Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pictures of Tom Fish

1971 Kingston to Worthing (2nd May 1971)

Also believed to be Kingston to Worthing, probably early 80s

Date and place unknown

Marble Arch 1972

Photos: Joe Picton


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tom Fish

The Funeral of Tom Fish is to be held on Wednesday March 30th at 11.40am
Hanworth Crematorium
Hounslow Road
TW13 5JH

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Ride March 19th

A bumper turnout of 23 people to coffee in the sun at Shoots Stoke D'Abernon.
A big welcome to the above new people please come again!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Medium Gear 25 - result sheet

SUNDAY 13th MARCH 2011
14 Rupert Bole     1-06-45  Kingston Wheelers   (unrestricted)
12 David French    1-08-02  Weybridge Wheelers
10 Simon Mitchell  1-11-08  Scr  1-11-08   7 / 2  1st Fastest
7  Brian Powney    1-16-58   7   1-09-58   6 / 3
11 Jake Dodd       1-17-51   9   1-08-51   3 / 5
2  Simon Waller    1-18-28  16   1-02-28   5 / 7  1st Hcp
3  Ray Dare        1-21-32  18   1-03-32   4 / 6  2nd Hcp
4  Joe Bertorelli  1-23-32   8   1-15-32   3 / 2
6  Mike Morley     1-26-30  16   1-10-30   2 / 2
1  Rick Opie       1-29-22  20   1-09-22   2 / 4
5  Grant Pyke      1-42-27  14   1-28-27   2 / 2  (Puncture)
8  Simon Trehearn    DNF    10             1 / 0  (2 Punctures)
9  Mark Gladwyn      DNF    11             1 / 0  (Puncture)

Congratulations to Simon, the first Trophy winner of 2011. And the 13th time he has won The Brass Monkey Trophy.

Thanks to Ron & Doreen who supplied the tea. On A Morning Not So Cold


Tom Fish has died

The sad, but not entirely unexpected news of the death of Tom Fish has just started on the grapevine.

Tomorrow would have been his 97th birthday, but over the last few years both his sight and hearing have been failing him, and he has spent the last few months in a care home in Teddington.

Tom was mainly a touring man, but was involved with the Phoenix for many years and set our first Vets Records at 12 hrs in 1960. Tom also set a Vets Record at 10 miles for a 90-year-old a few years ago.

News on the funeral when I hear it.

The profile that appeared in the SWLDA Sou'Wester magazine can be read here.


Friday, March 11, 2011

no sunday ride this week

Due to the club event , there will be no led ride from Horton this morning. The race starts at 8.15 and breakfast at Henfold lakes 10 ish.

Medium Gear 25 - start sheet

SUNDAY 13th MARCH 2011

No  NAME              HCP          START
1 Rick Opie 20 08-21
2 Simon Waller 16 22
3 Ray Dare 18 23
4 Joe Bertorelli 8 24
5 Grant Pyke 14 08-25
6 Mike Morley 16 26
7 Brian Powney 7 27
8 Simon Trehearn 10 28
9 Mark Gladwyn 11 29
10 Simon Mitchell Scr 08-30
11 Jake Dodd 9 31
12 David French (Weybridge Wlrs) 32

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st Fastest plus Trophy

MEDIUM GEAR 72.0" for example 48 X 18.
If the pedal has not accomplished a full circle at 226¼ inches or 18ft 10¼ inches or 5.746 meters the gear is too high

Those who wish, may choose to ride unrestricted but as a Private Time Trial (ie won't qualify for the club awards, but will be awarded the minimum 2pts in the Club Events Trophies.)

Event Details G25/47
We meet at the usual 10 HQ behind the church in Inholms Lane off Spook Hill off the A24. We proceed to the start normally all together, (sort of). Allow at least 10 minutes to get to the start as it is all up hill.

Start on A24 at Mill Lane, South Holmwood, 1 mile south of 10 start.

Continue south to Clarks Green rbt were TURN, (10 turn) retrace to Beare Green rbt were LEFT into A29 for aprox 8 miles (through Ockley) to bare LEFT onto A281.

The next part is easy to go wrong. There are 3 rbts, keep on A281 /A264 (A281)(A24) towards A24. (Do not go into the trading estate on your left)

To Farthing Hill rbt left down slip road and join A24 North Bound keep on to finish on A24 at railway bridge near Beare Green village 1 mile before start.

Spectators will gather at the finish, if you are in a hurry to get home you should be able to get your time here.
Otherwise we will head back to the car park, and then off to Henfold Lakes for Breakfast (full breakfast, sausage sandwich, egg & bacon butty - whatever you fancy!)


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Women's S.E.Champs 2011

Here is Maryka Sennema in the Leaders jersey at the end of the Women's S.E.Champs 2010.She will, no doubt, be looking forward to a much tougher event this year-a hilly course based around Kirdford (check it out on www. seven junction points we will need a good number of marshals this year to sign up in advance in addition to the other helpers .We have already received firm offers from Colin McDermot and Dave Matthews who will add valuable experience to our team.If you haven't already done so please earmark the date in your diary and e-mail me ( if you can help out,even if it is just with the teas or signing on and handing out numbers-it all helps.The date this year is Saturday May 21st and the race starts at 12.30. (This blog was posted by Simon M.)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cheam and Morden Hilly 50

Because a number of our members are involved with the Cheam and Morden CTC section and assist with the running, there is a common misconception that the Kingston Phoenix run the Hilly 50, which is being run this weekend (Saturday March 5th).

