Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bikes recovered in Kingston

From Veloriders forum.
There may be other cycles recovered.

POLICE ANNOUNCEMENTLast week myself and my colleuges recovered several stolen pedal cycles of high value and are attemting to trace owners for them all.One of these bikes was a black Dolan road bike with a black carbon fibre frame and white graphics. The bike did belong to Chris hoy in 2003 and has since been sold.The bike is very origonal and is one of only two made like it.If this was your bike or you know who this may belong to please email me at spence306@aol.comthanksPC SPENCE 306 VKKingston police proactive unitrichard spence

Eve 10 #5 - Result

Time Name
22:12 James Beaumont
22:50 Adam Page
22:52 Richard Hallett
23:50 Ian Beston
23:50 Jack Haswell
23:56 Lawrence Smith
24:19 Dave Wylie
24:25 Stuart Pearce
24:44 Simon Mitchell
24:47 Colin Gray
25:03 Andrew Melbourne
25:07 Andy Avis
26:36 Joe Holder
26:39 Chrystal Sheldon
27:17 Ray Dare
27:25 John Beer
27:43 Rachel Croggon
27:48 Grant Pyke
27:52 Pete Mitchell
27:53 David Croggon
28:11 Stefan Weidmann
28:33 Tony Forest
28:35 Jake Dodd
29:00 Florence Hallett
30:15 Lisa Colombo
31:02 Heather Basley
31:24 Tony Tugwell
33:42 Ann Bath
D.N.F Ben Pearce

Ben's accident at Beare Green on the return put many of us off our stride - it is difficult to ride past when someone has obviously had a spill, despite the fact that there is very little that one can do if even if you do stop. I assume that most people figured, as I did, get back to the finish and then find out the situation "do I need to drive back for him?", etc.
In the event, our spectator out on the course - Jen - was able to scoop him up. He didn't seem too bad - mainly bruises and scrapes - but I imagine he will be very stiff and sore this morning.
I am sure that we all wish him the all the best for a speedy recovery and Good Luck to both Ben and Stuart in the Ironman (triathlon) in Austria on 14th July.

And not to be totally overshadowed, Ray was suitably embarrassed when we all sang Happy Birthday and presented him with a small cake which Andy had thoughtfully brought out.

Fastest - Stuart
Women & Hcp - Chrystal
Vet - Ray


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Phoenix 15

Cakes needed for Phoenix 15 this sat !
Either bring them to club 10 this wed or out to the race on sat please as I am chief Tea Lady.
Thank you

Monday, June 26, 2006

Results - 24th/25th June 2006

Ann rode the Farnham 25 on Saturday and did a 1:11:29

Grant rode the Kent CA 100 on Sunday and did 5:21:14

Stuart & Ben Pearce should have been riding the Hounslow 100, but I don't have any feedback on that yet. Except about the tar and chippings!!! Hopefully they were both spared punctures.


Kingston-Worthing Result

32 Gary Dodd 1:52:33
26 Andy Avis 2:00:02 1st Place
28 Simon Mitchell 2:05:30
20 Lisa / Joanne 2:07:11
16 Ken Day 2:15:00
22 Paul Day 2:15:02
14 Jake Dodd 2:21:03
18 Florence Hallett 2:28:34
02 Mark McNamara 2:45:34
04 Tony Tugwell D.N.S.
06 Ann Bath D.N.S.
08 Jen Mitchell D.N.S.
10 Rachel Croggon D.N.S.
12 David Croggon D.N.S.
24 Brian Powney D.N.S.
Congratulations to Andy on winning his first Kingston to Worthing. A well deserved win, even if it was slightly assisted by everyone else falling by the wayside (Joe: away; Simon: blew after 30 miles; Brian: didn't actually make the start as he was in casualty with a dislocated finger - not to mention the dodgy back; Stuart: riding the Hounslow 100). You've got to be in it to win it, and then you've got to last the distance.

