Monday, May 22, 2006

Kingston Phoenix Road Club

I rode the Southern Counties 10 mile time trial on Sunday and finished in a time of 27.20. I took a wrong turn but fortunately it was after I had crossed the finish line, but I did wonder if I had missed the finish line. I was on my own all the way round the course, as everyone else had finished, but thankfully the marshals and signs were still out, until the wrong turn. By the time I was coming back it was getting windy, there were quite a few puddles on the road and the traffic was starting to build up, which meant I had to wait at some of the roundabouts. But never mind. I'm happy with my time.

I'm off to France on Saturday morning with the family for a week so I will miss the next Evening ten and the Saturday rides. I hope it doesn't rain and you all get a good time.


SE Div Champs

Result and Pictures of Womens Div RR. Promoted by our goodselves.

Pictures here:

Well done to all the competitiors and to Simon for promoting an excellent event.

Also Congratulations to Gary Dodd for winning the Mens on Sunday.
Pictures and report here.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Paul and self started in reasonable weather after heavy rain and some minor flooding.Regret Paul went off course, it was his 1st attempt on the Crawley course which could be deceiving in fact Roy Instrall remarked that it was difficult to see the finishing flag.Keith Coffey won with 21. 31 ,myself 27.57 taking 1st on standard.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ladies Day

The CTC have nominated the weekend of the 3rd and 4th June as Ladies Weekend.
We have put forward our Sat ride as a Ladies Day , to encourage more women out onto the local roads. The ride is in the CTC listings and I have sent an add into our local paper, so we hope to get a good response!
But we need lots of our own riders to support the ride, especially our ladies.
The mountain bike ride will suit some people and the road ride others. I aim to go to Stoke D'Abernon garden centre.

Our barbecue is in the afternoon so it will be a busy day. It is also Derby Day!


Evening 10 17/5/06

Last nights ten was cancelled due to bad light. It was very overcast and all the cars had their lights on making it look even darker and so reducing visibility even further.

Next evening 10 is 31st May
Interclub on Sunday.

Don't forget to come out and support the Road race on Saturday. We can always do with more marshals.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

VTTA (Surrey/Sussex) 25 - June 25th

Handbook Correction:
The promotor of the VTTA (Surrey/Sussex) 25 on June 25th unable to run the event due to illness. The new event promoter is:

Theresa Abbott, 5 Admiralty Crescent, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 5PN

all other details about the event remain unchanged.


Monday, May 15, 2006

SE Region Ladies Divisional road race

A last minute reminder that you can still enter for this race, which is this Saturday at 1.30pm.
Ellens Green circuit, 42 miles, £12 entry fee or £15 EOL.

We only have 12 entries so far, so please ride if you are free.
Details from Simon on 0208 394 2665

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Majorca video

Those who went to Majorca a couple of weeks back might recognise some faces in the video.

Beware, it struggles to play on my 1Mb broadband, so if you are on dial-up don't bother to click.
I'll see if maybe we can get hold of it on DVD or something.

Thanks to Raymond (presumably of the SWRC, I don't know his surname) for the above video, he has also posted a link to some pictures from the week:


Norwood Paragon Result

Name Time Hcp Time
Joe Bertorelli 1:01:43 1:01:43
Brian Powney 1:06:09 1:04:09
Ray Dare 1:09:38 1:00:38
Andy Avis 1:10:25 1:06:25
Chrystal Sheldon 1:11:41 1:00:41
Grant Pyke 1:12:36 59:06
Pete Mitchell 1:15:02 1:01:02
Florence Hallett 1:15:48 1:03:33
Jake Dodd 1:19:16 1:05:46
Lisa Colombo 1:24:58 1:02:58

Saturday, May 13, 2006

majorca pics

two images of majorca 06 by popular demand

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Eve 10 #2 - 17th May - start sheet

