Thursday, May 29, 2008

Phoenix BBQ and 4 up

Phoenix BBq is sat 14th June at Jake and Garys. All members and cycling friends invited , just bring some food and drink. 5pm till late !
Also Mick Ayliff needs 23 more marshalls for the 4 up sat 7th , can you contact Mick or me if you are available. We tried to get a ladies team , but only Jackie and I were up for it. We can still enter on the line if anyone wants to ride!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eve 10 no 3 - start sheet

WEDNESDAY 28th May 2008

2. Antonio Coelho 5-00 7-41 pm
3. Mark McNamara 7-30 7-41-30
4. Grant Pyke 3-30 7-42
5. Jake Dodd 4-00 7-42-30
6. Duncan Folkes 4-15 7-43
7. Jackie Townsend Scr 7-43-30
8. Steve Hillier 4-00 7-44
9. Ann Bath 4-30 7-44-30
10. John Beer Scr 7-45

1st Handicap
1st Fastest
Fastest Woman

I understand there have been chippings placed on the A24 on part of the course with 10mph speed limit.
If this is the case in a weeks time the event will not go ahead, I will keep an eye on the situation.

Frank Cubis

DELTA Reigate to Brighton Ride

Dear Lisa
I work for a charity called DELTA which helps deaf children to listen and talk.
We have held a bike ride from Reigate to Brighton for the last 15 years and wondered if any of your members would be willing to take part and help raise some much needed sponsorship money to help support our vital work. Last year we had 70 riders and raised £9K, this year we are hoping for 100 riders and to top £10K
I'm attaching some leaflets and application forms which explains everything.If you would like hard copies please let me know and I can supply those to you.
Look forward to hearing from you
Many thanks
Wendy or 0845 1081437
Sunday 22nd June 2008

I can't do anything with the attached files at the moment!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Open 15 mile event - now a 10!

It looks like the roadworks on the A29 have now started so making the 15 impossible to run.
I am going to now run it as a ten on G10/42.

As usual I am on the look out for Marshals. If you are available and wish to pick that choice job, then let me know please.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eve 10 #2 - Result

WEDNESDAY 14th May 2008 G10/42

44 Steve Saunders 22:24 Kingston Wheelers
42 James Beaumont 23:48 Kingston Wheelers
15 Stuart Pearce 24:16 Scr 24:16 7 / 5 1st Fastest
40 John Coolahan 24:19 Kingston Wheelers
41 Stewie Martin 24:29 Kingston Wheelers
19 Stefan Cichy 25:28 Kingston Wheelers
12 Joe Bertorelli 25:43 Scr 25:43 6 / 2 2nd Fastest
3 Jackie Townsend 25:47 2:15 23:32 7 / 6 2nd Hcp & 1st Woman
39 Naz Peralta 25:48 Kingston Wheelers
38 Colin Gray 25:50 Kingston Wheelers
9 Simon Mitchell 25:54 1:00 24:54 5 / 2
37 Chris Hathaway 26:26 Kingston Wheelers
33 Gafyn MacMillan 26:41 Kingston Wheelers
7 Paul Day 27:07 2:30 24:37 4 / 2
32 Danny Clifford 27:11 Kingston Wheelers
18 John Loffhagen 27:26 Kingston Wheelers
13 Chrystal Sheldon 27:42 5:30 22:12 6 / 7 1st Hcp
36 Keith Griffin 27:47 Kingston Wheelers
6 Brian Powney 28:49 1:30 27:19 3 / 2
31 Cathy Clifford 29:03 Kingston Wheelers
10 Grant Pyke 29:24 5:00 24:24 2 / 3
8 Steve Hillier 29:37 5:00 24:37 2 / 2
14 Florence Hallett 30:31 5:45 24:46 5 / 2
4 Antonio Coelho 31:07 6:00 25:07 2 / 2
11 Richard Hoskin 31:43 Redmon CC
2 Lisa Colombo 35:19 11:00 24:19 4 / 4

