Friday, March 30, 2012

Does anyone fancy a cycling themed bag????

You might know that I am making (and selling) handbags as a hobby. I have come across this lovely cycling fabric and thought that some of the Phoenix ladies might like a bag with that. I could either do a little ladies handbag (like the one that Mike is modelling in the 2nd picture) or a sling-bag (backpack style) like the campervan bag on the 3rd picure.

I don't have an awful lot of fabric but could do a couple of bags depending on which model you would want. The small bags cost £ 14 and the bigger ones would be £ 20, they are of course professionally made and fully interfaced, lined and with a mobile phone pocket.

Please let me know if you are interested!

Mel x

Barn dance pictures from last saturday

A small selection out of 200+ pictures from last weeks' barn dance! Mel

Dinner Dance pictures (late but not forgotten!)

Sorry for being late with the pictures, but it's not forgotten! This is just a selection and if anyone wants to see more pictures please let me know. Mel

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Moulton in the Mountains

I've been waiting to do this ride for a while - it's in the mountains of South Wales, so, obviously, you need a fine day. And today was ideal - 20ÂșC, and the wind only from time to time. That doesn't happen often.

The point of the ride is that the scale feels a bit Alpine. The hills are long, but well graded, and there are plenty of hairpins to keep the progress smooth. It joins three good climbs in Simon Warren's 'Greatest Cycling Climbs' book, with one of them being tackled from both sides, into a ride of just over forty miles with fourteen hairpins and 4700 ft of ascent. That's a good day out, without being excessive.

Everything being set, I made a fairly early start from home and drove down to Ogmore Vale. There's a good, well surfaced cycle path that takes you from there past Nantymoel and the busier part of the road, and then you're straight in to the climb. I had hardly started when a local rider - Dale - pulled alongside and we passed the time of day to the top. He was going to Ferndale Woods, which he recommended as very pretty, and he warned me that my planned itinerary was pretty hilly - that's why I'm doing it, I told him. We parted at the Bwlch - big views immediately - and I swooped down to Treorchy to start the climb to the Rhigos. Six miles steady climbing, with some very Alpine hairpins, and even bigger views over the Brecon Beacons from the top.

Hairpins again on the way down, with a rather slower descent to Aberdare. The valley wind had got up, and I had to pedal downhill at some places, but at least it would give me a push on the big hill to come.

No such luck. Valley winds are valley winds, and you don't get them on the hillside. So a hard pull through the woods, the heat bringing out flies, before I got above the trees and had a bit of breeze before the top. Flying over the top, then down again, no valley wind this time, and eventually back to Treorchy. Only the Bwlch left.

I took this at a steady pace (slowly), and was pleased to buy an ice-cream from Canale's van at the top. They've been selling ice-cream there since the 1920s, when there was considerable Italian immigration into this part of Wales. It's nice to see that Carpanini, Servini and Canale are still going strong, offering what is, by now, a very Welsh-Italian cuisine.

One last swoop down again, back into the car and off to London. The only tedious bit was a jam on the M25 at the end. Hey ho.

I recommend the area, as long as you get the weather. About three and a half hours by car, or about two hours by train to Bridgend and an extra ten miles each way. A good day out, or weekend if you fancy more. There's plenty!


'Bespoked' - Hand Made Bicycle Show

Yesterday, Maggie and I went to 'Bespoked', the hand made bicycle show. It was held in Brunel's original Temple Meads Station in Bristol, which was a very suitable venue. Brunels' cast-iron hammer-beam roof was the first of its type, and showed the way for the cathedrals of the railway age like St Pancras and Grand Central stations.

There was a bewildering array of bicycles made of every conceivable material, from bamboo through wood laminate to steel, titanium and carbon fibre. Some you'd be happy to ride, some you wouldn't; either because of the exquisite construction and paintwork or because you just weren't sure how well it would all work ...

The old guard - Roberts, Mercian and Argos - were all there, with some good (and practical looking) machines. But they were surrounded, and to some extent eclipsed, by a new generation of frame-makers such as Robin Mather, Ricky Feather and Tom Donhou. Some very fancy kit from these chaps. The influence of American builders was very apparent in these newer creations, and some well known American frame builders had found it worthwhile to make the trip to Bristol.

A good day out - lots more pictures and information at


Thursday, March 22, 2012

This weekends rides 24th and 25th

The sat ride on and off road will go to Polesdon Lacey, and the sun ride will go to Sumners ponds, Barns green. A 60 mile round trip with 11s at The Ponds. Start time is still 9.30 sunday but remember the clocks go back !! We have had a new rider out every week since our stall in Ewell 3 weeks ago! If we need to split the group we will. See you at the weekend.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Medium Gear 25 - result

Club 25 Mile Time Trial
Sunday18th March 2012

No  Name                Time       Hcp    HcpTime Pts  Hcp  Awards
15  Stuart Pearce      1:02:45    00:00   1:02:45   7  6   1st/2nd Hcp PB
10  Ben Pearce         1:06:17    03:00   1:03:17   6  5   2nd/3rd Hcp PB
13  David French       1:11:56     PTT Weybridge Wlrs
5   Bob Smith          1:12:44    05:00   1:07:44   5  3
19  Daniel Arthur      1:14:50     PTT Epsom CC
12  Simon Trehearn     1:14:56    08:00   1:06:56   4  4
17  Brian Powney       1:15:33    Unrestricted      2  0
11  Nick Hostler       1:17:54    06:00   1:11:54   3  2
7   Jake Dodd          1:18:43    10:30   1:08:13   4  2
9   Mike Morley        1:18:50    18:00   1:00:50   2  7   1st Hcp     PB
16  Nick Morgan        1:19:18    Unrestricted      2  0
18  Mark Gladwyn       1:21:42    12:00   1:09:42   2  2
6   Philip Burgin      1:24:01    07:00   1:17:01   2  2
8   Ray Dare           1:25:06    15:00   1:10:06   2  2
3   Grant Pyke         1:27:38    15:00   1:12:38   2  2
2   Lynda Gale         1:27:51    13:30   1:14:21   3  2
4   Rick Opie          1:28:38    20:30   1:08:08   2  2
14  Ken Williams       1:34:35    16:00   1:18:35   2  2
1   Tony Tugwell      DNS (Apol)  23:00             0  0
    Chris Taylor      DNS (Apol)   PTT

Congratulations to Stuart, the first Trophy (The Brass Monkey Trophy) winner of 2012.
The fastest Medium Gear for 18 years - just 30 seconds short of Club Record.

Thanks to Ron & Doreen who supplied the tea. On A Morning Not Too Cold...


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Open 10 Entrants

Entries are beginning to come in for the Open 10 on 14th April and I will try to keep the list up-to-date here:

So far we have three snail mail entrants and 5 online.

The online entry seems OK - at least the cheques aren't for the wrong amount or made out to something other than the club - as with the paper entries. And I officially hate the new entry form: the coloured panels are a complete waste and it is very difficult for the organiser to pick out the info from the categories in type-written forms.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No ride this Sunday

Can't find anyone to lead ride as we all racing, so no led ride from Horton.

Meeting up after race for 11s at Henfold Lakes if anyone fancies coming out.


Medium Gear 25 - start sheet

SUNDAY 18th MARCH 2012

No  NAME            HCP     START
1.  Tony Tugwell   23-00    08-16
2.  Lynda Gale     13-30       17
3.  Grant Pyke     15-00       18
4.  Rick Opie      20-30       19
5.  Bob Smith       5-00    08-20
6.  Philip Burgin   7-00       21   
7.  Jake Dodd      10-30       22
8.  Ray Dare       15-00       23
9.  Mike Morley    18-00       24
10. Ben Pearce      3-00    08-25
11. Nick Hostler    6-00       26
12. Simon Trehearn  8-00       27
13. Chris Taylor    PTT        28
14. Ken Williams   16-00       29
15. Stuart Pearce   Scr     08-30
16. Nick Morgan     6-30       31
17. Brian Powney    8-00       32
18. Mark Gladwyn   12-00       33
19. Daniel Arthur   PTT        34  (Epsom CC)

Awards (only club members riding the limited gear qualify):
1st, 2nd & 3rd Handicap
1st Fastest plus Trophy & 2nd Fastest

MEDIUM GEAR 72.0 for example 48 x 18.

If the pedal has not accomplished a full circle at:

226¼ inches or 18ft 10¼ inches or 5.746 metres - The Gear Is Too High

Brian handicapped the event so that I can place the field out but, riders who decide to ride unrestricted may but will be classed as a Private Time Trial and receive no club points for this event.
(Generally we give start/finish club events points to unrestricted riders, but no Hcp points - as such riders are properly entered in a club event, just not THE Medium Gear club event - Lisa)

Event Details G25/47

We meet at the usual 10 HQ behind the church in Inholms Lane off Spook Hill off the A24. We proceed to the start normally all together, (sort of). Allow at least 10 minutes to get to the start as it is all up hill.

