Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dale breaks club 100 record.

Today in the Hounslow 100 Dale Lush broke the 100 record which has stood for years with 3.57.32. Fantastic. Simon Trehearn did 4.32.12. Brian came out to support and cheer on our riders. Next sunday we have 2 teams in the 25 on the fast A3 course south of Hindhead and will be going for the womens and mens team records! Wish us luck.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Eve 10 #3 - result

Evening 10 #3 - G10/42 - Club Event
North Holmwood
Wed 25 May 2016

No  Name                   Time     Hcp    Plus    Scr/Hcp   Awards
17  Phil Ember             22:03    PTT  Paceline    
10  Dale Lush              22:14   22:14             7/2     1st Pl  
13  David Watt             23:22   21:07             6/7     1st Hcp
16  Russell Williams       23:47   22:02   +3:59     5/3   
12  Alex Kew               23:54   22:54   +2:36     4/2   
 6  Simon Trehearn         24:17   22:17   +1:37     3/2   
14  Richard Evans          25:26    PTT  Kingston Wheelers    
 2  Duncan Folkes          26:48   21:48   +0:06     2/4   
15  Charles Hampden-Smith  27:02    PTT  Kingston Wheelers    
11  Steve Hillier          27:10   22:10   +2:10     2/2   
 7  Matt Schutz            27:31   21:46   +1:49     2/5   
 8  Mike Morley            29:41   21:26   +3:37     2/6     2nd Hcp
 3  Ray Dare               32:00   23:15   +5:30     2/2   
 9  Grant Pyke             32:29   22:29   +2:09     2/2   
 4  Deborah Hurst           DNS      -    
 5  Jake Dodd               DNS      - 
Timekeeper: Lisa Colombo
Thanks to John Beer for pushing off and Jake Dodd for doing the signs.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Frank Cubis hurt

Frank has been knocked off his bike this morning and seriously hurt - I don't know much else about his status at this time.

As of 2pm this afternoon I am planning to come out and timekeep tonight's club event.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Evening 10 #3 Start Sheet - 22nd May

Event 11 - Evening 10 #3 - G10/42 - Club Event
North Holmwood
Wed 25 May 2016
No.NameHandicapClassVets StdStart TimeClub
Duncan Folkes
05:00V00:26:547:31:00 pmKPRC
Ray Dare
08:45V00:37:307:31:30 pmKPRC
Deborah Hurst
10:30VW00:30:027:32:00 pmKPRC
Jake Dodd
05:00VW00:30:167:32:30 pmKPRC
Simon Trehearn
02:00V00:25:547:33:00 pmKPRC
Matt Schutz
05:45V00:29:207:33:30 pmKPRC
Mike Morley
08:15V00:33:187:34:00 pmKPRC
Grant Pyke
10:00V00:34:387:34:30 pmKPRC
Dale Lush
00:00SN/A7:35:00 pmKPRC
Steve Hillier
05:00V00:29:207:35:30 pmKPRC
Alex Kew
01:00V00:26:307:36:00 pmKPRC
Adrian Feasby
05:15V00:27:467:36:30 pmKPRC
David Watt
02:15SN/A7:37:00 pmKPRC
Richard Evans
PTTNo Age7:37:30 pmKingston Wheelers
Charles Hampden-Smith
PTTNo Age7:38:00 pmKingston Wheelers

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Medium Gear Result

Event 10 - Medium Gear 25 - G25/47 - Club Event


Despite only being the six of us it turned out to be a beautiful morning for time trialling. The really bad weather in the night didn't seem to materialise so it turned out to be a very dry and calm morning. In fact, perfect for unrestricted. Unfortunately, Brian was wielding his tape measure and we were all riding MG. Steve took it to an extreme by handicapping himself even further by including a pannier rack and mudguards. Watch this space to see if these turn out to be the aero 'must haves' at the Tour.
Ray continues to astound us all and Jake had a great ride to comfortably take the handicap win. 

Thanks go to Brian for handicapping, timing and putting out and retrieving the signs and to Gary for marshalling and spotting.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Medium Gear 25 Start Sheet

Event 10 - Medium Gear 25 - G25/47 - Club Event
South Holmwood
Sun 22 May 2016
No.NameHandicapClassVets StdStart TimeClub
Mike Morley
10:30V01:25:008:01:00 amKPRC
Steve Hillier
08:00V01:15:298:02:00 amKPRC
Ray Dare
11:30V01:35:058:03:00 amKPRC
Jake Dodd
09:00VW01:17:458:04:00 amKPRC
Adrian Feasby
10:00V01:11:398:05:00 amKPRC
Alex Kew
00:00V01:08:318:06:00 amKPRC

A small but classy field. :-)

Signing on will be in the Mill Lane carpark.


START   in Mill Road, South Holmwood, 6 yards from south end of dotted Give Way line at A24.
LEFT on A24 via Beare Green RBT to TURN at Clark's Green RBT.
Retrace to Beare Green RBT.
Left on A29 to Clemsfold RBT.
Left on A281 via Nowhurst RBT to Broadbridge Ind Est. RBT.
RIGHT on A281 to New Bridge RBT. Straight on following A264 to Farthings Hill Interchange RBT.
LEFT on A24 to Great Daux RBT.
LEFT on A24 via Kingsfold and Clark's Green RBT to Beare Green RBT. Straight on to
FINISH at start of brick parapet of railway bridge 315 yards past first turning into Beare Green village.

Remember that to qualify for the MG event you need to ride in a gear 72" or less (ie one pedal rev will be no more than 18' 10 1/4 inches. Brian will explain all at the start.