Friday, May 30, 2014

Interclub 25 - start sheet

Old Portlians 25
25 Mile InterClub Event with Redmon CC
Sunday 1st June 2014
Start Sheet

No  NAME                        HCP     VetStd     START
18  Richard Hoskin    Redmon                       06:38
24  Robert Gill       KPRC      6:00    1:07:00    06:44
27  Mike Morley       KPRC     14:45    1:23:44    06:47
29  Mark McNamara     KPRC     30:30    1:26:17    06:49
32  Alex Kew          KPRC      6:00    1:07:30    06:52
33  John McGlashan    Redmon                       06:53
34  Grant Pyke        KPRC     23:00    1:26:56    06:54
37  Philip Burgin     KPRC     21:30    1:17:11    06:57
41  Simon Tonge       Redmon                       07:01
43  Joe Bertorelli    KPRC      7:30    1:12:43    07:03
44  Michael Deen      Redmon                       07:04
46  Stuart Pearce     KPRC      Scr                07:06
47  John Beer         KPRC      7:00    1:18:20    07:07
48  David Eccles      Redmon                       07:08
49  Marcus Edwards    KPRC      1:30    1:11:07    07:09
56  Russell Williams  KPRC      4:00    1:10:35    07:16
57  Alistaire Lang    Redmon                       07:17
58  Brian Powney      KPRC     13:30    1:11:39    07:18
61  David Watt        KPRC      4:00               07:21
66  Simon Trehearn    KPRC      4:00    1:06:00    07:26
68  Alasdair Wylie    Redmon                       07:28
72  Peter Horsfield   Redmon                       07:32
73  Jackie Dodd       KPRC     12:45    1:16:37    07:33

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Evening 10 #3 Report

I had spent the whole day looking skywards, sucking in my cheeks, watching the weather reports and debating whether we would run this event or not. All the weather posts seemed to suggest that the rain would stop over the afternoon and early evening and with what rain there was being the very light and annoying variety, rather than the heavy and dangerous type, it seemed that we would be tting after all.

That said, as we stood around in the Inholms carpark, still looking skywards, it seemed to get particularly gloomy and there seemed little appetite to get out onto the A24 and actually race. I fear that if there had been a nearby open pub garden or cake shop, we would have decanted there, but without those options available to us, it seemed that the only thing we could do was stick a number on our bums and go race.

It turned out it was actually a pretty good night. If it had been a few degrees warmer it would have been perfect, but there was no wind to speak of and this helped a few members to some pbs, as well as a clutch of fast times generally. The road was still a bit damp which made the top roundabout a little skiddy, but other than this conditions were in our favour. Marcus actually made it out of the carpark and to the start line this time and he was rewarded with an age related record of 22:29. Simon Trehearn also earned himself a pb in 23:24, which was a great performance after a hard Bank Holiday weekend of racing, taking part in the 100TT and the Thames Turbo Triathlon the following day. Russell had another strong performance, rounding out the top three with a time of 23:34, only 2 seconds in front of David Watt, another of our 100m TT competitors from the weekend. I was cockahoop to pb with a time of 23:45 yet that was only good enough for 5th place, and with Stuart not starting! It's great to see it so tight at the top with 4 riders only separated by a handful of seconds.

Jake Dodd again took the ladies race with 26:56 and Deborah Hurst in second in 31:03. In third place, Sam Pickup took a massive pb to finish in 31:29 and also take maximum points in the handicap event, ahead of Ken Williams and Ann Bath, who also took an age related record.

The next event is the Club Championships, so ensure that you get your entries in by next Thursday. Let's see if we can get a full field out for this one. Jake said something about cake so if that doesn't entice you out I don't know what will. I would also like to try to get a photograph of us all before the event. Details to follow.

