Monday, May 31, 2010

Training ride - Sunday 30 May 2010

Here is a satellite's view of the training ride yesterday. For details of who went and what we got up to see Jake's report on the forum at


Sunday, May 30, 2010

End to End - Last Day

We're here - the finish much like the start, blue skies and sparkling sea. With me is Annette Dentith, my travelling companion for more than nine hundred miles. Couldn't ask for better.

Today's total was 102.33 miles and 5629 feet of ascent. It's good to be here, it's a long way. But it has been a great ride, and I'm sorry it's over.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

End to End - Day 8

A bright start again, through Fort William and Fort Augustus to coffee at the Thistlestop Cafe, which seems near nowhere in particular, lunch at the Loch Ness Inn, alongside, uh, Loch Ness. Up a big hill and jackets on - it chucked it down. Steady rain all the way through Dingwall to Evanton and the Novat Arms Hotel.

Due to an error on the route sheet today' short run turned out to be 90.97 miles and 4258 feet of ascent. Well, I'm doing it for the ride!


Friday, May 28, 2010

End to End - Day 7

Bright enough at the start of the day, over the Campsie Fells to Callander, where we were served scones by a nice Polish lady. Then on to Crianlarich for lunch, raining by then, Tyndrum, Bridge of Orchy then up on to Rannoch Moor, where it was rather brighter. On to Glencoe, appropriately misty and rainy, Ballachulish and in to our Hotel in Onich, where I have a splendid view over the loch.

An easy day tomorrow, apparently - only 85 miles.

Today was 106.51 with 5722 feet of ascent.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

End to End - Day 6

Quickly into Scotland this morning, in bright sunshine, but the variability of Scottish weather soon made itself apparent.

Coffee and Paradise Cake (lots of cherries) in Lockerbie, food for lunch bought in sunny Moffat and eaten on the doorstep of an abandoned pub in windy Tweedsmuir, rain at Biggar, strong winds and heavy showers at Braehead, hail at Shotts and down to our hotel at Cumbernauld in bright evening sunshine.

109.42 miles and 6308 feet of ascent.


Alex Kew

Welcome to the Kingston Phoenix to Alex Kew

Eve 10 #3 - Result

WEDNESDAY 26th May 2010 G10/42
16 Angus MacAlister 21-05 PTT Norwood Paragon CC
18 George Brent 21-55 PTT Addiscombe CC
20 Stuart Pearce 22-29 Scr 22-29 7 / 2 1st Pl
17 John Beer 24-43 2-45 21-58 6 / 2 2nd Pl
14 Bob Smith 25-16 PTT PB
11 Richard Addis 26-11 4-00 22-11 5 / 2
15 Andrew Philips 26-16 PTT
6 Alex Kew 26-43 6-00 20-43 4 / 6 2nd Hcp PB
21 Steve Hillier 26-48 5-45 21-03 3 / 4
5 Jake Dodd 27-13 5-45 21-28 6 / 2 1st Woman
12 Nick Hostler 27-26 6-00 21-26 2 / 3 PB
9 Ray Dare 28-59 6-00 22-59 2 / 2
19 Grant Pyke 29-03 7-15 21-48 2 / 2
10 Lynda Gale 29-21 8-30 20-51 5 / 5 PB
13 Tony D’Italia 30-19 7-45 22-34 2 / 2
4 Mike Morley 31-56 11-30 20-26 2 / 7 1st Hcp
7 Amanda Pearce 32-10 10-00 22-10 4 / 2
3 Mark McNamara 34-18 11-00 23-18 2 / 2
2 Lisa Colombo 37-29 11-15 26-14 3 / 2

Alex 1st Event

David Croggon D.N.S. Apol

Kingston Wheelers

35 Steve Irwin 21-55
36 Ben Elliott 22-02
29 Robin Kirk 23-57
34 Keith Griffin 23-58
31 Dominic Trevett 24-56
26 Danny Clifford 25-23
32 Chris Hathaway 25-44
33 Andrew Melbourne 26-14
24 Dan Coulcher 27-08
22 Brett Wiggins 28-08
25 James Kelly 29-14

Frank Cubis

I'll update all of the tables with the times from last night, this evening - Lisa

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

End to End - Day 5

The summit of Shap Fell - half way. With me is Annette Dentith, of the Mid Devon CC, roadracer and triathlete. We had just stormed up Shap with Adam and Gary of the Clic Sargent charity ride who are part of our group. I wasn't first to the top (I wasn't even second...)

