Thursday, January 30, 2014

Triathlon Show 28th Feb- 2nd March @ Sandown Park

The triathlon show is coming back to Sandown Park on the above dates. Many bike manufacturers and retailers will be there, including Boardman, Ridley, Giant, Argon 18 and Ceepo, to name but a few. I went a few years ago and I managed to walk out with my own body weight in gels and mule bars at quite a discount and there will be at least one bike fitting company present. There are also a range of different seminars over the three days, a 10km run and a  Watt Bike indoor time trial competition, if you want to get your heart rate up.

If you book in advance a one day ticket is £10. You can visit the website at

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Homepage updated

Noticed the homepage is updated for 2014 :) All rides you enter can go on Whos entering what. Others will see what people enter and join in and share lifts. All tables ready for the first club event. Also the list of Club Events to enter.  Thanks go to Lisa our web master for keeping us on our toes and up to date!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Member Profile - Jake Dodd

Jake in the Kingston to Worthing TT 2012
In the first of a series of posts, Jake Dodd, the current Kingston Phoenix  Ladies Champion tells us a little bit about her cycling  background and exploits.

What’s your bike ownership history or what do you currently ride?
Specialised Racing bike, summer bike, mountain bike and Ribble winter bike.

How did you start cycling?
Lots of cycling holidays as a child with Simon and Dad ( Pete Mitchell)  but stopped when  I was 15. I started again at 22 riding through the winter. When Spring came I joined KPRC and started racing.

 What made you join Kingston Phoenix?
My dad and brother were in it.

 What has been your most memorable cycling experience?
Riding to Wells in Somerset, getting lost, then arriving well after dark having ridden 156 miles and finishing with a police escort to my B and B as I had no lights!  It was the days of no mobile phones, so no one knew where I was.

 What has been your worst cycling experience?
Riding the South Downs Way on  a mountain bike 2 years ago along a ridge, with horizontal rain and wind on one side and thunder and lightning in the valley on the other!

 What cycling / sporting achievement are you most proud of?
My 25.06min 10 miles time trial personal best two years ago, after riding 10s for 28 years and never cracking into the 25s.

 What are your plans for the rest of this season or next season?
Hope to do more riding through winter on my new carbon fibre winter bike. Next year to come back with a bang after a lacklustre 2013.

 Do you have any particular cycling or sporting heroes?
Sean Yates and Mark Cavendish.

 Sum yourself up in three words.
Glass half full.

Jake in the 2007 12Hr TT.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Stretching for cyclists

Taken from the Bike Beans Facebook page. This maybe of interest to some of you.

Cycling or indoor cycling is an enjoyable, low-impact way to stay fit, but without consideration to effective stretching (post exercise) there is a risk of pain, stiffening of muscles and a reduction in flexibility of the cert...ain joints.
This class specifically addresses the cyclists’ typical physical tendencies as a result of the imbalance created by repeated exertion of the same muscle groups and underutilisation of others. Regular stretching has been found to reduce the aches and strains that can limit your mileage, speeds up the replenishment of muscle-glycogen stores, and helps counteract the effects of muscular aging, which causes muscles to lose elasticity. Other physiological benefits from attending the ‘stretching for cyclists class’ are:
• Increased mobility in the hip and the ankle joints
• Strengthening postural muscles to encourage correct seated alignment and ease overuse of the upper body and back strain
• Lengthening the commonly overdeveloped quadriceps, hip flexors and tight hamstrings
• Improved breathing techniques
• Improved circulation
• Enhanced recovery time
• Helps to build muscular endurance
For more information contact Karolina. Karolina is a keen road-cyclist, fitness instructor, STAR 2 Spinning ® instructor and passionate Iyengar Yoga student. She is a great believe that regular stretching and practicing yoga postures is essential for increased performance and recovery.
Venue: Price: £7.00 per session
Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall (Limited places available)
Woodfield Lane, Ashtead,
Surrey KT21 2BE
Time: 7.30pm (1 hour)
Date: 14th, 28th January
4th,11th,18th and 25th February
4th,11th,18th and 25th March
Dates for Spring will be released soon
Contact Details:
mobile: 07786 390311

Saturday, January 18, 2014

KPRC now on Strava

I have set up a Kingston Phoenix Club on Strava. If you have a gps device on your bike or if you regularly carry your smart phone with you on a ride your can record your ride with the free Strava app and upload your ride to the Strava website. Users of Strava can set up segments and it then produces a leaderboard so that you can compare yourself to other riders over that same segment. It's quite a lot of fun and a steady bimble ride can be made more interesting when you target a favourite segment or you can set up your own segment on a favourite route.