We don't - hence minimal mention of it here - although Jake will certainly be there helping and we have encouraged support of the event (as riders) over the years, and I know a number of members are planning on riding.

Anyone looking for details of the event can use the link above or go to the South West London DA website, where there is also an online entry form for those who would like to enter in advance.

As a result of this, I would think that there is likely to be minimal turnout for this week's Saturday morning ride, which would normally be going to Garsons Farm. Jake definitely won't be there to lead, and I understand that neither Pete nor Simon will be out either, so anyone wanting to do the usual Saturday 11's ride needs to be ready to lead themselves. With the numbers out recently, I'll be surprised if there is no one at Horton, but I probably won't get to find out either way!


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

club kit 2011

Our new Club Kit order finaly went off at the end of Jan so we are hoping for delivery in time for the serious racing months .In the meantime, and with spring just around the corner ,perhaps now is the time to ensure that the new kit is no more than a 'snug' fit.This blog was posted by S.M.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The previous post

I recently wrote an updated "About Us" editorial which Lisa has now added to the website. In order to get the search engines to record the content I needed to add it to our blog. So, to those who know everything I know about our club, apologies. For those who would like to know more, please make a comment and I will see if we can expand the editorial to include it.

Cycle rides from Epsom

The Kingston Phoenix Road Club is a friendly cycling club encouraging new members of all ages to join. We currently have 60 members aged from early 20’s to mid 80’s, some of whom take cycling sport seriously whilst others come along for the social rides. Our members are mostly based in the Kingston, Surbiton, Chessington, Epsom, Ewell, Worcester Park and Sutton areas of South-West London and Surrey.

We are more than a road cycling club as our regular activities comprise social, road and off-road rides on Saturday mornings and longer rides on Sunday mornings. These weekend rides start at Horton Country Park in Epsom and are split into slow and fast road groups whilst our off-road group remain as one and explore the Surrey countryside via bridle paths and woodland tracks. We usually ride for 10-15 miles before meeting at a café shortly after 11, and after a well earned rest and chat we venture back to Epsom by lunchtime.

Social evenings are held on Thursday at 9pm at the Worcester Park Athletic and Social Club, in Green Lane, Worcester Park, well hidden behind Worcester Park station. In addition members get together for the occasional BBQ evening and curry nights, our annual awards Dinner and Dance and we are involved with a barn dance organised by another cycling group.

During the warmer months many of our members enter 10 and 25 mile time trials and a few others do longer distances of 100 miles and 12 hour events. Our members have varying abilities, including tri-athletes who have joined the club for training, whilst others enter Sportives or compete in open time trials. In 2010 one of our lady riders became the Southern Counties time trials champion, setting the fastest times over distances of 10, 25 and 50 miles. There are also opportunities for riders to enter road races organised by the Surrey League and the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists.

Last year a group of our mountain bike riders spent two days cycling the South Downs Way from Winchester to Eastbourne and this year they plan to cycle from Guildford to Eastbourne and back, all off-road.

We organise a handicap points league based on our time trial events which include evening 10 mile time trials every other week in the late spring and early summer months. These are held at Holmwood near Dorking. Our most prestigious event is the only remaining point to point time trial in the country, from Kingston to Worthing. We start at 6am and we meet for breakfast on the coast before driving or cycling back home. We are rightfully very proud of our results pages which can be found on this website for all to see how many members participate and the times that they do.

Of course cycling events do not happen without many hours of volunteers time so to put something back into the sport of road racing we organise the Women's South East Regional Road Race Championship and have done for several years. 15-20 of us are involved in this event providing marshalls, support cars and refreshments. This year’s event will be held on Saturday 21st May and is open to all categories of rider. The event kicks off at 12:30 and is organised by the Kingston Phoenix RC. The race length is around 43 miles/68km's with the HQ being at North Hall, Loxwood in Surrey. We also have our own Open 10 mile Time Trial, available to members of other clubs.

Our club history goes back to 1936 when the club was formed as the racing arm of the Kingston Section of the Cyclists Touring Club. Sadly, the Kingston Section is no more, but we now have links with the Cheam & Morden Section. This group is part of the South West London DA of the CTC which has many rides for all abilities during the week and at weekends, for the fitter riders looking for an all-day steady ride of over 50 miles. The Cheam & Morden has its own website where you can find information about their rides, and the other CTC sections can be found here.

If you would like further details about our club or wish to make contact with a specific member then please email the Secretary. New members are always welcome, whether you wish to race or not. We welcome members of any age over 18 and under 18 if accompanied by an adult. Please don’t be put off by the fact that the Secretary lives in Maidenhead and the Time Keeper lives near Wembley. This is an indication of their loyalty to the club despite having to move away due to other aspects of their lives. Which reminds me, we have an Assistant Timekeeper role to fill, especially for our evening races near Dorking, so if you are interested in knowing more about this please email the Secretary.