As you'll see from the jackets, the first rain of the trip. Quite a change, but a good run, nevertheless. Rush hour at Preston this morning was a bit fraught, lunch at Kendal very pleasant (haggis on offer, but not yet), and the Angus Hotel in Carlisle for supper.

Scotland tomorrow!

101.82 miles and 4738 ft of ascent.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

End to End - Day 4

Grey cloud today, and much cooler. No bad thing, as it kept the speed up and we had a long way to go. A couple of sharp hills to start the run, crossing Wenmore Edge before descending to the Cheshire Plain. Coffee at Shrewsbury, with a Butter Bun - a sort of sugary pastry, fried, I think. Very good energy source.

Then on to Worleston, lunch in the garden of the Royal Oak, crossing the Manchester Ship Canal at Warburton, passing near Warrington and Wigan before finally arriving at our night's stop, the Premier Inn at Chorley. Our bikes are in the Laundry Room - perhaps someone will wash them.

116.08 miles and 5151 feet of ascent.


Tour Series on TV

The Tour Series starts this wed with 10 town centre races . ITV4 will show highlights at 7pm. Gary rode a few last year and said they were very fast. Sigma Sport have a team again and hope to do well again.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Geese on the Wandle II

Can anyone beat 9

Womens SE Divisional Champs (A KPRC Promotion)

Leader of the London Womens Cycle Racing League - Maryka Sennema

Championship Winners: Claire Beaumont - 3rd, Lucy Chittenden - 1st & Elise Sherwell - 2nd

A fabulously hot day brought out a record entry for our annual Road Race promotion. Chief Commissaire Maria Bryant and Lead Car driver Dave Matthews both said that the organisation was spot on and the marshaling was excellent so we can all give ourselves a big pat on the back. Special thanks to the Powney Catering Corps and to those who provided cakes etc. Also to Mike Morley who sportingly took on the job of carting all the Surrey League Equipment back to Shere. Check out the result on London Cycle Sport or via KPRC blog. Also a big thanks to Corridori who provided a jersey as a prize, and London Women's Cycle Racing.

End to End - Day 3

Easier going today, and the miles passed quickly. Over the Clifton Bridge in Bristol, then the Severn Bridge, briefly into Wales and then we tipped our hat to Bernard and Luisa at Tintern Abbey. Very good cakes.

Through Monmouth to Buckholt, lunch in the sun, then Hereford, Leominster and finally Ludlow, the Wheatsheaf Inn.

96.1 miles and about 5000 ft of ascent.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eve 10 #3 - start

WEDNESDAY 26th May 2010


2 Lisa Colombo 11-15 19-41
3 Mark McNamara 11-00 19-41-30
4 Mike Morley 11-30 19-42
5 Jake Dodd 5-45 19-42-30
6 Alex Kew 6-00 19-43
7 Amanda Pearce 10-00 19-43-30
8 Martin Elswood PTT 19-44
9 Ray Dare 6-00 19-44-30
10 Lynda Gale 8-30 19-45
11 Richard Addis 4-00 19-45-30
12 Nick Hostler 6-00 19-46
13 Tony D’Italia 7-45 19-46-30
14 Bob Smith PTT 19-47
15 Andrew Philips PTT 19-47-30
16 David Croggon 7-30 19-48
17 John Beer 2-45 19-48-30
18 Grant Georgiadis PTT 19-49
19 Grant Pyke 7-15 19-49-30
20 Stuart Pearce Scr 19-50
21 Steve Hillier 5-45 19-50-30

AWARDS: 1st & 2nd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

First sunday training ride

Our first ride was a great success. What a lovely day!

Rachel, Nick, Luke and I set off at 5 past 9, rode over Epsom Common up over Headley and down Pebble Hill - Nick speeding past and wooshing round the bend.

Lots of cyclists out everywhere. The Pearson Sportive and the Evans ride all on our roads. Through Leigh, left at pub and into the back of Reigate then south down main road. Right following signs to Norwood Hill and ended up coming into Newdigate, then right to Henfold Lakes.
Dave and Mike M met us there and we enjoyed egg bacon baps in the sun looking at the fluffy chicks.