The day's stories: Florence did well in her first ever Kingston to Worthing, and her longest race to date. Ken proved that a class rider is always a class rider and remembered exactly what to do after rather a long time since his last race (30 years+), Jo and I had him in sight for miles before we finally caught him at the beginning of the Horsham bypass. Paul did a good ride also in his first Kingston to Worthing - only 2 seconds off Dad's time. Brian did his finger in as he got the bike out the garage and scuppered his plans for the day, although it didn't stop him riding down to meet us a breakfast. Andy reeled nearly everyone in - except Gary, who did reel everyone in - and rode well to win, despite seeing/feeling his heart-rate sag in between the good bits. Simon reckoned he was going well for the first 30 miles before he blew - so the split times should be interesting.
And Gary, who romped down looking a real class act, but had the indignity of an encounter with a pot-hole by the lights at West Grinstead, while attempting to eat something, as he obeyed the red light - sadly the pot-hole won and his nice new skinsuit is a mess.

Thanks to Ann for coming out a 6 in the morning to cheer us on at the Ace of Spades - you missed a nice morning for it, Ann, not to hot, cold, wet or windy.

Finally thanks to all the supporters who come along each year, to marshall, time, put out the signs, collect in the signs, and generally cheer us on. Without you all there would be no Kingston to Worthing.


SCCU 50 - Phoenix entrants

6am start.

02. Pete Mitchell
04. Florence Hallett
09. Lisa Colombo
13. Ann Bath
18. Grant Pyke
24. Jake Dodd
48. Andrew Avis

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kingston-Worthing 2006

Remember: New Finish
Some of you may remember from last year that they have now put traffic lights on the final roundabout (junction of A24/A27). It was decided that in the interests of rider safety it is no longer possible to proceed through this roundabout in any direction - even the left turn that we tried last year. So the finish will now be between Offington Corner RAB and the "final" RAB. [Hopefully this will be over the hump and allow a slight descent to the finish!!! -Lisa]

Where we finished last year, up to the left & toward the golf course, there was a suitable car park - beware I think it had a height barrier - this will make a good place to re-group/chat before moving on down to the cafe at the front. The road name is Hill Barn Lane here's a map.

Start, as ever, is by the Coronation Stone (or the Police Station) in Kingston. Map here. Despite WC being marked on the map, it is not open at that time of the morning, and facilities are very limited at the start. Be warned.

2 Mark McNamara 40-00 06-02
4 Tony Tugwell 28-00 06-04
6 Ann Bath 22-00 06-06
8 Jen Mitchell 20-00 06-08
10 Rachel Croggon 18-00 06-10
12 David Croggon 18-00 06-12
14 Jake Dodd 17-30 06-14
16 Ken Day 17-00 06-16
18 Florence Hallett 17-00 06-18
20 Lisa Colombo & Joanne Fricker (Tandem) 06-20
22 Paul Day 14-00 06-22
24 Brian Powney 7-00 06-24
26 Andy Avis 5-00 06-26
28 Simon Mitchell Scr 06-28
32 Gary Dodd (P.T.T.) 06-32

Good Luck, everyone.
Hoping the wind will ease and/or turn and the rain hold off.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Open fifteen Latest Latest Latest!!!

Entries are now closed Updated 24/06/06

Start sheets are now being printed. They should be in the post Saturday and with you early next week.

Check here for your name.

A few old friends are back including last years winner Tim Stevens.
15 women now entered including Tandem! It should make for a good event. I think that the £50 for breaking the womens course record is gone. But who is going to take it?

Solos (roughly seeded on line one)

