Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Majorca 2010

Tha time has come to book our trip to Majorca with Gary Smith. Sunday 25th April to sun 2nd May , at the hotel valentine azul. Cheaper than last year as no sea view , but you get a suite which is more space! Bike storage and workshop on site. The hotel is 3 min walk from town square.
Hotel cost is share suite £217 each or £347 single. Half board.
You book flight and transport to hotel , we can help if you want!
I need to send post dated cheque for 1st jan to Gary by 1st NOV, made out to Gary Smith.
I have the forms to fill in. I will be down club and on sat rides.
ps this is an ideal warm training week before racing starts.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Festival Finale RR

I got a plea of help from Colin McDermott.

Hi Andy

I'm not sure if you are aware of the Festival LVRC race on the 18th October at Walliswood, I'm trying to organise marshalls etc. and hoping you maybe able to help on the day? There will also be a social buffet after at the local pub, if you are interested pls let me know asap.

Also if you have any others who can do lead car/motorbikes or marshall etc. if you can let them/me know.

Talk to you soon.

Cheers Colin McDermott Festival RC

If you are able to help out, then either contact Colin directly or me at or even reply to the blog.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Consolation 25 - result


10 Stuart Pearce 1-01-45 Scr 1-01-45 4 / 3
6 Simon Mitchell 1-06-50 7-00 59-50 7 / 7 1st Hcp
12 John Beer 1-07-24 3-30 1-03-54 2 / 2
4 Brian Powney 1-11-07 7-00 1-04-07 2 / 2
11 Jake Dodd 1-11-31 11-00 1-00-31 7 / 6 2nd Hcp
7 Bob Townley 1-12-05 PB 11-30 1-00-35 6 / 5 3rd Hcp
9 Ray Dare 1-12-27 11-00 1-01-27 5 / 4
8 Steve Hillier 1-15-53 7-00 1-08-53 2 / 2 (Medium Gear)
2 Nick Hostler 1-18-14 PB 11-00 1-07-14 2 / 2 (1st 25)
3 Grant Pyke 1-21-10 18-30 1-02-40 3 / 2
5 Mark McNamara 1-29-10 22-00 1-07-10 2 / 2

Simon wins the Consolation 25 Cup

Time Trial Sec.
Frank Cubis

The Mitchell clan fox yet another handicapper! (Lisa did this event, as Brian can hardly handicap an event without knowing what the hcp times are!)
And - we had just about got the hang of the way the points are awarded for this event ie "the points for the points trophy mirror the points for the handicap trophy" - not any more, now we have a men's and women's points trophy you dish out the hcp points, then remove Jake from the points and each of the men move up one.

Got it? I thought not... Anyway, it's corrected above compared to the emailed result sheet. (Sorry, Frank)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Consolation 25 - start sheet

No NAME              START
2 Nick Hostler 08-45
3 Grant Pyke 08-46
4 Brian Powney 08-47
5 Mark McNamara 08-48
6 Simon Mitchell 08-49
7 Bob Townley 08-50
8 Steve Hillier 08-51
9 Ray Dare 08-52
10 Stuart Pearce 08-53
11 Jake Dodd 08-54
12 John Beer 08-55

1st, 2nd & 3rd Hcp

Frank Cubis

This event is a handicap event. Club events points are awarded based on handicap position for the event, and not scratch position. The handicap is sealed so that riders do not know who they have to catch or hold off in order to beat them on handicap.

Brief course details below, or full course details here.
G25/47 25 mile

Start on A24 at Mill Lane, South Holmwood, 1 mile south of 10 start.

Continue south to Clarks Green rbt were TURN, (10 turn) retrace to Beare Green rbt were LEFT into A29 for aprox 8 miles (through Ockley) to bear LEFT onto A281.

The next part is easy to go wrong. There are 3 rbts, keep on A281 A264(A281)(A24) towards A24

To Farthings Hill rbt A24 bear left onto A24, keep on to finish on A24 at railway bridge near Beare Green village 1 mile before start.

We still meet at the usual HQ (for the evening 10s): Inholms Lane car park, but be aware that the ride to the start is close to a mile along the A24 or further along the back way.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hill Climb (2009) - Result

SUNDAY 13th September 2009
Hill Climb

16 Colin McDermott 1-52.68 min Festival RC
9 Brian Powney 2-12.03 min PB 7
10 David French 2-20.35 min Weybridge Whlrs
14 Jake Dodd 2-24.16 min 7
13 Steve Hillier 2-25.77 min PB 6
7 Paul Day 2-28.13 min 5
6 Joe Bertorelli 2-34.52 min 4
12 John Beer 2-39.63 min 3
4 Nick Hostler 2-44.40 min PB 3
2 Rachel Watkins 2-46.65 min PTT
3 Bob French 3-12.19 min Weybridge Whlrs
5 Mark McNamara 3-34.27 min PB 2
8 Mike Morley 3-40.50 min 2
11 Grant Pyke DNS 0