As we left, this flash cyclist in Pearson kit on a Pearson bike flew in with a friend and we realised it was our Steve! We rode with them to Box Hill then parted ways as they were doing the Pearson ride.
45 miles and back by 1pm. Perfect!

Next sunday is the 2nd training ride and Me, Dave, Nick and Luke are doing it so come on you lot join us in a slightly longer ride next week.

End to End - Day 2

A day of two halves. It started with a stiff climb up on to Dartmoor, then fast cruising over the moors, and down to Chagford for coffee and cake - Hummingbird Cake, a first for me.

Rolling country (read 'still fairly big hills'), then gradually down out of Devon into Somerset. Fewer and smaller hills until we reached the Somerset levels, which are flat.

105.9 miles and 7706 feet of ascent.


Pearson Sportive

A glorious morning, new kit to wear and a lightweight bike to ride a sportive....can a Sunday get any better? (for those who haven't heard I was the one from the 500 entrants who won the Pearson Sportive draw - winning the kit including shoes and helmet, with the loan of their top of the range Carbon Pro for the day - now extended to the end of the week - so it will be with me at Wednesday evening's club 10 TT).

I set off from home just after 8am and as I approached the start at the Royal Marsden I caught a glimpse of John Beer going the other way, I waved but I guess that he would have no idea who I was in the Paerson kit. How did you get on John?

I met a few friends from the Majorca trip, namely Dennis and Roger from the over the hill group. I then bumped into a work colleague, Chris, with two others from our work who were about to tackle their first sportive. Bearing in mind I have the bike for Wednesday I decided not to exhaust myself on the 150kms and chose the 75kms instead. Before I registered, Chris and his friends started and I said that I might see them later on the course. 10 minutes later I set off in pursuit with five Dulwich Paragon riders who were setting a good pace on the flat, somewhere between 18 and 23mph. It was soon clear that following the route was going to be a challenge as the signs were too small and only attached to signposts at the point of the turn without any warning. The route took us past Fanny's farm, on to Outwood, Turners Hill and the longer route went on to Brighton. After Turners Hill I started to think that there should have been a right turn for me to take the shorter route, but cycling in a pack at an enjoyable pace the miles continued to fly past. By the time I arrived at Ardingly I decided to drop off and stop to check the map. Within 30 seconds there was Chris with his two colleagues who had also missed the turn. By this stage we had done about 30 miles so we were now going to double this to get back and it also became apparent to Chris that the 1pm Sunday roast at home with his family might be in jeopardy.

We headed west and north via Balcombe, Pease Pottage, and Faygate where we picked up the returning 150kms route. Chris's two colleagues were struggling at every hill and suggested that Chris and I should go on. As we approached Henfold Lakes I mentioned that this was one of my favorite cafe stops and he agreed to stop for a moment as he had not seen it before. As we approached the lake we came across the KPRC training group who had been training. (Jake - glad to see that you allowed plenty of time for coffee, breakfast and taking in a bit of sunbathing for an hour or so - I clearly missed a good session!). They looked remarkably fresh and recovered. We had no time to stop so we headed back via Little Switzerland, Headley and home, me completing 63 miles.

I am now resting for a few days in the hope that I will be recovered sufficiently for the evening 10 to make best use of this dream machine.

First Sunday morning training ride

New training session for summer Sunday mornings when not racing. A glorious day for a longer training ride that the 2 hour session on a Saturday. 5 intrepid riders with lots of miles in their legs by the time they took breakfast at Henfold. Note the CTC Downlanders behind under the Fosters umbrella.
The return was via little Switzerland and as can be seen by the smile on our Champs faces they really enjoyed the warm sunshine even though I left them in the shade powering in front to get this good shot! (what a load of baloney - I always knew kissing that "Blarney Stone" in 1961 in Cork Castle on my first tour of Ireland was a mistake!)
Nature at it's best producing the young of the future! I wonder if they will ever ride a bike?
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Women's SE Divisional Championship - Result

BC South East Regional Women's Championship
May 22, 2010
Ellen's Green - 42 miles