19:30:30 01 04:45 Grant Pyke
19:31:00 02 08:00 Heather Basley
19:31:30 03 02:00 Andy Avis
19:32:00 04 04:45 David Croggon
19:32:30 05 05:00 Jake Dodd
19:33:00 06 02:00 Ben Pearce
19:33:30 07 02:45 Paul Day
19:34:00 08 06:30 Tony Tugwell
19:34:30 09 00:45 Simon Mitchell
19:35:00 10 04:00 Joe Nutt
19:35:30 11 06:00 Ann Bath
19:36:00 12 00:00 Joe Bertorelli
19:36:30 13 03:30 Chrystal Sheldon
19:37:00 14 05:00 Rachel Croggon
19:37:30 15 00:00 Stuart Pearce
19:38:00 16 04:00 Florence Hallett
19:38:30 17 05:00 Jen Mitchell

Columns in this order to get the best formatting.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Norwood Paragon 25 - 14th May - start info

We have 10 KPRC riders in this designated club event - should shuffle the points tables a little bit!

36 Andy Avis 06:36
43 Pete Mitchell 06:43
44 Chrystal Sheldon 06:44
59 Jake Dodd 06:59
78 Florence Hallett 07:18
98 Grant Pyke 07:38
99 Lisa Colombo 07:39
108 Ray Dare 07:48
112 Joe Bertorelli 07:52
119 Brian Powney 07:59

HQ - Broadbridge Heath Village Centre
Course G25/53


For sale

A friend has for sale a couple of bikes. See attached photos one is a Roy Thame the other is a Carlton, you wil have to guess sizing from the photos.
He says make me an offer. or contact me.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

South Western RC Randonee

The rain held off today as a few of us had a crack at the SWRC randonee. (see their website for details)
Two routes were available 45 miles and 90.

Riding the 45 was Andrew H and Keith, athough the latter did not sign on and just went for a ride around.
The rest of us Chrystal, Grant, Paul, his Father and myself had a crack at the 90 mile distance that took us all the way to Amberly via back roads and many many hills. Sadly Grant got lost and failed to get his card signed at any of the intermediate check points. :-(

Chrystal cracked on in an early fast group (I kept getting reports about how they didn't stop at half way and rushed through each check point). I wish that I had a shorter tea stop as I missed getting the Gold standard by only 9 minutes. Oh well there is always next year.

I did not manage to get any times. So will have to be added when they are published.


Charlotteville 50 - 7th May

Stuart - 2:4:24 (1st 50 so a pb)
Lisa - 2:54:12 (well at least I went faster than the 25 last week.)
Ben punctured at around 35 miles and had a bit of a walk back to Bentley (commiserations), so didn't complete his first 50.

Winner Laurence Harding 1:46:46

Not a bad morning: rain stopped overnight and the roads were drying by start time. Sun came out, not too cold to start, and the wind seemed pretty light - though I'd be pushed to say where it was from: seemed to turn into the wind at every u-turn!


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Result of Farnham RC 10 mile TT 6th May

Hello all, here is the result of todays TT on the H10/8 Bentley Course.

Conditions were damp, the rain was light and stopped just before the event started.

Joe who was first off, had totally misjudged his start time and only checked his start sheet late this morning. Instead of the 14:15 start he expected, he suddenly found that he was off a whole hour earlier. A panic loadup and quick drive down, Joe assisted by Chrystal and Rachel, who had come to support us, got himself to the start line with only a minute to spare! Obviously the nervous energy helped him go faster than Wednesday night as everyone else in the field seemed to be down on time. The general concensus was that the course was cutting up almost two minutes slow, mainly due to the cold and lack of wind. (there is normally a gale blowing you home)

Joe 23:46
Florence 28:03
Andy A 26:13
Ann B 28:44

Event winner Ben Instone 20:00!

Well done to all.
See you at the South Western Randonee tommorow.


Kingston Phoenix Barbecue

All Kingston Phoenix and partners and friends are invited to our barbecue on 3rd June at 4pm till midnight.
Bring something to put on barbecue or buffet table and some plonk, the usual thing.
Hope its a sunny day and we can sit in the garden all evening and get quietly sozzled!
This is a good chance to meet every one dressed in normal clothes and see how us girls scrub up!
Phone me on 01372720061 if you dont know where we live.
All the best Jake and Gary

Friday, May 05, 2006

June: who's entering what

Ben and Stuart are doing the Weymouth Half-Ironman on 4th June.

