Monday, June 25, 2007

Nicole Cooke

Nicole Cook wins Tour de France again.
Read it on
and also here

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cakes for Fab 15 next sat

I am tea lady next week and need to ask all you fab cake makers for a cake for my stall. Either bring it to the race or out to the club 10 on wed.
Thank you so much.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Kingston - Worthing start sheet

SUNDAY 24th June 2007


2. Mark McNamara 42-00 06-02
4. Florence Hallett 23-00 06-04
6. David Croggon 22-00 06-06
8. Jen Mitchell 20-00 06-08
10. Jake Dodd 20-00 06-10
12. Steve Hillier 17-00 06-12
14. Rachel Croggon 18-00 06-14
16. Ray Dare 13-30 06-16
18. John Beer 10-00 06-18
20. Mike Garnham 12-00 06-20
22. Damian Arnold PTT 06-22
24. Andy Avis 2-00 06-24
26. Jackie Townsend 13-00 06-26
28. Paul Bishop PTT 06-28
30. Simon Mitchell 4-00 06-30
32. Joe Bertorelli Scr 06-32
34. Gary Dodd PTT 06-34

1st Fastest, Derek Mason Memorial Trophy
2nd Fastest
1st & 2nd Handicap
1st Fastest Woman

START in Kingston just north of A307 in High Street. South of Apple Market just before police station on crown of small river bridge.
CONTINUE south over small roundabout (care) onto A307 Esher bound.
In 1 mile turn left at traffic lights into Brighton Road, Surbiton A243.
CONTINUE on A243 across A3 (Ace of Spades) through Hook, Chessington towards Leatherhead, bear left using Leatherhead By-Pass still on A243, under M25 to 2nd Roundabout straight on, but now on A24.
KEEP ON A24 to the FINISH. (****** Except Farthings Hill, Broadbridge Heath)
USING all by-passes, Mickleham, Dorking, Capel, Horsham, Southwater & Ashington By-Passes. Up Washington Hill to Findon, and Offington Corner Rbt. junction with A27 CEMETARY on the RIGHT.
AT this point you are 500 YDS from the finish. At this roundabout BEAR LEFT A24/A27
Finish at 30mph sign by Hillside Avenue, Worthing.
There are a number of traffic lights on the course. Be very, very, careful.

Do Not Stop At The Finish, but continue to next rbt, (with traffic lights), were 1st exit into Hill Barn Road, (NOT THE A27) there is a car park approx ½ mile along on the right.
We decided this is a better parking area than Broadwater Green.

****** London South insists (for safety reasons). You must use the slip road up to Farthings Hill roundabout and continue south, to rejoin A24 again, if you fail to do this you will be disqualified.

Breakfast is booked as usual at MACARI’S 24-25 Marine Parade. A few yards east of Worthing pier.

Frank Cubis

Good Luck and a safe ride to all.

Championship 10 - start

WEDNESDAY 27th JUNE 2007 - G10/42

2. Jake Dodd 5:00 27:59 19:31:00
3. Steve Hillier 6:00 19:31:30
4. Mark McNamara 8:30 32:00 19:32:00
5. Andy Avis 1:15 26:18 19:32:30
6. Ray Dare 4:15 35:12 19:33:00
7. Jen Mitchell 4:45 28:25 19:33:30
8. Ann Bath 5:15 31:30 19:34:00
9. Emma Potter 7:30 19:34:30
10. Joe Bertorelli Scr 26:42 19:35:00
11. Jackie Townsend 3:00 19:35:30
12. Mike Garnham 4:30 19:36:00
13. David Croggon 5:00 27:07 19:36:30
14. Nina Kite 6:30 19:37:00
15. Ben Pearce Scr 19:37:30
16. Simon Mitchell 1:30 26:18 19:38:00
17. Rachel Croggon 4:30 28:38 19:38:30
18. Grant Pyke 5:00 32:30 19:39:00
19. Florence Hallett 5:30 19:39:30
20. Stuart Pearce Scr 19:40:00
21. Peter Edwards 2:15 30:30 19:40:30

If the age standards are incorrect, this will be adjusted. I will bring the Vets chart out with me.

(This is the only event where age is an asset)

Fastest Man Championship Medal
Fastest Woman Championship Medal
Fastest Vet O.A.S. Championship Medal
First on Handicap Championship Medal

Frank Cubis

Tour de France - Prologue Day

Once again we have had a kind invite from the Kingston Wheelers, this time for the Tour de France Prologue:

"If any of the Phoenix want a base to watch the Prologue then please see below.

So far we have about 80 of the Wheelers/Family/Friends coming but it is big enough for more. The only small problem is that there will be very little bike parking.

RICS will be opening the doors of 12 Great George Street - please note that the time trial race itself does not start until 1500.
Front doors open 1200 through to 1800."

Various hospitality will be available - further details from Lisa (by email, and I will be in touch the week before!)

I guess that we should let Lindsay know numbers in advance, so let me know if you are interested.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Would you go cycle touring on this bike?

Hi everyone,

Thought you might be interested in this website

Good luck to all of you racing during the next two weeks. I'm off to Slovenia tomorrow till 30th June. As usual there be plenty of mountains for me to climb and descend :)

See you in July.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Eve 10 #4: "Up TTT - Result


1 Mike Morley/Tim Morley 27-30
2 Jackie Townsend/Andy Avis 24-56 2nd Team
3 Florence Hallett 28-56
43 Emma Potter 31-51
4 Lisa Colombo/Pete Mitchell 29-31
5 Rachel Croggon/Joe Bertorelli 25-43
45 Mark McNamara 32-02
6 Christine Costiff/Nigel Costiff 27-06
7 Jake Dodd/Paul Day 26-30 Nearest Ave Time
8 Stuart Pearce/Ben Pearce 23-06 1st Team
41 Matt Chapman 25-25
9 Ann Bath/Grant Pyke 28-47
10 Ray Dare/John Beer 26-07
42 Rob Crozier 23-46
44 Jason Simpson 23-26
11 Steve Hillier 30-47

Kingston Wheelers
12 Richard Williamson/Thorsten Klassen 24-56
13 James Beaumont/Lawrence Smith 21-36
14 Ben Elliott 23-59
15 Colin Gray 25-26
16 Steve Calland/Doug Kenett 20-44
17 Marcus Brueton 24-48
18 Daniel Sibbick 21-57
19 Naz Peralta/Alan Sherman 23-29
20 Joe Holder/Glen Gilbert 26-01

All Phoenix Riders To Receive 2 Club Event Scratch Points
The average time of the 7 Phoenix Teams was 26min 22sec.
Many thanks to Jake for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course.

Congratulation to all riders for your safe riding in this 2 up Team Time Trial

Frank Cubis

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fabulous Phoenix Fifteen 30th June

Entries are now coming in for the 2007 edition of the Club's Open 15 on 30 June.
Once again I will try and give out a more generous prize list to the women to encourage entries from other clubs. Hopefully we will get another team to pit their strength against the Phoenix Fillies.

There will be a prize for breaking the course record and of course the Prime is back!

(All entrants are now on the Spread Sheet)

There is still plenty of time to enter. Official closing date is Tuesday 19/6/07 on CTT forms.
I will close entries on Friday's post. So I can get the entry form printed.

If members are not riding please would you help with marshalling. I need lots of happy people to ensure that the event goes off well.

A few more added.
I am pleased to see that we have Deborah Percival and our good friends Keith and Tamar who are going to have a go on both Solo and Tandem rides.
Lisa has now given me a spread sheet (top right to place the field on) I will start to fill this in.
Andy 15/6/07

First of the Hounslow have signed up to defend their team award. Although they will not be able to put up a team of three. It has been suggested that I give a prize for Womens Teams of two. So anymore ladies from the Addiscombe?

A 18/6/07

There is now a team of two Ladies from the Hounslow and the Phoenix...Hooray.
Now if we could get a third Team of Ladies to enter (Addiscombe?)

21/6/07. A few more entries are coming in & phone calls of others promised. Shut off is definitely Saturday Post so I can get the start sheets out on Monday. The spreadsheet (Top right) is now in seeded order based on line 1 (10 mile time).

23/6/07. A few more entries have come in over the weekend. If anyone else wants to enter then they will have to give me their entry by hand. before tommorow (Sunday) evening.
I must congratulate RT316 who have been trying to get as many of their club to enter.

I still need marshals to help guide the riders around the course. So if you are free and want to help, please let me know.

24/6/07. Entries are now all in. Start sheet is posted up (see Spread Sheet to the right). If you spot any errors or if I have missed anyone out. Please let me know ASAP.
As ever I am still in need of Marshals.

