Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stretching Excersises by Karolina

 Well guy's & gal's I first heard about Karolina from a general e-mail sent out by sijen and after making inquiries I signed up! Kalolina works closely with Bike Bean Cafe. She does a good workout on Tuesday night at the "Peace Memorial Hall" Ashstead from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. I can thoroughly recommend it as I have attended for the last 3 weeks. On Tuesday Daniel Arthur participated and above you can see Karolina demonstrating good stretching technique. She specializes in stretching for cycling and is herself a very accomplished "Spinning" expert.
Below you can see the very delectable, petite & fit Karolina with long tall thin Daniel and the old man "MHM" 
Please feel free to make contact with Karolina.
mobile: 07939440966

Monday, February 24, 2014

Medium Gear 25m TT; 16th March

Hi everyone,
I am taking names for the Medium Gear 25  so please e-mail me back if you wish to start.  

 This is a great way to start the season and warm up for the early season SCCU events and If you have not done a 25 before then this is a great introduction to the distance.  We had 12 on the start list last season so let’s see if we can get a few more out this time around. J

 Starters so far: Mike Morley, Simon Waller, Alex Kew.

 Last year the event did not run due to the weather, but in 2012 it was won by Stuart Pearce in 1:02:45 (the fastest Medium Gear in 18 years), with Mike Morley taking the handicap win.

Course G25/47
The course details can be found here on the blog, with maps.


Start on A24 at Mill Lane, South Holmwood.

Continue south to Clarks Green rbt where TURN, (10 turn) retrace to Beare Green rbt were LEFT into A29 for aprox 8 miles (through Ockley) to bare LEFT onto A281.

 The next part is easy to go wrong. There are 3 rbts, keep on A281/A264 (A281)(A24) towards A24. (Do not go into the trading estate on your left)

To Farthings Hill rbt left down slip road and join A24 North Bound, at Great Daux rbt left and keep on A24 to finish at railway bridge near Beare Green village 1 mile before start.

Just to explain what ‘Medium Gear’ is. You should not use a gear that is bigger than 72 gear inches when riding this event. To help you work that out I found this helpful ready reckoner here;


So for example, if I am on my front chainring with 53 teeth I should only be using my 20 to 25 teeth sprockets on the rear.

 You can ride unrestricted but you should declare this when you e-mail me and you will be entered as a private time trial and unfortunately you will not receive club points.

It would be great to get a full field out for this one.

 Safe riding,



Friday, February 21, 2014

Member Profile - Chrystal Sheldon

Chrystal is our second member to be profiled here and to tell us a little bit about her cycling and time trialling.
Chrystal Sheldon

What’s your bike ownership history or what do you currently ride?

I currently have 3 bikes.
Geoffrey Butler steel (good trusty friend about 13 years old).  That was the very first bike I started racing on with the Kingston Phoenix.  It is now used for commuting on mainly.
Steel Pinarello Sestriere (Pearlescent Blue).  This is my winter training bike and has been purposely fitted with mudguards to ensure a perfectly dry ride during the winter.

Titanium Omega Radius.  Campagnola throughout with DT Swiss carbon wheels.


How did you start cycling?

In 2000, I was over here and decided that I wanted to ride the Cape Argus (fun only), when I returned home to see my Mom in 2002.  I needed to join a club to have the motivation to get out on regular rides to be fit enough. 

 What made you join Kingston Phoenix?

My first contact with a Group Ride was with the Beginners on a Saturday, and then I met up with the Cheam and Morden on a Sunday morning in North Cheam.  Thanks to Ann Bath, who convinced me to join her in a race with the Surrey League (as they were short of riders!)  I joined the Kingston Phoenix and enjoyed many years time-trialling and road-racing and although now not competitive still continue to ride in the Surrey Hills most weekends.

 What has been your most memorable cycling experience?

Riding the 24 hour, and realising how hard it was at about 3am.  Thanks to the support and not offering to collect me from the bottom of the hill when I wanted to give up, saw me finish that event.

Taking part in my first Tour of Flanders, and having no idea what if entailed.  I was slightly put out to find there were 16 cobbled sections to ride, the evening prior to riding the event. In my naivety I had no idea there were so many (thank goodness I had stamina – not speed)

 What has been your worst cycling experience?
Probably commuting into London for a 8am start, in the heart of winter.  That was tough ! 

Now, it’s trying to regain my fitness, which seems to be eluding me.

 What cycling / sporting achievement are you most proud of?

Completing 1x 24 hour and my 12 hour club record in 2008.

 What are your plans for the rest of this season or next season?

To try and compete in a handful of time-trials.

 Do you have any particular cycling or sporting heroes?

Ann Bath.



