Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sat Rides

This sat is the 5th in the month , so we will be going to West Horsley Garden Centre on Guilford Rd.
Ann Bath has offered her house again for the sat 20th Christmas ride. Meet Horton Park 10am as usual , and ride to Ann and Steves for hot soup and rolls!
Also the New Year Eve Party is at Anns too! All cycling friends and partners welcome , just bring some food for the buffet and a tipple. 7pm onwards.
The AGM is thur 11th Dec and an American supper after. All sat riders invited to socialise.
Bring some thing very small for buffet and dont eat any dinner! 8pm sharp! very sharp!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally a Committee Meeting - 21st Nov

As the Committee know, I have had a very busy year and spent the last few months putting off the next committee meeting.

So the next meeting is to be at Jake's on Friday 21st November 2008.

Jake says she will be doing a hot meal - continuing the trend, as so many of us miss dinner on meeting nights.

If anyone has anything for the agenda, can they let me have the outline in advance - including any other business - as after such a long gap there could be quite a lot to talk about.

Also I'd like a reminder of some of the decisions made during the year at impromptu meetings, so that I can minute them. Off hand I can think of:

Jake to run Open 10 in 2009 (date confirmed as Sat 25th April)
Joe to run Open 15 in 2009 (date confirmed as Sat 27th June)
Frank to apply for extra - weekly - evening 10s in the height of the summer.
(Excellent, more events! - groan, the stress of getting there every week and the ****** motorway closures on the way home!)
Photo selection printed and framed and send to Peggy Jones on here 90th Birthday. (Also she is already invited to the 75th Anniversary celebrations in 2011!)

Agenda for 21st November

Matters arising
(there must be some minutes around here somewhere - anyone remember when we last had a committee meeting?)

Gen Sec's Report
AGM advised for December 11th and to include American Supper after - seeing as that is the night that most members turn up.
National AGM agenda (I'll put up a seperate post, shortly)
Consideration of advertising on website - I have had a couple of offers, offering commission.
Are all committee members willing to stand for 2009 (is anyone else dying to get on the committee?)
Cis George's sad death to be minuted. Funeral attended by 4 members.
Affiliations for 2009 have been paid for CTT and SCCU

46 paid up members in 2008, plus our three life members (now 2).
Around 15 paid up for 2009 (due as of November 1st - bring cash or cheque book to AGM)

Time Trials Sec
Lots of events to list - will try to get it all typed in here before the meeting.

RR Sec
Simon - apart from the promotion of the Women's Divisionals, anything else to report?
Has anyone got the time (and the skills) to knock up some pages publicising the Women's Divisionals for Simon - I keep not finding the time)

I know we are solvent!

Any other business?


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sat 15th next longer faster ride15

Sat 15th is the next longer ride.The last one went well with 7 riders! Meet Horton Park 9.30 on dot and 11s at Stoke Dabs to meet up with every one.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cis George

Cis George 1921-2008
Pictures from Joe Picton

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cis's Funeral

Cis's Funeral will be held at Hereford Crematorium on Tuesday 28th October 2008 at 15:20.

If anyone would like a lift, or to arrange to meet up just prior to the funeral contact Ron or myself (or add a comment to this post).


2008 AGM

I still need to do the official notification, but here's the initial notification of date for the AGM.

This year it will be a week later than usual, on December 11th 2008 and in the hope of the usual dash through business in half an hour, and to reward you all for your attendance we will this year combine it with the American supper (all bring along something to eat - some degree of co-ordination might be an idea), to be held afterward.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Cis George

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Cis George on Tuesday 14th October 2008 at her home in Powys.

After the founder members who formed the club, Cis is the primary reason that the Kingston Phoenix has lasted to 2008. She was unofficial club secretary during the war years when all of the young men were called away, in turn, to fight, and provided a focal point for them all to remain in contact with the club and each other while they were away. This was followed by a five year stint as the official Club Secretary at the end of the forties and into the fifties.

Cis was very active in club life, setting most of the club Ladies records and breaking many of her own records several times. She married Bert George (originally of the TudorCC, then a Phoenix member) and the pair continued to be active in club life for many years, until their move to Wales. Cis continued to take an active interest in the Phoenix until the end, being sad not to be with us for the 70th Anniversary celebrations.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last of the Redmon Gents

The winner of the Margery and Bill Griffiths Trophy John Woodburn (RHS) and pacer C Day

One more photo of GB Bronze rowing medal winner Elisa Laverick.

And finaly the latest of Millie from the House of Morley and Atkins(OZ)
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More Redmon 2-up

Fastest on the day Richard Prebble and Ben Instone 33min 11 secs.

Our friendly and ever hardworking time keeper Frank and that Mexican Bandit again.

Winner of the Gentlemans on standard was Number 30 (who came steaming by Jackie and I approaching Rusper) with a time of +10min 2sec, John Woodburn and pacer C. Day.
To draw a comparison between he Grant and I, he is 71yrs (must be another Ray Dare type) and his actual time was 39min 03sec. compared to Grants 50min 07sec (72yrs) and mine of 48m 02s (66yrs). My time was minus 51sec on standard and Grant minus 38sec on standard. Well done Grant you beat me with the help of Steve Hillier. Sorry to let you down Jackie, thanks for waiting on those hills I enjoyed the experience it was a great day!

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Redmon Gentlemans 2-up

Riders 27 getting into the mood before start.

KPRC Club President supporting the event.

MM meeting pacer 29, she was a fast woman, 4.5mins quicker than me, and also a Bronze medal winner at both Beijing and Athens in womens double sculls rowing. AS Will Almond would say these rowers make good cyclists, get me a rower!

Chrystal getting the ward for fastest women's pair (paced by Angela Nainby, East Grinstead CC)
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Le Mans 24 Bikes!

As working the blog is beyond me could you sound out whether there might be interest in the Phoenix in this first event which will happen on the weekend of 22nd August 2009. It's on the 4k motorbike circuit, so closed roads, for teams of 8 or 6 or 4 or 2 or even solo.
My son did the in-line skate version this year and said it was great fun.
I predict that this will in very few years become a huge world event so it might be no bad thing to get in early!
Entries open on 1st November.

Mmm, Sounds intriguing - anyone interested?
And can anyone find a website with more information?

- just a place-holder at the moment, John thinks it will go live on November 1st.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Extra sat ride

Paul wants to do a few longer rides on some saturdays, starting at 9:30 but still meeting the club at 11s.
Sat 25th Oct will be our try out to see who wants to do the rides!
So meet usual place to leave 9:30 on the dot, and have a longer ride but still back home by 1pm!
If we get a good following we will do it every other week.


Monday, October 13, 2008

ABBA Party

Oh and by the way, Barbara's ABBA party with lots of meat balls and beer kept me awake untill 4am. Hence one of the reason for me being dropped up Leith Hill. No need to wait guys I was happy on my own for a few hrs and didn't want to show your racers up!
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Ibbo's Cake Ride.

Some pics of the misty start, me at Outwood and the rewarding finish. Jen got her bubly and Julie bucked my spirits up immensly. I was a carrot cake (not a lot of people know that)
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Majorca 2009

I have the forms for Majorca.
Sun 26th to sun 3rd May.
Gary Smith needs post dated cheques by 1st Nov!
I will be down club every week and on sat ride this week , you can send direct to Gary but mention our club so we all share rooms.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Peggy Jones 90th Birthday

Founder member of The Kingston Phoenix

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Consolation 25 / SCCU 25 - result

No NAME              TIME     HCP  HCP/TIME  Hcp/Pts  AWARD

3. Bob Townley 1-12-41 10-00 1-02-41 4/5
8. Mark McNamara 1-26-34 23-00 1-03-34 3/4
14. Lisa Colombo 1-35-41 29-00 1-06-41 2/6
18. Antonio Coelho 1-24-23 17-00 1-07-23 2/2
23. Jake Dodd 1-15-04 13-00 1-02-04 5/7
29. John Beer 1-08-00 7-00 1-01-00 6/6 2nd Hcp
34. Grant Pyke 1-16-36 13-00 1-03-36 2/3
43. Steve Hillier 1-12-52 12-00 1-00-52 7/7 1st Hcp
62. Stuart Pearce DNS
64. Ben Pearce DNS

Bob Townley wins the Consolation 25 Cup

Time Trial Sec.
Frank Cubis

Thanks to Frank Powney and Ray Dare for fulfilling the club's marshalling commitment.