Ride safe,  Alex

Eve 10 #3 - result

Wednesday May 28th 2014

No  Name              Time    Hcp/T    Hcp   VetStd  Plus  Scr/Hcp  Awards
26  Phil Ember        21-36   Kingston Wheelers
20  Marcus Edwards    22-29   21-59    0:30  27:33  +5:04   7 / 2  1st Pl ARR
16  Simon Trehearn    23-24   21-09    2:15  25:30  +2:06   6 / 3  2nd Pl PB
22  Russell Williams  23-34   21-34    2:00  27:33  +3:59   5 / 2  3rd Pl
8   David Watt        23-36   21-21    2:15                 4 / 2
5   Alex Kew          23-45   21-00    2:45  26:18  +2:33   3 / 4  PB
23  Andy Huddart      24-56   Clarencourt CC        +4:10          PB
21  James Roberts     26-09   22-24    3:45                 2 / 2
15  Robyn Yates       26-26   Addiscombe CC
17  Jake Dodd         26-56   22-11    4:45  29:48  +2:52   7 / 2  1st Woman
25  Simon Tottle      27-12   22-27    4:45  27:46  +0:34
19  Mike Morley       27-19   21-34    5:45  33:02  +5:43   2 / 2
3   Grant Pyke        30-26   22-11    8:15  34:22  +3:56   2 / 2
11  Deborah Hurst     31-03   22-18    9:45                 6 / 2
6   Sam Pickup        31-29   18-44   12:45                 5 / 7  1st Hcp PB
1   Ann Bath          31-37   20-52   10:45  33:18  +1:41   4 / 5  3rd Hcp ARR
2   Patrick Ryan      32-11   21-56   10:15  30:30  -1:41   2 / 2
4   Ken Williams      33-03   20-48   12:15  33:50  +0:47   2 / 6  2nd Hcp

Mark McNamara    13:45  33:50
Florence Hallett  8:00
Philip Burgin     9:15  30:16
Helene Grinsted  14:15  32:00
Jenni Chapman    10:00  27:59
Simon Waller      5:15
Steve Hillier     5:00  28:52
Stuart Pearce     Scr

Alex Kew for organising the event
Brian Powney for handicapping the event
James Roberts & David Watt for placing and retrieving the event warning signs round the course again.
Judy Margery as number steward at the finish
Ron & Doreen Powney for taking me back to the A3 after the event.

Frank Cubis

As a spectator to all this, it seems a little peculiar to me that Frank should be thanking Alex as TT Sec for organising the event, so at the very least we should remember to thank Frank himself as Timekeeper.

Also, it's great to see so much competition at the top level - we are perhaps getting to the point where the Men's Team Record might be in danger again, which would be wonderful.
The existing record was set on this course, on a warm August evening in 1988 with an average time of 22:32, led by Mark Whitmarsh who also broke the Men's Solo Record that evening with 21:49.

It's mildly amusing that there is also some competition at the bottom & not much in the middle!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sunday Rides May

This sunday we went to Sumnerponds at Barnsgreen in the sun. Very windy and hard work out, but very fast back. Me, Dave B, Wayne,Mike M and Stuart D were out. 60 miles for me and back by 1.30. Very quiet at the ponds even tho it bank holiday. Sat on the veranda eating eggbaconbaps and coffee. Wayne and I hung on the back as Dave Stuart and Mike showed their old prowess and charged for home. Chasing each other down like pros! The week before we went to Westerham using the route through Betchworth and Lonesome Lane. Very hilly but quiet route. Another hot day. Stuart,Dave,Lee, Joe and Rachel and I were out. 60 miles. All good training. This sunday coming most of us are doing the 25TT with a record field of Phoenix entered! We have a very good chance of winning the interclub trophy, as the top 6 times count. Dave will lead a ride from Horton at 9 to Tanhouse farm to meet up with the racers for 11s.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Eve 10 #3 - start sheet

Kingston Phoenix Road Club
10 Mile Club Time Trial
Evening 10 #3 G10/42
Wednesday May 14th 2014
Start Sheet

No  Name               Hcp    VetStd     Start
1   Ann Bath          10:45    33-18    19:30
2   Patrick Ryan      10:15    30-30    19:30:30
3   Grant Pyke         8:15    34-22    19:31
4   Ken Williams      12:15    33-50    19:31:30
5   Alex Kew           2:45    26-18    19:32
6   Sam Pickup        12:45    27-33    19:32:30
7   Mark McNamara     13:45    33-50    19:33
8   David Watt         2:15             19:33:30
9   Florence Hallett   8:00             19:34
10  Philip Burgin      9:15    30-16    19:34:30
11  Deborah Hurst      9:45    29-48    19:35
12  Helene Hill       14:15    32-00    19:35:30
13  Jenni Chapman     10:00    27-59    19:36
14  Simon Waller       5:15             19:36:30
15  Robyn Yates       Addiscombe        19:37
16  Simon Trehearn     2:15    25-30    19:37:30
17  Jake Dodd          4:45    29-48    19:38
18  Steve Hillier      5:00    28-52    19:38:30
19  Mike Morley        5:45    33-02    19:39
20  Marcus Edwards     0:30    27-33    19:39:30
21  James Roberts      3:45             19:40
22  Russell Williams   2:00    27-33    19:40:30
23  Andy Huddart      Clarencourt       19:41
24  Stuart Pearce      Scr              19:41:30
25  Simon Tottle       4:45    27-46    19:42

