Thursday, February 25, 2016

Online Club Event Entry

OK this is another idea that I have been working on for some time, if it works it should simplify club event entry for those taking the entries, and also for those entering...
Otherwise it will go down as yet another of my stupid ideas to use the internet for the benefit of the club.

Form to enter events

See if you have entered

This form is ONLY for club events, Open events nominated as club events must be entered in the usual way to the organiser of that event. However, if this works I can do a similar form for the Open events and people can mark them as entered so that the handicapper doesn't need to wait to see a start sheet before handicapping the club event run within the Open event. (Confused? Don't worry about it)

You don't need to enter all the events at one go, you can enter as few or as many events as you want at one time, AND it will allow you to withdraw if you have made a mistake with it OR need to withdraw from an event that you thought you were going to ride. However if you withdraw after the closing date, that can be proven and will be ignored! But we will have an online record rather than relying on someone to remember a "put me down for that event" when they don't have a pen and paper handy.

I was going to list the cost of entries, but I have no idea what they are - will edit this post when someone enlightens me!

This system doesn't allow payment for club events, but most people didn't pay upfront anyway!

Have fun, give me feedback if you think this does or doesn't work and we can try to fine tune it. At the moment you can see my test submissions on the second link.

I'll put the links under the club links section to the right of this post so that you can find it easily in the future.



Sunday, February 21, 2016

Even more DD Photo's

More DD Photo's

Dinner Dance Tithe Barn Sat 20 Feb 16 Charleston Style

A selection of photo's for all. Food was good, though pudding short for last two tables, cross toasting OK, Dancing fine but fore the first time in my life not for me due to bad knee! Looking forward to part 2 of history and 80th year on 25 Feb 2017.

Photos five at a time due loading limitations.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chris Thain - RIP

I'm sad to report the death of Chris Thain, last October (2015) after what I hope was a short battle with cancer, as he was still racing at the beginning of 2015.

Chris was a member of the Phoenix in the 60s, riding with the faster boys of that era. He came to cycling with his brother Cliff who, I believe, remained more of a tourist, whilst Chris enjoyed racing as well.
When he married Barabara he moved south and joined the Farnborough and Camberley CC and was a stalwart for them for much longer than his tenure in the Phoenix.

Monday, February 15, 2016

CTC Tri-ennial Vets 100 Mile Ride

As many of you will know, every three years since 1928, the Cyclists' Touring Club has organised 100 mile rides for over-50s.  Quite a few DAs are organising rides this year and Phoenix Members may be interested in the ride that the Wayfarers are running on 15th of June.  It's based on Brockham Cricket Pavilion, entry fee £5.

To avoid problems with spammers,  Simon's email is not on the blog.  Wayfarers have it on their contact list, Steve Hillier knows it, or you could drop me an email.

There'll be no need for the cloak and dagger stuff shortly, as the CTC Online Entry will be working, but it might be shrewd to get in quick, as the event could be popular!


Monday, February 08, 2016

Find a time trial course

I see that someone has created a website which has most but not all of the locations and course details of time trial courses in the country.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Ken Sales - RIP

It is with sadness that I have to report the death of Ken Sales last week following a massive stroke.

His funeral will be held on Monday 8th February at 4pm, at Putney Vale Crematorium.


I didn't know Ken well, though I did know him. I started racing at a time when Adrian, Ken's son, was having a dabble at racing on the back of the tandem with Charlie Griffin.

I'm not sure whether Ken himself ever raced, or if he was ever actually a member of the Phoenix, but he was a keen cycle tourist and was involved with the Kingston Section and the RSF with Charlie, at a time when the Phoenix had very strong links to the Kingston Section. I can visualise a photograph that I am sure has Ken in it, but have sadly been unable to find it. I will add it to this post if/when I do find it.

It was only last month that we saw Ken at Charlie's funeral, and now there is another one to go to...