Fortunately the overnight rain cleared, and although the roads were rather wet, the riders didn't have worse than a light drizzle to contend with. On the other hand, I thought the wind was pretty tough!
Bob looks to be the winner of the Consolation Trophy for 2008, after a fine first 25. (Subject to anyone doing anything to change the prospective winners of other trophies)
Steve did an excellent ride to record 1:12:52 - a "current" pb (having gone faster in a past life, as happens when you get lured back into Time Trialling).
Antonio also completed his first 25 in a creditable 1:24:23 - it's a lot longer than a 10!

I think it's safe to say that the rest of us finished, and no one went as fast as they would have liked. Except for Stuart and Ben, who presumably decided that staying in bed was a better use of a damp Sunday morning - either of you like to respond?


Monday, September 01, 2008

SCCU/Consolation 25 - start info

KPRC Consolation 25
7th September 2008

No Name Event Hcp Start
3 Bob Townley Nil 07:03
8 Mark McNamara 33:31 07:08
14 Lisa Colombo 32:09 07:14
18 Antonio Coelho Nil 07:18
23 Jake Dodd 22:52 07:23
29 John Beer 19:17 07:29
34 Grant Pyke 24:48 07:34
43 Steve Hillier 18:21 07:43
62 Stuart Pearce 14:30 08:02
64 Ben Pearce 18:03 08:04

As the Consolation Trophy is awarded on sealed Handicap I assume that Frank will have the Club Handicaps with him on the morning.

Reminder to all - The Consolation Trophy...

... is awarded, based on sealed handicap, to the rider who records the fastest handicap time and who has not won another Club Trophy during the season.

So some of the riders are already counted out of the race for the Consolation trophy.
Provisional trophy winners:
Jake  - Club Championship/Ladies Championship
Grant - Men's Championship
John - Vet's Trophy
Ben - 50 Trophy

By rights Stuart should improve on Jackie's 1:2:22 to take the Pentney Trophy and disqualify himself, and if Steve can improve to a shortish "14", he should have a good chance of taking the Crouch Tankard for improvement at 25 miles.

So hopefully that leaves Bob, Mark, Antonio and myself to fight it out for the Consolation Trophy. (You can see why this is supposed to be the last event of the season!).


12 hour - confirmed result

Club 12 hour
event incorporated in the
ECCA & National Championship 12 Hour
17th August 2008

No NAME Time Hcp HcpTime Hcp/Pts Award
9 Chrystal Sheldon 221.82 4m 225.82 7/7 1st Hcp/1st Woman
13 Jake Dodd 208.72 Scr 208.72 5/6
19 Grant Pyke 183.03 15m 198.03 4/7
24 Lisa Colombo 166.50 55m 221.50 6/5
3 Ann Bath DNF 18m 0/1


Festival 10

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wigmore Hill Climb

It is coming up to that time of year when riders thoughts turn to the Hill Climbing Season. Well some do. They are great social occasions and generate a wonderful atmosphere that other TT's often do not. Also a time to meet an chat with those that you may not have seen for a while.

The Wigmore CC are promoting for the 33rd year, their Classic Hill Climb on October 5th. Fancy giving it go? Again a tremendous prize list is on offer and well spread too. You do not have to be a specialist hill climber to enjoy such an event.

Not convinced? Come on, give it a go and you may be wanting to come back for more. The Wigmore event apart from incorporating the Kent CA Championship is also the event chosen by 10 clubs who use it for their domestic hill climb championship.

I attach a Prospectus (below). Entries should be received by me by Tuesday September 25th. Though may hold open for a few more days.

I look forward to receiving your entry. I will not object if you wish to let others know about this very popular Kent Hill Climb.

Yours in Sport,
Doug Laidlow

33rd Annual Open Hill Climb

(incorporating the Kent Cycling Association Championship)

(currently 10 clubs use this event for their own Championship)

Sunday 5th October
Course QHC/11
Hollingbourne Hill.

Over £600 in Prizes

1st place £50 with awards down to 10th place.
1st Vet £20 awards down to 4th place
Fastest Lady, Espoir, Junior and Juvenile £10 each.
Fastest Team of 3 riders £10 each.
20th place and every 10th place thereafter £5 each..
A 6" Plaque will be awarded to the fastest Kent C.A. affiliated rider.

To the winner:

£50 if Course Record is broken
(currently held by Rafal Radziej 3-01.7)

A Special Prize of £250 courtesy of our Hollingborne host Simon Hill if
3 minutes is beaten.

Entry Fee is £7 and should be sent along with completed CTT Hill Climb Entry Form to:

Doug Laidlow, 17 Fen Road, Little Hale, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. NG34 9BD. Tel: (01529) 461018.

Update from John Beer - Aug 31


I should be careful what I wish for.

I certainly got my calm day, but fog, thunderstorms and pretty cold to boot as well.
The race was an hour late starting because of fog, no sooner had that partly lifted then a thunderstorm rolled in from nowhere (fog and a thunderstorm!) It was too late to stop the race by then but in truth there was very little traffic. The roads were awash in places, it didn't rain all the time but when it did it certainly did.
It was one of those days when you have to try to keep focused, the times were all over the place, some very good ones but others who wished they hadn't bothered, a few punctures as well.
I did a 1:04:32 which I have to be happy with. Still a bit to come off of that though, I did a 10 on the same course on Thursday in 24:51 in perfect conditions (won with a 20.17).

I dread to think what the hilly 12 was like. I'm not interested in going down hill (quick) any more and absolutly not in rain like that!

SCCU 25 next week and the Bicester Millenium 25 the week after.


SWRC Live Band and Buffet

South Western RC present Expanding Waist Band and support bands live at Fetcham village hall , 2 Gatesden Rd , Fetcham.
October 4th sat 7.30 to 11.30pm.
We went last time and it was brilliant! lots dancing and good food!
£12 inc food profit to Dave Rayner fund.
cheque to SWRC , Geoff Redhead , 11 Hillier Rd , SW11 6AX.

I am going if anyone else does?

Hilly 12 - result (sort of).

Well the forecasters got that one wrong! On the TV - just before we left - the weather forecast was for thunderstorms AFTER lunch. So, at about 8:15, as we rode up toward Headley there was the ominous rumble of thunder and soon plenty of lightning to go with it and very shortly after the big, fat raindrops followed.

As we all huddled in the cars or under the notice board (above) the unanimous decision was not to bother. Frank will try to re-schedule the event for October 5th, if it doesn't clash with anything that matters - hopefully the weather will not have turned too chilly by then. We start running into the other end-of-season events after that.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hilly 12 - start & course detail



4 Mark McNamara 16-00 04
5 Tony d,Italia 3-45 09:05
6 Mike Morley 5-45 06
7 Tony Tugwell 10-00 07
8 Joe Bertorelli 3-30 08
9 Rachel Croggon 5-45 09
10 Lisa Colombo 10-00 09:10
11 Paul Day 3-00 11
12 Antonio Coelho 4-15 12
13 Ann Bath 9-00 13
14 Steve Hillier 2-15 14
15 Andrew Hewett 4-00 09:15
16 Grant Pyke 8-00 16
17 Brian Powney 1-30 17
18 Ken Day 4-00 18
19 Jake Dodd 7-00 19
20 Simon Mitchell Scr 09:20

Hilly 12
1st & 2nd Fastest
1st 2nd & 3rd Hcp
Fastest Woman

Hill Climb
Mens Champion
Womans Champion

HQ: On B2033 Headley Common Road at National Trust car park, Headley Heath.
NOTE This is a pay and display car park and with a Height Restriction Barrier.