Awards: 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Hcp 1st, 2nd & 3rd Fastest
1st Woman

The weather forecast currently looks a bit iffy, so please try to ensure that you have a working rear light on your bike. If it looks like we will have to cancel then I will send out an e mail on Wednesday and put a post on the blog. Hopefully, that will not be necessary.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Giro Mountain Stages

The Giro heads into the mountains this weekend, and I thought people might be interested in the email I received yesterday, showing the work that is being done to clear the Gavia and the Stelvio.  No more snow is forecast, so we can expect some spectacular pictures as the peleton goes through.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

SE Women's Championship RR - Result

May 17, 2014 - Surrey League/Kingston Phoenix - Kirdford - BC SE Open Womens Championship - EW/1W/2W/3W - 45 miles

Pos  Name                  Club/Team              Cat   Time
1    Louise Moriarty       Look Mum No Hands!     2W    1:58:00
2    Abigail Dentus        Team De Very Cycles    2WJ
3    Clemence Copie        Mule bar Girl - Sigma  1W
4    Elise Sherwell        Look Mum No Hands!     3W
5    Laura Greenhalgh      Twickenham CC          2W
6    Nicole Oh             Les Filles RT          2W
7    Jennifer Crouch       London Dynamo          3W
8    Mhairi Mackenzie      London Phoenix         3W
9    Detta Guerrini        Boom Cycle CC          3WV
10   Catherine Hills       WyndyMilla             2WV
11   Clare Gillott         Les Filles RT          2W
12   Lizzy Brama           Brighton Mitre         3W
13   Patricia Keegan       London Dynamo          3W
14   Tamina Kate Oliver    ENDURA Lady Force      1W
15   Susan Freeburn        WyndyMilla             2WV
16   Helen Ralston         Les Filles RT          3W
17   Delia Beddis          Les Filles RT          2W
18   Elizabeth Malins      Fusion RT              1W
19   Lucy Chittenden       East St Cycles         2W
20   Niki Kovacs           Brixton CC             2W
21   Laura Cheesman        RP Racing              2WJ
22   Maryka Sennema        Kingston Wheelers      2WV
23   Bella Leach           London Phoenix         2W
24   Jessica Stoddart      Private Member         3W
25   Tamala McGee          London Phoenix         3WV
26   Clover Murray         Braintree Velo         3WJ
27   Maeve Savage          London Dynamo          3W
28   Louise Laker          PMR@Toachim House      3W
29   Chloe Weller          Norwood Paragon CC     3W
30   Alexis Barnes         WyndyMilla             3W
31   Nikki Engelbach       Les Filles RT          2W
32   Mathilde Pauls        Fusion RT              2W
33   Victoria Strila       WyndyMilla             2W
34   Donna Quinnell        London Dynamo          3W
35   Emma Towers           Twickenham CC          2W
36   Aoife Doherty         London Phoenix         3W
37   Louise Marsden        VC Norwich             3W
38   Coralie Glaunes       Les Filles RT          3WV
39   Michelle Sellars      London Phoenix         3W
40   Rachael Cottier       London Phoenix         2W
41   Claire Richardson     London Dynamo          3W
42   Tracy Corbett         London Dynamo          2WV
43   Michelle Forster      London Phoenix         2WV
dnf  Stephania Magri         3W
dnf  Anastasia Welsh       RP Racing              3WJ

Glyn Durrant
Cycle Event Management
Skype: surreyglyn
07740 605661

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Member Profile - Mike Morley

Mike in a Long Eaton Club Hill Climb - 1960
Mike Morley has a long competitive cycling CV and is still a regular tester for the Phoenix over 10, 25 and 50 miles, as well as being seen regularly on the club runs. Mike started cycling in Nottingham as a member of the Long Eaton Paragon. In recent years he has also become known for his collection of interesting millinery   which he wears at every opportunity. Here Mike tells us a little bit about his cycling over the years.

What’s your bike ownership history or what do you currently ride?

