Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tour of Wessex

Is anyone interested in doing this ride on 27 May? It costs £20 to enter the 100 mile event (there are also 50 and 25 mile routes), which for anyone mad enough to consider it, can form the first stage of a 3-day cyclo-sportive, averaging 100 miles a day. I am told the route is fantastic and from looking at the website, the event looks very well-organised with lots of support (including mechanical!), so it sounds well worth the slightly steep entry fee. These events got booked up quickly – for further info go to:

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Invite to Quiz Night by Addiscombe CC

We have received an invite from the Addiscombe CC to join them at their clubroom on the 8th Feb at 8pm, for a quiz night.

The location can be found on multimap here

A number of people have expressed their intention of going: Pete, Simon & Jen, Jake, Ron & Doreen.

Anyone else like to join them.....?

If you need any further info contact me.


Amy passed the invite on - she says:
"Roger Chambers (East Surrey CTC) has organised a cycling quiz at their/Addiscombe clubroom on 8th February, Addiscombe v CTC and other clubs. 8.15 for 8.30. No charge but apparently there are prizes. Please get a team together and come along."

Long distance riding anyone?

Hi everyone,

A couple of websites for you.

If any one is interested in doing some Audax rides this year and clocking up a few miles then have a look at http://www.audax.uk.net/cal/index.htm

I've been using this free website for a couple of weeks now to log all of the rides that I have done. Great idea to help the training and climb the websites leader board.


Happy cycling


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Phx Events 2006

Jan 2006


No Date Event Dist Course Start Closing Date

(1) Sun 19th March Medium Gear 25 G25/47 08-30 Thu 9th March
Sat 25th March ** SCCU Sporting 10 G10/46 14-00 Tue 14th March

Sun 26th March ** SCCU Sporting 25 G25/48 09-00 Tue 14th March

Sat 29th April KPRC Open Events 10 G10/42 13-45 Tue 18th April

(2) Wed 3rd May Evening 10 G10/42 19-30 Thu 20th April

Sun 14th May ** Norwood Paragon 25 G25/53 06-30 Tue 2nd May

(3) Wed 17th May Evening 10 G10/42 19-30 Thu 4th April

Sat 20th May ** SCCU 10 G10/57 06-00 Tue 9th May

(4) Sun 21st May I/C 10 G10/42 07-00 Thu 11th May

(5) Wed 31st May Evening 10 G10/42 19-30 Thu 18th May

(6) Sun 11th June I/C 25 G25/53 07-50 Thu 1st June

(7) Wed 14th June Evening 2 up T.T.T. 10 G10/42 19-30 Thu 1st June

(8) Sun 25th June Kingston – Worthing 46 GS/476 06-00 Thu 15th June

(9) Wed 28th June Club Championship 10 G10/42 19-30 Thu 15th June

Sat 1st July KPRC Open Event 15 G15/42 14-00 Tue 20th June

Sun 2nd July ** SCCU 50 G50/53 06-00 Tue 20th June

(10) Wed 12th July Evening 10 G10/42 19-30 Thu 29th June

Sun 16th July ** Bec C.C. 25 G25/53 06-30 Tue 4th July

Sun 23rd July ** SCCU 100 G100/59 06-00 Tue 11th July

(11) Wed 26th July Evening 10 G10/42 19-30 Thu 13th July

(12) Wed 9th Aug Evening 10 G10/42 19-30 Thu 27th July

Sun 13th Aug ** Anerley C.C. 50 G50/53 06-00 Tue 1st Aug

Sun 20th Aug ** ECCA 12hr E2/12h 05-00 Tue 8th Aug

(13) Sun 3rd Sep Hilly 12 + Hill Climb 12 GS/281 09-00 Thu 24th Aug

Sun 10th Sep ** SCCU 25 G25/53 07-00 Tue 29th Aug

(14) Sun 17th Sep Consolation 25 G25/47 08-00 Thu 7th Sep

Club Events Other Than ** £2

The 10 Events **. If five or more Phoenix riders enter, will be classed as a Club Event. But must be entered individually on a Cycling Time Trials, entry form. Obtainable from the Time Trial Sec.

Frank Cubis

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday 22nd

Mike and Joe joined me this week for a quick blast. The ride took us on the usual Saturday route before doing a complete lap of the Hungary Hill circuit. We briefly stopped at Wisley (Seems familiar) for tea.
A very brisk pace back had Mike struggling up the hill to Malden Rushett. But I note that he was not too far behind.

Mud, Mud Glorious Mud. Andy gets off the hard stuff.

Well here is the game. Every week I have been having a play with the road boys and girls. But lately, there has been this growing band of people who disappear into the woods and emerge muddy and happy an hour or so later. They mutter something about no traffic and being at one with nature.
Anyway I decided to join in the fun. Pete Mitchell held the opinion that this would be easy, I figured that after hijacking the roadies last week by taking them over part of a the lap around Hungary Hill, that this could be a new game, and if the pace is to slow and these guys are slacking, I will do something about it and report back to Sergeant Pete.

