Sunday, March 30, 2014

SCCU Sporting weekend KPRC Team

 Well KPRC team you all did a fantastic job this weekend! As ever Frank time keeping both the 10 on Saturday and the 25 on Sunday. Frank you are a complete credit to KPRC & our sport. Thanks to Brian & Alex we had a large team in the 10 and should be building up a good points score in the Rawson Trophy!
 Well Jake you are amazing, not only did you win the KPRC H/C in  the 25 you were also fastest lady! A hearty well done from us all!
It would  not be appropriate to give no mention of the fastest rider in both the 10 & 25. Personally I had never heard of Elliot Porter until this weekend - what an amazing rider and so young! His expertise is apparently Road Racing but clearly he can time trial! I was  No.19 in the 25 & Elliot No. 20 he came  by me like a train almost  before I got off the start line. His very attractive girl friend can be seen in the doorway above (red coat) and his mum in white top. Clearly he has good family support which is nice to see!

Points Tables

Points Tables after 4 events:
(Until I get the website sorted so that I can update it again...)

Handicap |||||  Men
Mike Morley172726Simon Trehearn277767
Jake Dodd142327Alex Kew226556
Simon Trehearn132524Brian Powney152445
Alex Kew123225Mike Morley113224
Joe Bertorelli117400Joe Bertorelli104600
Rick Opie86020Russell Williams770
Chrystal Sheldon82600Simon Waller55000
Grant Pyke82060Steve Hillier5320
Deborah Hurst770Rick Opie42020
Brian Powney70223Grant Pyke42020
Simon Waller55000Gavin Hughes330
Russell Williams550Ray Dare22000
Ray Dare44000Kenneth Williams000
Steve Hillier4220Philip Burgin00
Gavin Hughes440Women
Angie Launder330NameTotalMG21S10S25
Helene Grinsted220Jake Dodd174463
Ken Williams000Chrystal Sheldon63300
Philip Burgin00Deborah Hurst550
Angie Launder440
Helene Grinsted330

SCCU Sporting 25 - 30 March - result

Southern Counties Cycling Union
Sporting 25 Mile (Club Event)
Sunday 30th March 2014

No  NAME             TIME     HCP    HcpTime   Scr/Hcp     AWARD
 3  Simon Trehearn  1-05-48   Scr    1-05-48    7 / 4
18  Alex Kew        1-08-05   3-00   1-05-05    6 / 5
48  Jake Dodd       1-13-45  13-00   1-00-45    3 / 7      1st Hcp
29  Brian Powney    1-17-09  10-00   1-07-09    5 / 3
19  Mike Morley     1-18-07  15-00   1-03-07    4 / 6
23  Philip Burgin     DNS    13-00


SCCU Sporting 10 - 29 March - result

Southern Counties Cycling Union
Sporting 10 Mile Club Event
Saturday 29th March 2014

No  NAME               TIME    HCPT     SCR/HCP   AWARDS
17  Russell Williams   26-04   24-04     7 / 5    1st Fastest
22  Simon Trehearn     26-13   26-13     6 / 2    2nd Fastest
57  Alex Kew           28-32   27-32     5 / 2
38  Brian Powney       29-06   25-36     4 / 2
93  Gavin Hughes       29-16   24-16     3 / 4
28  Jake Dodd          29-53   24-53     6 / 2    1st Woman
34  Mike Morley        30-40   25-40     2 / 2
33  Steve Hillier      30-49   26-49     2 / 2
49  Grant Pyke         33-14   23-44     2 / 6    2nd Hcp
14  Deborah Hurst      36-38   23-38     5 / 7    1st Hcp
24  Angie Launder      37-43   24-43     4 / 3
84  Helene Grinsted    38-51   24-51     3 / 2
68  Rick Opie          47-44   41-44     2 / 2    Puncture*
29  Ken Williams        DNS

*Rick had to keep stopping to pump his tyre up to get to the finish.


SCCU Sporting 10 & 25

Sporting 10 Saturday 29th March

It was a record turn out for the Phoenix yesterday for an Open event, with 14 riders on the start sheet and to help things along the sun decided to make an appearance. After last week's grim conditions yesterday was much more tt friendly although there was still a healthy wind at times which made bike handling interesting. It was a great sight to see so many Phoenix cycle tops around and a hearty thank you to everyone that entered this event. There is no doubt that we are in the driving seat for the Rawson Trophy now, and it is up to us to keep our noses in front for the rest of the season. A particular well done to all those members who have competed in their first Open event and helped us to achieve a great team result.