2Up - Start Sheet


1 & 1 Tony Tugwell/Mark McNamara 19:31
2 & 2 Jackie Townsend/Andy Avis 19:32
3 & 3 Florence Hallett/David Croggon 19:33
4 & 4 Lisa Colombo/Pete Mitchell 19:34
5 & 5 Rachel Croggon/Joe Bertorelli 19:35
6 & 6 Jen Mitchell/Simon Mitchell 19:36
7 & 7 Jake Dodd/Paul Day 19:37
8 & 8 Stuart Pearce/Ben Pearce 19:38

Unless the 4 riders decide to pair up, they will ride solo,
probably No’s 9-12
Grant Pyke
John Beer
Ray Dare
Ann Bath

1st & 2nd Fastest Team
Team nearest to average time.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Interclub 25 - result

SUNDAY 10th JUNE 2007
G25/53 (Broadbridge Heath)

1. Grant Pyke        1:11:34  11:00 1:00:34  4/2
3. Rachel Croggon 1:09:34 13:45 55:49 6/7
5. Ann Bath DNS
7. Mark McNamara 1:23:57 26:00 57:57 2/3
9. Andy Avis 1:01:33 3:00 58:33 7/2 1st Fastest
13. Jen Mitchell DNS
15. Florence Hallett 1:12:25 14:30 57:55 4/4
17. Lisa Colombo 1:23:47 25:00 58:47 3/2
19. Simon Mitchell 1:03:04 1:30 1:01:34 6/2 2nd Fastest
21. Jackie Townsend 1:06:32 9:30 57:02 7/6 3rdF/1st W/2nd Hcp
23. Jake Dodd 1:10:46 13:00 57:46 5/5 3rd Hcp
25. David Croggon 1:12:50 14:30 58:20 3/2
27. Tony Tugwell DNF 1/0
29. Joe Bertorelli 1:00:13 PTT
31. Paul Day 1:11:28 8:00 1:03:28 5/2
32. John Beer DNF 1/0

Please Note:

Our commitment to Southern Counties marshalling requires us to supply
2 helpers for the 50 on 1st July
2 helpers for the Road Race on 15th July
2 helpers for the 25 on 9th September

Might I have volunteers please. The names below have helped out in the last two years, so I hope it would not be necessary to request their help in 2007.

Pete M, Lisa, Joe, David C, Andy A, Mark M, Ron, Doreen, Rachel, Crystal, Jen, Simon, Jake, Tony T, Ben, Stuart.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Finish

Picture by Noel Manchee

Women's Divisionals 2007 - Result

Pos Name Club/Team Cat
1 Jo Munden VC Meudon 3W
2 Annette McInnes CC Basingstoke 3W
3 Sophie Ruderman Rapha Condor 2W
4 Charlotte Blackman London Dynamo 2W
5 Claire Leonard Brighton Excelsior 3W
6 Nikki Wheeler Velocity the Exercise Deck 1WV
7 Michelle Buck Team QCP 3W
8 Cathy Weiss 4W
9 Joanna Foster Twickenham CC 4W
10 Charlotte McDonald CC Basingstoke 3W
11 Louise Dutch VofW5 2W
12 Farah Azirar Team QCP 2W
13 Jenny Lloyd-Jones London Dynamo 4W
14 Gundula Hennig Private Member 4W
15 Trudi Sammons Reading CC 2W
16 Samantha Jones 3W
17 Jake Dodd Kingston Phoenix 3W
18 Maria David Pearson Cycles 3W
19 Lisa Scarlett Trisportnews Racing 4W
20 Jen Mitchell Kingston Phoenix 3W
21 Liz Rice London Phoenix 4W
dnf Ruhina Miller VC de Londres 3WJun
dns Anna Grundy
dns Antonia Burt

South East Regional Championship
1 Jo Munden VC Meudon 3W
2 Charlotte Blackman London Dynamo 2W
3 Claire Leonard Brighton Excelsior 3W

Central Regional Championship
1 Cathy Weiss 4W
2 Jenny Lloyd-Jones London Dynamo 4W
3 Trudi Sammons Reading CC 2W

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

Womens Divisional Road Race - Entrants

No Name Club Cat Dist

1. Nikki Wheeler Velocity/the Exercise Desk 1st Sth
2. Cathy Weiss 4th SE
3. Samantha Jones 3rd SE
4. Charlotte Blackman London Dynamo/Cyclefit 2nd SE
5. Liz Rice London Phoenix 4th SE
6. Gundula Hennig Private member 4th
7. Anna Grundy Team Economic Energy 3rd
8. Farah Azirar Team QCP 2nd SE
9. Antonia Burt Twickenham CC 2nd Ctl
10. Joanna Foster Twickenham CC 4th
11. Ruhina Miller (Jun)VC Londres 3rd SE
12. Louise Dutch 4th
13. Jen Mitchell Kingston Phoenix RC 3rd SE
14. Jake Dodd Kingston Phoenix RC 3rd SE
15. Charlotte McDonald CC Basingstoke 3rd
16. Annette McInnes CC Basingstoke 3rd Sth

District key:
Sth - South
SE - South East
Ctl - Central