Thursday, April 30, 2015

Evening 10 #1 - Result

Wednesday April 29th 2015

No Name              Time    HcpT    Plus  Scr/Hcp Awards            
15 Phil Ember        22-28   Paceline
22 David Watt        24-16   23-16           7/2   1st Place
20 Russell Williams  24-33   23-03  +3-00    6/3   2nd Place
18 Rob Gardner       25-12   Kingston Wheelers
 9 John Beer         25-18   22-48  +5-27    5/5   3rd Pl/3rd Hcp
11 Alex Kew          25-51   23-41  +0-27    4/2
23 Simon Waller      26-56   23-11           3/2
21 Joe Bertorelli    27-36   24-21  +0-36    2/2
 6 Mike Morley       27-44   20-44  +5-18    2/7   1st Hcp
25 Steve Hillier     28-33   24-03  +0-33    2/2
12 Jake Dodd         29-11   24-41  +0-51    7/2   1st Woman
 3 Rick Opie         30-31   24-01  -3-24    2/2
13 Lynda Gale        30-36   23-36           6/2
 7 Patrick Ryan      31-55   22-55  -1-25    2/4
 1 Grant Pyke        32-18   22-18  +2-04    2/6   2nd Hcp
 8 Samantha Pickup   33-25   23-55  -5-25    5/2
 2 Ken Williams      34-04   23-34  +0-02    2/2

 4 Philip Burgin      DNS
 5 Rachel Watkins     DNS Punctured going to the start 
10 Deborah Hurst      DNS Apol
14 James Roberts      DNS 
16 Simon Trehearn     DNS Apol     
24 Adrian Feasby      DNS 
26 Marcus Edwards     DNS Apol
 Salim Mohamed        DNS Apol

Joe Bertorelli & Rachel Watkins for placing and retrieving the event signs.
Andy Pearce as pusher off.
Judy Margery as number steward.
Ron & Doreen Powney for giving me a lift back to the A3

Frank Cubis

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More Pictures from Mallorca 2015

Photos of the live entertainment at the Hotel plus Al Callobra and the lighthouse.

Mallorca 2015

Thanks to Steve Hillier for organising the transport from Palma airport to Porta Pollenza. Thanks even more so to Angie for collecting the money to pay the driver and make the arrangements for the return journey. 6 took their own bikes and it worked out at Euro 9 per person each way.
Many including Peter Southworth and myself hired new carbon bikes from and it all worked well.
My own situation was to take it easy still recovering from my lung infection but the warm weather did me good. In all I did 460km in the 6 days including the Al Callobra and the Formentor light house. Unusually for me I took few photo's including the usual self promotion with the local talent.

I again entered the Mountain Hillclimb organised by Garry Smith, I was number 6 and the third man off as riders 1,2,3 DNS. As usual Garry Dodd won the men's and a delightful young lady Megan won the ladies. Only two riders passed me before the finish, firstly Russel Williams rider No. 14 (who for some reason did not get a time?) and Megan rider No.20. I suspect I was the fastest rider over 70 yrs 9probably the only) but sadly did not get a prize! So I bought a bottle of Spanish Champagne - Carva and shared it with Andy, Mel and brother Mike & wife Sarah who all helped me surmount the Al Callobra on the Thursday.

Here are a selection of photo's including Bradley Wiggins TT bike he rode to win in London in 2014

Monday, April 27, 2015

Evening 10 #1 Start Sheet

Wednesday 29th April 2015
First rider off 19:30
You are advised to have a working rear light on your machine.

Rider Number Start Time Name Handicap Vets Standard
1 19:31 Grant Pyke 10.00  34-22
2 :30 Ken Williams 10.30 34-06
3 19:32 Rick Opie  6.30 27-07
4 :30 Philip Burgin  7.00 30-16
5 19:33 Rachel Watkins  5.30  
6 :30 Mike Morley  7.00 33-02
7 19:34 Patrick Ryan  9.00 30-30
8 :30 Samantha Pickup  9.30 27-33
9 19:35 John Beer  2.30 30-45
10 :30 Deborah Hurst  9.00 29-48
11 19:36 Alex Kew  2.00 26-18
12 :30 Jake Dodd  4.30 29-48
13 19:37 Lynda Gale 7.00  
14 :30 James Roberts  3.45  
15 19:38 Robyn Yates (Addiscombe)  xxx  
16 :30 Simon Trehearn  3.00 25-42
17 19:39 Laurie King PTT  
18 :30 Salim Mohamed  4.00 27-07
19 19:40 Andy Huddart (Clarencourt)  xxx  
20 :30 Russell Williams  1.30 27-33
21 19:41 Joe Bertorelli  3.15 28-12
22 :30 David Watt  1.00  
23 19:42 Simon Waller  3.45  
24 :30 Adrian Feasby  5.30  
25 19:43 Steve Hillier  4.30 29-06
26 :30  Marcus Edwards  SCR 27-46


Last year, I made the discovery that is is possible to ride the course of most of the Classics, as a Sportive, on the day before the professional race.  Paris-Roubaix was great fun, so this year's ride was La Doyenne, the oldest of the Classics, Liège-Bastogne-Liège.  This was the 101st running of the race since 1892.  They skipped a few years for the First World War, and a couple more for the Second, but they haven't missed many.  It's a race steeped in history and tales of cycling heroism - Hinault in the snow, Merckx in a 100k break to victory and many others.

It's an Ardennes Classic, quite different from the Flanders Classics like Paris-Roubaix, so there are fewer cobbles.  There are some, of course, or it wouldn't be Belgium, but it's mainly about the hills.  Lots of hills, the stuff of cycling legend.  I had formed the mistaken impression that the Ardennes were rather like the Surrey Hills, which is true to a degree, but the scale is bigger.  The Côte de la Redoute, for example, is steeper than Whitedown at 21%, but is nearly three times the length.  There are eleven classic hills, nine of them used this year, and they are joined by un-named hills, some very long, so you spend the entire day climbing or descending.  It's even a 5k drag up to the finish.  Unsurprisingly, the locals are very good climbers.

The Sportive offers three distances, the full course at 273k; mid distance at 156k and a shorter version for old people and children at 75k.  I went for 156k, which turned out to be nicely over 100 miles by the time you had ridden from sign-on to the official start and from the finish line in Ans back to the Sports Centre for medals and beer. 

Nairo Quintana behind ...

The day was mostly drizzly, with some mist on the hillsides, and it tipped down a couple of times, which all seemed rather fitting.  The poor weather forecast led me to take my disc-braked Lynskey, not really a race bike.  But the brakes work in the rain and it has a triple, which came in handy more than once.  Stroke of luck.

There were more than ten thousand entrants and the event was immaculately organised.  Excellent signposting, helpful Marshals and cheerful staff at the Food-Stops, where rock music kept you in the mood.  Great stuff.

At the finish line there was excellent security for your bike, so that you could collect your medal and have a beer without worrying, then back to the Hotel for a long hot shower and a traditional Belgian supper.

A proper day out.


ps - on Sunday, Alejandro Valverde won the pro race in much the same time as I took.  He had done 100kms more, of course, but then, he is a younger man ...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

2015 sunday rides

Sunday rides start this sunday at 9am Horton Country Park car park. This week its to Sumners Ponds Barns Green 55 to 60 rolling miles. 7 of us going so far.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Video from the Velodrome

Grant has made this short video clip of KPRC riding the Velodrome.