Hilly 12 Course:
START at Power Pole 010 in Lodgebottom Road, 235 yds south of B2033 near Headley (TQ198543) Continue down hill to T junction at Mickleham were LEFT (marshal). To bottom of Zig-Zag were LEFT (marshal) continue to B2033 were SHARP LEFT (CARE) (marshal). Continue along B2033 past HQ and in ¾ mile take left fork (marshal) along Clay Lane. To A24 Leatherhead By-Pass where LEFT (CARE) (no marshal) Along A24 to 1st RBT where 1st LEFT (no marshal) along B2033 Reigate Road to finish at oak tree on left side of road, 43 yards before Give Way sign and 125 yards before Headley Common Road.

Care should be taken riding to the start (Especially If Wet) as the road descends sharply and there are sharp bends.
There are speed humps on the Zig Zag of Box Hill (low risk)
There are speed humps on the very fast descent after the Clay Lane fork, Be Very Careful, You Will Not Miss Them.

(The Last 825 Yards of The Hilly 12 Course)

DO NOT STOP, BUT: The Hill Climb starts at the GREEN FLAG 825 Yards before the finish of Hilly 12 Mile Course, on B2033 at the junction of Lodgebottom Road and the start of Leech Lane, at fire hydrant cover, by hydrant sign 4/30.

The Hill Climb (flying start) is just as riders reach the dip were the Hilly 12 start lane is on their right.Continue for 825 yards to finish at Hilly 12 Finish.

Frank Cubis

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Redmon 10 - 30 Aug

Duncan is entered in the Redmon 10 on the Holmwood Course next Saturday.

Start sheet on the Redmon website here

Update: Sadly Duncan punctured and had to walk back to the HQ.

Result on the Redmon website here


Update from John Beer - Aug 24


Thought I was up for my 4th cancellation of the year today. However the event did go, on a last minute decision, the late starters will have had pretty nasty conditions. I was off at 6:14 (it was just about light). Head wind on the way out, 10-12 mph, I thought I was going well but in the end I had to settle for a 1-05-23.
Can't quite work out where I lost it albeit that I was hopelessly undergeared on the way back.
Well I turned up and in the circumstances can't really grumble at a come back PB.
Cammish and Hutchinson didn't start.
Alton next week, surely I'm due a half reasonable day for a 25!!


Ibbo's Tea Party/Ibbo's Cake Quest

John Ibbotson or 'Ibbo' as he was more affectionately known was a unique and very special person. Someone who combined his passion for racing at the highest level with a sense of fun which he passed on to anyone he came into contact with.

He raced professionally in Europe, mixing it with some of his childhood heroes, and achieved much in his short but action packed life. After having 'just one more season' in the UK John finally retired from racing in 2003 to spend more time with his family and start Fit-For, a thriving coaching service. From the outset his list of clients started to grow at an amazing rate as he somehow managed to combine the serious side of training to reach one's goals with a sense of fun, an infectious enthusiasm touched all under his wing. His success as a coach was inevitable as he never underestimated the importance of enjoying riding a bike, of finding a good cafe and perhaps most importantly, great cake!

Sadly John passed away on 27th September 2005 and left a hole too large to fill. The coaching side of Fit-For ceased but a number of his friends and clients decided to keep the name going and run a club in his memory....

Ibbo's Tea Party

As a warm up event to get everyone in the mood we are organising a fundraising tea party on September 6th, 2008. This will take place in the field behind the Fox and Hounds pub in Walton-on-the-Hill, KT20 7RU from 2.00pm - 5.00pm. Entry costs £5 per head or free for under 14's (pay on the gate), to include tea, cake, cream & jam scones.

Everyone is welcome - bring your family and friends.

This year's attractions are - Raffle, bottle tombola, flying monkey competition, face painting, max speed output on a stationary bike, space hopper race, cycling quiz, stocks, Pimms stall and much more! John would have loved it!

For more information go to

Ibbo's Cake Quest

With this in mind, on October the 12th 2008, we bring you the second Ibbo Cake Quest. Three distances are on offer to cater for varying levels of fitness, all starting and finishing in John's hometown of Walton-on-the-Hill in Surrey.

Rides are denoted as:
Fairy Cakes - 15 km
Jaffa Cakes - 60 km
Carrot Cakes - 110 km
Fruit Cakes - 150 km
Starting from Walton on the Hill Community Centre, Breech Lane, Tadworth TK20 7SN and visiting the 'Luck Duck' and 'Fanny's Farm Shop'.

Entry fee is £10 in advance or £15 on the day.

For more information and an entry form go to

All proceeds from both these events will go to the John Ibbotson Fund.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Consolation 25 / SCCU 25

Last call for anyone wishing to ride the Consolation 25, which will be held within the SCCU 25 on 7th September 2008 using course G25/53.

Entries on a CTT entry form to be with the organiser in Redhill by 6pm on Tuesday 26th.

If you need any help, phone me.

Marshalling: Ray Dare & Frank Powney have agreed to fill our marshalling commitments for the event.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Club Ladies 12hr Record

Congratulations to Chrystal on achieving a total of 222 miles Provisional to set a new Ladies Club 12hr record on Sunday.


Very provisional result from the event:

Chrystal 222
Jake 208
Grant 188
Lisa 167

It looks like Chrystal has taken the club handicap award - and deservedly so with that ride with me 2nd, Jake 3rd and Grant 4th.
Full result to appear once we have the confirmed result - so many of the results were a lap out, that it would be folly to attemp to sort anything else out just yet.

However: Chrystal has gone about 5m further than Jake last year, Jake about 10m more than Ann last year and I improved about 10m on last year, so we have improved the Ladies Team Record by around 25m this year.

Ann started with a lousy cold & in the rain, but I understand that she didn't get very far before calling it a day.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

75 mile cycle ride

Hi Lisa,

I hope you do not mind me contacting you, I have a cycle ride that I think may interest you, and/or members of your club.

Basic info:

14th September

London to Canterbury cycle ride (just under 80 miles) from Greenwich Park to Westgate Gardens .

Very scenic and beautiful route, with waterstops and arrows to follow, includes the Pilgrims Way and The North Downs, fnishing with a party picnic.

There is an entry fee of £22.50 or £015 (sic) for a team of 5. there is also a suggested sponsorship amount of £115 but please note the sponsorship amount is a suggested, so please still consider taking part even if you think you might not be able to raise it, I wouldn’t want it to put anyone off!

If you need any more info or have any questions please give me a call or e-mail. I hope it is something that will interest you or someone you know.

Many thanks.
Kind Regards,

Ceri Owens
Events Fundraiser
Tel: +44(0)1737 365 017 Fax: +44(0)1737 365012

Irish International Ladies 3 Day

I hope you are keeping well and enjoying your riding.

Please find attached details and an entry from for this race. The organisers would welcome a few more entries from GB and Steve Grimwood is happy to act the main contact for any enquiries from the uk.

If any teams or Individuals are interested please call him on 07710 288208 or email


The Women's Commission of Cycling Ireland will again host "Rás na mBan", a three day women's international road race this year consisting of four stages and based in the village of Sneem, Co. Kerry. This year the event will be a 'Festival of Women's Cycling' for all women cyclists from senior's down to the very young. The event will take place in the beautiful Ring of Kerry on Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September 2008. The race headquarters will be in Sneem Hotel.

We are delighted to announce the new race sponsor for Rás na mBan is Sneem Hotel in Golden's Cove, Sneem, Co, Kerry. Louis Moriarty who is the proprietor of Sneem Hotel has been largely responsible for the smooth running and success of Rás na mBan over the past three years and is widely acknowledged for his generous support of cycling.

Rás na mBan has become a very popular and well respected women-only International Road Race in Ireland. Already Riders from Germany, Holland and the UK have confirmed their 2008 participation.

The combination of county riders and overseas competitors ensures great racing, with the Irish riders raising their game, in a bid to score highly in the top county rider ranking. There are prizes on offer for the top 5 county riders over the line.

• Stage 1 (Fri 12/09/08) - Road Race, 60km
• Stage 2 (Sat 1309/08) - Time Trial, 5km
• Stage 3 (Sat 13/09/08) - Road Race, 80km
• Stage 4 (Sun 14/09/08) - Road Race, 90km

We would like to encourage Clubs throughout Ireland to enter riders in teams as they are guaranteed to enjoy the weekend, regardless of their level.

There will also be girls' underage races, following last year's success, and new this year we are planning some short fun events in the village green for the younger kids. We want to cater for all riders from the very young to the under 16s.

For further information contact:
Valerie Considine tel: +353 (0)86 3825842 email: valerieconsidine(at)
Louis Moriarty tel: +353 (0)86 8387342 email: louis(at)
Entry Form attached (it was in the email, but I can't attach it to the blog - Lisa)
Event Website:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ECCA 12hr - start

RTTC National Championship 12hr
SUNDAY 18th August 2008
Start Sheet

3 Ann Bath 18m 05-03
9 Chrystal Sheldon 4m 05-09
13 Jake Dodd Scr 05-13
19 Grant Pyke 15m 05-19
24 Lisa Colombo 55m 05-24

1st Hcp
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

As sunrise - and therefore the end of lighting up time - is 05:45 at Cambridge that morning we will all need to start with front and rear lights on.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Update from John Beer - Aug 10

Another DNS for me couldn't face all that rain and a 18 mph headwind. I would have been very hard pushed to do the time I wanted.
Good news is I'm not riding next weekend so it should be good for your 12.
Off to Belgium with Carolyn on the bikes for a week from Monday (weather forecast not great) however I'm sure we'll be fine.
I've entered the Redbridge and Alton 25's and will enter the SCCU 25 when I get back. The plan, such as it is, is to end my season with the North Hants 25, if I haven't done an acceptable 25 time before then.
Best of luck for everyone in the 12, I'll be thinking of you all.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anerley 50 - result

SUNDAY 10th August 2008
Result Sheet

No NAME Time Hcp HcpTime Hcp/Pts Award
26 Lisa Colombo 3:32:38 50-00 2:42:38 4/5 Puncture (again!)
36 Chrystal Sheldon 2:26:48 26-00 2:00:48 7/7 1st Hcp/1st Woman
39 Jake Dodd 2:36:26 28-00 2:08:26 5/6
50 Stuart Pearce DNS Scr 0/0
62 Ben Pearce 2:13:59 7-30 2:06:29 6/7


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Peggy Jones - 90th Birthday

I am delighted to inform you that the Kingston Phoenix Road Club's last surviving founder member, Peggy Jones, will be celebrating her 90th birthday on the 17th September. The family are having a birthday party for her on Sunday 21st September.

As the Kingston Phoenix has played a very significant part of Mum's life, it would be really great if the club could acknowledge this milestone day in her life in some way. Possibly a framed club photograph, a card signed by members, a framed badge or something of that kind. I know she would be thrilled with anything from the Phoenix.

The party is being held in a village hall close to where she lives in the Southampton area. If anybody were cycling along the A27 at Chilworth around 3pm on the 21st they would be more than welcome to pop in for a cup of tea and a piece of cake!

You will be pleased to know that Peggy is very well and still rides her exercise bike regularly in her conservatory, pretending she is off on a club run.

I would be very pleased to hear from you if you will be able to obliged me as above.

Many thanks and best regards,
Ken Jones

Good news that Peggy is well and looking forward to her 90th Birthday. Anyone got any specific ideas and/or prepared to volunteer. We'd like to do something, but off hand I am not sure exactly what.

Hogg Hill Racing Circuit Opening

The date for the Opening of the Hogg Hill Racing Circuit has been announced. The date is not of our choosing being at very short notice but convenient for Redbridge and Boris Johnson.

Please can you let all your club and team members who may wish to attend, have a look round, have a ride round the circuit or take part in the first races on this auspicious occasion know about this event.

British Cycling
Eastern Region

10.00 am TUESDAY 19th AUGUST 2008


08.00 CIRCUIT OPENS for arrival of Officials, Riders, Helpers & Spectators
Loan bicycles made available for those arriving without & wishing to have training etc.
(Only allowed to race if holding the correct BC Membership/Racing Licence)
Riders allowed on Circuit to warm up, with agreement of COMMISSAIRE of the day, crash helmets must be warn.
Those not taking part in the races will be asked to leave the circuit at 09.00 to allow final warm up for those racing.

09.15 - 09.45 YOUTH RACE over 15 Laps of TOP CIRCUIT MEDALS FOR 1st 2nd & 3rd PLACES


10.10 SENIOR RACE for ELITE/1/2/3 Category Riders over 25 Laps of FULL CIRCUIT
MEDALS FOR 1st 2nd & 3rd PLACES
(MTB & Pump Circuit can be used for youngsters whilst this race is taking place)






Surrey League Revolutions 5 day 2008

Revolutions 5-day 15th - 19th August, 2008.

Once again that time has come when I have to go begging. The Revolutions needs your help to the extent of some 10 or 12 marshals per day plus a couple of lead cars, commissaire drivers, motor cycle marshals and neutral service vehicles.

The stages are :-
1 Staplefield/Handcross - 91 miles - HQ Handcross Village Hall - Start time 12:00
2 Kirdford/Dunsfold/Alfold - 101 miles - HQ North Hall, Loxwood - Start time 12:00
3a Goodwood - 1 lap TT - Start time 11:00
3b Singleton/Midhurst/South Harting - 87 miles - Lavant (2 laps) finishing at Goodwood - Start time 13:00
4 Wivelsfield/Barcombe - 96 miles - HQ Cooksbridge Village Hall - Start time 12:00
5 The Ashdown - 72 miles of all the hills - HQ All Saints Church, Crowborough - Start time 12:00

More details and maps can be found on the Surrey League web site at

Could you please canvas all your members especially those with no work commitments! Those using their cars on the race will re-imbursed for their fuel but I will need to know type of car and its registration number for these people so that they are covered by BC for the race.

Yours in sport,
Keith Butler

Anerley 50 - start

SUNDAY 10th August 2008
Start Sheet

26 Lisa Colombo 50-00 6-26
36 Chrystal Sheldon 26-00 6-36
39 Jake Dodd 28-00 6-39
50 Stuart Pearce Scr 6-50
62 Ben Pearce 7-30 7-02

1st Hcp
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

Eve 10 #8 - result (inc Wheelers)

WEDNESDAY 6th August 2008 G10/42

Pos No Name Time Club
1 50 Adam Page 21-14 KW
2 45 Steve Saunders 21-35 KW
3 55 Dan Sibbick 21-43 KW
4 48 Peter Doherty 22-48 SWRC
5 22 Stuart Pearce 22-52 KPRC
6 35 James Beaumont 22-57 KW
7 34 Chris Gilligan 23-30 KW
8 40 Phil Ember 23-33 KW
9 30 John Coolahan 23-45 KW
10 26 Alan Sherman 24-06 KW
11 27 Ed Robinson 24-15 KW
12 19 Ben Pearce 24-31 KPRC
13 24 Simon Clasby 24-32 KW (PTT)
14 5 Mark Bixley 24-34 Festival RC
15 46 Martin Anscombe 24-38 KW
16= 28 Rob Quantrell 24-39 KW (PTT)
16= 52 Will Horrocks 24-39 KW
18 36 Ben Wardle 24-48 KW
19 25 Rupert Bole 24-59 KW
20 16 Simon Mitchell 25-09 KPRC
21 51 Colin Gray 25-10 KW
22 13 Bob Smith 25-13 Iron Head RT
23 49 Gafyn MacMillan 25-17 KW
24 7 John Beer 25-23 KPRC
25 33 Danny Clifford 25-31 KW
26 20 Steve Hillier 25-32 KPRC
27 31 Keith Griffin 25-53 KW
28 44 Chris Hathaway 25-54 KW
29= 41 Sam Hodgson 26-01 KW
29= 29 Charlotte East 26-01 KW
31 17 Paul Day 26-02 KPRC
32 10 Brian Powney 26-21 KPRC
33 43 Christine Hamilton 26-25 KW (PTT)
34 11 Ken Day 26-37 KPRC
35 38 Nick Hamilton 26-43 KW (PTT)
36 8 Jake Dodd 27-00 KPRC
37 32 Emma Dews 27-24 KW
38 14 Chrystal Sheldon 27-28 KPRC
39 42 Chris Wright 27-33 KW
40 54 John Mikloska 27-47 KW
41 21 Antonio Coelho 28-33 KPRC
42 23 Gerry Rosen 28-55 KW
43 39 Tracy Gat 29-06 KW (PTT)
44 12 Richard Hoskin 30-27 Redmon CC
45 47 Mark Nevins 30-50 KW
46 53 Rick Opie 31-07 KW (PTT)
47 9 Mark McNamara 31-12 KPRC

Many thanks to Tony for placing and retrieving the event warning signs round the course.

Frank Cubis

Eve 10 #8 - result

WEDNESDAY 6th AUGUST 2008 G10/42

5 Mark Bixley 24-34 Festival RC
7 John Beer 25-23 2-45 22-38 4/2
8 Jake Dodd 27-00 5-00 22-00 7/5 1st Woman
9 Mark McNamara 31-12 8-00 23-12 2/2
10 Brian Powney 26-21 2-30 23-51 2/2
11 Ken Day 26-37 5-00 21-37 2/7 1st Hcp
12 Richard Hoskin 30-27 Redmon CC
13 Bob Smith 25-13 Iron Head Racing
14 Chrystal Sheldon 27-28 5-00 22-28 6/2
15 Tony Tugwell DNF 8-00 1/0
16 Simon Mitchell 25-09 2-00 23-09 5/2
17 Paul Day 26-02 3-45 22-17 2/4
19 Ben Pearce 24-31 0-45 23-46 6/2 2nd Place
20 Steve Hillier 25-32 3-45 21-47 3/6 2nd Hcp
21 Antonio Coelho 28-33 6-15 22-18 2/3
22 Stuart Pearce 22-52 Scr 22-52 7/2 1st Place

D.N.S. Ann, Jen, Tony d’Italia.

Many thanks to Tony for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course.

Frank Cubis

Eve 10 #8 - start

WEDNESDAY 6th August 2008

2 Ann Bath 6-15 7-41
3 Steph Curran PTT
4 Paul Bishop Pearson Cycles 7-42
5 Jen Mitchell 6-00
6 Amanda Pearce PTT 7-43
7 John Beer 2-45
8 Jake Dodd 5-00 7-44
9 Mark McNamara 8-00
10 Brian Powney 2-30 7-45
11 Ken Day 5-00
12 Richard Hoskin Redmon CC 7-46
13 Bob Smith Iron Head Racing
14 Chrystal Sheldon 5-00 7-47
15 Tony Tugwell 8-00
16 Simon Mitchell 2-00 7-48
17 Paul Day 3-45
18 Tony d’Italia 6-15 7-49
19 Ben Pearce 0-45
20 Steve Hillier 3-45 7-50
21 Antonio Coelho 6-15
22 Stuart Pearce Scr 7-51

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

OK, I know this is after the race, but it is now here for posterity!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Racing in Brittany

Some pictures on the C&M blog that would have perhaps been more appropriate on KPRC blog. A good time was had by all at Simon & Jens.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cycle training - volunteers please!

I'm probably talking to the wrong people here but I'm looking for nervous and inexperienced cyclists of all ages to help me out! I have just become provisionally accredited as a National Standards cycling instructor, and I'd really value some practice before I start accepting paid work.

Frankly, I have to say the training was a real eye-opener and I've always considered myself a confident cyclist, so even if you have no worries about your skills on the road, I'd be delighted to share some tips with you ...

So if you have a neighbour thinking about commuting but too worried by traffic, know someone who doesn't know how to ride a bike, or needs some help with route-planning, etc, please put them in touch with me - you'd be doing me (and hopefully them) a big favour.

Thanks a lot


2008 Mersey Roads 24

The Next Generation

I have my grandson in training for the 2024 Olympics, at the moment he can follow a mean wheel but finds overtaking difficult!

Tony T

Monday, July 28, 2008

Committee matters

As the committee know, I have been over-extended this year both with the running of the SCCU 50 and also with more and more pressure at work, thus we haven't had many committee meetings this summer, and I don't have the time for one in the next few weeks.

Fortunately with Frank doing most of the work (ie running the Club Events) there is little that actually needs doing during the year, unless specifics come up to be discussed.

As it happens we have a couple of things to discuss at the moment and my plan for a short committee meeting after the 100 rather went out the window by the time I had finished.

Adding the comments into the main post:

As these things are time critical I'll put the the items to everyone:

First, those of you on Frank's email list may already have read his thoughts on the Consolation 25.
I think that the primary proposition is that we make the SCCU 25 the Club Consolation 25 and abandon the alternative that the District rearranged for us. Although we could still have a 10 on the original date of the Consolation on the G10/42. What do you all think - comment here or email Frank. But he does need a decision before 10 August otherwise we will have no event on the original date of the Consolation 25 (because the police form needs to be submitted in good time).
Brian: "For what it's worth, I say use the SCCU 25 as suggested."
Jake: "I think we should use SCCU 25 as Consolation but need 2 marshalls for it still.
I dont think many would turn up for a sunday 10 in place of Consolation."
Lisa: "There is a 25 at 8am on the H25/8 (Farnham/Alton course) that I can see being attractive to a number of our riders, rather than a 10 that morning - and even possibly over a 25 on either of the G courses."
Steve: "It would be nice if all of our club riders could be set off together (and no I don’t mean as a mass start!) say in a 30 minute period, so that we can meet up afterwards within a reasonable time span. Could this be arranged/encouraged or is this against SCCU/CTT regulations?"
Lisa: "Starting together might be arranged if we are all nice to the organiser"

2. Andy has said that he will not be running the 15 next year.
So we need a volunteer promoter if we are to continue running this event.
Anyone want to volunteer before I start asking people directly ?
Jackie has said that she will not be running the Open 10 next year either, but Jake has said that she will run it and Pete has said he will help with the paperwork (having watched fairly closely as I organised the 50!) Names of Open event organisers need to be submitted soon with the event applications.
Jake: "I am standing down as organiser of club dinner as I am taking over club 10 , so we will need someone to take over this winter!"
Lisa "bugger!"

3. Frank is proposing to have club evening 10s every week during June/July with every other week on a Tuesday if possible (the Addiscombe have first dibs on a Tuesday, for their events - but they are only alternate weeks.) Is this worth his effort?
Jake: "I would like a 10 every week, but would this thin out Phoenix numbers at each race?"
Lisa: "Personally I would have loved to have had 10s every week, some years ago: now I find that it is traumatic getting to the events from work. On the other hand, those of us that do have difficulty getting to Holmwood in time, would have more opportunities to ride, so it must be good thing"

SCCU 100 - result

Southern Counties Cycling Union
Centenary 100
27th July 2008 - G100/59
Club Members RESULT SHEET (not a club event)

7 Ray Dare 5-15-44 67-00 4-07-44 Club Age Record
& National Age Record by 57-15
15 Lisa Colombo 6-44-31 110-00 4-54-30 Puncture
21 Grant Pyke 5-21-24 88-00 3-53-24
29 Jake Dodd 5-03-51 73-00 3-50-51 Club Age Record

Frank Cubis

From Tony Tugwell:
"Well done Ray, however, I think the handicapper was harsh, you break the National Record by 57+ mins, but only finish 3rd out of 4 in the handicap!"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eve 10 #7 - Phoenix Result

WEDNESDAY 23rd July 2008

2 Antonio Coelho 29-08 6-30 22-38 2/3
3 Lisa Colombo 32-31 8-30 24-01 5/2
4 Mark McNamara 30-36 9-30 21-06 2/7 1st Hcp
5 Duncan Folkes 25-51 4-15 21-36 4/6 2nd Hcp
6 Toni d’Italia DNS
7 Florence Hallett 30-35 6-00 24-35 6/2
8 John Beer 25-34 2-30 23-04 5/2
10 Ann Bath DNS
11 Steph Curran 35-45 PTT
12 Steve Hillier 26-28 4-15 22-13 3/5
13 Grant Pyke 28-04 5-30 22-34 2/4
14 Stuart Pearce 23-01 Scr 23-01 7/2 1st Fastest
15 Paul Day 26-28 3-30 22-58 3/2
16 Jake Dodd 27-51 4-45 23-06 7/2 1st Woman
17 Ben Pearce 23-55 Scr 23-55 6/2 2nd Fastest

Many thanks to Ann & Ron for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course.

The Last Evening 10 is Wednesday 6th August
Frank Cubis

Eve 10 #7 - Result

WEDNESDAY 23rd July 2008

Pos No. Name Club Time
1. 40. Dan Sibbick Wheelers 22-00
2. 35. Steve Saunders Wheelers 22-02
3. 14. Stuart Pearce KPRC 23-01
4. 41. John Coolaham Wheelers 23-11
5. 30. Phil Ember Wheelers 23-17
6. 19. Stefan Cichy KPRC (PTT) 23-45
7. 32. Stew Ward Wheelers (Ful-On Tri) 23-50
8. 17. Ben Pearce KPRC 23-55
9. 34. Chris Gilligan Wheelers 24-12
10. 37. Andrew Tong Wheelers (Ful-On Tri) 24-27
11. 31. Ben Wardle Wheelers 24-34
12. 27. Rupert Bole Wheelers 25-09
13. 43. Chris Hathaway Wheelers 25-16
14. 42. Simon Clasby Wheelers (PTT) 25-19
15. 29. Danny Clifford Wheelers 25-22
16. 33. Gafyn MacMillan Wheelers 25-26
17. 18. Bob Smith KPRC (Iron Head Racing) 25-27
18. 8. John Beer KPRC 25-34
19. 22. Joe Holder Wheelers 25-45
20. 5. Duncan Folkes KPRC 25-51
21. 21. Charlotte East Wheelers 26-19
22= 15. Paul Day KPRC 26-28
22= 12. Steve Hillier KPRC 26-28
24. 24. Nick Bernard Wheelers 27-21
25. 16. Jake Dodd KPRC 27-51
26. 13. Grant Pyke KPRC 28-04
27. 2. Antonio Coelho KPRC 29-08
28. 9. Richard Hoskin KPRC (Redmon CC) 30-27
29. 7. Florence Hallett KPRC 30-35
30. 4. Mark McNamara KPRC 30-36
31. 3. Lisa Colombo KPRC 32-31
32. 11. Steph Curran KPRC (PTT) 35-45

I did find it difficult to read a few numbers, please place your number down low (on your bottom to the left) thanks.

Many thanks to Ann & Ron for placing and retrieving the event warning signs.

The Last Evening 10 is Wednesday 6th August

Frank Cubis

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Evening 10 July 23rd

Len Steel Funeral

The Funeral is to be held on Wednesday 6th August at 10.30am.
St Barts Church
Little London Road

Len Steel

I am sad to report that Len Steel passed away at tea-time on Friday 18th July 2008.

Len raced with the Phoenix in the late 40's and early 50's before family life called him away from the racing scene, although he remained a life-long cyclist.
Len was never one of the club's superstars, but his name does feature in the club records, having led and backed up the 50 mile team records on no less than four occasions. He very briefly held the club 30 mile record - lost to another finisher in the same event - and featured in other team records. However he remains a current Club Record holder: the men's 24hr team!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bec 25 - result

Club 25 Mile Time Trial
Incorporated in Bec CC Open Event
Sunday 20th July 2008
Result Sheet

No Name Time Hcp Hcp/Time Scr / Hcp Award
1 Ray Dare 1-11-23 2-30 1-08-53 7 / 4
14 Steve Hillier 1-15-22 4-00 1-11-22 5 / 3
19 Lisa Colombo 1-34-53 20-30 1-14-23 5 / 2
29 Grant Pyke 1-13-17 7-15 1-06-02 6 / 7 1st Hcp
39 Jake Dodd 1-13-40 6-30 1-07-10 6 / 6
84 Chrystal Sheldon 1-11-51 4-00 1-07-51 7 / 5 Fastest Woman
108 John Beer DNF 1 / 0

Frank Cubis

A cold and overcast start turned into a warm, sunny morning but with the wind in the North East again/still making it quite hard going on the descent of Tollgate Hill and again in the long run in to the finish, the morning can only be described as "treacley"! Many folks around the result board were a couple of minutes down on what they would have expected. Steve achieved his target of over-hauling Jackie in the competition for the George Crouch Tankard, but Chrystal rather scuppered his plans by doing an even bigger improvement.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eve 10 #7 - start sheet

WEDNESDAY 23rd July 2008

2 Antonio Coelho 6-30 19-41
3 Lisa Colombo 8-30
4 Mark McNamara 9-30 19-42
5 Duncan Folkes 4-15
6 Tony d’Italia 5-45 19-43
7 Florence Hallett 6-00
8 John Beer 2-30 19-44
9 Rachel Croggon 4-30
10 Ann Bath 5-45 19-45
11 Simon Mitchell 1-15
12 Steve Hillier 4-15 19-46
13 Grant Pyke 5-30
14 Stuart Pearce Scr 19-47
15 Paul Day 3-30
16 Jake Dodd 4-45 19-48
17 Ben Pearce Scr

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bec 25 - start

Bec 25
20 July 2008

1 Ray Dare 2:30 06:31
14 Steve Hillier 4:00 06:44
19 Lisa Colombo 20:30 06:49
29 Grant Pyke 7:15 06:59
39 Jake Dodd 6:30 07:09
84 Chrystal Sheldon 4:00 07:54
108 John Beer Scr 08:18
Awards: 1st Hcp

With seven of us entered the event will be a club event.
Handicaps to be added when I have them.


Sorry for the delay - my internet access has been pretty ropey for the last couple of weeks!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

National 12hour Championship

Jake Dodd in last years ECCA 12hr

The National 12hr Championship is to be held on August 17th near Cambridge.
Ann Bath, Lisa Colombo, Jake Dodd & Grant Pyke have all entered and their forms have been received by the organiser. We hear that Chrystal has planned to enter but has not yet sent the form in.
It is an early closing date being a National Championship so beware! It closes next Tuesday - 22nd July.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ann's Big Summer Party

Summer Party at Ann and Steve's.
Sunday 10th August - noon till late.
Freshly cooked Dosas and curries veggie and non veggie.
Alternatives available!
A small salad or pudding would be appreciated for the table.
RSVP please as curry has to be booked.
07751 308105

For sale

My recent conversion to the dark side (well, shimano) means I now have pretty much a complete Campagnolo groupset for sale. It's all had a fair bit of use, but has been very well looked after, is sparkling clean and in good working order:

Campagnolo Veloce brake levers

Campagnolo Mirage brake callipers, rear mech, 9 speed cassette, chain, triple chainring, 170mm cranks, front mech (triple), bottom bracket (new).

FSA anatomic handlebars 420 mm wide standard drop, centre bulge
Pro anatomic handlebars 420 mm wide, standard drop.

£100 the lot ONO, or I'll happily negotiate on single items.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eve 10#6 - apology

Sorry folks, to anyone who did go out to Holmwood on Wednesday night.

With all of the fuss around "elf & safety" we can no longer afford to start an event in the sort of rain that was coming down for almost the whole day on Wednesday - at least in the various places I was! - in case someone gets flattened by a car driver who can't see through his wind-screen and/or considers "spray" to be an adequate excuse for not seeing a poor bedraggled rider in front of him.

It's sad really, because there can be quite fast conditions when it is wet.

The other consideration was that Inholm's Lane car park is getting to be a bit of a nightmare in the wet, with all of the pot holes.

I understood that Frank had sent an email to most folks by early afternoon when I was at the dentist. My plan had been to go to Dorking from there, until the weather intervened, and the motorway was pretty bad going home so that I didn't get in again until 16:30. I had thought of putting up a message here about the cancellation, but my internet access has been iffy all week and I didn't manage to post anything until after there was no longer any point.

For the future, I think it is safe to consider that an event might be cancelled when heavy rain is forecast (and especially when it's coming down). When it rains all afternoon it is wise to check with Frank what the situation is. But if rain is only forecast and/or coming down intermitantly, we will assess the situation out on the course very shortly before the event.

Once again sorry if anyone was intrepid enough to head out to Holmwood looking for an event.


Winter Roller Racing - Food for thought?

Last Thursday I visited my old club room, St Barnabas SRCC before shooting onto KPRC Worcester Park! I tried to avoid Horace seeing my new KPRC top but he spied it. I remminded Horace of a conversation I had about having say a monthly Roller night at the SRCC clubroom during the winter, maybe October to February, inviting a few other clubs to see how it goes? We could start off by inviting KPRC & Clarencourt along at first and see how popular it would be. There is plenty of space and the usual catering availble and if Horace is willing for a shilling, lets give it a try!
Comments please plus and minus on this blog or by e-mail to
P.S. See cycling this week 4 photo Horace some years ago with sprints suspended on bars in the way it used to be done when I was young.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jakes Saturday morning training rides

What do the KPRC early morning trainers do afterwards! They return to Horton Country parl 4 a BBQ. Sam is on the right and the daughter of Karin one of Barbara friends (Vanessa on Left), it was her birtday party.
Knowing how KPRC like to BBQ (and we could add the Wayfarers too!), you can hire the BBQ by the hour and have an amazing time without messing up your home and garden.
I offer this as a suggestion or a large club gathering one afternoon. Its £15/hr but if we have say 45 to 60 people it works out at at £1 each for say 4hrs. Bring you own grub, wine etc and Gazebo if you wish. Just an idea after a bottle of beer!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cancelled Evening 10TT

See the Midweek Wayfarers Blog for the account of my day, 30miles this morning in training for a scortching ten. To be told by Frank its cancelled for spray, simply left me in deep disaray. I had hoped to trounce that Toni D' but now its all down to Millie and me!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Eve 10 #6 - start

WEDNESDAY 9th July 2008

2 Tony d’Italia 5-30 7:41
3 Mike Morley 7-00 7:41:30
4 Lisa Colombo 7-45 7:42
5 Mark McNamara 8-30 7:42:30
6 Steve Hillier 1-45 7:43
7 Rachel Croggon 2-00 7:43:30
8 Bob Smith PTT 7:44
9 Antonio Coelho 4-00 7:44:30
10 Paul Day 0-45 7:45
11 Duncan Folkes 2-00 7:45:30
12 Paul Bishop PTT 7:46
13 Ann Bath 3-00 7:46:30
14 John Beer Scr 7:47

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st Fastest
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

Friday, June 27, 2008

Watch out there is a new Blogger about

As from Wednesday I joined the KPRC ( I didn't know they invited vagrants) but I still have to go thru the committee and 2day Lisa invites me to join the blog, so I have. Thank you Lisa ( I promise not to call you Louise any more and to think I have known you since the Family section days Mol & Rita etc).
Though I am not fabulous yet, I thank Frank and all the others for being so inviting and I will do my best to maintain the clubs moto "The Fabulous Phoenix"
Looking forward to good company, not so serious racing (but competitive - I'll never be another Ray Dare, he is certainly Fabulous) and most of all having a good time with men and especially ladies of like mind i.e fast!.

For the record (and I cannot actualy find a note of my best 10ml, 25ml and 50ml times) though my records are still on the Long Eaton Velo www under (Long Eaton Paragon), the following is what I remember:
10ml TT Short 23min.
25ml TT 1hr 00's
50ml TT 2hr. 00's
100ml TT 4-14-19 Club Champ (13 Nat Champ)
12hr. 253.77mls (5th Nat Championship)
All above were in 1963, the year I met Barbara (since when its been all downhill). My biggest regret was never to get under the hour!!
1962 Club Hill Climb Champion Holy Bank Ambergate 3min 33sec. (still a record - changed hill). Club Hill climb champ 1960 to1964. (where's it all gone!)
1963 Club Bar 24.236mph, Open BAR 23.o66mph
1963 BDCA District BAR Champ. 24.068mph

The above is purely for interest (for those interested) and for all those to wonder how did that fat git do such reasonable times so long ago. Answer I was only 23yrs (and a long way from my prime), 2 stone lighter (10st. 4lb) and until then had not learnt what a bad influence women can be on men!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eve 10 #5 - Championship - result

WEDNESDAY 25th June 2008 G10/42

No NAME              TIME    HCP   H/TIME  VETS  Scr Hcp
2 Mark McNamara 31:13 9:00 22:13 +1:02 2 / 6
3 Lisa Colombo 34:00 10:00 24:00 -6:40 4 / 3
4 Paul Bishop 26:16 Pearson Cycles
5 Chrystal Sheldon 28:59 3:30 25:29 -1:39 7 / 2
6 Steve Hillier 27:11 5:15 21:56 +0:22 4 / 7
7 Duncan Folkes 26:59 3:15 23:44 5 / 5
8 Jake Dodd 29:03 4:00 25:03 -0:51 6 / 2
9 Tony d’Italia 29:18 4:30 24:48 +2:27 3 / 2
10 Bob Smith 26:32 Iron Head Racing
11 John Beer 26:07 2:00 24:07 +2:59 6 / 2
12 Jen Mitchell 30:27 4:15 26:12 -2:15 5 / 2
13 Antonio Coelho 29:46 6:00 23:46 -3:16 2 / 4
14 Simon Mitchell 25:43 Scr 25:43 +0:35 7 / 2
15 Mike Morley 29:22 PTT
16 Rachel Croggon 29:02 PTT
17 Florence Hallett 31:26 PTT

Fastest Man Simon Mitchell 25:43 Championship Medal
Fastest Woman Chrystal Sheldon 28:59 Championship Medal
Fastest Vet O.A.S. John Beer +2:59 Championship Medal
Fastest on Handicap Steve Hillier 27:11 (21:56) Championship Medal

Kingston Wheelers
40 Alex Kirk         22:10
42 Dan Sibbick 22:11
41 Ben Elliott 22:49
43 Adam Page 22:49
38 John Coolahan 24:12
39 Phil Ember 24:17
27 Martin O’Sullivan 24:41
33 Jonathan Donald 24:54
37 Alan Sherman 24:54
31 Martin Anscombe 25:28
36 Naz Peralta 25:31
34 Colin Gray 25:44
29 Chris Hathaway 26:19
23 Danny Clifford 26:32
28 Andrew Melbourne 26:36
25 Keith Griffin 26:45
30 Sam Hodgson 26:47
22 Cathy Clifford 27:53
26 David O’Donovan 29:00

Many thanks to Andy for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course.

Frank Cubis

Championship 10

I would have welcomed a shorter ride today than the excellent "A" ride by Pete Barnard, simply because having joined the KPRC to day, I rode the Club 10 Mile Championship Time trial. I am doubly ashamed to say that I was beaten 4 secs by Toni De. He also did the long "A" ride and ended up with a 29min. 18sec time, which puts him so superior to me as he is 2yrs older. Toni however does not take it serious like me which probably means he is not so competitive. I will get him soon but I also have to beat him on standard which is probably by 30secs? Toni watch out there's a sniper about! Meanwhile I congratulate my elders whom I have much respect for.
Mike Morley

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kingston-Worthing Result


Sunday 22nd June 2008

2 Mark McNamara D.N.S. 42-00
4 Ann Bath D.N.S. 31-00
6 Peter Mastenko 2-51-57 Kingston Wheelers
10 Jake Dodd 2-36-02 19-00 2-17-02 7 / 6
12 Mike Wakely 2-53-45 Redmon CC
14 Mike Morley 2-59-18 PTT
16 Dave Brentnall 2-20-29 8-00 2-12-29 7 / 7 1st & 1st Hcp
17 Steve Hillier 2-35-26 27-00 **** 2-17-26 3 / 5
18 Brian Powney 2-28-07 5-00 2-23-07 4 / 4
20 Paul Bishop 2-26-54 Pearson Cycles
22 Joe Bertorelli 2-25-18 Scr 2-25-18 5 / 2
24 Damian Arnold 2-35-47 Pearson Cycles
26 Francis Staunton 2-46-00 Dulwich Paragon
28 Simon Mitchell 2-24-41 Scr 2-24-41 6 / 3
34 Gary Dodd 2-07-59 Sigma Sport RT
Ray Dare D.N.S.

Well done to Dave Brentnall, winner of the Kingston – Worthing Trophy.

**** Steve was No 8 but due to his late arrival started number 17. his 2-35-26 was his actual time but his Hcp time includes his 9min late start.

Well done to all riders, who battled against the strong South Westerly.

Don’t forget our 50th Kingston – Worthing next year. There is a very strong chance it will be on the same weekend as this year Sunday June 21st.

Frank Cubis

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fabulous Phoenix Ten

As you know I have had to change the course cutting the distance down from 15 to just 10 miles becuase of long term roadworks on A29.
This is a shame as I have had several entries from Women who wanted to do the 15 miles for club records and would have been prepared to travel some distance to do so. Sadly some have asked for their entries to be withdrawn.

Below is the list of entries received to date. I am holding open the entry for as long as possible just to get the numbers up. We could do with one more entry from the Phoenix at least so we can have a team!
If you want to enter call or e-mail me ASAP!

Name Club
Keith Coffey Bec CC
Lee Turner
Lee Chaplin RT316/Crown Lift Trucks/ACL/Take my Pain Away
Michael Porter 34th Nomads, Gem Hygene
Keith Read Redhill CC
Mark Winton Lewes Wanderers CC
Tim Stevens 34th Nomads, Gem Hygene
Stephen Emmerson Epsom CC
David Sheperd Liphook Cycles RT
David Fletcher Bognor Regis CC
Spencer Coleman Lewes Wanderers CC
Geoff Smith V.C.Etoile
Julian Bray Citihub/Cycles Dauphin
Ali Cigari Kingston Wheelers
Andy Cox Lewes Wanderers CC
David French Weybridge Wheelers
Tom Rossetter Eastbourne Rovers
Bob Stapley Epsom CC
Iain Brogden Eastbourne Rovers
John Double Crawley Wheelers
Robert Coleman Epsom CC
Kevin Burton Eastbourne Rovers
Tamar Collis Addiscombe CC
Andy Payne GS Stella
James Stone West Kent RC
Colin Gray Kingston Wheelers
Mike Wilcox North Road CC
Deborah Percival 34th Nomads, Gem Hygene
Andrew Parsons Eastbourne Rovers
Sandra Blenkinsop Kingfisher Triathletes
Terry Hill Addiscombe CC
Simon Mitchell Kingston Phoenix RC
Michael Zuill Crawley Wheelers
Jeff Sewell V.C.Long Eaton
Martin Phillips Lewes Wanderers CC
Corinna Francis Chelmer CC
Carole Heritage Addiscombe CC
Ken Beckett Gemini BC
Lisa Colombo Kingston Phoenix RC


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Interclub 10 - start

CLUB (non existent Inter Club) 10 MILE TIME TRIAL
Saturday 14th June 2008

11 Lisa Colombo 11-30 14-11
12 Mark McNamara 10-00 14-12
13 Antonio Coelho 8-00 14-13
14 Ann Bath 6-00 14-14
15 Steve Hillier 4-30 14-15
16 Jake Dodd 4-00 14-16
17 Simon Mitchell Scr 14-17

AWARDS 1st Handicap

Frank Cubis

Big turn out all round! It's getting to be a quiet year for the Phoenix.

Eve 10 #4 - 2Up TTT - result


45 / 46 Adam Page / Steve Saunders 20-44 Kingston Wheelers
41 / 42 Alex Kirk / Ben Elliot 21-35 Kingston Wheelers
47 / 48 Tristran Bishop / Richard Hallett 21-50 Sydenham Whls
17 / 18 Stuart Pearce / Ben Pearce 22-40 1st Fastest
29 / 30 Colin Grey / Pete Robins 23-37 Kingston Wheelers
37 / 38 Naz Peralta / Alan Sheman 23-49 Kingston Wheelers
31 / 32 Martin Anscombe / Andy Granger 24-36 Kingston Wheelers
9 / 10 Simon Mitchell / Paul Day 24-52 2nd Fastest
33 / 34 Chris Hathaway / Nick Hussey 25-00 Kingston Wheelers
27 / 28 Keith Griffin / Gafyn MacMillan 25-06 Kingston Wheelers
5 / 6 Steve Hillier / John Beer 26-10
11 / 12 Jake Dodd / Chrystal Sheldon 26-59 Nearest Ave Time
23 / 24 Danny Clifford / Cathy Clifford 27-12 Kingston Wheelers
25 / 26 David O’Donovan / Martin O’Sullivan 28-35 Kingston Wheelers
15 / 16 Florence Hallett / Grant Pyke 28-48
7 / 8 Antonio Coelho / Tony d’Italia 29-12
49 / 50 Dave Elliott / Paul Martin 29-47 Clarencourt CC
19 / 20 Mick Ayliffe / Barry Gregory 29-55 Clarencourt CC
3 / 4 Lisa Colombo / Pete Mitchell 30-29
1 / 2 Jen Mitchell / Mark McNamara 30-50

44 Dan Sibbick 21-49 Kingston Wheelers
35 Seb Ader 22-11 Kingston Wheelers
39 John Coolahan 23-33 Kingston Wheelers
22 Ben Wardle 25-23 Kingston Wheelers
60 Duncan Folkes 26-20
21 Sam Hodgson 26-34 Kingston Wheelers
57 Dan Andrew 27-51
58 Mark Gardner 27-54
40 Simon Dunnell 28-00
13 Mike Morley 28-06 Surrey Roads
56 Andy Harris 30-17
59 Richard Hoskin 31-13 Redmon CC

All Phoenix Riders To Receive 2 Club Event Scratch Points

The average time of the 7 Phoenix Teams was 27min 15sec.

Many thanks to Jake for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course.

Congratulation to all riders for your safe riding in this 2 up Team Time Trial

We have a club 10 this Saturday (14th) on the same course, starting at 14:00hrs any person wishing to ride, phone me or just pop along.

Frank Cubis