Opinions on the course varied. It was not as hilly as last week's 21 but there were a lot of turns which required care and some very bumpy sections. The dash along Staine Street which I thought would allow some time to be made up was pretty tough, being a steady rise along its length and a tricky crosswind to contend with.

An early contender for this year's Adversity Trophy has to be Rick Opie. Suffering two punctures before even starting which left him having to find another start slot, only to then puncture again at 8 miles and have to top up the inner tube over the last two miles. The fact that Rick was still smiling at the end and hadn't thrown his bike into the nearest skip was quite remarkable. Well done Rick.

It was interesting at the pointy end for the Phoenix. Russell Williams achieved a low 26 to pip Simon Trehearn for the scratch win by 9 seconds. Russell has been training on his Wattbike and commuting over the winter and this has obviously paid off and hopefully we'll see more of Russell over the season. There were also age group wins for both Mike Morley and Grant. Well done gents. Steve Hillier and Brian Powney had solid rides with Brian just pipping Gavin Hughes, in his first Open event by a few seconds.

It was so encouraging to see more of our ladies out riding with Jake, a stalwart for the Phoenix at tt events, being joined by Helene, Angie and Deborah and hopefully we can build on this over the coming season.

Sporting 25 Sunday 30th March

Another lovely morning with no wind for a change. The major issue for this event was the two sets of road works; the A29 contraflow which is still in position from the Medium Gear 3 weeks ago and a new set on the A24 which appeared overnight, meaning that on this two lap course riders would encounter these four times! At least it gave us a chance to have a breather. Four Phoenix riders took the start and it was back to normal as far as club results go with Simon Trehearn taking the club win and myself in second 1 minute 17 seconds back, but I did get caught by the traffic lights for 1 minute  18 seconds. ;-)  Jake Dodd took the handicap win with Brian Powney and Mike Morley earning another two valuable Rawson points. This course was considerably flatter and faster than last week's Sporting 21 and there were some decidedly quick times at the sharp end.

This weekend has been great for our Rawson Trophy campaign. If we can get 10 riders out for the next 25 then I think that would be a pretty unassailable lead. Come on, lets do it. We can all ride 25 miles so let's get our club colours on and smash it.

Preliminary Result SCCU Sporting 10

Pos No  Name               Time 
1   30  Elliott Porter     21:28 Rapha Condor JLT
28  17  Russell Williams   26:04
29  22  Simon Trehearn     26:13
47  57  Alex Kew           28:32
51  38  Brian Powney       29:06
52  93  Gavin Hughes       29:16
57  28  Jackie Dodd        29:53
64  34  Mike Morley        30:40
65  33  Steve Hillier      30:49
73  49  Grant Pyke         33:14
77  14  Deborah Hurst      36:38
78  24  Angie Launder      37:43
79  84  Helene Grinsted    38:51
81  68  Rick Opie          47:44 Puncture
    29  Kenneth Williams    DNS

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

SCCU 10 & 25 this weekend

Hopefully all riders should have received the start sheet this evening, however signing on at Oakwood Village Hall, postcode RH5 5QB.

See you all there.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SCCU Sporting 25 - start sheet

Southern Counties Cycling Union
Sporting 25 Mile Club Event
Sunday 30th March 2014
Start sheet

No   NAME               HCP      START
 3   Simon Trehearn     Scr      09-03
18   Alex Kew           3-00     09-18
19   Mike Morley       15-00     09-19
23   Philip Burgin     13-00     09-23
29   Brian Powney      10-00     09-29
48   Jake Dodd         13-00     09-48

1st Hcp


SCCU Sporting 10 - start sheet

Southern Counties Cycling Union
Sporting 10 Mile Club Event
Saturday 29th March 2014
Start Sheet

No  NAME                  HCP       START
14  Deborah Hurst         13-00      14-14
17  Russell Williams       2-00      14-17
22  Simon Trehearn         Scr       14-22
24  Angie Launder         13-00      14-24
28  Jake Dodd              5-00      14-28
29  Ken Williams          12-00      14-29
33  Steve Hillier          4-00      14-33
34  Mike Morley            5-00      14-34
38  Brian Powney           3-30      14-38
49  Grant Pyke             9-30      14-39
57  Alex Kew               1-00      14-57
68  Rick Opie              6-00      15-08
84  Helene Grinstead      14-00      15-24
93  Gavin Hughes           5-00      15-33

1st & 2nd Hcp
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman


SCCU Sporting 21

So this was the first scoring event for the Rawson Trophy, which the club is targeting this year. For those that don't know, it seems that if a time trial has the word 'sporting' anywhere within its title this can be translated as 'hilly' or 'slow' or 'painful'. As if time trialling doesn't hurt enough at times.