Pos   Name                    Club/Team              Cat     Time 
1 Lucy Chittenden East St Cycles 3W 1:59:00
2 Clare Galloway Team Zappis
3 Elise Sherwell Pearson Cycles 3W
4 Nicola Juniper Ciclos Uno 1W
5 Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor CC
6 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers CC 2W
7 Alison Stringer Team Zappis
8 Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre CC 2W
9 Caroline Goward Team Scott 3W
10 Leona Kadir Sigma Sport 2W
11 Tamina Oliver Private Member
12 Emma Craddock South Downs Bikes 2W
13 Naomi Anderson Team Zappis
14 Emma Patterson London Dynamo 2W
15 Rachel Przybylski Rapha Condor CC 2W
16 Sarah Maidment Private Member
17 Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles 3W
18 Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers CC 4W
19 Kimberley Ashton Caeserean Cycling Club 4W
20 Tamar Vanderhaas Brighton Mitre CC 4W
21 Maria David Dulwich Paragon CC 3W
22 Joanna Le Cocq Velo Sport Jersey 4W
23 Rohan Battison Max Gear RT
24 Vikki Filsell Pearson Cycles 4W
25 Angie Thorp VC Norwich
26 Alexandra Marzec London Phoenix 3W
27 Liz Rice London Phoenix
28 Claire Vallance Team Zappis
29 Emily Bagnall Kingston Wheelers CC 3W
dnf Hannah Bowers Team Mule Bar Girls 3W
dnf Louise Mahe Team Mule Bar Girls 2W

SE Womens RR Champs.

Marshalling support from KPRC. Only one motorist got very upset over the Red Flag. He was obviously not a Labour supporter as he drove a large Merc with personal number plate.
Part of the scenery the riders passed by on their 7 laps.
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

End to End - Day 1

We couldn't have asked for a better start. Breakfast in the dining room of the Lands End Hotel, watching the sea sparkle around the Longships Lighthouse; the obligatory group photo, then off in the warm sunshine. Ten of us on the road, and John and Phil in the van.

I was lucky enough to tag on to a quick peleton of three who towed me through spectacular Cornish countryside to lunch at the Blue Anchor in Fraddon.

Lunch taken, the peleton split into the fast and nearly-as-fast, and we powered over Bodmin Moor to the Cornish Arms in Gunnislake.

89.98 miles, 7680 feet of ascent, and we beat the van...


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Womens Road Race

Kingston Phoenix Road Club


Womens Open Road Race

incorporating the

SE Womens Divisional Road Race Championship 2010

Round 6 of LWCR League

Provisional Start List

1. Emma Patterson London Dynamo 2nd

2. Jessica Mitchell 4th

3. Lydia Boylan 4th

4. Hannah Bowers Team Mule Bar Girls 3rd

5. Louise Mahe 2nd

6. Anna Glowinski

7. Mathilde Pauls Pearson Cycles 3rd

8. Vikki Filsell 4th

9. Elise Sherwell 3rd

10. Rachel Przybylski Rapha Condor CC 2nd

11. Marianne Britten Max Gear RT Elite

12. Bernadette Hards 2nd

13. Kimberley Ashton Caeserean Cycling Club 4th

14. Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wheelers CC 4th

15. Maryka Sennema 2nd

16. Emily Bagnall 3rd

17. Sarah Maidment Private Member

18. Joanna Le Cocq Velo Sport Jersey 4th

19. Alexandra Marzec London Phoenix 3rd

20. Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre CC 2nd

21. Emma Craddock South Downs Bikes 2nd

22. Leona Kadir Sigma Sport 2nd

23. Nicola Juniper Ciclos Uno 1st

My trip to CTC AGM-Loughborough

I took the opportunity to visit my old club mate Gordon Booty, brother of Ray first sub 4hr 100ml TT rider and lovely wife Mary both very good bike riders. Perhaps my most memorable ride against Gordon as a member of the Long Eaton Paragon CC when I was 22yrs. We were both riding in the National 100 and Gordon broke the club record with a ride of 4hrs 13mins + and some minutes later I came in and beat him by a few seconds, so we both held the club record for that year (1963). Having met Barbara, I packed in racing the next year but Gordon went on to emulate his brother and break the 4hr barrier in due time. It was great to see them again after some years in their wonderful garden in Allestree Derby. Maybe a contender for future guest of honour at the club dinner or even brother Ray?

