Wednesday, December 30, 2015

KPRC Reliability Ride. Sunday 17January

Subject: Reliability Rides 17th January 2016
Just to confirm the Reliability Rides will be on SUNDAY 17th JANUARY 2016, starting at 0830 from North Holmwood Village Hall. 

These are the first events of the 80th anniversary year so it would be good if we could get a strong turnout. All you have to do to enter is email me up to a week before the event, registering your interest, then turn up on the day with 3 pounds. For this you will get tea or coffee prior to the start and soup and a roll on return.

Please note this is an "old fashioned" Reliability Ride. You will be sent a route sheet a week before the  event but the route is not marked and completion of the route is a test of your reliability! You are strongly encouraged to ensure you have personal insurance, either through the CTC or BC. 

The two routes on offer are based on an 80/80 - miles and kilometres  - to celebrate our 80th year. They are actually around 76 miles and 78 kilometres but trust me, you'll be glad they are slightly short by the end!

Both start relatively easily, but climb several of the major Surrey Hills later in the ride. (The additional 30 or so miles of the longer ride are not markedly hilly). Time limits are provisionally 3.5 and 5 hours, but the HQ will remain open after these times.

Please try to support the event.
E mail Ian on if you intend to ride. 
Thanks - and a Happy New Year.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Provisional TT racing Calendar 2016

Use the following link to see the provisional racing calendar for 2016.

Merry Christmas all.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Charlie Griffin's Funeral

Charlie's funeral will be on Friday 18th December at 3pm, at Kingston Crematorium.

Address: Kingston Cemetery and Crematorium - Map here
Bonner Hill Road
Kingston upon Thames

Tel: 020 8546 4462

Monday, December 07, 2015

Charlie Griffin

Sadly, Charlie Griffin died early this morning after (I believe) a battle with cancer.
He had a final rally in recent weeks and it was nice to see him at the sad occasion of Ann Bensberg's funeral last month, but obviously it was not to last.

 Charlie enjoying Majorca in 1986

 Medium Gear 25 in the mid 80s

1983 Kingston to Worthing (stoked by Adrian Sales)

Charlie always loved riding his bike and racing was just one aspect of that. A member of the Phoenix for many, many years (Frank says he's known Charlie for 58 years), racing was just one aspect that Charlie enjoyed as one of the also-rans in club events. He was a member of the Rough Stuff Fellowship and enjoyed touring and off road riding in equal measure. We haven't seen so much of him in recent years, but Charlie always expected to be contacted to do his marshalling stint in the Open 10.
He loved Majorca so much, when we went on our first "training camp" there, that he was inspired to buy a villa and spent many happy hours enjoying the sunshine and the cycling out there.

His wife, Yvonne, died many years ago and our thoughts are with Jean, his companion of the last decade, and his daughter Carole and son Paul.

Details of the funeral to follow when arrangements have been made.