My first racing/touring bike was a 3 speed Claude Butler with Benelux gears. It was dreadful and so I switched to fixed gear at the age of 15 in 1956. I also had a 1953 531 Claude Butler Track bike that I acquired second hand. Today I ride a Scott Pro 1, a Specialized Langster, a second hand Van Nicholas Yukon, a Raleigh Randonee and  a Trek MTB.

 How did you start cycling?

My neighbour introduced me to the CTC when I was 14 years old and they had a racing offshoot called the Long Eaton Paragon. My first tour was a week in the Lake District, Youth Hostelling on fixed! We went youth hostelling with a saddle bag for a week. I managed all the well known climbs on 68 inch. It was 150 miles to Kendal from Nottingham and it took 3 of us 12 hours to get there and 10 hours to get back down the A6.

 What made you join Kingston Phoenix?

I was riding with the Surrey Road Club but they went into decline and as Chairman I tried to get them to join with another club, The Sutton Cycle Club,  but I was not allowed by the committee to make any approach so I jumped ship having known Pete Mitchell, Jake Dodd, Simon, Lisa Colombo etc for many years as local CTC Cheam & Morden members, who I also used to ride with. In fact when my son Tim got interested in cycling in 1986 I joined what was then the family section!

 What has been your most memorable cycling experience?
There are many! Perhaps one of the most was my first Continental Tour of the Alps. Five of us flew from Heathrow in 1963 to Geneva and we rode most of the Alpine passes. I was a renowned hill climber in those days and was first over the Petite & Grand St. Bernard plus all the others on my hand built Norman Butler 531 with 10 speed Campagnolo mechs and bar end changers. I still have the bike but it’s in a poor state.

 What has been your worst cycling experience?
Failing to win the National Championship Hill climb on the Winnants pass in Derbyshire. I was already East Midland Hill Climb Champion in 1963 and I was flying that season. I would certainly have medalled but stripped my fixed gear hub on the start line – disaster! And so unlike my son Tim in later years, I never became a National Champion (Tim was National Champion 4 times as a junior and under 23 at both mountain biking and Cyclocross. Like me however, he packed in cycling when he was 22 years old!

 What cycling / sporting achievement are you most proud of?

The 4 most memorable were winning my first Open 100 TT in 1963 in a time of 4hr. 18 min and getting a full page spread in Cycling Weekly. “Morley wins Burton 100”. I also won the Burton & District Cycling Alliance BAR in 1963 and in that same year came 5th in my first 12hr with 253 miles. I also finished 13th in the East Midlands 100 with a time of 4hr 13min beating Gordon Booty, the brother of the famous Ray Booty, who was the first man to go under 4 hours (In the Bath Road 100 on fixed –they were the days)
Regrettably I never went under the hour for a 25 mile tt but in those days I used to do 00’s for both 25 and 50. I still hold the LEPC club record for the Hill Climb on Holly Bank in  Ambergate, catching my minute man Derek Woodings, who used to do 25’s in sub 55 minutes.

What are your plans for the rest of this season or next season?
To try and improve my times with the KPRC club event calendar. Maybe treat myself to a time trial bike or more suitable road bike like a Roubaix? Anyone want to buy a 55mm Scott Pro 1? Ride & complete my first 24 hour time trial.
Win the father & son fastest in Redmon Grand Prix de Gentlemen in 2014. Last year Tim & I came 3rd. The year before 2nd, so we are going backwards!

 Do you have any particular cycling or sporting heroes?
I guess it has to be Ray Booty who was phenomenal and such a nice Guy! (Sadly no longer with us)

 Sum yourself up in three words.
Tight Mean & Controversial

Club/SCCU 10 - start sheet

Southern Counties Cycling Union
10 Mile Club Event
Saturday 17th May 2014
Start Sheet

No  NAME              HCP     VetStd     START
19  Mike Morley       4-00    32-46      06-49
44  Rick Opie         4-30    26-54      07-15
48  Philip Burgin     6-30    30-02      07-18
57  Simon Trehearn    Scr     25-30      07-27
59  Ray Dare          5-30    36-54      07-29
69  Brian Powney      4-00    27-47      07-30
73  Alex Kew          0-45    26-06      07-43

1st Hcp


 Full start list for event here

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Evening 10 #2 Report

With high winds over the weekend making cycling a most risky enterprise, it was nice to see that the forecast for the following Wednesday and the second evening 10 tt was looking almost perfect, but as usual, it would be a case of ‘wait and see’ if the medium range weather forecast would be anywhere near accurate. The last few seasons have seen the early season time trials blighted with poor weather and we are surely owed a good early season weather window or two. This one turned out to be an almost perfect evening and more than we could have hoped for at this time of year. A float night? In May? Who’d have thought it!?