Another highlight of my weekend was the CTC Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation. Sue Cherry secretary to Kevin Mayne CEO receives some flowers for her efforts in organising the dinner and AGM. Trust me to get in the picture!
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Luke Dearden

The latest recruit welcome Luke Dearden

1st Training ride

Next sun 23rd May will be our new training ride led by Dave Brentnal to Henfold Lakes. Start Horton as usual at 9am. 50 miles with stop. We have Jake Nick and Grant so far , any more? We hope to build on this and have a ride every 2 weeks and maybe in winter when we not racing every week on sat to meet the club and suns too. We have tried this in the past but as I always seem to be the one pushing it, when I start racing I have not got the time to do it in summer and they stop! We need leaders and Dave might be the one as he is fast keen and does not race. He also said he would like to help new members learn the ropes riding in groups and tips on training.
So please post your thoughts as we need everyones views , either here or on the forum.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eve10 #2 - Result

WEDNESDAY 12th May 2010 G10/42
15 Stuart Pearce 23-46 Scr 23-46 7 / 2 1st Place
9 John Beer 24-50 3-00 21-50 6 / 5 2nd Place
6 Simon Mitchell 26-14 3-15 22-59 5 / 3
13 Martin Elswood 26-57 PTT
14 Nick Hostler 27-47 6-15 21-32 4 / 6 2nd Hcp
7 Jake Dodd 28-03 5-45 22-18 5 / 4 1st Woman
10 Steve Hillier 29-16 4-45 24-31 3 / 2
11 Grant Pyke 29-59 6-45 23-14 2 / 2
2 David Croggon 30-18 7-00 23-18 2 / 2
12 Simon Waller 30-43 PTT
8 Lynda Gale 30-46 PTT
3 Mark McNamara 33-36 10-15 23-21 2 / 2
5 Amanda Pearce 32-27 11-00 21-27 4 / 7 1st Hcp
4 Mike Morley 34-34 10-45 24-49 2 / 2
16 Bob Smith DNS PTT (No Shoes)
17 Tony D’Italia DNS
DNS Ann, Ben

Kingston Wheelers

24 Dan Sadler 21-50
36 Steve Irwin 21-58
37 Phil Ember 22-13
35 Jim Ley 22-37
38 Ben Elliott 22-37
29 Luke Wallis 22-59
34 Jamie Wasley 24-10
26 Keith Griffin 24-23
33 Mike Levett 24-29
18 Jonathon Trollop 25-00
28 Dom Trevett 25-01
30 Ben Wardle 25-25
22 Danny Clifford 26-40
23 Andrew Melbourne 26-51
21 Helen Millier 27-01
20 Cathy Clifford 27-08
32 Brian Miller 27-14
19 Brett Wiggins 27-54
31 Chris Gilligan
25 Maryka Sennema
27 Chris Campbell

Evening 10 May 12th

Pictures from Mark Gladwyn

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Phoenix Barbecue 10th July Jakes

Phoenix Barbecue 10th July which is a saturday 6pm onwards.
All members and cycling friends welcome. The same as always bring food for barbecue or buffet and some drink and we all share what comes out !
Bring some fold up chairs if coming by car. Loads of room for bikes.
Meet all the members you have never met before and make new friends.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Eve 10 #2 - start

WEDNESDAY 12th May 2010


2 David Croggon 7-00 19-31
3 Mark McNamara 10-15 19-31-30
4 Mike Morley 10-45 19-32
5 Amanda Pearce 11-00 19-32-30
6 Simon Mitchell 3-15 19-33
7 Jake Dodd 5-45 19-33-30
8 Ann Bath 6-45 19-34
9 John Beer 3-00 19-34-30
10 Steve Hillier 4-45 19-35
11 Grant Pyke 6-45 19-35-30
12 Ben Pearce 2-00 19-36
13 Martin Elswood PTT 19-36-30
14 Nick Hostler 6-15 19-37
15 Stuart Pearce Scr 19-37-30
16 Bob Smith PTT 19-38
17 Tony D’Italia 7-15 19-38-30

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Training rides

Steve Hillier and I in Majorca talked about how we can bring the club forward. We want to do some training rides that dont clash with sat morn rides , for people who want to move on and do longer miles. Sun 23rd May could be the first one led by me to Henfold lakes , 40 miles fast , but only if we get more than 3 riders. Let me know.
We also want to meet in Epsom outside Wetherspoons ( see forum) for sat rides so Epsom see us and enquire about joining us!
The local Guardian paper could be a good way of advertising our club activities , but we need a publicity officer to send regular reports in , this post is vacant at the moment. Anyone willing to do this would be fantastic .
Any more ideas to get more members , start up a forum.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Club Forum

Frank is really keen on the Kingston Wheelers forum and I said I'd look at setting something up for us - despite the fact that I don't think we all talk to each other enough online to justify it. But, hey, why not. Set about proving me wrong...