So there I was on Saturday with a brand new MTB. Not a spot of dust on it. The roadies went away, with our new conscript Heather (welcome). While we set off on the softer ground. First problem is that the stupid gears are different to what I am used to. After a bit of fiddling I soon found a gear that worked and didn’t leave me with a gear so low that I hardly moved. However there are plenty of people on the ride with off road experience to advise cadence and gearing and position.
The only real fear I had was dealing with soft mud. If you hit this on a road bike with skinny tires, you normally come to a complete stop very quickly. Not so with the magnificent beasties fitted to my GT. You hit the mud and the tires just sink slowly in. Providing that you keep peddling you (should) soon find yourself on the other side. Of course if the person in front of you stops peddling and err stops, then you have to quickly get a foot down. But I soon found that restarting on very soft ground almost impossible. Some of the climbs proved interesting as the rear wheels struggled to get grip. Pete I can report that this is hard work.
We were just about to hit the next batch of soft ground south of Leatherhead when trouble occurred. Jens rear tyre had split along the sidewall. A crowd of scratching chins and furrowed brows soon formed, and eventually with a bit of British ingenuity a temporary repair was affected in the hope that she could continue. However after a mile it soon became apparent that all was not well and Jen might have to walk back. Fortunately we were not too far from Paul and Ken Days house. So Simon and Jen made their way there for tea, cake and a tyre to get home on. This left us with a problem, as we now had no run leader. Fortunately David Croggen took the leaders cap and armed with Simons map took our group onwards.

It was while we had stopped the first time that I had a call from our newbie Heather. Who had somehow got detached from the rest of the road ride. She had the instruction to follow the road straight on. Which she did not realising that eventually the rest had turned left in Cobham. Poor Heather had got almost up to A3 before heading back and calling me. Anyway well done Mark Mc for coming back to find her. Heather it will all be extra miles for you chart.

Eventually the Off roaders had found their way to Effingham, and a short tarmac ride to Café stop. We arrived as the roadies were leaving.

The ride back!

Ok what idiot gave me the map. As we were running so late David and a few others had to go back quickly. So I found myself the keeper of the map and run leader. Please bear in mind gentle reader that this is my first time off road. Accompanying me was Jackie, who was here because she has worn out her road bike, Grant and Chrystal. It seemed a good idea to head off into the woods. I figured that we would come out somewhere and only had to hold a straight line. The woods gave way to soft sand and soon people started to not pedal. Then there was this debate amongst the troops about me not knowing the way. “Not know the way!” I said to the mutineer, “I have the map”. What they didn’t know was that we were not on the map that I was holding. Eventually we found our way to the tower at the top of the hill. On the other side was mud road that took us on a little bridge over the M25 (it is not on my map at home). A quiet lane then took us across country to another series of tracks that eventually led us out to Stoke D’Abernon.

Not wanting to give up my new found hunger for all things dirty, I identified another path that would take us up towards Oxshot. OK we lost the path. But this very nice man with very fierce looking dog pointed out a path. Ahhh more mud and this time, styles! This led to a very muddy path that offered an equal chance of falling into fierce brambles or a barbed wire fence.

Sadly Oxshott marked the end of anymore serious mud and so we enjoyed a fast ride on Jackie’s wheel (boy was it fast!) back to the park where we had the last little taste of soft ground before saying our goodbyes

Next week I will find out about falling off.

Winter Warmer

What a turnout on saturday! 22 riders, 5 steady, 9 offroad & 8 brisk. Newcomers this week included Steve, Liz, Toni, Nigel, Derek & Heather who between the five of us we managed to lose at Stoke D'Abernon, she is a lot smarter than usual and managed to phone Andy who contacted me and we were reunited much to my relief! Wisley tea hut for coffee etc but what happened to the offroad group? they hadn't arrived when I left at 12 noon

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Corrections to the AGM information

Trophy winners 2005: Joe Bertorelli is wrongly listed as the winner of the Doug Pentney Memorial Trophy for the fastest 25 of 2005. Obviously as Stuart Pearce rode the fastest 25 of the year - 1:0:32 he is the winner of the trophy.

Also the Women's 100 Team Record: Jake Mitchell has, of course, been Jake Dodd for some years now........

Can't see the wood for the trees! No doubt there will be other corrections.


Redmon Reliability Trial - 5th Feb

From Paul Scaplehorn of the Redmon CC:

"Hi, I've just taken over as secretary of the Redmon and thought I'd drop you a line to ask if you could let your members know that we're holding a reliability trial on Sunday 5th February starting at about 08:30. It's sixty glorious miles around the Surrey Hills. Cost is £1 and we have got parking and toilet facilities available at the start which is at Hill House, Bishopsford Road (which is just down the road from Rosehill Roundabout). It would be good to see some of the Phoenix there. Great web-site!"
Anyone interested......?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Barn Dance 4th March

Just to let you all know that the tickets are available for the annual barn dance at Banstead Community Hall. At £10 per person, including a meal with dessert and tea/coffee it is not only a bargain but a great night out. (Children under 18 are free)

I will bring them along to the AGM tomorrow, and to the Hand in Hand on 29th January. If you can't make either of these, just give me a bell on 0208 394 2665.

See you there!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sunday 15th

After “Hijacking” the club run on Saturday, I invited anyone who would care to join me for a gentle blast on Sunday Morning. Jackie and Mike joined me both complaining of tired legs. I must admit that I was grateful that they were both not feeling fresh as I had a very long and wet ride home after Saturday and “The engine room” was threatening rebellion.
We decided on a gentle ride due south looping around Leigh to end up climbing the Zigzag for a cup of tea at the Café at the top of Box Hill. Jackie, despite feeling tired was in very strong form and just rode away on all the climbs.

There we were greeted by a fine turnout from the London Dynamo who had 20 or so riders out all in club kit. Sadly we left them in disarray as one of them discovered a broken seat post as he picked his bike up for the return journey. I hope that he managed a safe and pain free ride home.

For those who were puzzled by the activity of people with Telescopes outside Horton Park on Saturday and Sunday. Well they were Twitchers (bird spotters) who had come to see a rare sighting of a pair of Waxwings. These are visiting from Scandanavia, and were feeding on berrys growing in the area.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Don,t forget the AGM this thur at club room. I will be there to dish out tickets for dinner , so bring your forms and cheque book. 8pm sharp. Jake

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jan 14th Winter Warmer

Very good turnout today 9 mountain bikers lead by Simon on a very, very muddy route that came out in fetcham with a short road ride to Stoke D'Abernon garden centre. Grant lead 8 roadies on the usual route but was highjacked by Andy Avis who took them up Hungry hill arriving shattered but happy! for an elongated coffee break with the others.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nat Champ 100 Medal 2005

Ann collecting her age-related medal, won in the National Championship 100 TT in 2005, at Champions Night last weekend.

Also close-up views of the medal:

Monday, January 09, 2006

First Winter Warmer of the New Year

Saturday 7th January started most uninspiring from a cycling point of view. This was to be my first attendance on the Saturday rides and we woke up to sleety snow. Despite the weather, Pete & I went to the start point - now I know exactly where it is to pinpoint it on the website! Five of us hardy souls were at the car park: us two, Jake and Rachel & Dave. Florence had texted to say she was late as she'd forgotten her seat pack and gone back for the spares. Discretion being the better part of valour the destination was modified to be Stoke D'Abernon garden centre and directions were texted back to Florence.
The ride wasn't too unpleasant, although the cold does sap the energy rather a lot. Florence found the garden centre relatively easily but finding where we hide the bikes was the hard part! Inside wasn't especially warm, but it felt cosy to those of us that hadn't just got out of warm cars - and they do toasted sandwiches as well as my favourite mars-bar-cake.
All in all I think we were all agreed that we enjoyed the jaunt and that the incentive to get out with a group of friends was enough to get us out in the (very) fresh air instead of the easy option of vegetating inside all day away from the weather.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Rollers at the Clubroom

After a lapse of nearly twenty years, competition rollers appeared at the Worcester Park clubroom and were given the run through by Simon and Jackie. The verdict seemed to be that it is hard work however short a burst. The long term plan is a possibility of hosting and taking part in next winter's Roller League.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Re: New Years Eve Ride

A really good mornings ride.
Thanks to Si for planning and leading the ride helped by Andy and Paul.
Thanks also for the good company on route provided by Jen and Brian. Looking forward to my next opportunity to join you all which will be mid feb.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years Eve ride

The last day of 2005 gave Phoenix members and friends another excuse to pass round the mulled wine at the start of their Saturday ride.

The roadies set off towards Oxshott and Esher, while the off-road alternative crossed Horton Country Park hoping to emerge into Chessington via the ancient Castle Hill but just missing!

Onward through Barwell Court and over the A3 via a surprisingly wide bridge considering the road status. Onto Claygate Common and Birchwood Lane (a muddy track!) circling round to Arbrook Common where we got severely bogged down trying to follow the electric pylons.

Once across the A244 the pylon route improves dramatically and becomes a lofty, undulating and sandy track. Ideal off-roading and good practise, especially for Joe B on his cyclo-cross bike.

A special commendation here to Brian Starey, our guest from the Clarencourt CC, who engaged himself wholeheartedly into our somewhat adventurous and inevitably muddy explorations. He was rewarded however, with a new route, thanks to Andy & Paul Day's local knowledge across West End Common offering fine views of the River Mole before a rapid descent, still off-road to Garsons Farm for 11s.

For anyone who hasn't tried it, off-roading is a fine way to enjoy your cycling through Winter.
Keep fit, have fun and escape the worst of the cutting winds and drizzling rain.

As Simon & Jen are going to Derby this coming Saturday to the CTT prize presentation, an off-road alternative is in doubt, but this is an opportunity for someone to take the reins and drive the off-road machine forward.