Many thanks to Mark for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course. Again

Next Evening 10 Wednesday 28th May

Frank Cubis

Well, what a difference a couple of weeks makes. Not cold, no rain and not getting dark as we finished. Completely different to event #1. Even the wind was completely different - Northerly rather than Southerly. A mild balmy evening (with the wind chilly enough to frighten one or two folk into over-dressing). Pretty good conditions, except the wind was a little too strong for seriously fast times for most of us - some people never slow down! Congrats to everyone who improved from 2 weeks ago.


Friday, May 09, 2008


One of the girls at work has 2 kittens from a litter of 4 to find homes for.
They are 3 black and a brown/tortoiseshell.

I've no idea whether male or female.

They are ready to collect and £75 ea (or free to a good home with someone she knows, which we might manage to negotiate - or not!!!!)

If anyone is interested, contact me ASAP and I will put you in touch with my colleague.


Update: all now found homes for.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

FBD Milk Ras - Free holiday to Ireland!

Someone has now been found for the job!

From the
Time Trialling message board:

"Do you fancy a free holiday in Ireland, and the opportunity to experience the business end of a professional cycling event?

Owing to a late withdrawal, Team ARE IN NEED OF A TEAM MECHANIC for the 8-day FBD Insurance Milk Ras (Irish Milk Race). The event begins in Navan on Sunday 18 May, and finishes in Skerries on Sunday 25 May.

The race is UCI 2.2 ranked and has drawn a strong field of European national teams and British and Irish pro teams. Amongst those competing are Ciaran Power, Chris Newton, track pursuit silver-medallist Jenning Huizenga, David McCann and, perhaps bizarrely, track sprinter Craig McLean. The route (and weather) is always challenging and the racing is always exciting.

You won't need a great deal of technical know-how. The team mechanic rides with the team manager in the race convoy, and is required to leap out of the vehicle and perform wheel-changes for the team's 5 riders when required. In the evenings, he/she should clean the team bikes, pick flints out of tyres, replace inner-tubes etc. In return for this, all transport, food and accommodation is arranged and paid for you (though maybe not all the Guinness and whiskey!)

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience an entirely different perspective on professional cycle racing. If you have any queries, or if you are willing and are available between Saturday 17 May and Sunday 25 May, please contact Matt Melville on matthew_melville at or 07729 027792 as soon as possible. Even if you yourself can't help, I'd be grateful if you could 'spread the word'!

For more information on the race itself, see the race website

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

- Tim"


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Evening 10 #2 - start

WEDNESDAY 14th May 2008

1. Mark McNamara 9:00 19:40:30
2. Lisa Colombo 11:00 19:41
3. Jackie Townsend 2:15 19:41:30
4. Antonio Coelho 6:00 19:42
5. Tony Tugwell 7:30 19:42:30
6. Brian Powney 1:30 19:43
7. Paul Day 2:30 19:43:30
8. Steve Hillier 5:00 19:44
9. Simon Mitchell 1:00 19:44:30
10. Grant Pyke 5:00 19:45
11. Ann Bath 5:15 19:45:30
12. Joe Bertorelli Scr 19:46
13. Chrystal Sheldon 5:30 19:46:30
14. Florence Hallett 5:45 19:47
15. Stuart Pearce Scr 19:47:30

If riders use a flashing red rear light attached to the bike, I will not be disappointed.

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

Sunday, May 04, 2008

New Club Record - Ladies 25

New Ladies Club Record to Jackie Townsend: 1:2:22
In the Hillingdon 25 on the H25/2 this morning (4/5/08)

Jake and Grant also rode, recording 1:10:21 & 1:14:37 respectively.

Also, yesterday afternoon John Beer rode the Hampshire 10 on the P881 and recorded 25:39

Anyone else race this weekend?