CTC Hilly 50 Saturday 8th March 14

I think a better bet would be the above formerly C&M Hilly 50. Its only £5 to enter & proceeds will go to the local Cheam St. Raphael Hospice. Go to Signing on is in Rykas car park from 9.30am for a 10am start. Route sheets and map can  be found on the C&M Blog.
Of course both events could be entered but if it was on the 9th Feb it's a bit late (date should be 9th March 14)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Surrey Rumble Sportive

The Surrey Rumble, organised by Twickenham CC takes place on the 9th of March and entries are still open if you fancy an early season event.

Entry is a very reasonable £14 for online entries and you can enter here.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Monday, February 03, 2014

VTTA Lunch Surrey/Sussex Sun 2nd Feb 2014

 Beryl & Ray preparing for lunch.
  Brian & Jake next to Peter Horsted Redmon doing same.
Ray receiving the Robin Buchan Memorial Cup from Guest of Honour  Carol Gandy with a plus on standard of 21m.43s for 25miles - Phenomenal and a National record!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Rawson Shield. Your club needs you....

to cycle.

This year we wanted to get as many members racing and time trialling as possible. Many of you have regularly taken part in the club's evening 10 time trials over the last few years with a smaller group of riders entering other open events on the racing calendar. In particular, the club championship is made up from mainly the Evening 10s and the SCCU events and we would really like to get more of you involved in this to make the Club Championship and handicap trophies more competitive. It just so happens that you can help the club at the same time. How? Well read on....

The SCCU have an award called the Rawson Trophy. A point is awarded for every member from a club who competes in an SCCU event. It's a big trophy. A REALLY big trophy, and it would be great if we as a club could have a really good crack at winning it. This is about participation so if you can ride a bike and finish a time trial then you can help the Phoenix to achieve this. If we can get an average of 5 riders out for every SCCU event then we will be in with a shout and I am sure that for the 10 and 25 mile tts we should be able to get out significantly more than this. The 50 and 100 mile tts are perfect Ironman preparation rides too. What's not to like?

Told you it was a big one.

The SCCU Events

You can find all of the SCCU events listed in the Club Championship Calendar. These events need to be entered on a CTT form which I will be distributing in the near future with a reminder of the entry date cut off for each event.
 Date of Event                                                                      Entry Closing Date
Sun March  23rd         Sporting   21       GS/334     09-00    Tue 11th March

Sat March  29th          Sporting   10       G10/46     14-00     Tue 18th March

Sun March  30th         Sporting   25       G25/44     09-00     Tue 18th March

Sun April    13th                          25       G25/53     07-00      Tue  1st April

Sat May     17th                          10       G10/57     06-30      Tue  6th May

Sun June     29th                          50       G50/53      06-00    Tue 17th June

Sat July      5th                           10       G10/57       06-30     Tue 24th June

Sun July      27th                       100      G100/60     06-00     Tue 15th July

Sun Aug     3rd      Sussex CA   50       G50/10        06-00    Tue 22nd July

Sun Sept    7th                          25       G25/53     07-00      Tue  26th Aug
Come on, let's do this thing. We regularly have 10-15 riders take part in the evening 10s. Even if you just commit to one event that will give us a real chance with this trophy.

The first event is the Sporting 21, the details of which are here. ;

Southern Counties CU

21 mile Sporting TT

Don Glover Tribute

Sunday 23rd  March 2014

Course GS 334  (Blechingly)

Entries to

Bryn Tully

8 Hartscroft, Linton Glade,

Croydon   CRO 9LA


CTT web site

Don’t delay

Entries close 10-03-2014

To be  held on the truly spectacular and breath taking GS334 course starting and finishing at Bletchingly. This event is also a counting event for Spoco SE. The vets A/S will be calculated using the CTT target times

This event, a firm favourite with riders and for many years was organised by Don Glover on the behalf of the Croydon and District Cycling Association and latterly the SCCU. Don had intended to promote the 2013 event but circumstances sadly dictated otherwise. No doubt many of you will have, in the past, ridden in events where you were either counted down with the parting quip of “do a good one” or more importantly, timed in by Don.
Don was not a great one for memorials so this year’s event is by way of a tribute to a very generous and enthusiastic supporter of all things cycling. Unfortunately the 2013 event which had a record entry had to be cancelled due to the extreme and dangerous weather conditions prevailing at the time.
Please come and make this event one to be remembered and please spread the word far and wide so we can once again have an entry Don would have been proud of.  If a little extra incentive should be needed it is expected there will be a generous prize fund.

Ladies, by special request, 25% entry reserved especially for you.

Internet entry here

Downloadable Word entry form to be posted to event organiser here