Name -------- Club

Peter Tadros - In Gear Quickvit RT
Keith Coffey - Bec CC
Stewart Jardine - 21st Century Airports CT BAA PLC
Tim Stevens - 34 Nomads Gem Hygene/ Rudy Project
Lee Turner - Sigma Sport Pro Cycle Shop
Daniel Paine - Brighton Mitre CC
Mike Murray - Brighton Excelsior
Kevin Shaw - Crawley CC- ROK / Evans
Mark Winton - Lewes Wanderers CC
Mark Perryman - V.C.Etoile
Clive Powell - Crawley CC- ROK / Evans
Steve Dennis - East Grindstead CC
Antony Brown - 21st Century Airports CT BAA PLC
Geoff Smith - Sussex Nomads
Robert Royston - Sydenham Wheelers
George Boden - Chelmer CC
Andy Cox - Lewes Wanderers CC
Spencer Coleman - Lewes Wanderers CC
Bob Stapley - Epsom CC
Gill Reynolds - Willesden CC
David French - Weybridge Wheelers
Angela Brown - 21st Century Airports CT BAA PLC
Phil Young - Hounslow & District Wheelers
Jon Frost - Redmon CC
Robert Coleman - Epsom CC
Kevin Grimshaw - GS Avanti
Ivan Johnson- Hastings & St Leonards CC
Richard Woodward - East Grindstead CC
Peter Byrne - Hastings & St Leonards CC
Joanna Wells - Hounslow & District Wheelers
Heidi Mason - Hastings & St Leonards CC
Julian Clark - GS Avanti
Joanne McRae - GS Avanti
Robert French - Weybridge Wheelers
Ann Wilson - Hounslow & District Wheelers
Claire Leonard - Brighton Excelsior
Ann Bath - Kingston Phoenix RC
Les Clarke - 34 Nomads Gem Hygene/ Rudy Project
Chrystal Sheldon - Kingston Phoenix RC
Grant Pyke - Kingston Phoenix RC
Richard Hoskin - Redmon CC
Ronald Osborne - Charlotteville CC
Lisa Colombo - Kingston Phoenix RC
Roy Adams - Catford
David Smith - South Eastern Road Club
Heather Basley - Kingston Phoenix RC
Terry Hill - Addiscombe CC
Nolan Heather - Epsom CC
Angela Nainby - East Grinstead CC
Jill Bartlett - Hounslow & District Wheelers

Congratulations to the Hounslow for getting a full Womens Team!
We now have a KPRC squad to match! I conned Heather to have a go at her first Open event!

The only other clubs with a team are Epsom, Lewes, Hastings & St Leonards CC (mixed) & East Grinstead (mixed)

We now have 3 complete Tandem entries

Andrew Smith & Dave Abbott -GS Stella

Trystan MacDonald & Mark Silver - Hounslow & District Wheelers

Lisa Colombo & Rachel Croggon - Kingston Phoenix

Andy (Trust Me)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Eve 10 2Up (14th June) - Result

23:50 Stuart Pearce/Ben Pearce
24:11 Colin Gray/Pete Robins KW
24:11 Ian Beston/Andy Lock KW
24:27 Joe Bertorelli/Andy Avis
24:28 Richard Williamson/Thorsten Klassen KW
24:37 Tristam Bishop/Andrew Horne KW
25:22 James McVey/Mark Briers KW
27:02 Helen Keaton/Charlotte East KW
27:26 Rachel Croggon/David Croggon
27:47 Ray Dare/Grant Pyke
28:02 Lisa Colombo/Pete Mitchell
28:02 Florence Hallett/Jake Dodd
28:18 Dave Wylie/Tony Forest KW
30:03 Tony Tugwell/Mark McNamara

21:58 Dominic Harrison Evans Cycles
23:37 Richard Hallett Sydenham Wheelers
24:02 Adam Page KW
25:56 Andrew Melbourne KW
26:33 Rupert Bole KW
26:54 Paul Day
27:10 Joe Holder KW
27:55 John Beer Wandsworth & Dist Wlrs
29:00 Stefan Weidmann KW
30:21 Steve Colins KW

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

SCCU Marshalling committments

To All Phoenix Members, Especially those who Race

The Phoenix are affiliated to the Southern Counties Cycling Union (SCCU). This enables our members to compete in any SCCU events. This is the good news, the bad news is as a member club, we are obliged to supply marshals during the year.

Unlike an event like our Open 10, when the organizer, ie, me, have enjoyed the support of the same helpers year in, year out. The SCCU organizer has to collect marshals from member clubs. Each club is given the quantity of marshals that they are expected to honour.

This works out roughly, each racing member is requested to marshal just one event every other year. Not, I think too great a task to ask.