Update: I improved to 35:54 in the VTTA 10 on the H10/2 on a rather soggy Monday morning.


P.S. For everyone who rode on Wednesday evening in the Club 10: John's time yesterday was an improvement of 3 minutes on his time on Wednesday evening - food for thought!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Open 10 - Thanks

What I forgot (amongst other things) at the committee meeting last night was a thankyou to Jackie for taking on the promotion of the 10 - and to Andy for assisting her with it. This will be recorded in the minutes.

While I am at it, I am not sure if we ever really said thankyou publicly to Frank for his many years of promoting the event. So: thankyou, Frank, for all your years of hard work promoting the 10, and now for your ongoing and time-consuming work as a District Timekeeper.

Also a thankyou to all of the marshals who stepped forward and volunteered to assist Andy and Jackie: especially everyone who said "I usually do this" and just got on with it. Finding marshalls for all the club's requirements is a nightmare, those of us who have to organise the marshalling hate asking individuals, especially as so many people seem amazed to even be asked personally (we tend to feel like we've just grown a second head or something.) and hours of phoning around in the run-up to an event is just what an organiser doesn't need.

P.S. Don't forget that Simon desperately needs all the help he can get out at the Women's Championship Road Race on Sat 17th May - especially as so many of the usual suspects will be away at the time, and then Andy will be needing another set of marshalls for the 15 (which might be a 10 - due to roadworks) on Sat June 28th and finally (for now!) I am looking for assistance for the SCCU 50 on Sunday June 29th.
Most of the marshalling for the 50 should be supplied by other clubs belonging to the SCCU - although we still need to supply our usual 2 marshalls - however I am hoping for some assistance from Phoenix members on the morning as a backup and for ancilliary things around the HQ. You will need to get up early, but hopefully you won't have to stand around marshalling, unless you'd like to relieve our 2 allotted marshalls.
This year the SCCU 50 is a fully Open and BBAR counting event (rather than the usual Association event), so I anticipate close to a full field, if not completely full.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Eve10 #1 - Result

WEDNESDAY 30th April 2008 G10/42

                                   HCP   POINTS
43. Dan Sibbick 22:33 Kingston Wheelers - time revised from 23:33
44. Steve Saunders 22:42 Kingston Wheelers
45. Andrew Bye 23:36 Kingston Wheelers
12. Dominic Harrison 23:41 Evans Cycles RT
20. Richard Hallett 23:59 Sydenham Whlrs
18. David Arthur 25:16 Sydenham Whlrs
39. Alan Sherman 25:55 Kingston Wheelers
16. Simon Mitchell 26:00 Scr 26:00 7/6 1st Pl/2nd Hcp
40. Rupert Bole 26:10 Kingston Wheelers
9. Jackie Townsend 26:57 2-00 24:57 7/7 1stH/2nd/1stW
34. Danny Clifford 27:43 Kingston Wheelers
37. Chris Hathaway 27:58 Kingston Wheelers
36. Mark Briers 28:19 Kingston Wheelers
35. Keith Griffin 28:43 Kingston Wheelers
8. John Beer 28:52 1:30 27:22 6/5
5. Duncan Folkes 29:48 3:00 26:48
13. Chrystal Sheldon 30:28 2:45 27:43 6/4
33. Cathy Griffin 30:28 Kingston Wheelers
17. Richard Hoskin 31:31 Redmon CC
11. Jake Dodd 31:54 4:00 27:54 5/3
10. Antonio Coelho 32:33 3:00 29:33 5/2
3. Lisa Colombo 37:47 8:00 29:47 4/2

Please note: For those riding their first Time Trial, we usually start riders in strict starting order but - due to the dull evening - it was necessary to get riders away ASAP.

Many thanks to Mark for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course.

Next Evening 10 Wednesday 14th May

Frank Cubis

Well that was a pretty grim start to the series. It does get better. It never gets easier though - you just go faster for the same amount of pain.....