It was our largest ever start list for an evening 10 and even with a few non-starters, a few private time trial riders bulked the field out to 29 riders. For a relatively small club that’s a fantastic turnout and it’s great to see so many members actively racing this year and making the club points harder to earn.

Stuart Pearce was riding for the first time this season and we were hoping to see a battle between him and Marcus Edwards for the top spot. Unfortunately, this did not materialise owing to Marcus puncturing before barely leaving the car park. At least that meant we had his services at the start to push off but on what turned out to be such a fast night this must have been particularly annoying for him. It was a pleasure to see Ken Williams starting his first tt in a while as well as a field of seven female riders including Robyn Williams from the Addiscombe Club riding one of our events for the first time.

The excellent conditions were highlighted by the 9 personal bests achieved, including Stuart’s stunning 21:50, to take the event win. I would think that on a faster course and a bit later in the season Gary Dodd’s 18 year old club record at 21:24 could be broken. Russell Williams took the second spot with his pb in 23:28. Another fantastic performance, remembering that he’s riding a road frame. In full tt set up I am sure that he could comfortably go sub 23. That said, the way he’s riding at the moment he probably doesn’t need it. David Watt took the third spot with a very impressive pb in 23:34. Simon Trehearn continued his consistent form also ducking under 24 minutes with a 23:52 to keep the lead in the Club Scratch Championship.

Jake Dodd made use of the hilly miles that she completed in Majorca to take the win in the female race with a 26:21, with Florence Hallett and Rachel Watkins coming home in second and third, both getting in under 30 minutes.

The other pb riders were myself, frustratingly shy of sub 24, and Simon Tottle, frustratingly shy of sub 26, James Roberts, Jenni Chapman who was 2:04 faster than her first ride over the course a fortnight ago, Patrick Ryan and Rick Opie, despite shipping his chain again! I know he's getting quicker at putting it back on but maybe getting his indexing sorted out, he'll go even faster next time!

A special mention should go to Simon Waller who is putting in some serious miles for his attempt in next month’s 24 hour event, who cycled from Bognor, completed the tt and then cycled back again to complete a very solid day’s training.

Thanks again to James and David for putting out and retrieving the signs, Marcus for pushing off and to Frank for his usual sterling work with the watches.

Sunday ride

This sunday we will be going to Westerham. Leaving at 9 from Horton Park and meeting Florence, Rachel and Joe at top of Pebblecombe Hill at 9.35ish. Would be good to see some new faces out. 30 miles out 17 back. Bit Hilly but a steady pace. Nice tearooms at Westerham.

Eve 10 #2 - result

Wednesday May 14th 2014

No  Name              Time     Hcp     Hcp/T   VStd   Plus   Scr/Hcp   Awards
25  Stuart Pearce     21:50    0:45    21:05                  7 / 2   1st Pl PB
32  Pat Wright        22:22   Kingston Wlrs
17  David French      23:24   Weybridge Wlrs
15  Russell Williams  23:28    1:30    21:58   27:20  +3:52   6 / 2   2nd Pl PB
 5  David Watt        23:34    2:15    21:19                  5 / 2   3rd Pl PB
20  Simon Trehearn    23:52    1:30    22:22   25:30  +1:38   4 / 2
26  Alex Kew          24:04    2:15    21:49   25:42  +1:38   3 / 2    PB
21  John Beer         24:31    2:15    22:16   30:30  +5:59   2 / 2
 7  Andy Huddart      25:10   Clarencourt CC          +3:56
22  James Roberts     25:16    4:00    21:16                  2 / 2    PB
10  Joe Bertorelli    25:56    2:00    23:56   27:59  +2:03   2 / 2
 6  Simon Tottle      26:03    4:00    22:03   27:46  +1:43            PB
11  Jake Dodd         26:21    5:30    20:51   29:48  +3:27   7 / 4   1st W
31  Robyn Yates       26:53   Addiscombe CC
23  Mike Morley       27:30    6:45    20:45   32:46  +5:16   2 / 5   3rd Hcp
12  Rick Opie         27:34    6:15    21:19   26:54  -0:40   2 / 2    PB
33  Richard Addis     27:34    5:15    22:19                  2 / 2
27  Simon Waller      27:49    3:45    24:04                  2 / 2
 8  Ray Dare          28:58    8:30    20:28   36:54  +7:56   2 / 6   2nd Hcp
 1  Florence Hallett  29:19    8:15    21:04                  6 / 2
 2  Grant Pyke        29:29    8:30    20:59   34:06  +4:37   2 / 2
13  Rachel Watkins    29:42    6:45    22:57   30:02  +0:20   5 / 2
18  Philip Burgin     31:04    7:00    24:04   30:02  -1:02   2 / 2
 9  Deborah Hurst     31:19   11:00    20:19   29:34  -1:45   4 / 7   1st Hcp
14  Jenni Chapman     31:25   10:30    20:55   27:59  -3:26   3 / 3    PB
 3  Patrick Ryan      31:50    9:15    22:35   30:16  -1:34   2 / 2    PB
24  Ann Bath          32:32    9:30    23:02   33:02  +0:30   2 / 2
 4  Ken Williams      34:31   11:00    23:31   33:50  -0:41   2 / 2
19  Mark McNamara     36:25   10:15    26:10   33:50  -2:35   2 / 2
16  Brian Powney       DNS     5:30            27:46
28  Phil Todd          DNS     4:00            26:06
29  Gavin Hughes       DNS     4:45            26:42
30  Marcus Edwards     DNS     Scr             27:33