Start on A24 at Mill Lane, South Holmwood, 1 mile south of 10 start.

Continue south to Clarks Green rbt were TURN, (10 turn) retrace to Beare Green rbt were LEFT into A29 for aprox 8 miles (through Ockley) to bare LEFT onto A281.

The next part is easy to go wrong. There are 3 rbts, keep on A281 /A264 (A281)(A24) towards A24. (Do not go into the trading estate on your left)

To Farthing Hill rbt left down slip road and join A24 North Bound, at Great Daux rbt left and keep on A24 to finish at railway bridge near Beare Green village 1 mile before start.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday rides still 9.30 start!

After a chat with members it was decided to keep the sunday start time at 9.30 for March as it says that on the card we gave out to people at the stall. Still going to Fairoaks airfield this sunday and Henfold Lakes next sun to meet the racers after the first club event near Dorking. I will go to start this sun at 9 just to check no one turns up!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Spring at Bourne Again

The best photo of the bunch from Jen. Well done everyone!
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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Spring Feste

Mike did indeed take some photos or at least someone from the Sutton Bowles club did and while the team was fully in attendance somehow the photographer was not entirely in focus so apologies for the somewhat poor image this gives the KPRC. Well done to all that attended a good turnout and lets hope for some new members from this initiative. At least we know our membership fees are very competitive. I hope that Jen has some better pictures.
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Hilly 50km sat

Its the Hilly 50km this sat. Starts 10am from Rykers cafe bottom Box hill A24. £3 on the day. I will be helping signing on. The normal sat ride from Horton Lane carpark will still go ahead with a mountain bike led ride and road led ride to The Vinerys garden centre, Lower Bookham rd. 20 mile round trip. Sunday the ride starts 9am not 9.30 as spring is coming. We will be going to Fairoaks airport around 50miles with an egg and bacon bap stop :) The weather is looking dry and warmer for the weekend!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Club stand at Herald of Spring

We had a lovely 2 days meeting lots of local cyclists who would like to join our sat and sun rides. Everyone turned up to man the stall and it was very sociable. Mike and Jen took some pictures. We hope anyone looking at our website for the first time can find all the information they need! Our current list for 2012 races is on the left, as is the sat,sun rides. Have a look on our BLOG above for more up to date chat from our members. Please put any questions up on the blog if you can and we will answer them :)
We meet at Worcester Park athletics club in Green Lanes every thur around 9pm for a drink if you want to come along, all welcome.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

How's your Flemish?

Having bought tickets for the 6-Day direct from the box-office in Gent at some time in the past, I have got on their mailing list and get an email every month detailing what is on in and around Gent. Surprisingly I can mostly understand what is in the email and it gives me the dates for the 6-Day each year...
At the bottom is what Google translate makes of it - I had to call the text "Dutch" to get it to translate, so i guess that Flemish is pretty close to Dutch.

Maandag 5 maart - Start ticketverkoop Lotto Zesdaagse Vlaanderen-Gent!
De Zesdaagse 2012 gaat door van dinsdag 20 november t.e.m. zondag 25 november.

Onder de Zesdaagses van deze wereld is Gent vast en zeker een hoogtepunt, zowel voor de renners als voor het publiek die steeds in grote getale afzakken naar het Kuipke in het Citadelpark.

Mis dit unieke sportevenement niet!
bestel hier uw tickets vanaf maandag

Om het startschot te geven van de ticketverkoop van de Zesdaagse en om meteen ook het gloednieuwe Uitbureau te openen, zal niemand minder dan Iljo Keisse maandag 5 maart tussen 10u00 en 11u00 zijn opwachting maken in de Veldstraat 82B - in onze nieuwe balieruimte. Kom eens langs en laat je shirt handtekenen!

"Monday, March 5 - Start Flanders-Ghent Six Day Lotto ticket!
The Six Day 2012 will be held from Tuesday, November 20 till Sunday, November 25.

Among the Zesdaagses of this world Ghent certainly a highlight for both the riders and the audience that increasingly large numbers descend to the Kuipke in the Citadel Park.

Not miss this unique sport! Buy your tickets from Monday

To kick off the ticket of the Six Day and also marks the brand new Uitbureau to open, no one less than Iljo Keisse Monday, March 5 between 10:00 and 11:00 make its appearance in the Veldstraat 82B - our new desk space. Come along and get signatures shirt!"