And so it came to pass that eight hardy souls from KPRC started this event. Myself, Brian and Simon cycled over to the start to bulk the ride out. By the time we were there Chrystal and Jake were already out on the course, savouring the weather. Ah yes, the weather. Whereas last week's Medium Gear had us bathing in luke warm Spring sunshine, this event saw strong winds and decidedly parky air temperatures.

There comes a point in most tts where I am left asking myself ' Why am I here?' A rather existentialistic comment made all the more difficult when asked only 2 minutes into the event as I found myself having to pedal hard going downhill into a headwind as my face began to freeze. I kid you not.  Uuugh. The second left turn saw us on a long descent that was a lot of fun (even more fun the second time around when I knew where the bends were). But as sure as eggs is eggs, what goes down must come back up again, and so the hurt began.

I passed the body of a dead badger in the road and I knew exactly how he felt. Eventually I made it round for lap two. Another lap? Don't mind if I do. At least I had the benefit of the KPRC cheerleading team to send me on my way. Thank you ladies.

Eventually, I got myself back around the second loop, to be honest, enjoying it less and less. But at least I had secured a point for the Rawson Trophy. Job done.

 The day was capped off by me blowing spectacularly on the way home. Brian took pity on me and attempted to drag me back to Leatherhead but it was a lost cause. I suppose if you are going to have a bad day you might as well do it in front of the Club handicapper.  ;-)

Simon was off out the front again, not quite ducking under the hour. Maybe next year? He's going to be very difficult to beat this season and is already looking very strong. (He cycled 75 miles the day before by the way!)

Well done to Joe for taking second place and he's obviously coming into some form in the early part of the season. I know Joe's not around this coming weekend but hopefully he can help us score more Rawson points later in the season.

Another strong ride by Simon Tottle, this time riding for the Festival RC. Well done Simon. Congratulations to Steve Hillier and to Brian for taking the start line and securing us another valuable 2 Rawson points.

It was another good ride from Chrystal taking second placed lady and second in the handicap with  Jake and Mike Morley taking the honours in those events.

So next weekend is the Sporting (that word again) 10 and 25. We have 14 riders, yes, 14 riders in the 10 on Saturday including 4 ladies. That is a fantastic effort .

Southern Counties Cycling Union

                                                                           Sporting 21



Sunday 23rd March 2014







                 No          Name                                     Time                       Hcp/Time              Scr / Hcp               Award                   


                18.          Chrystal Sheldon                 1-17-26                  1-00-26                  3   /   6                    2nd Hcp


                21.          Jake Dodd                             1-12-58                  1-01-28                  4   /    3


                67.          Joe Bertorelli                         1-05-04                  1-01-19                  6   /   4


                72.          Steve Hillier                          1-11-49                  1-05-19                  2   /   2                                   


                77.          Brian Powney                       1-11-06                  1-03-06                  4   /   2


                86.          Simon Trehearn                   1-00-33                  1-00-33                  7   /   5                    1st Fastest             


                98.          Mike Morley                         1-11-54                     59-54                  3   /   7                    1st Hcp


                107.        Alex Kew                               1-10-24                  1-09-24                 5   /   2

SCCU 21 - result

Southern Counties Cycling Union
Don Glover Memorial 21mile
Club Event
Sunday 23rd March 2014
No   Name                Time     HcpTime    Scr/Hcp Award
86   Simon Trehearn     1-00-33   1-00-33     7 / 5  1st Fastest
67   Joe Bertorelli     1-05-04   1-01-19     6 / 4
107  Alex Kew           1-10-24   1-09-24     5 / 2
77   Brian Powney       1-11-06   1-03-06     4 / 2
72   Steve Hillier      1-11-49   1-05-19     3 / 2
98   Mike Morley        1-11-54     59-54     2 / 7  1st Hcp
21   Jake Dodd          1-12-58   1-01-28     4 / 3
18   Chrystal Sheldon   1-17-22   1-00-22     3 / 6  2nd Hcp


Monday, March 24, 2014

SCCU 21 Sporting Team

Well done one and all especially to Simon T who could have tried harder to beat the hour that was a fantastic ride! well done Crystal for not going a little bit harder and letting MHM gain first H/C. Jake at long last I got you I have waited a long time for this thank you again for taking it steady you will no doubt get your own back soon! Joe wow with age you are getting so much stronger and from what you said afterwards it's all the running your doing! Brian thank you for being so subjective in your handicapping I think you got it about right. I did try quite hard but not nearly so hard as in the medium gear where I was so disappointing in my result ! Brian I was so glad that we managed to get so many riders onto the start sheet! As one of the slowest riders compared to the reserve list I gather that the secret is to get your entry in early! So lets look forward to a good result in this Saturdays forthcoming SCCU Sporting 10 where we have a record entry! Your idea to go for the Rawson trophy is brilliant and just goes to show how you can get a good idea going to put KPRC on the map! Be careful you might get the Wooden Spoon the way you are going!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

SCCU Sporting 21

Well done KPRC a good turnout today for this event. Where was Dave B in support? Simon Teahearn did a fantastic 1:0:33 and fastest followed by Joe. No doubt someone will publish club result! There were communication problems and Steve Hillier time was not recorded?

It appears that fastest man was Steve Kane Brighton Excel rider 120 in 50:35. Second was rider 100 Daniel McCarthur  VC Meuden in 52:28 followed by Tim Stevens 34 Nomads rider 110 in 53:12. 

Fastest Lady was rider No.40 Natalie Creswick in 56:40.

Pictures of fastest Lady & Male below. Kprc Team photo to follow when results are up!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Layout - again

OK, I threatened to change it again - and I have!

This template still doesn't give me all the control I wanted but I liked the option for the background image, AND those pictures from the Medium Gear gave me an idea.

Does the background picture make it look too busy?
Or do most people use screens/resolutions where it is wasted?

I can (I hope) revert easily to the last layout as I saved the template.


SCCU 21 (Club Event) - 23 March

Southern Counties Cycling Union
21 Mile Club Event
Sunday 23rd March 2014
Start Sheet

No	NAME              HCP     START
18   Chrystal Sheldon    17-00     9-18
21   Jake Dodd           11-30     9-21
67   Joe Bertorelli       3-45    10-07
72   Steve Hillier        6-30    10-12
77   Brian Powney         8-00    10-17
86   Simon Trehearn       Scr     10-26
98   Mike Morley         12-00    10-38
107  Alex Kew             1-00    10-47

1st Hcp
1st Fastest


Friday, March 21, 2014

SCCU Good Friday Meeting

This year, the Good Friday Track meet which is promoted by the SCCU will be held at the Olympic Velodrome. This could be a great opportunity to watch some racing in a fantastic venue. Details are on the poster or ring 0843 208 0500 for tickets.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Medium Gear 2014

So this event sees the award of the Brass Monkey Trophy, a nod to the fact that it's the first TT of the season and likely to be a cold one. After the weather of the last few weeks we wouldn't have been surprised to need water wings rather than thermals, but nothing could have been further from the truth. The day started well and stayed absolutely stunning with a bright blue sky and seemingly not a breath of wind. It didn't quite pan out entirely breathless, with the wind picking up noticeably in the last couple of miles just where we should have finished! How can you ride a circular route and have a headwind most of the way? But as early season tts go the weather was definitely smiling on us.

It was warm; except at the start; in the shade.

The one thing not smiling on us was road works. I don't think I have ever seen so many cones and last week, a new set of road works at Clark's Green roundabout meant a bit of a rethink on the Medium Gear route. Thanks to Lisa for alerting us to it and Frank for sorting out the revised and slightly shorter route. There was also a small contraflow just before Ockley which slowed a few riders on the day.

Frank on the lookout for more cones

Simon Trehearn started this season where he left off in 2013 with a convincing club scratch win and Joe Bertorelli taking the Handicap win from Rick Opie. Hopefully this will signify a more competitive battle within the club for this trophy with more members taking the start line. Jake took the Club Ladies win with Chrystal in second place.

