Sunday, February 28, 2010

Phoenix Dinner

The Mitchell Clan & the Powney Tribe clean up with many pots! Another year of silver shine and hard training begins. Best of luck to all prize winners for the coming season and may many new winners shine through. Even Bradley Wiggins had to start somewhere!
One final piece of action Ann starting the early season training as she means to go on riding through the night in her 24hr challenge. Best of luck you are yet another one of our Stars!
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The Phoenix Dinner

Before the action all quiet on the food front

The calm before the storm...

Here's the second picture, I hope

The Tithe Barn

The Tithe barn, what a super setting for our Dinner & Dance last night!

Thought you might like to see these 2 pix I took on our arrival Doreen

2010 Action Dinner

Table 7 from the fastest to the newest to the fastest, what a lot of pots they won. This was my 3rd KPRC Dinner and definitely the best yet, what a fantastic location, well done to Brian for all the effort, he his family and helpers put in.
The fastest and the newest again going through their paces. The hat looks great, sweat removal cleaning bill to follow.
My favourite winner (no not Jake she is too fantastic for words!) - Steve, what a bike rider, what fantastic times and all on a touring bike equipped with pannier carrier the lot, a true Brit with a lot of grit and the sort of character our club admires.
What more can be said simply RED -red hot on the bike red hot on the floor no training needed this week just relax the legs and let the dancing begin and some wished it would never end! Congratulations also to Jackie, no picture but what an amazing burst of speed on the floor. I hope the knee survived.
Will post some more of the trophy shots but let others get in first to avoid repetition.
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Saturday ride to Polesden Lacey Feb 27th

A slight drizzle turned into a very pleasant morning to Polesden Lacey. 3 groups of 4, steady, Quick & muddy plus Ray just up the hill from home! Next week it is different as most will be at Rykas Boxhill either riding, helping or photographing the C&M Hilly 50K at 09.30am for a 10am start.
Garsons Farm for anybody else.
From Pete M

Monday, February 22, 2010

History Album

For the Club's 21st Anniversary Pete Mitchell created and bound this wonderful book as the Club's History Album - the intent was for press cuttings and pictures of all the members to be recorded in the Album for posterity. Things didn't happen quite as planned, but there is still a wealth of interesting information in the book - and we are still trying to add to it as planned.

Each year we take it to the Club Dinner for members and visitors to enjoy. I guess our newer members will have not heard of this before (it has also worked out to be a pretty closely guarded secret, although not intentionally!) So here is fair warning and a couple of pages as a taster for you to come and have a look at the book on Saturday. Hopefully there will be somewhere well-lit that we can place it for members to look through it.

1955 Club Dinner

Surrey League news

1. The Surrey League would like to apologise for there being no Easter 3 Day this season. Unfortunately no club came forward to promote the 3rd stage. The first two days will go ahead as one day events. Online entry will be available within the next few days.

2. Racers are required for the Ras Mumham at Easter. Simon McNamara, Chris Spence and Roger Smith have indicated that they want to ride. Those going need to organise two cars. The League team will leave early on Thursday morning (1st April) to catch the Pembroke - Roslare ferry. They spend the night at Dungarven before finishing the journey to Kilorglin on the Friday
morning. The first stage is on Friday afternoon. The last stage is on Monday. This is followed by a prize presentation and snacks. The team then drives back to Wexford in order to catch the early morning ferry from Roslare on the Tuesday. The League will pay the Ferry costs and B&B for Thursday night and Monday night. The race organisation pays for the digs and meals in Kilorglin. All other expenditure will be by the riders themselves.
Names asap to Keith Butler by phone (020 8660 7917) or email to Glyn (

3. A marshal coordinator is needed to help us with the Revolutions 5-day. The marshal coordinator can have his/her race entries paid, if a competitor or we will make some arrangements for phone/petrol bills to be paid for a non-competitor.

4. A marshal coordinator and promoting clubs are needed to help us with the Jaunts 5-day. The marshal coordinator can have his/her race entries paid, if a competitor or we will make some arrangements for phone/petrol bills to be paid for a non-competitor. Promoting clubs as per normal Surrey League rules.

If we do not get 'volunteers' it will not be possible to run either the Revolutions 5-day or the Jaunts 5-day events this year


Not that there's been much interest from Phoenix members in recent years...


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Redhill TT

Redhill CC
After the Barn Dance I stopped at Judy’s as that was convenient to get to Dorking to time the Redhill CC 18 mile event this morning. However, there were new road works on the course so the organizer had all ready cut 4 miles off the course but then decided to abandon the event entirely due to the likely chance of ice around the Holmbury St Mary area. I didn’t notice too many glum faces at the decision.

Frank C

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sat Ride 20th Feb

Very frosty and icy, but still lots out, 11 on road bikes and 5 off road. Met Andy Avis at Stoke on his bike. Brian, Doreen and Ron by car and good to see Paul Day on foot, still cant drive or cycle due to opp on hand since crash!
Fast group was led by Graham as I had wisdom tooth out wed under general anasthetic and still don't feel right. Lovely sunny day but patches of ice. Great to see Jackie out today on bike in good spirits. Brian gave out tickets for club dinner next week, 111 people going, which is a club record for many years!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Club Dinner 2010

Having just answered Petes comment to my blog and mentioned about carefree days of years ago, it is with much regret that it looks as if I may not be able to make the club dinner this year and if I don't, my apologies to all of whom I was looking so forward to meet again this time around.
Is is not one of those strange quirks that a spanner seems to get thrown into life at the wrong moment ? As some of you may know already, my wife Lesley was very seriously ill some 18 months ago, it has taken all this time for her recuperation process and in this time the longest I have left her on her own is about half an hour - but of recent months she is starting to feel much better and was anticipating the journey to the dinner without trepidation - half hour car journeys was all she could manage until quite recently. We were both looking forward to this dinner and it would also have been some return to normality for us - the worst of the weather seems to have passed also - all things looked good - until the latest 'spanner'. Lesley's mother, 85 yrs of age has been taken into our local hospital with respiratory problems and complications arising - a bit of a traumatic period again as you may imagine and one that has almost certainly put the kybosh on this coming weekend for us. As I was speaking to Brian on the phone late last week the uncertainty of the situation was only then becoming apparent.
The next likely meetup I can only look forward to is in the summer and the Kingston Worthing event. I do have illusions that I may get fit enough to actually take part - not having really touched the bike for the past 18 months obviously so it is going to be a hard ask !!! Compounded by my youngest son having 'nicked' my rollers to keep up at Catterick Garrison as he needs to train for his cycle squad there - what happened to the days when snow and ice didn't stop us going out on the road then?? Oh well, he'd better win something this year !
Well, if we don't make the dinner this time, there will be next year but in the meantime my best wishes on the day to you all - and you never know - the Kingston Worthing beckons . Tony.

Hilly 50 6th March

The Cheam and Morden Hilly 50 this year is on sat 6th March at 10am prompt. If you want to pre enter go to and pay £2 on day. Or just turn up and pay £3.
The start is still at Rykas Cafe Burford Bridge A24 between Leatherhead and Dorking. The finish is up the Zig Zag climb to Nat Trust car park.
I will ride it this year even though I am helping , so can we get a phoenix group to ride round?


Correct website address added:
and direct link to the sign-up sheet for anyone who can't spot it listed in the menu:


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sat ride to Ockham bites

Very cold ride today, but still a good turnout. People starting to think about training now, so the fast group went fast, with Simon on the front for the first half. Then Steve took over and powered along till he blew, Nick then flew past and stayed on the front all round the extra circuit to the tea stop! Alex stayed in the fast group looking very comfortable and overtook most riders on the steep hills ! More people wearing team kit which is good to see as it makes us look semi pro.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

VTTA Annual Lunch Sunday 7th Feb 2010

The VTTA SURREY & SUSSEX GROUP Annual Luncheon & Prize Presentation took place at Rowfant House. Pictured above are the KPRC contingent and Peter minus me behind camera. Best place I hear you all say.
The event was well attended with deep attention being paid to the menu by Ray & Beryl who were almost on fire thanks to Ann who had gone to quite some trouble to put fairy lights around the fire guard and light some beautiful large candles in the hearth. The food was amazingly good with a plentiful choice. Thanks were proposed from the top table to Ann for doing a splendid job of organising this VTTA Lunch for the third year running.
To prove the point on how splendid the food was here is Beryl about to tuck into two good portions of apple crumble and custard and pavlova and fresh cream. Delicious! We all had a piggy portion of each. Well at least I did!
The guest of honour was Mike Hayler, a splendid man who has ridden in his time over 20? - 24hr TT's. What a feat. His wife Jean presented the Trophies and there were many worthy winners most notably from our point of view our very own Jake, receiving the Wally Perkins Cup - Ladies B.A.R. - 25, 50, 100 mls & 12 hr. She looks very proud and deservedly so as one of the many rewards for her best season in some time. Well done Jake!
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Dieppe Raid 2010

For any Phoenix members interested in entering this event in 2010, details are here:

The audax itself is on Sunday 13th June 2010 - which clashes with the Interclub 25.

Anyone who rides with the SWLDA might like to enter under clubname "SouWesters" as there is an award for the highest "club" attendance (and historically no one has ever been to it under the Phoenix banner - someone will prove me wrong, no doubt! :~) )


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday ride to Garsons Farm Feb 6th

Spring is in the air! The Brisk group of 12 done the extra loop (2 miles) leaving Big Eric and me to have a gentle ride only being caught with 1 mile to go by an extended flying fragmented gang of the others. Dave Mathews a welcome new rider off road on a sat plus Jen & Keith completed the line up. Simon Waller is now a Phx member complete with new bike & beard! Jeff from Fulham joined us Welcome come again.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Clothing Order Deadline

There is a new order of clothing going in at end of Feb. Check our stock levels (link now here) and e-mail me with your request. The lightweight top Lisa has ordered could be very popular, Gilets are a great peace of kit too - small enough to stuff in a pocket. Prices quoted are an estimate of what 2010 will bring but most of our stock is priced a bit lower, eg I have one small and one large Gilet @ 27.60 and one small Grid fleece @ 35.00. Hurry while old stock lasts. Just click on underlined bit above to view next order and click on 'stock' to view our stock levels.

Edit: have put the link to the order above. Am not trying to give everyone access to edit it, as I figure email Simon, or reply to post - and then check that he's added what you want.
I also guess we need a push at the Phoenix dinner for orders for the Phoenix members not online.

Mens 3 Upp

Not much interest for a ladies team yet , but Joe Graham and Nic are keen to ride and Grant would like to get a B team off the ground ! So anyone want to join Grant ? We also need reserves in case a rider cant make it , so any offers ?
Ann is running that day , but there are still other ladies who could join me.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thanks from KCC

Very many thanks for the huge amount of signatories for our petition to keep, at least for now, the contra-flow cycle lane on the bridge in King Charles Road. It helped us reach 207 signatories and it trumped the counter petition of the opposition. The Surbition Liaison Committee decided after lenghthy debate and comments to retain for 6 more months the cycle lane and then review it again after that.

Once again many thanks from the KCC and from myself as well. We have a Bread Pudding Challenge Ride on Sunday 14th February if you or any of your group are interested?
Kind Regards John

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Website Update

Well Jake beat me to it, but I'll put this up anyway!

I have now moved the website and taken the opportunity to include the update that I have been holding back on. The master pointer has been changed to point to the new site, but unfortunately due to the way things work your browser will almost certainly have favourited/bookmarked the real underlying location of the website so will still point to the old location. I have also now created what I hope is a correct re-direct page (more for the search engines like Google than for you guys) that tells everyone that the site has moved. If you use Internet Explorer and click on the special link on the redirect page it will correctly favourite the link above for you so that if the site is moved again you should barely notice! If you use Firefox or one of the other browsers) this won't work for you.

We are also working on a bunch of new Google spreadsheets, so that members other than me can keep some things updated.


New home page

Just found out the new home site is up and running, but you still get the old one if you click on favourites. So you need to click top left of page on to get new site and add to favs then delete old one.