Thursday, July 31, 2008

Racing in Brittany

Some pictures on the C&M blog that would have perhaps been more appropriate on KPRC blog. A good time was had by all at Simon & Jens.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cycle training - volunteers please!

I'm probably talking to the wrong people here but I'm looking for nervous and inexperienced cyclists of all ages to help me out! I have just become provisionally accredited as a National Standards cycling instructor, and I'd really value some practice before I start accepting paid work.

Frankly, I have to say the training was a real eye-opener and I've always considered myself a confident cyclist, so even if you have no worries about your skills on the road, I'd be delighted to share some tips with you ...

So if you have a neighbour thinking about commuting but too worried by traffic, know someone who doesn't know how to ride a bike, or needs some help with route-planning, etc, please put them in touch with me - you'd be doing me (and hopefully them) a big favour.

Thanks a lot


2008 Mersey Roads 24

The Next Generation

I have my grandson in training for the 2024 Olympics, at the moment he can follow a mean wheel but finds overtaking difficult!

Tony T

Monday, July 28, 2008

Committee matters

As the committee know, I have been over-extended this year both with the running of the SCCU 50 and also with more and more pressure at work, thus we haven't had many committee meetings this summer, and I don't have the time for one in the next few weeks.

Fortunately with Frank doing most of the work (ie running the Club Events) there is little that actually needs doing during the year, unless specifics come up to be discussed.

As it happens we have a couple of things to discuss at the moment and my plan for a short committee meeting after the 100 rather went out the window by the time I had finished.

Adding the comments into the main post:

As these things are time critical I'll put the the items to everyone:

First, those of you on Frank's email list may already have read his thoughts on the Consolation 25.
I think that the primary proposition is that we make the SCCU 25 the Club Consolation 25 and abandon the alternative that the District rearranged for us. Although we could still have a 10 on the original date of the Consolation on the G10/42. What do you all think - comment here or email Frank. But he does need a decision before 10 August otherwise we will have no event on the original date of the Consolation 25 (because the police form needs to be submitted in good time).
Brian: "For what it's worth, I say use the SCCU 25 as suggested."
Jake: "I think we should use SCCU 25 as Consolation but need 2 marshalls for it still.
I dont think many would turn up for a sunday 10 in place of Consolation."
Lisa: "There is a 25 at 8am on the H25/8 (Farnham/Alton course) that I can see being attractive to a number of our riders, rather than a 10 that morning - and even possibly over a 25 on either of the G courses."
Steve: "It would be nice if all of our club riders could be set off together (and no I don’t mean as a mass start!) say in a 30 minute period, so that we can meet up afterwards within a reasonable time span. Could this be arranged/encouraged or is this against SCCU/CTT regulations?"
Lisa: "Starting together might be arranged if we are all nice to the organiser"

2. Andy has said that he will not be running the 15 next year.
So we need a volunteer promoter if we are to continue running this event.
Anyone want to volunteer before I start asking people directly ?
Jackie has said that she will not be running the Open 10 next year either, but Jake has said that she will run it and Pete has said he will help with the paperwork (having watched fairly closely as I organised the 50!) Names of Open event organisers need to be submitted soon with the event applications.
Jake: "I am standing down as organiser of club dinner as I am taking over club 10 , so we will need someone to take over this winter!"
Lisa "bugger!"

3. Frank is proposing to have club evening 10s every week during June/July with every other week on a Tuesday if possible (the Addiscombe have first dibs on a Tuesday, for their events - but they are only alternate weeks.) Is this worth his effort?
Jake: "I would like a 10 every week, but would this thin out Phoenix numbers at each race?"
Lisa: "Personally I would have loved to have had 10s every week, some years ago: now I find that it is traumatic getting to the events from work. On the other hand, those of us that do have difficulty getting to Holmwood in time, would have more opportunities to ride, so it must be good thing"

SCCU 100 - result

Southern Counties Cycling Union
Centenary 100
27th July 2008 - G100/59
Club Members RESULT SHEET (not a club event)