DNS: Adrian Feasby, Steve Hillier, Bob Smith

Brian for handicapping the event
James & David for placing and retrieving the event warning signs round the course again.
Judy as number steward at the finish
Ron & Doreen for taking me back to the A3 after the event.

Frank Cubis


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eve 10 #2 - start sheet

Wednesday May 14th 2014

No  Name                 Hcp     VetStd   Start Time
 1  Florence Hallett     8-15              7-30-30
 2  Grant Pyke           8-30    34-06     7-31
 3  Patrick Ryan         9-15    30-16     7-31-30
 4  Ken Williams        11-00    33-50     7-32
 5  David Watt           2-15              7-32-30
 6  Simon Tottle         4-00    27-46     7-33
 7  Andy Huddart        Clarencourt CC     7-33-30
 8  Ray Dare             8-30    36-54     7-34
 9  Deborah Hurst       11-00    29-34     7-34-30
10  Joe Bertorelli       2-00    27-59     7-35
11  Jake Dodd            5-30    29-48     7-35-30
12  Rick Opie            6-15    26-54     7-36
13  Rachel Watkins       6-45    30-02     7-36-30
14  Jenni Chapman       10-30    27-59     7-37
15  Russell Williams     1-30    27-20     7-37-30
16  Brian Powney         5-30    27-46     7-38
17  Adrian Feasby        6-00              7-38-30
18  Philip Burgin        7-00    30-02     7-39
19  Mark McNamara       10-15    33-50     7-39-30
20  Simon Trehearn       1-30    25-30     7-40
21  John Beer            2-15    30-30     7-40-30
22  James Roberts        4-00              7-41
23  Mike Morley          6-45    32-46     7-41-30
24  Ann Bath             9-30    33-02     7-42
25  Stuart Pearce        0-45              7-42-30
26  Alex Kew             2-15    25-42     7-43
27  Simon Waller         3-45              7-43-30
28  Phil Todd            4-00    26-06     7-44
29  Gavin Hughes         4-45    26-42     7-44-30
30  Marcus Edwards       Scr     27-33     7-45
31  Bob Smith            2-15    25-54     7-45-30
32  Steve Hillier        4-00    28-52     7-46
33  Richard Addis        5-15              7-46-30

If for some reason you will not be starting could you text me (Frank C), please.

Have a good ride on this, our highest ever club event entry

1st, 2nd & 3rd Hcp
1st, 2nd & 3rd Fastest
Fastest Woman

For safety reasons might I request all riders to fit a rear light to their machine - and make sure that it both works and points properly behind you in the event that it is a dull evening and it is needed.

Frank Cubis


Monday, May 12, 2014

FT London 100

Yesterday, I rode the FT London 100. That's miles, not kilometres, a proper Century.  It was a very good ride, though fairly tough in the circumstances.  The forecast had been pretty dreadful, but the delivered weather was rather better.  We did get the strong westerly winds, but almost none of the rain, which was a good thing.

