-01 12-00 1-05-01 7/4 1st W
93. Joe Bertorelli 1-01-32 Scr 1-01-32 7/6
116. Grant Pyke 1-12-15 11-30 1-00-45 6/7 1st Hcp


Friday, May 11, 2007

Eve 10 #2 start sheet

WEDNESDAY 16th May 2007

No      NAME            HCP         START
6. Jake Dodd 5-00 19-33
7. Lisa Colombo 9-00 19-33-30
8. Paul Day 3-30 19-34
9. Pete Mitchell 5-00 19-34-30
10. Mark McNamara 8-00 19-35
11. Jackie Townsend 3-15 19-35-30
12. Grant Pyke 5-00 19-36
13. Heather Basley 7-30 19-36-30
14. Steve Hillier 2-30 19-37
15. Jen Mitchell 4-30 19-37-30
16. Tony Tugwell 7-00 19-38
17. Simon Mitchell 1-15 19-38-30
18. Rachel Croggon 4-30 19-39
19. Ann Bath 5-30 19-39-30
20. Andy Avis 1-00 19-40
21. John Beer 3-45 19-40-30
22. Florence Hallett 5-00 19-41
23. Joe Bertorelli Scr 19-41-30
AWARDS 1st 2nd & 3rd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Norwood Paragon 25

Phoenix riders in the Norwood Paragon 25 on Sunday:

66. Tony Tugwell 16-30
81. Florence Hallett 15-00
86. Rachel Croggon 10-30
89. Jake Dodd 12-00
93. Joe Bertorelli Scr
116. Grant Pyke 11-30

The event will be a club event, as there are 6 entrants. Club award of 1st Hcp, and - of course - the all important points.
Ann is riding the Charlotteville 50 on the H50/8 and Lisa the Didcot Phoenix 25 on the H25/17.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Eve 9.5 #1 Result 2-May




No  NAME              TIME  HCP HcpTIME Scr/Hcp AWARDS
1. Mike Fry 31-53 PTT
2. Ray Dare 27-22 4-30 22-52 2 / 2
4. Pete Mitchell 27-42 5-30 22-12 2 / 5 3rd Hcp
5. Lisa Colombo 31-49 8-00 23-49 2 / 2
6. Andy Avis 23-48 1-30 22-18 6 / 4 2nd Place
7. Grant Pyke 27-46 4-45 23-01 2 / 2
8. Joe Holder 26-56 KW
9. Heather Basley 30-10 6-00 24-10 2 / 2
10. Tony Tugwell 29-39 7-00 22-39 2 / 2
11. Simon Mitchell 24-01 0-45 23-16 5 / 2
12. Jackie Townsend 25-38 4-15 21-23 7 / 7 1st Hcp/1st W
13. Rachel Croggon 26-48 4-30 22-18 6 / 4
14. Jake Dodd 27-37 4-45 22-52 4 / 2
15. Jen Mitchell 27-06 5-15 21-51 5 / 6 2nd Hcp
16. Joe Bertorelli 23-26 Scr 23-26 7 / 2 1st Place
17. Paul Day 26-01 3-00 23-01 3 / 2
18. Colin Derrick 26-30 SERC
19. Alan Walker 25-01 SERC
20. Oliver Walker 24-45 SERC
21. Mike Twitchell 23-28 SERC
22. Florence Hallett 29-14 5-15 23-59 3 / 2
23. Louise Mame 23-28 KW
25. Emma Bradley 32-45 KW
26. Charlotte East 25-54 KW
27. James Smith 28-26 KW
28. Matthew Cook 24-36 KW
29. George Edwards 26-03 KW
30. Svilen Marinov 25-52 KW
31. Chris Hathaway 28-00 KW
32. Tim Wood 31-32 KW
33. Guy Kilby 28-33 KW
35. Steve Collins 25-39 KW
36. Simon Mew 26-21 KW
37. Martin Banfield 26-21 KW
38. Mark Gray 24-53 KW
40. Chris Jenkins 26-46 KW
42. Andrew Melbourne 25-37 KW
43. Russell Seekins 24-54 KW
44. Colin Gray 24-27 KW
46. Alan Sherman 23-15 KW
47. Mike Wilcox 22-58 KW
48. Adam Page 21-30 KW
49. Dominic Harrison 21-40 Evans Cycles
50. Andrew Riddale 23-53 Epsom CC
51. Richard Guy 24-25 Iron Head Racing
52. Ian Tivey 23-45 Iron Head Racing
53. Tony Brown 22-42 21st Century Airports CC
54. David Sibbick 21-40 KW
56. Adam Coppock 24-52 PTT

Many thanks to Joe for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course.


Last Night was not a good time for the Time Keeper, thank goodness the course was short, and if anybody disputes their time. I AGREE.
There will be changes to the system by the next 10.
Frank Cubis

Apologies to everyone that we had to cut the event down to 9.5 miles, but at least we understand that the poor cyclist who was flattened (resulting in the cones) is not too seriously hurt, although he/she is in a bad way.
Thanks to Frank for still running the event, with the added agro of having to go to the finish we used. I think that fastest on the night was Adam Page of the Kingston Wheelers, with 21:30. The Phoenix Club event is in blue above, all other riders in black.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Evening 10 #1 Start Sheet

WEDNESDAY 2nd May 2007

No NAME          HCP  START
1. David Croggon 5:30 19:30:30
2. Ray Dare 4:30 19:31
3. Florence Hallett 5:15 19:31:30
4. Pete Mitchell 5:30 19:32
5. Lisa Colombo 8:00 19:32:30
6. Andy Avis 1:30 19:33
7. Grant Pyke 4:45 19:33:30
8. Ann Bath 5:30 19:34
9. Heather Basley 6:00 19:34:30
10. Tony Tugwell 7:00 19:35
11. Simon Mitchell 0:45 19:35:30
12. Jackie Townsend 4:15 19:36
13. Rachel Croggon 4:30 19:36:30
14. Jake Dodd 4:45 19:37
15. Jen Mitchell 5:15 19:37:30
16. Joe Bertorelli Scr 19:38
17. Paul Day 3:00 19:38:30
Crystal Sheldon 4:15 Late Start

1st, 2nd & 3rd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman