Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bikes for Snowy Roads

Maggie and I are in Zermatt at the moment, enjoying a family Winter holiday.  It's a car-free town, which is nice, and quite a few people use bikes to get about, despite the snow and ice.

The pictures show a couple parked at the ski-lift this morning.  The Cannondale is pretty typical of what people use - it's an old mountain bike with mudguards and snow tyres.  The white bike has an electric motor in the front hub, which makes going up the numerous hills rather easier.  There are quite a lot of these around, too.  The black plastic tubes at the rear wheel of each bike are to hold your skis - you just stick them in.

The road outside our chalet is pretty steep - steep enough to ski down - but every morning you see plenty of bikes whizzing down to town or to the lifts.  Easier than walking, really.

Happy New Year and an enjoyable 2013 season to all.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sir Wiggo Gold

OK not the best picture I know but the best I could do after the criptic comments about how he looked from the tele picture when he won BBC SP12. I guess that KPRC congratulate Wiggo as I do and to think Tim used to race against him as a 16yr old schoolboy at Cristal Palace. Well done Sir Wiggo!
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

American Pie Night 20 Dec 12

And a very good night was had by all. Well done Jake as ever for encouraging!
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Posting problems


I don't know how you do it - and you are by no means the only person to have this trouble with posting pictures - but it's not something that I have managed to do, so I don't know what goes wrong.

The blog post below is looking on your computer for the pictures, which means that the rest of us are only seeing blank squares, I guess the pictures never uploaded to the blog.

Do you want to try a repost of the pics (and then I'll transfer your text to it and delete this and the other post) - or do you want to email me the pics and I'll post. Although the emailing hasn't been terribly successful because most of my friends that use picasa to email pics to me all seem to have it set to send tiny pictures...



Well done Jake for encouraging the "American Pie" night well attended. The photo's are an impromptu impression of the night. apart from the first photo which was rather contrived and exhibited the odd inscrutable smile! The food was good!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

KPRC Xmas and New year rides

This sat mountain bike ride will end up in Wetherspoons Epsom after Polesdon Lacey if anyone wants to meet up. Dec thur 27th 10.30 mb ride from Horton to meet up with Girls ride which leaves Banstead at 10. Not sure which cafe we will meet up in as yet, or pub :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wiggins Wins


Bradley with wonderful wife - weel done to you both!

From all @ KPRC and the rest of the cycling world wheel done - U R a Star! and a credit to your Nation GB and the rests of Cycling GB!
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CTC Midweek Wayfarers Xmas Lunch 12/12/12

One of those memorable days (12/12/12) long to be repeated. Here is Ron also long to be repeated enjoying his time at his affiliated club CTC MWW annual Xmas lunch at J.D.W'spoons (along with Doreen not shown) with Graham Hill and the redoubtable and lovable Vic White in the background. Though this is unconventional I know (but then I am a "Mad Hatter" as christened by the redoubtable "Pete Mitchell") I would like to pronounce that I voted for Ron at the KPRC AGM in the secret ballot (not so secret any more!). I am also aware that I may have upset a number of members over my suggestion that the AGM should approve the adoption of lifetime members. See my comments on the Forum! Wishing all my fellow KPRC members a Happy Christmas and a very succesful cycling 2013! Cheers also to Bradley Wiggins about also later!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

AGM Paperwork

Click on the images to see a larger - and readable - version!

Annual Reports: click here

If you want to discuss anything on the forum, then do so here


Sunday, December 09, 2012

Saturday Morning Vineries 8 Dec 12

Poor Toni @ it again yet another puncture, he is always so unlucky but a least he had a pice of private lawn on which to repair it at Oxshot - you should have seen the look from the Chelsea tractors as they drove by!

Once at elevenses we were treated to "Bellringers" as the Campanologist's played away. The catch of course was to donate some cash to a good cause!

Meanwhile Ray had made it all the way from Fetcham I think he has decided to take it easy untill Christmas so he can start the season next year fully rested! Quit a reasonable turnout approx 13 on road and 8 off-road!
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