The start was at Dulwich Park. About 2500 riders set off in waves of a few hundred at a time, as is usual with these things.  Well organised and no problems at all.  The route went out through Croydon to the Downs, down the other side and across all the old favourites like Weare Street to the bottom of Pitch Hill in Ewhurst.  This leg was a hard pull into the wind, the next was a bit of a surprise for some  riders, who thought that Box Hill was the only hill in Surrey.  To make sure the point was understood we went over Pitch Hill and Combe Bottom then right down to Ripley, before climbing again to Ranmore.  Much more slowly, now. On the way up an Australian asked how far it was to go, and were there any more big hills.  'About thirty, and only Box Hill' I told him.  'Thirty K?'.  'No, miles'.  'Jeez, Box Hill'.  That's global recognition for you.

There was a timed 'King of the Mountains' up Box Hill, but I left that to the younger folk and just did a steady ride.  Then it was over the top and down through Chipstead when the good bit effectively ended.  From here it was a scrabble through the suburbs back to Herne Hill, about ten miles through South London's finest, out for some Sunday retail therapy in their cars.  To be fair to the organisers the route was not too bad and was well marshalled, but it was the least enjoyable bit for me.  Not for all, I suspect - I'm sure my Australian friend felt he was getting a genuine London experience - and the 'lap of honour' at Herne Hill went down very well indeed.

So, round the Velodrome, congratulations and a nice medal, then home for tea.

The ride was organised by Human Race, who do lots of Sportives, Marathons and so on.  It showed.  Organisation was slick, friendly and low key.  Timing chips and numbers came in the post a couple of weeks before, everything worked, and your time arrived by text about five seconds after you crossed the line.  Marshalling and signposting were excellent and there were three feed stations, which I didn't bother with.  Audax teaches me to be self-sufficient, I guess. Very well run.

My time was OK, middle of the field, but good in my age group.  I've a hatful of excuses as to why I could have gone faster, but that's what the clock said on the day.

The event also begs comparison with the Prudential London 100.  At 2500 riders it's certainly not small, but that's a lot less than 20,000, and the scale and logistics reflect that, for good and ill.  The FT 100 course is much harder - I clocked more than 8000 feet of climbing - and the roads aren't closed, so you don't get the fast pelotons that you get on the Prudential 100.  So it's slower.  Which one should you pick?  Well, do both is the obvious answer!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ladies Roadrace this sat 17th May

We are running the Southeast Divisional Championship Ladies Roadrace again this year. Same course, different Venue. Its Loxwood Sports club Plaistow Road RH14 where the course starts by the pond. 1.30 start time.  Brian still needs some marshalls, so if he has not contacted you and you are able to help then phone or email. I think cakes are needed too for the cake stall. I think there is a group ride going out there led by Brian. We will be down the club room this thur to talk it over.

The cover of Spring's Arrivee

As John mentioned on the Forum

Friday, May 09, 2014

Mike also managed a few miles

The problem with Majorca is that there's too much food!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Cycling time Trial Podcast

Michael Hutchinson
While surfing iTunes the other day I came across a relatively new podcast specifically on time trialling, hosted by American, Mark Florence. Last week was a very interesting interview with Michael Hutchinson and this week he and Michael are discussing the time trial stages of some of the Grand Tours. Worth half an hour of your time and free to download to your device.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Isle of Wight Randonnee

May Bank Holiday, so off to the Isle of Wight, as usual, to ride the Randonnee.  This year's ride was the best for a long time in terms of weather, and attracted a record number of entrants - over 2000.  The route was clockwise, as is now standard, to avoid bike jams at the Chain Ferry.  However, this year it didn't matter, as the Chain Ferry was out of service.  The fall-back route along the River Medina was well signposted and marshalled by the IoW Wayfarers.

A very enjoyable ride, and not all that easy.  We did just over 69 miles at a rolling average of 12.3mph.


Saturday, May 03, 2014

Womens Tour of Britain on ITV4 from 9pm this Wednesday

Womens Tour of Britain on ITV4 at 9pm each night from this Wednesday

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Evening 10 #1 Report

Despite the warnings from Frank about the possibility of post-apocalypse type weather adorning the A24 for this first evening 10, it turned out that it didn't materialise and actually, for April, the weather was excellent. A bit of a headwind on the outward leg but relatively warm and no rain; it was definatley as good as it was going to get for this time of year.