HILL CLIMB CHAMPIONSHIP MEN: 1st Brian Powney 2-12.03


As below - thanks to all.
Frank Cubis

Hilly 12 (2009) - Result

SUNDAY 13th September 2009
Hill Climb

No NAME TIME HCP Hcp/Time Points
16 Colin McDermott 33-46 Festival RC
9 Brian Powney 38-22 1-30 36:52 7 / 5
10 David French 38-22 Weybridge Wlrs
13 Steve Hillier 39-23 PB 3-30 35-53 6 / 6
6 Joe Bertorelli 41-00 3-00 38-00 5 / 3
12 John Beer 41-02 Scr 41-02 4 / 2
7 Paul Day 42-56 4-00 38-56 3 / 2
14 Jake Dodd 43-21 7-30 35-51 7 / 7
4 Nick Hostler 43-28 PB 6-00 37-28 2 / 4
2 Rachel Watkins 43-47 PTT
3 Bob French 45-16 Weybridge Whls
5 Mark McNamara 53-03 11-00 42-03 2 / 2
8 Mike Morley 53-50 10-00 43-50 2 / 2
11 Grant Pyke DNS

1st Fastest: Brian Powney
1st Hcp: Jake Dodd


Pusher Off : Ron Powney

Marshals : Judy, Left turn, bottom of Little Switzerland. Iain & Carolyn, left turn into Box Hill. David, Left turn Headley Heath. Frank Powney, Left fork into Clay Lane.

Hill Climb start time keeper : Doreen Powney

Well done to all riders for a safe and trouble free event.

Frank Cubis

Corrected handicap times in red - Lisa

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hilly 12 - start sheet


3 Bob French Weybridge Wheelers 09-03
4 Nick Hostler 6-00 04
5 Mark McNamara 11-00 09-05
6 Joe Bertorelli 3-00 06
7 Paul Day 4-00 07
8 Mike Morley 10-00 08
9 Brian Powney 1-30 09
10 David French Weybridge Wheelers 09-10
11 Grant Pyke 8-00 11
12 John Beer Scr 12
13 Steve Hillier 3-30 13
14 Jake Dodd 7-30 14
15 Gary Dodd Sigma Sport 09-15

Hilly 12: 1st Fastest & 1st Hcp
Hill Climb: Men’s Champion & Woman’s Champion

HQ: On B2033 Headley Common Road at National Trust car park, Headley Heath.
NOTE: There is a pay and display operating in the car park and a Height Restriction Barrier.

Hilly 12 Course START at Power Pole 010 in Lodgebottom Road, 235 yds south of B2033 near Headley (TQ198543). Continue down hill to T junction at Mickleham were LEFT (marshal). To bottom of Zig-Zag were LEFT (marshal) continue to B2033 were SHARP LEFT (CARE) (marshal). Continue along B2033 past HQ and in ¾ mile take left fork (marshal) along Clay Lane. To A24 Leatherhead By-Pass were LEFT (CARE) (no marshal) Along A24 to 1st RBT were 1st LEFT (no marshal) along B2033 Reigate Road to finish at oak tree on left side of road, 43 yards before Give Way sign and 125 yards before Headley Common Road.

Care should be taken riding to the start (Especially If Wet) as the road descends sharply and there are sharp bends.
There are speed humps on the Zig Zag of Box Hill (low risk)
There are speed humps on the very fast descent after the Clay Lane fork, Be Very Careful, You Will Not Miss Them.

(The Last 825 Yards of The Hilly 12 Course)

DO NOT STOP, BUT: The Hill Climb starts at the GREEN FLAG 825 Yards before the finish of Hilly 12 Mile Course, on B2033 at the junction of Lodgebottom Road and the start of Leech Lane, at fire hydrant cover, by hydrant sign 4/30.

The Hill Climb (flying start) is just as riders reach the dip were the Hilly 12 start lane is on their right.
Continue for 825 yards to finish at Hilly 12 Finish.

Frank Cubis

Monday, September 07, 2009

What can Steve do next?

Whilst the season is winding up for the Phoenix Club Events, and September sees the end of the National BBAR (British Best All Rounder competition - see here), the racing season doesn't really draw to an end until the end of October. October is the month of Hill Climbs, but there are still a number of standard distance TTs to be ridden.

The H25/8 course is on the A31 between Farnham and Alton.

View H25/8 course in a larger map

And the H25/2 is out near me on the A404/A4 just west of Maidenhead. This is the fabled "ski slope course" (well round here - there's another one in Wales).

View H25/2 course in a larger map

There are two more events left on the H25/8 and two on the H25/2 this season, although both courses are being used on the same day on one weekend, which limits your choices. The first H25/8 event is on 19th September, which means that you need to get your entry to Basingstoke by 6pm tomorrow evening (unlikely).
The on October 4th there is an event on the H25/2 at 07:30 and the H25/8 at 10:00. The H25/8 event has an early closing date of September 15th (the usual 6pm) so they are anticipating a full field, with the H25/2 effectively being an overflow event, with the usual closing date.
The following week, October 11th is just the H25/2.
Or there is the Epsom 25 on the "club" course, the G25/53 that we know and love! - on the 27th September.

All depends on how tenacious you are feeling. Personally I think you have been improving enough that beating your best ever is on the cards (after all Jake did it in the 10 the other week), but whether you want to go for it this year is another matter.

It doesn't seem right to me that when you have earned the improvement on last year the way you have this year that the Crouch Trophy should then go to someone like Mark or I who are so erratic with our times from year to year that a large improvement is not really an achievement. No disrespect to Mark here, but after all he has improved from a 1:26 last year, which is a lot easier than the improvement you have made.

If you haven't got a handbook you need to talk to Frank or Jake, or someone else with a handbook who can give you the entry details for the above events.

Good Luck if you decide to go for it.


P.S. I am having an argument with Google Maps at the moment, but if you enlarge the 2nd map and then click on the "start" pin on the left, it takes you to the correct place.

Reply from Steve

Oh Mark what have you done - a fantastic ride !!! Well done and I must admit that I have been spoilt with the almost perfect conditions I had when I did my only 25 this season.

H25/2 you say Lisa - or the H25/8 on a Saturday afternoon? - I don't know what and where these courses are... they are just secret codes to me.

So the gauntlet has been thrown and to beat Mark I would have to beat my lifetime best (1:06:06). It can be done - if only I had been training for 25's all season!!

Oh dear... and if I don't have a go this season I would probably have to get under the hour next year to get the trophy back. That sounds like a lot of work, a ski slope course and a new bike - with a propellor on the back!

Any advice anyone?

Steve - going down the pub to drown my sorrows :-(

SCCU 25 - club event result

Club 25 Mile Time Trial
Incorporated into the SCCU Open Event
Sunday 6th September 2009
Result Sheet

No Name Time Hcp Hcp/Time Scr / Hcp Award
18 Brian Powney 1-07-27 4-00 1-03-27 6 / 4
32 John Beer 1-03-54 Scr 1-03-54 7 / 3
34 Grant Pyke 1-16-56 16-00 1-00-56 5 / 6
39 Mark McNamara 1-19-45 23-30 56-15 4 / 7 1st Hcp
79 Jake Dodd 1-10-06 8-30 1-01-36 7 / 5

Frank Cubis

So the competition for the various trophies is hotting up: on the face of it, Mark has just stolen the George Crouch (improvement) Trophy from Steve, with Steve now needing a 1-6-02 or better to reverse the positions which is a shame as Steve's improvements this year are really worthy of the trophy. H25/2 Steve?
George Crouch Trophy

Nick currently holds on t0 the lead in the Handicap tables with 55 points. Jake is hot on his heels with 52 points and Steve with 48 points. With a possible 14 points available from the remaining two counting club events 4th placed Brian could only match Nick's 55 points from his current 41 points, but both Jake and Steve are real competition.
Handicap table

The Men's Club Events Points Trophy is also a close run thing between John and Brian - Simon is up there in third place with 21 points still to play for, but I think that his season might already have finished - certainly he won't be riding the Hilly 12/Hill Climb, which throws away a lot of potential points. John currently leads with 70 points having extended his lead by 1 today over Brian who is now on 66 points. My guess is that (assuming they both ride) they could come out of the Hilly 12/Hill Climb with no change to the gap leaving the slight lottery of the Consolation to finalise the trophy. I say "slight lottery" because the points for this trophy are based on handicap placings in that event, not scratch placings.
Men's Club Events Points table

Women's Club Events Points Trophy has already been won by Jake.

Finally: thanks to Mike and Ray for fulfilling our marshalling commitments to the SCCU at the 25 this morning, I haven't heard whether either of them ended up with a job or if they just had to turn up and be available as spare marshalls.


Saturday, September 05, 2009

SCCU 25 - club event start sheet

Club 25 Mile Time Trial
Incorporated into the SCCU Open Event
Sunday 6th September 2009
Start Sheet

No Name Hcp Start
18 Brian Powney 4 07-18
32 John Beer Scr 07-32
34 Grant Pyke 16 07-34
39 Mark McNamara 23-30 07-39
79 Jake Dodd 8-30 08-19
Awards 1st Hcp

Frank Cubis