Stuart & Ben are entering the Hounslow & District Wheelers 100 on 25th June.

Joe: I'm visiting my brother in Italy. I've entered the local Granfondo (Bruno Raschi) on the 25th June.

Tony T is entering the Sotonia 10 on the P613 on Sat 3rd of June (so he won't be at the BBQ!!)


Thursday, May 04, 2006

May: who's entering what

Joe has entered the Farnham 10 on 6th May. As have Florence, AndyA & Ann (sorry if I've missed anyone! Start sheet on CTT site here

has entered the Charlotteville 50 (H50/8) on 7th May (although at the last minute, so I might be off the hook!!!) Ben & Stuart Pearce have also entered this event.

Pete has given me his form to enter us for the Norwood Paragon 25 (The H25/17 on the same morning has a later start time........) Joe has also entered the Norwood Paragon 25.

Ben is riding the Wessex 325 as mentioned earlier by Florence, which is taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May.

Tony T has entered the Thames Velo 10 on the H10/2, Saturday 13th May; and Charlotteville 25 on the H25/8, Saturday 27th May.

What's anyone else entering ???

Eve 10 #1 - May 3rd - Result

TIME     NAME                Award/Club (non KPRC)       
21:48 Andrew Bye Twickenham CC
23:32 Mark H.
24:05 Joe Bertorelli 1st Fastest
25:00 Simon Mitchell 2nd Fastest
25:36 Colin Gray Kingfisher Triathletes
25:55 Andy Avis
26:31 Paul Day 1st Hcp
27:11 Chrystal Sheldon Fastest Woman
27:39 Florence Hallett 2nd Hcp
27:49 Joe Nutt
28:19 Grant Pyke
28:24 Jake Dodd
28:52 Pete Mitchell
29:13 Rachel Croggon
30:12 Ann Bath
31:49 Heather Basley
31:52 Lisa Colombo
DNS Tony Tugwell

23:03 Tarik Djeddour K.W.
23:31 Richard Hallett Sydenham Wlrs
23:41 Andrew Sykes S.E.R.C.
23:49 Jack Haswell K.W.
24:27 Ian Beston K.W.
24:32 Richard Weatherston K.W.
24:35 Richard Williamson K.W.
24:39 Narayan Peralta K.W.
24:59 Edward Hyde S.E.R.C.
25:04 Gafyn McMillan K.W.
25:32 Stuart Charnley Crawley CC
25:43 Oliver Walker S.E.R.C.
26:03 Alan Walker S.E.R.C.
26:04 Mike Twitchett S.E.R.C.
26:19 Steve Nuttall S.E.R.C.
26:41 Andrew Melbourne K.W.
27:14 Steven Rollason Crawley CC
27:26 Helen Keaton K.W.
27:32 Rupert Bole K.W.
27:42 John Reay K.W.
27:46 I Marshall Crawley CC
28:39 Colin Derrick S.E.R.C.
29:15 David Smith S.E.R.C.
29:29 Charlote East K.W.
32:04 Fred Smith S.E.R.C.

45 riders is a record for Frank, even allowing for the fact that he is timing 2 club events here, apologies to Andrew Bye (Fastest of the night in his first 10) that Frank got his time only by the skin of his teeth - a man that fast shouldn't be off that early in the field when there's only the one timekeeper.
If anyone can fill in missing names, I'd appreciate it for the full result on the main website.

We had an exceptionally good evening for the time of year, warm and dry and only a very slight southerly wind.

Thanks to Joe for putting the signs out and in; and Iain for a traffic count.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Open events of late

Redmon 25 9th April (1:14:14) and our Open 10 (27:37), managed to get 3rd on standard in both.
I have entered the Norwood Paragon 25, hope we have enough riders for Club event.