7 Ray Dare 5-15-44 67-00 4-07-44 Club Age Record
& National Age Record by 57-15
15 Lisa Colombo 6-44-31 110-00 4-54-30 Puncture
21 Grant Pyke 5-21-24 88-00 3-53-24
29 Jake Dodd 5-03-51 73-00 3-50-51 Club Age Record

Frank Cubis

From Tony Tugwell:
"Well done Ray, however, I think the handicapper was harsh, you break the National Record by 57+ mins, but only finish 3rd out of 4 in the handicap!"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eve 10 #7 - Phoenix Result

WEDNESDAY 23rd July 2008

2 Antonio Coelho 29-08 6-30 22-38 2/3
3 Lisa Colombo 32-31 8-30 24-01 5/2
4 Mark McNamara 30-36 9-30 21-06 2/7 1st Hcp
5 Duncan Folkes 25-51 4-15 21-36 4/6 2nd Hcp
6 Toni d’Italia DNS
7 Florence Hallett 30-35 6-00 24-35 6/2
8 John Beer 25-34 2-30 23-04 5/2
10 Ann Bath DNS
11 Steph Curran 35-45 PTT
12 Steve Hillier 26-28 4-15 22-13 3/5
13 Grant Pyke 28-04 5-30 22-34 2/4
14 Stuart Pearce 23-01 Scr 23-01 7/2 1st Fastest
15 Paul Day 26-28 3-30 22-58 3/2
16 Jake Dodd 27-51 4-45 23-06 7/2 1st Woman
17 Ben Pearce 23-55 Scr 23-55 6/2 2nd Fastest

Many thanks to Ann & Ron for placing and retrieving the Event Warning signs round the course.

The Last Evening 10 is Wednesday 6th August
Frank Cubis

Eve 10 #7 - Result

WEDNESDAY 23rd July 2008

Pos No. Name Club Time
1. 40. Dan Sibbick Wheelers 22-00
2. 35. Steve Saunders Wheelers 22-02
3. 14. Stuart Pearce KPRC 23-01
4. 41. John Coolaham Wheelers 23-11
5. 30. Phil Ember Wheelers 23-17
6. 19. Stefan Cichy KPRC (PTT) 23-45
7. 32. Stew Ward Wheelers (Ful-On Tri) 23-50
8. 17. Ben Pearce KPRC 23-55
9. 34. Chris Gilligan Wheelers 24-12
10. 37. Andrew Tong Wheelers (Ful-On Tri) 24-27
11. 31. Ben Wardle Wheelers 24-34
12. 27. Rupert Bole Wheelers 25-09
13. 43. Chris Hathaway Wheelers 25-16
14. 42. Simon Clasby Wheelers (PTT) 25-19
15. 29. Danny Clifford Wheelers 25-22
16. 33. Gafyn MacMillan Wheelers 25-26
17. 18. Bob Smith KPRC (Iron Head Racing) 25-27
18. 8. John Beer KPRC 25-34
19. 22. Joe Holder Wheelers 25-45
20. 5. Duncan Folkes KPRC 25-51
21. 21. Charlotte East Wheelers 26-19
22= 15. Paul Day KPRC 26-28
22= 12. Steve Hillier KPRC 26-28
24. 24. Nick Bernard Wheelers 27-21
25. 16. Jake Dodd KPRC 27-51
26. 13. Grant Pyke KPRC 28-04
27. 2. Antonio Coelho KPRC 29-08
28. 9. Richard Hoskin KPRC (Redmon CC) 30-27
29. 7. Florence Hallett KPRC 30-35
30. 4. Mark McNamara KPRC 30-36
31. 3. Lisa Colombo KPRC 32-31
32. 11. Steph Curran KPRC (PTT) 35-45

I did find it difficult to read a few numbers, please place your number down low (on your bottom to the left) thanks.

Many thanks to Ann & Ron for placing and retrieving the event warning signs.

The Last Evening 10 is Wednesday 6th August

Frank Cubis

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Evening 10 July 23rd

Len Steel Funeral

The Funeral is to be held on Wednesday 6th August at 10.30am.
St Barts Church
Little London Road

Len Steel

I am sad to report that Len Steel passed away at tea-time on Friday 18th July 2008.

Len raced with the Phoenix in the late 40's and early 50's before family life called him away from the racing scene, although he remained a life-long cyclist.
Len was never one of the club's superstars, but his name does feature in the club records, having led and backed up the 50 mile team records on no less than four occasions. He very briefly held the club 30 mile record - lost to another finisher in the same event - and featured in other team records. However he remains a current Club Record holder: the men's 24hr team!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bec 25 - result

Club 25 Mile Time Trial
Incorporated in Bec CC Open Event
Sunday 20th July 2008
Result Sheet

No Name Time Hcp Hcp/Time Scr / Hcp Award
1 Ray Dare 1-11-23 2-30 1-08-53 7 / 4
14 Steve Hillier 1-15-22 4-00 1-11-22 5 / 3
19 Lisa Colombo 1-34-53 20-30 1-14-23 5 / 2
29 Grant Pyke 1-13-17 7-15 1-06-02 6 / 7 1st Hcp
39 Jake Dodd 1-13-40 6-30 1-07-10 6 / 6
84 Chrystal Sheldon 1-11-51 4-00 1-07-51 7 / 5 Fastest Woman
108 John Beer DNF 1 / 0

Frank Cubis

A cold and overcast start turned into a warm, sunny morning but with the wind in the North East again/still making it quite hard going on the descent of Tollgate Hill and again in the long run in to the finish, the morning can only be described as "treacley"! Many folks around the result board were a couple of minutes down on what they would have expected. Steve achieved his target of over-hauling Jackie in the competition for the George Crouch Tankard, but Chrystal rather scuppered his plans by doing an even bigger improvement.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eve 10 #7 - start sheet

WEDNESDAY 23rd July 2008

2 Antonio Coelho 6-30 19-41
3 Lisa Colombo 8-30
4 Mark McNamara 9-30 19-42
5 Duncan Folkes 4-15
6 Tony d’Italia 5-45 19-43
7 Florence Hallett 6-00
8 John Beer 2-30 19-44
9 Rachel Croggon 4-30
10 Ann Bath 5-45 19-45
11 Simon Mitchell 1-15
12 Steve Hillier 4-15 19-46
13 Grant Pyke 5-30
14 Stuart Pearce Scr 19-47
15 Paul Day 3-30
16 Jake Dodd 4-45 19-48
17 Ben Pearce Scr

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bec 25 - start

Bec 25
20 July 2008

1 Ray Dare 2:30 06:31
14 Steve Hillier 4:00 06:44
19 Lisa Colombo 20:30 06:49
29 Grant Pyke 7:15 06:59
39 Jake Dodd 6:30 07:09
84 Chrystal Sheldon 4:00 07:54
108 John Beer Scr 08:18
Awards: 1st Hcp

With seven of us entered the event will be a club event.
Handicaps to be added when I have them.


Sorry for the delay - my internet access has been pretty ropey for the last couple of weeks!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

National 12hour Championship

Jake Dodd in last years ECCA 12hr

The National 12hr Championship is to be held on August 17th near Cambridge.
Ann Bath, Lisa Colombo, Jake Dodd & Grant Pyke have all entered and their forms have been received by the organiser. We hear that Chrystal has planned to enter but has not yet sent the form in.
It is an early closing date being a National Championship so beware! It closes next Tuesday - 22nd July.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ann's Big Summer Party

Summer Party at Ann and Steve's.
Sunday 10th August - noon till late.
Freshly cooked Dosas and curries veggie and non veggie.
Alternatives available!
A small salad or pudding would be appreciated for the table.
RSVP please as curry has to be booked.
07751 308105

For sale

My recent conversion to the dark side (well, shimano) means I now have pretty much a complete Campagnolo groupset for sale. It's all had a fair bit of use, but has been very well looked after, is sparkling clean and in good working order:

Campagnolo Veloce brake levers

Campagnolo Mirage brake callipers, rear mech, 9 speed cassette, chain, triple chainring, 170mm cranks, front mech (triple), bottom bracket (new).