It will also be a good way for us to share the rides that we are on including the club Saturday and Sunday rides, those members of the club who are living away from the club but still out on two wheels and we will be able to see what the mountain bikers are up to. If you want any help getting started then just let me know on here or via the forum.


Club Time Trial Calendar

Please find below the most up-to-date list of time trial events in order for you to plan your season. We are just waiting for confirmation on the date of the medium gear which we have had to move owing to a clash with an SCCU. We are still waiting for final confirmation of these events but hopefully they should not change.

We really want to get aas many riders as possible taking part in the SCCU events and we will be explaining to you in the next week how you can get involved. We have a trophy in mind that we would like to win for the club, so watch this space.

8th January 2014



Day Date        Event/Dist       Course Start Time
Sun Mar 16th    Medium Gear 25   G25/47   08:15
Wed Apr 30th    Evening 10       G10/42   19:30
Wed May 14th    Evening 10       G10/42   19:30
Wed May 28th    Evening 10       G10/42   19:30
Wed Jun 11th    Club Champ 10    G10/42   19:40
Sat Jun 14th    KPRC Open 10     G10/42   14:00
Wed Jun 25th    Evening 2up 10   G10/42   19:40
Sun Jun 29th    I/C 25           G25/53   08:15 New date required
Wed Jul  9th    Evening 10       G10/42   19:40
Sun Jul 13th    King–Worth 45    GS/476   06:00
Wed Jul 23rd    Evening 10       G10/42   19:40
Wed Aug  6th    Evening 10       G10/42   19:30
Sat Aug 16th    Afternoon 10     G10/42   14:00
Sun Aug 31st    Hilly 12         GS/281   08:00
Sun Sep 14th    Hilly (Alt) 12   GS/281   08:00
Sun Sep 21st    Consolation 25   G25/47   08:45

Agreed Southern Counties Cycling Union events.
Sun Mar 23rd    Sporting 21      GS/334   09:00  Bletchingley
Sat Mar 29th    Sporting 10      G10/46   14:00  Oakwoodhill
Sun Mar 30th    Sporting 25      G25/44   09:00  Kingsfold
Sun Apr 13th    SCCU 25          G25/53   07:00  Broadbridge Heath
Sat May 17th    SCCU 10          G10/57   06:30  Rusper
Sun Jun 29th    SCCU 50          G50/53   06:00  Broadbridge Heath
Sat Jul  5th    SERC 10          G10/57   06:30  Rusper
Sun Jul 27th    SCCU 100         G100/60  06:00  West Grinstead
Sun Aug  3rd    Sussex CA  50    G50/10   06:00  West Grinstead

S/S Jun 21/22   ESCA 24hr        HQ Berwick near Polegate, Eastbourne

Sunday, January 12, 2014

More from the SWRC D/D

Sorry that my blogging skills are lacking letely. The previouse blog got published without script. KPRC were well represented & Jeff the organiser thanked Brian P for his help in the organisation. We had a full table including Ron, Doreen along with Brian, Diana & her mum along with Jake & Gary. Also on our table were Geraldine, Marek and a lady called Helene seen dancing the light fantastic above.

Ann Marshall is apparently known to Mark G and plans to ride some Tandem TT's with her. Seemingly she has a higher power output than Maggie. Here she is seen winning the highest mileage (17k?) along with highest altitude gain over the year (29 times up Everest?).

Sorry it's me again having a great time simply buying raffle tickets!
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SWRC Dinner Dance Sat 11 Jan 2014

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Sunday, January 05, 2014

New Years Eve Party

Thanks to everyone who came to the NYE party, about 40 plus. The picture board game was a great success and involved everyone of every age to participate. Lots dancing after midnight and all ended at 2.30. Didnt make it out next day cos of heavy hed! It was very wet anyway. Dont know if many made it to Richmond Park to meet up? I have a pair glasses in a case left behind! Happy New Year to all our members anyway and hope to see you out on a sat or sun ride for a catch up, when it stops raining. Think the Club Dinner will be back Hotel Antoinett this year As Burford bridge flooded out!