So, ladies and gentlemen follow the link to our very own Club Forum. You need to sign up - and please write you login and password down somewhere safe I know people have forgotten their blog login details and there isn't much I can do about either if you forget this info too.

Click on the link ->

At the moment there isn't any vetting of sign-ups, if we start getting registrations from people with no links to the club then I'll have to change the settings.

All members are encouraged to join, as are past members - and anyone with links to the club is welcome. Total unknowns will be expelled!


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Isle of Wight Randonnee 2010

Maggie and I had a rather different island experience from Jake and the gang - we rode the Isle of Wight Randonnee, which has become an annual event for us. It's quite a big do - more than 2100 riders last year. Basically, you ride around the island, getting your card stamped at the feed stations. These are primary schools where the PTA has prepared quantities of home-made cakes and the like, so you need to ride quite hard to stay ahead, calorie-wise.

The weather was variable-to-bad, with high winds and rain for part of the course, and our heavy-duty Dawes tandem proved the right choice for this season. But a good, if tough, ride - 66.97 miles, rolling average 11.6 mph, 4,547 feet of ascent and 3,183 calories.


Monday, May 03, 2010

Gary and Nick outside Hotel Azul
Safe bike parking under hotel

Phoenix ready for the off

majorca photos

Eleven's at Campanet caves
lunch stop for Phoenix
Jake ready to go!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mallorca Holiday 2010

Jake, Andrew, Steve and Nick's adventures in Mallorca.

Day One

Steve and Nick came out on the 12.40pm flight which was a far more respectable time than the earlier 6.30am "sparrows fart" flight taken by Jake and Andrew. Because of the volcano many of the previous weeks flights had been delayed which resulted in Steve sitting next to a inebriated Irishman from East Acton who had never flown before and was excited about spotting G-strings on the beach (despite having a wife and two kids), but he did do a good karaoke when listening to his wife's iPod.

On arrival at Palma airport Steve and Nick hired a spacious Citrone C4 Picasso. Initially this appeared to be a cost effective alternative to taxi transfers until we discovered that we had to pre-pay for our full tank of petrol (costing 95 euros) with the condition that the car is returned empty with no refund for unused fuel. This would have been a good deal had we been travelling across France, but due to the size of the island it is difficult to use up more than a fraction without doing three laps of the island a day!

Day Two

Steve managed two feet on his Condor bike before falling over in front of forty keen and kitted cyclists. He sprang back to his feet and pretended nothing had happened but unknown to him at the time, more damage had been done than simply to his pride...

We set off at 10am, cycled through Campenet for coffee at Mancor De La Vall, then a long loop and stopped for lunch at Alaro. Then we followed the cycle lanes to Caimari for the Coll De Batallia to Lluc. Seven kilometres into the eight kilometre Lluc climb (and just as Nick was catching Steve) Steve's rear derailleur got caught in his rear spokes (most likely a consequence of his earlier tumble) and ripped the hanger from the frame. Despite a number of attempts at converting the bike to a single speed the Condor was well and truly grounded and Steve was forced to run up the final kilometre to the top.

Thankfully help was offered by a couple in a passing car who were members of the Wolverhampton Elizabethan CC, who then gave him a lift back to Port de Pollensa and the Pro bike shop. The rest of the gang descended at some pace back to the hotel to await the diagnosis on Steve's bike... It was not good news as Condor use their own bespoke parts. Steve, however, was fortunate in being able to hire a Massi MCarbon bike for the rest of the holiday.

In the evening, after a copious and filling meal in the hotel, a large group decamped to Jose's bar (which was to become a theme). Andrew persuaded Steve to sample the local brandy and Jake had a La Bomba (brandy and hot chocolate).

Total mileage on day two was 64 miles for Jake, Andrew & Nick; and Steve 50 miles on account of his curtailed ride.

Day Three

Started with a sudden thunderstorm at breakfast. Thankfully it didn't last and by 11am the sky was clear blue and the temperature rising.

We rode to Binnisalem for coffee then on to Banyola for lunch in the square under the trees in the sun. Emma got a touch of sun stroke but still made the Orient climb, Coll De L'honneur.

After 50 miles Steve decided to step up the pace and demonstrated what his borrowed Massi could do and the rest of the gang clung to his rear wheel. Steve's impromptu time trial lasted six miles until he heard that Jake had been dropped and the pace eased so that Jake could close the gap. Jake said that she was yoyoing. Someone in the group aptly described him as a "duracell bunny".

Proud of his days ride Nick decided to reward himself with a third plate of food from the buffet, and Steve announced that the house white wine was not as good as the house red, but nevertheless did improve with the third glass.

Total millage on day three - 78 miles (and Nick's furthest ride ever!)

Day Four

The last two days had taken their toll on Nick's Boardman bike and it had begun to sound like an old tractor on the hills (not to be confused with Steve's Massi "Ferguson"). A quick service in the pro bike shop did little to fix the creaking noise so Nick decided to also hire a similar Massi bike to Steve's.

The four intrepid cyclists joined a ride led by Gary Smith (25 riders in total) that promised a gentle 50 miles to Sineu for lunch and back. However, despite best laid plans the town square in Sineu was packed with tourists due to the mid-week market and the pack continued on to another town to find lunch. We eventually stopped in Sencelles for lunch and decided to break from the crowd to take a more leisurely ride back, stopping for ice creams in Porto D'Alcudia where Jake got the chance to paddle her feet in the sea and Andrew got some retail therapy. Steve sat on the sandy beach with blue sky and sea and had his photo taken on his phone and sent it home to Jan's phone. He quickly received a response "bugger off!"

Total mileage day Four - 68 miles.

Day Five

A rest day for some. Andrew went off on his own date and apricot fuelled adventure, whilst Steve, Nick and Jake (with Gary in tow) headed to the caves at Campanet. The intention from the outset was for a gentle 20 mile round trip, but those leading the party had other ideas and we had already completed a 25 mile dog leg before we reached the Caves.

After a coke in the sun with fantastic views we headed back to the hotel to spend the afternoon by the pool.

Total miles on day five for Nick, Steve & Jake a gentle 36 miles; whilst Andrew clocked up an impressive 90 mile round trip taking in Alaro, Orient, Soller, the "big pig" and Lluc.

Day Six

Jake, Steve and Nick decided that today was the day to clock up some serious miles and so joined a group of 25 led by Gary Smith to Valldemossa for lunch. Andrew, having already completed a long ride the day before chose instead to go to Petra.

The group stopped in the square at Alaro for coffee with a few score of other Swiss.

Shortly after setting off the group rode over 50 metres of pave causing a spoke to break on Nick's hire bike but after loosening the opposite spoke the group were able to continue.

It was during lunch that Steve borrowed a map and came with the idea of cycling back to Pollensa via Deia, Soller, Fornaltux, the "big pig" and Lluc. Gary smith said that we should start soon as the route would take over 4 hours. Soon we were winding our way along the coast at several hundred feet above the blue sea to Deia. A few climbs later we were heading into the valley surrounded by high dramatic mountains and we descended into Soller. After a quick look around the centre square and the old railway we started the long climb. Whilst climbing the pig we stopped at Mirador de Ses Barques, a cafe at the side of the road with a large veranda providing spectacular views of Puerto de Soller. Fuelled with freshly pressed oranges and lemons we then spent another 45 minutes climbing before going through the tunnel and following the undulating and descending road go Lluc and Pollensa. Just before Pollensa we past the 100 miles and celebrated with a two up at 25mph. We took just over 4 hours and arrived at the hotel at 7:40. A fantastic day.

Meanwhile Jake returned from Valldemossa at a fast pace without a stop and ended the day doing 90 miles.

Gary (Dodd) had popped down to Sa Calobra for a sandwich and a pint of milk. When he left the car park there was a pro team with team car leaving so he set off up the zig zag road keeping them a few hundred yards behind. Despite being 20 years younger they never caught Gary which was not surprising as he had climbed 660m in 32 minutes!

Total mileage - Andrew 50, Jake 90 miles, and Nick & Steve 105 miles!

Day Seven

We all cycled to Costitx and sampled a selection of cakes and pastries for lunch.

We had a fast ride back, stopping in Alcudia for ice creams.

Total mileage on day seven 55 miles.

Furthest day rides:-
Steve & Nick 105 miles, Gary Dodd 104 miles...

Grand totals for the week:-
Andrew 405
Jake 391
Steve 392
Nick 406