Our committments this year are:
EventDateCurrent volunteers
SCCU 502nd JulyRachel + Chrystal
SCCU 10023rd July Pete + 3 others
SCCU 2510th SeptJake & TonyT

Members who helped in 2005 are (non racing in brackets):

Pete M, Lisa C, Joe B, David C, (Frank C), Andy A, Mark M, Ron P, (Doreen P)

I would not expect these to volunteer this year

If you can assist in any of these events please let me know,

Frank Cubis

Monday, June 12, 2006

Wanted: Tandem Partner - female Phoenix member

In an effort to support Andy's aims of encouraging women racing at the 15m distance, I am planning to ride the tandem in the 15 on Saturday 1st July (day before the SCCU 50), what I require is a female club member to ride the back.....

On offer here is a chance to set a Phoenix Club Record for Ladies Tandem at 15m. (We might also have a chance of winning something in the event!!!)

Any takers......?

First offer gets the back seat, so don't hesitate on this one - if you fancy trying the back of the Tandem, now's your chance. On the other hand if you fancy a go generally (male or female) I'm always looking for a stoker!

Send me an email or text if you are interested.


Update: Rachel has volunteered to stoke me round.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ladies Day

My write up about our ladies day was not printed in the local paper which was annoying, so no new local ladies turned up!
The add was in cycle touring mag as it was their Ladies weekend of special rides.
So 3 ladies turned up from local cycling groups and enjoyed the ride. We had to go at a very slow pace indeed, so thank you all KPRC members for coming out to support it.

This week we have a photographer coming out to take photoes for the Surrey Cycle Maps so all turn up in Phoenix kit please.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

2Up - Provisional Start Sheet


2. Michael Fricker & Thomas Fricker 19-31
3. Ann Bath 19-31-30
4. Tony Tugwell & Mark Mc Namara 19-32
6. Lisa Colombo & Pete Mitchell 19-33
8. Jen Mitchell & Simon Mitchell 19-34
10. Florence Hallett & Jake Dodd 19-35
12. Heather Basley & Grant Pyke 19-36
14. Stuart Pearce & Ben Pearce 19-37
16. Rachel Croggon & David Croggon 19-38
18. Joe Bertorelli & Andy Avis 19-39
20. Brian Powney & Paul Day 19-40

**** As there have been no indication from a few riders, a number of teams I have paired up.
If a change is required, or you wish to ride solo, please let me know by Sunday please.


1st Fastest Team
Nearest to Average time

of the Phoenix teams entered.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ann's time trials 2006

This is my first attempt at posting so hope it works!

I've already entered/considering entering all the National Time Trials, including the 24 hour of course! apart from the 12 (as entering the ECCA).

I/C 25 11/6,
H25/8 24/6,
our 15 1/7,
SCCU 50 2/7,
Anerley 50 13/8,
? E91/10 30/8,
H25/8 23/9.

For my first 25 this year I rode the H25/8 on 13th May and did 1:16:05 so a lot of room for improvement.

My first long ride as training for the 12 and 24 was riding 140 miles to a training course in Leicester on May 8th in horrendously wet conditions for most of the day (and evening!)

My next one planned is on May 23rd to Lyme Regis (about 160 miles) where I'm hoping my parents will spoil me for the evening before I get the train back to work in the afternoon the next day.


Fabulous Phoenix Fifteen

To be held on the 1st July 2006.
Only £6.00 entry!

15 miles is the “Standard Distance” reserved exclusively for Women to claim Club and National records. So there will be a separate set of prizes for the women competitors. Awards will include Team, Tandem & Veteran on Standard will be awarded.*
The usual list of prizes will be available to the male competitors.


All starters will get a free Kingston Phoenix Water Bottle value £4.00 to celebrate the clubs 70th Anniversary.

An additional £50 awarded to the fastest woman who breaks the Women’s event record of 40:15 currently held by Melanie Williams

Tell as many as possible! Get those entries in!
Route Details.....

Course G15/42

START in Mill Road, South Holmwood, at circular manhole in road 10 yards west of “40 MPH” sign and 244 yards west of junction with Blackbrook Road and Henfold Lane at Fourwents Pond (TQ182452)

Proceed to T-junction with A24. Turn LEFT (CARE) and follow A24 south to Beare Green RBT (roundabout). Take third exit (RIGHT) (CARE) and follow A29 through Ockley to Northlands Farm Junction (7.94 miles) (TQ146356) (CHECK).

