Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A few pictures from the SCCU 100

All photos courtesy of Stephen Allport.

James still smiling, despite the weather.

David 'The Power' Watt

Mike, before the heavens opened.


Monday, July 27, 2015

SCCU 100 write-up

James Roberts SCCU 100TT
It was a busy weekend again for Phoenix members. As Frank published yesterday, we had 5 starters in the SCCU 100. The first couple of hours were quite pleasant, being cool and overcast but the next few made up for it with torrential rain taking its toll. There were a quite a few dnfs due to punctures out on the course, including our own Mike Morley who was extremely close to finishing. Dave Watt set a 100 mile pb and finished 6th with myself and James completing our first 100s. It took an hour or two to thaw out. The real heroes of the day were our volunteers and supporters. Jake, Philip and Ken were up at stupid o’ clock in order to be out marshalling on the course and then stayed on to hand up bottles and food to the riders, along with Deborah and Carol. At least the riders were able to pedal in an effort to stay warm but their attention and constant good vibes were a real encouragement. Thanks to you all.
Debs, Ken and Philip. Getting cold and wet. In July.

Simon Trehearn was racing the Outlaw Long Course triathlon on Sunday too, crossing the line in 12hrs 26 minutes in very poor conditions. Not sure, but I think that is Simon’s sixth Ironman distance finish in the last few years and I am sure, will not be his last.

The day before, in considerably better conditions, Jake set a new pb over 25 miles at the Charlotteville 25 in a time of 1:05:29, while Rachel Watkins also had a great ride in 1:10:59.  Jake’s been riding for over 30 years, so conclusive proof that some things do get better with age. Chapeau Jake. J

Here’s hoping the weather perks up somewhat in the next week.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

SCCU 100 today a personal report

Dear all no pictures my fingers were frozen. Frank has already emailed the results. A brilliant ride Dave & a PB. Wow, in those conditions well done! Please permit me to say it was never going to be my day but on the penultimate final lap Deb was so incredibly encouraging to me by saying Mike you can do it and indeed I nearly did!  At the final feed stop I was going quite well and thanks to Ken & Philip for being there to support. I decided to stop and hope that my final choc bar was waiting for me but Jake had already moved on. So I set off again very cold but determined to finish.

Though miserable I knew I could finish but I can only assume that by riding through the grit to stop and talk to Ken & Philip, I picked up a very tiny shard of steel. At the flyover further down I felt a flat and carried on for some time bottoming my rim. I stopped, pumped up the rear tyre but within a few yards it was flat again. I had a tube but my hands were so cold I could hardly change gear, so regrettably I packed, knowing that I could have finished! My clock stopped at 92.14 miles, 5hrs.05.21 and 18.1mph. It was a painful experience but I least I did not suffer Hypothermia like Peter Horsfield from Redmon who at one stage passed me only to be overtaken by me when I was relatively flying and he was clearly suffering.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Jake for her commitment to support all KPRC riders and arrange the feed bottles  you really were a star on the day. Thanks also to Ken for helping, I don't know how you managed to suffer that cold in your circumstances, you are a star and a credit to our club. Philip you were also a brick, thanks fore your support!
I would also like to thank Ray for turning out to support us all, you are undoubtedly the Champion of our club and a driving force to us all especially me.

Finally suffice to say Dave you nearly beat my PB of 4hr. 13min on my in 1963 on an old iron bike with 10 speed and no aero bars etc and that was at the age of 22 when I first met Barbara, sadly she was not interested in cycling and so in 1964 I stopped cycling for 23 years until Tim arrived.

At this juncture I cannot see me riding the ECCA 12 hr.

Friday, July 24, 2015

KPRC Club 10 results

This is a duplicate posting of the results published by Alex. I am doing this to test better ways of doing things with Google docs and the website.

I have found two methods:
Using a link to the google document

Results of the club event on 22 July 2015

and here is another attempt at publishing the table...the formatting might change when you see looks fine when I created this.

No.NameClassVets StdHandicapActual TimeVets +/-Handicap TimeScratch PtsH'cap Pts
8Dale LushS02:4523:2720:4267
18James Roberts04:4526:0221:1726
17Rick OpieV27:2006:1527:37- 00:1721:2225
13Patrick RyanV30:3008:0029:58+ 00:3221:5824
4John BeerV30:4502:4524:47+ 05:5822:0233
12Alex KewV26:1802:0024:05+ 02:1322:0552
14Mike MorleyV33:0205:1527:21+ 05:4122:0622
19Salim Mohamed2nd27:0704:0026:21+ 00:4622:2100
2Steve HillierV29:0605:0027:23+ 01:4322:2322
1Philip BurginV30:3006:1528:41+ 01:4922:2622
15Jake DoddVW30:0204:1526:49+ 03:1322:3472
7Simon Waller04:3027:1222:4222
20David Watt-22:4822:4872
16Simon TrehearnV25:4201:3024:26+ 01:1622:5642
6Adrian FeasbyV27:3305:3028:29- 00:5622:5922
5Duncan FolkesV26:4203:1526:20+ 00:2223:0522
9Grant PykeV34:2208:1531:36+ 02:4623:2122
3Lynda Gale05:4529:3923:5462
22Phil EmberPTT22:06
10Emma PotterPTT27:48
11Joe BertorelliV28:1204:15DNS
21Rachel WatkinsVW30:1605:15DNS

Thursday, July 23, 2015

KPRC Evening 10 #7 - 22nd July 2015 G10/42

No. Name Actual Time Handicap Handicap Time H'cap Pts Scratch Pts Class Vets Std Vets +/-
22 Phil Ember 22:06         PTT    
20 David Watt 22:48 - 22:48 2 7      
8 Dale Lush 23:27 02:45 20:42 7 6 S    
12 Alex Kew 24:05 02:00 22:05 2 5 V 26:18 + 02:13
16 Simon Trehearn 24:26 01:30 22:56 2 4 V 25:42 + 01:16
4 John Beer 24:47 02:45 22:02 3 3 V 30:45 + 05:58
18 James Roberts 26:02 04:45 21:17 6 2      
5 Duncan Folkes 26:20 03:15 23:05 2 2 V 26:42 + 00:22
19 Salim Mohamed 26:21 04:00 22:21 0 0 2nd Claim 27:07 + 00:46
15 Jake Dodd 26:49 04:15 22:34 2 7 VW 30:02 + 03:13
7 Simon Waller 27:12 04:30 22:42 2 2      
14 Mike Morley 27:21 04:55 22:06 2 2 V 33:02 + 05:41
2 Steve Hillier 27:23 05:00 22:23 2 2 V 29:06 + 01:43
17 Rick Opie 27:37 06:15 21:22 5 2 V 27:20 - 00:17
10 Emma Potter 27:48         PTT    
6 Adrian Feasby 28:29 05:30 22:59 2 2 V 27:33 - 00:56
1 Philip Burgin 28:41 06:15 22:26 2 2 V 30:30 + 01:49
3 Lynda Gale 29:39 05:45 23:54 2 6      
13 Patrick Ryan 29:58 08:00 21:58 4 2 V 30:30 + 00:32
9 Grant Pyke 31:36 08:15 23:21 2 2 V 34:22 + 02:46
21 Rachel Watkins DNS 05:15       VW 30:16  
11 Joe Bertorelli DNS 04:15       V 28:12