This turned out to be a really full field, baring in mind that we were not sharing the event with the Wheelers, and therefore it was excellent to see 20 starters. Even better was the fact that we had 5 female riders, with new members Sam Pickup and Jenni Chapman taking the start in their first tt and Ann Bath returning after a tt absence of 3 years. This is really encouraging and hopefully we will see the ladies battling it out for the honours this season.

Marcus was back for his first event of the season. Apparently he hadn't done much over the winter but after his result last night I am not sure that I believe him! With Russell Williams and Simon Trehearn both on the start list it was going to be interesting to see if Russell could keep his nose in front of Simon in this event, with another cluster of riders, myself, John Beer, David Watt and Simon Waller, all potentially within a few seconds of each other.

And so it proved. Marcus was off the front with a low 23! A great ride so early in the season. He must have had that motor in his Scott frame cranked right up!  ;-) Russell was still on top form, pipping Simon by 10 seconds for second place and the next three riders were all within 5 seconds of each other! I think all these riders could be pushing each other all season long and it could be anyone's guess as to the destination of the trophies at the end of the season.

The women's event saw Florence Hallett take the win, with Ann Bath in second and Jenni Chapman taking a third place in her first ever time trial. I am sure that we will see both Jenni and Sam bringing their times down as the season progresses and with Jake absent from this one, it has allowed some of these ladies the chance to close the gap on her lead at the moment.

In the handicap event, Rick Opie took the win, despite shipping his chain, with Simon Tottle in second and Grant Pyke third.

A special mention to James and David for putting out and retrieving the event warning signs and good luck to David who will be racing a half ironman triathlon next weekend. As usual, this wouldn't happen without Frank on the stopwatches and Brian doing the handicapping. Thank you all.

Mallorca 2014

Looks like plenty of good weather...

some cycling,
a pool,

coffee stops,
terrific climbs,
pretty scenery... ...and Gary!

I understand that Gary won the Tolo's Bar Hilly TT in 20:06.
I'm guessing that it went up to the viewpoint.

The Mallorca trip isn't intended to be a cliquey thing - any and all members are welcome to join in, but you need to make it known in advance that you are interested. As a rule the trip is booked sometime around September, or maybe a little later - although it is possible for people to book themselves to be out there at the same time as the group if the are late to the party. Ask the existing members about it - we've been going for 30 years so many members have been at one time or another. There's potential for non-cycling spouses to enjoy an early season pool holiday as well.


Evening 10 #1 - April 30 - Result

Wednesday April 30th 2014

No   Name               Time    Hcp/Time  Plus  Scr/Hcp  Awards
25  Phil Ember         21-57   Kingston Wheelers
15  Marcus Edwards     23-04    23-04    +4:29    7/2    1st Fastest
21  Russell Williams   24-15    23-15    +3:05    6/2    2nd Fastest
10  Simon Trehearn     24-25    23-29    +0:56    5/2    3rd Fastest
16  Alex Kew           25-02    23-02    +0:40    4/2
11  John Beer          25-06    22-36    +5:24    3/5
17  David Watt         25-07    22-52             2/4
12  Simon Waller       26-45    24-00             2/2
18  Simon Tottle       26-53    22-23    +0:53           2nd Hcp
23  James Roberts      26-53    24-08             2/2
24  Brian Powney       27-42    23-12    +0:04    2/2
 5  Adrian Feasby      28-53    24-38             2/2
19  Rick Opie          29-18    21-48    -2:11    2/7    1st Hcp
 7  Florence Hallett   31-03    24-33             7/2    1st Woman
14  Ray Dare           31-17    23-17    +5:37    2/2
 8  Grant Pyke         31-30    22-30    +2:36    2/6    3rd Hcp
 1  Ann Bath           32-34    24-34    +0:28    6/
 9  Jenni Chapman      33-29    22-59    -5:30    5/3    PB   1st TT
 3  Deborah Hurst      34-05    23-35    -4:31    4/
13  Sam Pickup         35-57    28-42    -8:37    3/2    PB   1st TT
 2  Mark McNamara       DNS (Apol)
 6  Gavin Hughes        DNS (Apol)
22  Bob Smith           DNS (Apol)
 4  Amanda Pearce       DNS
20  Stuart Pearce       DNS

Simon Tottle gets the £3 for 2nd Hcp but as he is 2nd claim member receives no club event points

Brian Powney for handicapping the event
James & David for placing and retrieving the event warning signs round the course
Judy Margery as number steward at the finish
Ron & Doreen Powney for taking me back to the A3 after the event.

Frank Cubis