Simon Trehearn takes the club win

It was good to see Simon Tottle riding with us and Colin McDermott riding a private time trial taking the fastest time of the day.

Simon Tottle finishes

A big thank you to the marshals and to Frank for pushing off and timekeeping. We look forward to the Sporting 21 next week.

New layout

Some of you may notice the new layout (if you haven't, time to visit your optician!).

When I have attempted to update other layout aspects of the blogs in recent weeks blogger has asked me to update to a new 'modern' template - I did the various DA blogs a few weeks ago, and this one is the last. It's taken time because none of the templates offer the control I want, some things I could change on one template and others on a different one, but not all together, so what we have here is a compromise at the moment that attempts to use club colours and be similar to the website.

I will change it again when I have more time and can figure out how to make it look the way I want!
(Mind you the control offered by the original templates never allowed me to make it look much like our club colours...)

Also the website is going to have to move soon as well, I did an update in January but some of the links are broken and the system won't let me fix it and I can't update the points tables at the moment. Currently the site resides on the free webspace that comes with my (expensive) broadband connection. I have signed up to a hosting site and will transfer our site when I get an opportunity (and then I can move to a cheaper broadband supplier - woohoo). The address will remain unchanged, but the underlying aqvm78 pipex address will vanish. The new location will allow me to add pictures to more than just the blog, which will be good.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ibbo Fish & Chip Dinner Dance

 Perhaps this explains why the results of the MG event from my point f view was slightly disappointing as I tried so hard! It was even more demoralising when Jake said this morning at Tanners that she wasn't even trying! Maybe it was the 2 beers I consumed the night before and the late finish but there is more to cycling than biking we also have to have fun! I post this to let all the KPRC & C&M members that have supported the "John Ibbotson Fund" in the past to let you know that know British Cycling has become so successful the fund will change it's emphasis! The cake ride is discontinued but the F&C Disco will continue with the fund devoted in future to Heart Failure in Younger persons. Please support the event next year if you can it's a good night out!

Medium Gear 24m - result

SUNDAY 16th MARCH 2014
G25/47 (modified)

No  Name                Time    Hcp/Time  Scr/Hcp   Awards    Calculated 25
14  Colin McDermott      58-28     PTT                           1-00-54
10  Simon Trehearn     1-05-02   1-05-02   7 / 2    1st Pl       1-07-44
 5  Alex Kew           1-05-39   1-01-39   6 / 3                 1-08-23
 6  Simon Waller       1-08-16   1-00-16   5 / 5                 1-11-06
 9  Joe Bertorelli     1-08-30     55-30   4 / 7    1st Hcp      1-11-21
13  Simon Tottle       1-11-58   1-06-28                         1-14-57
 4  Brian Powney       1-12-41     PTT     2 / 0                 1-15-42
 7  Jake Dodd          1-15-09   1-05-09   4 / 2                 1-18-16
 8  Mike Morley        1-15-27   1-04-27   3 / 2                 1-18-35
 3  Rick Opie          1-16-48     56-48   2 / 6    2nd Hcp      1-20-00
 1  Ray Dare           1-17-23   1-01-23   2 / 4                 1-20-36
11  Chrystal Sheldon   1-20-39   1-10-09   3 / 2                 1-24-00
 2  Grant Pyke         1-26-39   1-08-09   2 / 2                 1-30-15
12  Rohan Dubash       DNS (Apol)  PTT

All rode Medium Gear apart from Brian who rode unrestricted

Congratulations to Simon T, winner of the first trophy for 2014 (the Brass Monkey trophy)

Many thanks to:
Tony for placing & retrieving the event warning signs and marshalling at Beare Green.
Brian for handicapping the event

Frank Cubis

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Member Profile - Brian Powney

It's the turn of the Club President, Brian Powney to let us know a little bit about his cycling history.
Brian in the 1988 12hr TT

 What’s your bike ownership history or what do you currently ride?

Steel Framed Reynolds 531’s etc.  Sturdy and lightweight.  Used for all aspects of cycling from club runs and touring on a slightly longer wheelbase to more responsive ones for TT racing and full on training rides.  I now have a Giant Defy Carbon framed racing bike which will be out during the 2014 season.

How did you start cycling?

I was brought up in a cycle racing family by my parents Ron and Doreen Powney.  Along with my sister Rosemary and brother Michael some of our earliest memories are out at early morning time trials and other events.   I was a member of the KPRC from the age of one.  I started cycling during the winter I turned 13 and set myself two targets.  Firstly to achieve 100 miles average per week and to ride 100 miles in one day.  I achieved both these.  5208 miles for my first year and 101 for my longest day.

What made you join Kingston Phoenix?

As above – I’ve only ever known the Kingston Phoenix and would probably say – it’s in my blood.  The Phoenix and everything to do with the club and TT racing is the most important aspect in my life, apart from family that is.  I would not be where I am today without my wife Diane and two daughters, Kathryn and Loren.  And I would not have got where I am without the wider family and Phoenix members who have supported me along the way. 

What has been your most memorable cycling experience?

Many, oh so many.  Early club Easter Tours, led mostly by Pete Mitchell, god rest his soul.  Touring round Scotland (the land of my dreams), with my Dad Ron.  Riding from Strathpeffer to John O’Groats on day 5 of one tour.  I was “on fire” that day and led Dad for the first 80 of 127 miles.   He told me at lunch that he moved out to take the lead and couldn’t come by, so he stayed there!  And you just have to cycle the West Coast of Scotland to appreciate the natural beauty.  Organising 10 of my school friends to cycle to Brighton and then talking them into going along the coast to Worthing, just so that we did 100 miles in the day.  They all completed it.  And now I’ve completed 36 years racing, with no end in sight.

What has been your worst cycling experience?

Three crashes.  The first one descending Ranmore in the dark, hitting something, crashing and breaking my collarbone.  I got back on the bike and cycled about 5 miles to the bottom of Givens Grove, when I gave my bike to someone filling their car with petrol, before nearly passing out!  The second in Scotland, going over the edge of the road, separating from my bike whilst flying through the air, seeing the rocks below and landing in the grass!  He was smiling on me that day.  The last one going down Reigate Hill at 30mph, hitting a bump and going over the handlebars and sliding down the road – on both arms! 

What cycling / sporting achievement are you most proud of?
My personal best 50 at 1-57-21 on a day when both Keith Dorling and Frank Cubis also beat 2 hours.  Check that club team record out!  My personal best 12 hours at 246.515 miles.  But my Dad’s is 246.648. Ouch!  Many other 12 hour events something I’ve really enjoyed, from truly wet ones to 90 degrees hot ones.  Breaking the club’s Kingston to Portsmouth and back club record that had stood for 31 years, 122 miles on the A3 in 5-35-48.   Lastly, being a long distance nut you might find this odd, but the end of season hill climbs, when with Gary Dodd and Simon Mitchell we won the Bec CC Team award 7 years running.

What are your plans for the rest of this season or next season?
In recent years I haven’t had specific plans although a full racing season has to include a 12 hour.  This year my main aim is to ride most club events from 10 to 50 miles and to guide club racing through the SCCU events.

Do you have any particular cycling or sporting heroes?
Tony Doyle – already an amateur racing cyclist when I started racing.  I saw him race and my Dad pointed out his smooth, fast pedalling action and said that was how to ride.  Tony holds the unofficial national record time for the medium gear (72-inch) with 56m 30s for 25 miles.   He became a professional cyclist, won 23 six-day races and was world pursuit champion twice.

Gethin Butler – From another cycling family, 5 years my junior, became a prolific time trial winner and record breaker.  Won the British Best All Rounder (BBAR) season long competition twice, in 1994 and 5 and many road races.  Then in 2001 he broke the national record for Land’s End to John O’Groats in 1 day 20 hours 4 mins and 20 secs and went on to break the 1000 mile national record!  When he stopped cycle racing he decided to run the marathon.  He won his first marathon in 2 hrs 43 mins and 29secs.
Bernard Hinault – France, my true professional racing hero, five times winner of the Tour de France and winner of all three major tours and many other classic races.

Sum yourself up in three words.
Competitive, Loyal and a Perfectionist.

Enjoying a slice of watermelon; not an energy gel to be seen!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rawson Shield: A great Start

The start list has just come through and we have 8 riders for this event in two weeks. That's a great start and puts us in a really good position. I will have a look and see who our nearest rivals are but I think we are already there or thereabouts.

Big ups to Chrystal, Joe, Mike, Simon T, Brian, Jake and Steve. Don't forget that the Sporting 10 and 25 are still open for entries.