Turn sharp LEFT into Marches Road and proceed to junction with A24 at Kingfold. Turn LEFT (CARE) and follow A24 via Clark’s Green RBT and Capel by-pass to Beare Green RBT (13.92mls).

Take second exit (straight on)(CARE) and continue on A24 to FINISH soon after second left to Beare Green Village at the point where the metal crash barrier ends and the concrete bridge parapet starts and shortly before a circular manhole in grass verge (TQ174444).

A time check will taken at 7.94 miles & just before the first Left hand turn at the top of Mill Road.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Wednesday 31st May 2006 Result

Evening 10

No NAME               TIME     HCP  HCP/TIME Scr   Hcp   AWARDS
2 Grant Pyke 27-25 5-15 22-10 3/11 6/20
3 Mark McNamara 31-55 9-00 22-55 2/4 3/5 2nd Hcp
4 Andy Avis 26-11 2-45 23-26 5/18 2/8
5 Jake Dodd 28-24 5-30 22-54 5/20 4/10
8 Rachel Croggon 27-40 6-00 21-40 6/16 7/15 1st Hcp
10 Simon Mitchell 24-42 1-30 23-12 6/24 2/8 2nd Place
11 Dominic Harrison 22-28 Evans Cycles R.T.
12 John Beer 28-34 P.T.T.
13 Joe Bertorelli 23-58 0-30 22-48 7/35 2/18 1st Place
14 Chrystal Sheldon 27-03 4-15 4-15 7/35 5/20 1st Woman
15 Ann Bath 29-32 6-30 23-02 4/7 2/4
17 Ray Dare 27-03 4-00 4-00 4/16 2/13
18 Ron Feeney 24-55 21st Century Airports
19 John Barron 30-52 P.T.T.
20 Stefan Weidmann 29-08 K.W.
21 Charlott East 27-45 K.W.
22 Rupert Bole 26-17 K.W.
23 Chris Jenkins 26-44 K.W.
24 Adam Page 24-02 K.W.
26 Andrew Melbourne 25-31 K.W.
27 Colin Gray 24-42 K.W.
28 Gafyn McMillan 24-00 K.W.
29 Andy Lack 23-36 K.W.
30 Chris Salt 23-06 K.W.
31 Narayan Peralta 24-25 K.W.
32 Ian Beston 24-08 K.W.
33 Richard Williamson 24-34 K.W.
34 Dave Wylie 24-32 K.W.
35 Dave Motton 23-17 K.W.
36 Jack Haswell 23-31 K.W.
37 Tarik Djeddour 23-30 K.W.

D.N.S. Heather Basley, Ben & Stuart Pearce, Tony Tugwell, Florence Hallett, David Croggon.
Many thanks to Ray & Chrystal for placing the Event Warning signs round the course.


For Those Who Intend To Ride The Next Evening 10 On June 14th

This is a 2 up Team Time Trial. Let me know who your intended partner will be. (Also may I suggest you let them know as well). But You Can, If You So Wish, Ride The Event as Solo.

Frank Cubis

Grand Fondo Gymru

So last weekend Chrytsal Joe and myself had a go at the first Grand Fondo Gymru.
This event is a sportiff based on the Grand Fondo's held on the continent.
I can best describe the ride as hard, the hills go up and up and up. This is surely the best way to see Snowdonia. My favorite bits were the Llanberis pass and the last drag over Moel Y Feidiog back to Bala. This is apparently the highest road in Wales at 531 meters.

We all finished the Fondo distance 112mile at just over 8 hours, outside the time for the Gold or Silver Standard. But we did mange to beat some if not all of the Addiscombe. Top marks to the BEC who went sailing past us at the Caenerfon check on their way the Super distance some 18 miles longer.

i-team are already palnning next years event, so it is surely a challange for a few more members of the KPRC. I will be back and trying to get under that 8 hours.

Hounslow 25/5/06

Just for the record I had a go at the Hounslow eveing ten. Managing a Course best of 28.21. The winner did a 24!
The course is a lumpy and errr bumpy, but good fun. Starts every Thursday at 7:15 at the top of Holloway hill in Chertsey.