FSA anatomic handlebars 420 mm wide standard drop, centre bulge
Pro anatomic handlebars 420 mm wide, standard drop.

£100 the lot ONO, or I'll happily negotiate on single items.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eve 10#6 - apology

Sorry folks, to anyone who did go out to Holmwood on Wednesday night.

With all of the fuss around "elf & safety" we can no longer afford to start an event in the sort of rain that was coming down for almost the whole day on Wednesday - at least in the various places I was! - in case someone gets flattened by a car driver who can't see through his wind-screen and/or considers "spray" to be an adequate excuse for not seeing a poor bedraggled rider in front of him.

It's sad really, because there can be quite fast conditions when it is wet.

The other consideration was that Inholm's Lane car park is getting to be a bit of a nightmare in the wet, with all of the pot holes.

I understood that Frank had sent an email to most folks by early afternoon when I was at the dentist. My plan had been to go to Dorking from there, until the weather intervened, and the motorway was pretty bad going home so that I didn't get in again until 16:30. I had thought of putting up a message here about the cancellation, but my internet access has been iffy all week and I didn't manage to post anything until after there was no longer any point.

For the future, I think it is safe to consider that an event might be cancelled when heavy rain is forecast (and especially when it's coming down). When it rains all afternoon it is wise to check with Frank what the situation is. But if rain is only forecast and/or coming down intermitantly, we will assess the situation out on the course very shortly before the event.

Once again sorry if anyone was intrepid enough to head out to Holmwood looking for an event.


Winter Roller Racing - Food for thought?

Last Thursday I visited my old club room, St Barnabas SRCC before shooting onto KPRC Worcester Park! I tried to avoid Horace seeing my new KPRC top but he spied it. I remminded Horace of a conversation I had about having say a monthly Roller night at the SRCC clubroom during the winter, maybe October to February, inviting a few other clubs to see how it goes? We could start off by inviting KPRC & Clarencourt along at first and see how popular it would be. There is plenty of space and the usual catering availble and if Horace is willing for a shilling, lets give it a try!
Comments please plus and minus on this blog or by e-mail to
P.S. See cycling this week 4 photo Horace some years ago with sprints suspended on bars in the way it used to be done when I was young.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jakes Saturday morning training rides

What do the KPRC early morning trainers do afterwards! They return to Horton Country parl 4 a BBQ. Sam is on the right and the daughter of Karin one of Barbara friends (Vanessa on Left), it was her birtday party.
Knowing how KPRC like to BBQ (and we could add the Wayfarers too!), you can hire the BBQ by the hour and have an amazing time without messing up your home and garden.
I offer this as a suggestion or a large club gathering one afternoon. Its £15/hr but if we have say 45 to 60 people it works out at at £1 each for say 4hrs. Bring you own grub, wine etc and Gazebo if you wish. Just an idea after a bottle of beer!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cancelled Evening 10TT

See the Midweek Wayfarers Blog for the account of my day, 30miles this morning in training for a scortching ten. To be told by Frank its cancelled for spray, simply left me in deep disaray. I had hoped to trounce that Toni D' but now its all down to Millie and me!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Eve 10 #6 - start

WEDNESDAY 9th July 2008

2 Tony d’Italia 5-30 7:41
3 Mike Morley 7-00 7:41:30
4 Lisa Colombo 7-45 7:42
5 Mark McNamara 8-30 7:42:30
6 Steve Hillier 1-45 7:43
7 Rachel Croggon 2-00 7:43:30
8 Bob Smith PTT 7:44
9 Antonio Coelho 4-00 7:44:30
10 Paul Day 0-45 7:45
11 Duncan Folkes 2-00 7:45:30
12 Paul Bishop PTT 7:46
13 Ann Bath 3-00 7:46:30
14 John Beer Scr 7:47

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st Fastest
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis