Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SCCU 10 & 25 TT's 21 & 22 March 2015

Alex after seeing J.B's c omment about the A29 I phoned Robyn Johnson this morning and he left me a message at 8pm to say that both events will go ahead and would I encourage all KPRC members to enter. The Saturday 10 TT is not affected by the A29. The Sunday 25 will go ahead using a modified course. The first half of the course will be normal but the end will use 3 times finishing circuit which will be a bit boring!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Rawson Shield 2015

So the defence of the Rawson Shield starts next month. I have put the entry details for the first three events on the forum, but it's easiest to enter via the CTT website at

SCCU Hardriders' 21 15th March (8 riders last year)

SCCU Sporting 10 21st March (13 finishers / 1 dns last year)

SCCU Sporting 25 22nd March. (5 finishers / 1 dns last year)

Let's see if we can get a couple more riders out per event. The 21 and 25 events are really lovely courses and they are a great way to kick off your season, no matter what your cycling goals are later on in the year.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Rides Update

We joined the Epsom CC sunday ride this week. They start 9.15am not 9.30. 45 miles ride out to Charlwood and onto Horley cafe and back. 16mph ave speed. 9 of us in all. A new route for us and new people to talk to. When the pace picked up there was shelter to tuck into and hang on . They waited for everyone at hills and junctions. Very friendly lot. One of them wants to try our mountain bike rides. I think we should go out with them for March till the clocks change and then start up our rides again as the weather gets warmer and people keen. What do you think? Need some feedback as its a bit quiet out there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunday Rides for february

Sunday Rides for February. We are going to join the Epsom Cycling Club rides for Feb as ours are not going well. Meeting at 9.30 junction of Wells Road and Dorking Road A24. They usually have a good turnout and it will be nice to ride in a group and have a nice chat at coffee. Dave and I will be out this week.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

More Photo's VTTA Lunch

Ray & Beryl looking on while Jake gets her award.

Above Ray with Beryl propping up the bar and his trophies along with Josh Bullimore

 Below, winning team National 24 hr, Championship

VTTA Surrey/Sussex Annual Lunch 1st Feb Horsham

Jake receiving the Ladies Champion Award from guest of honor Keith Butler. Well done Jake a very popular champion. Well done also for organising the  event, excellent food provided by Robin Johnson's company.

Above Ray also receiving his age related records, 10, 25 & 50 miles setting new records for an 88 yr old. Ray got many accolades from so many in cross-toasting and in speeches.

Below the KPRC contingent joined by Helen Bullimore an admirer of Ray along with son Josh. Brian Powney's dad Ron got a special mention by the Host Keith Wilkinson for his mile eating 24 hour distances in bygone years. Gethin Butler, son of Keith got a special mention of his long standing LeJog record of 44hrs. More Photo's to follow.