Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Old Ports 25 - start sheet

Kingston Phoenix Road Club
Old Portlians CC
Designated Club Event
25 Mile Time Trial
Sunday 31st May 2015
    No  NAME              HCP     VetStd     START  
     9  Grant Pyke       19-00    1-27-35    06-39
    27  Jake Dodd         9-15    1-17-11    06-57
    38  Rachel Watkins   10-00    1-17-45    07-08
    44  David Watt        1-00               07-14
    64  Alex Kew          3-00    1-08-00    07-34
    72  Stuart Pearce     Scr                07-42
    79  Simon Waller      8-45               07-49
    93  Simon Trehearn    3-00    1-06-30    08-03
    96  John beer         4-45    1-18-55    08-06
    99  Lynda Gale       16-30               08-09
   107  Joe Bertorelli    6-00    1-13-16    08-17
   118  Philip Burgin    13-30    1-17-45    08-28

Club Awards:
1st Hcp
1st Fastest
1st Woman


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bank holiday monday ride

I have posted on the forum the details for our ride this bank holiday monday. Everyone welcome. I will lead the slow group as doing a 100 sun.

SCCU 10 Report

There were eight starters for the Phoenix yesterday and the first thing I am glad to report is that the cone fairy managed to stay away for this one after this race was cancelled mid-event last year and with us having to cancel our evening 10 earlier in the week. It was a lovely sunny and dry morning with the first rider off at 6.30am. The G10/57 course is predominantly uphill on the way out but this proved to be the fastest part of the course with a steady tailwind helping the riders up to the last roundabout. Some of the homeward legs proved to be a bit of a slog despite gravity being on our side.

We had some very pleasing performances with David Watt gaining another pb to be the first KPRC rider home in 23.16. I'm sure that by the end of the season on a good night he will be well under the 23 minute mark and have a 59.xx  25 mile time. I was pleased with my best ride of the season to follow David home with a 24.03 and Simon T continues to find some form, being only 16 seconds behind.

Lynda achieved a personal best too in 27.53 with Jake taking all the women's scratch points in 27.44, despite rocking up to the startline late. At least Jake had a thorough warm-up!

So that was another 9 points for us in the Rawson Shield and once again, we are looking pretty unbeatable for it. The next SCCU Rawson Shield event is the SCCU 50 at the end of June, swiftly followed by the SERC 10. Get your entries in via the CTT website. Hopefully see you there.

  Time SCR Points HCAP Points
David Watt 23.16 7 2
Alex Kew 24.03 6 3
Simon Trehearn 24.19 5 5
Simon Waller 26.21 4 2
Mike Morley 26.58 3 4
Jake Dodd 27.19 7 2
Philip Burgin 27.44 2 6
Lynda Gale 27.53 6 7

Thursday, May 14, 2015

SCCU 10 Start Sheet

SCCU 10 - Saturday 16th May 2015

Start time
Mike Morley
Alex Kew
David Watt
Lynda Gale
Ken Williams
Simon Waller
Simon Trehearn
Jake Dodd
Philip Burgin

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Evening 10 #2 - Cancelled

Evening 10 #2 - May 13th - is CANCELLED

Frank has just texted me, he has been out to check the situation and the work is due to continue for a further week.

Thus the event is cancelled.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Riders of the Evening 10 #2 13th May - Please Read

There are cones on the north bound section of the G10/42 route and they are scheduled to be cleared away on Wednesday, the day of the next 10. We are going to hopefully run the event as normal but please be aware that I may need to cancel the event on the night if the cones are still in place or if workmen are still removing them at 7pm. Sorry I cant be more definite but your safety is paramount. Keep your fingers crossed.


Sunday, May 03, 2015

New Mitts

Steve Hillier has secured a delivery of very high quality KPRC Mittens with leather palms and two pull off loops per glove and will be announcing the price shortly (around £13). Sizes are large medium and small and I assume XL but not sure contact Steve. I tried a large size and they are a good generous fit and very comfortable. Please contact Steve if interested and I am sure he can arrange a viewing/trial fit at an evening 10 or the like.

Steve is also planning to order close fit overshoes and would be interested to hear of expressions of interest to gauge the volume.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Handicap Points Competition

Please find below the current standings in the Handicap Competition.

Name Points
Steve Hillier 20
Alex Kew 19
David Watt 16
Rachel Watkins 13
Simon Waller 13
Mike Morley 13
Simon Trehearn 12
Jake Dodd 10
Joe Bertorelli 8
Grant Pyke 8
Rick Opie 6
John Beer 5
Gavin Hughes 4
Patrick Ryan 4
Russell Williams 3
Lynda Gale 2
Samantha Pickup 2
Ken Williams 2

Scratch Points Competition

Please find below the current standings in the Men's and Women's Scratch Points Competitions.

Name       PointsName                       Points
David Watt29Jake Dodd21
Alex Kew23Rachel Watkins12
Simon Trehearn22Lynda Gale6
Simon Waller14Samantha Pickup5
Joe Bertorelli11
Steve Hillier10
Mike Morley9
Russell Williams6
John Beer 5
Rick Opie4
Grant Pyke4
Gavin Huges2
Patrick Ryan2
Ken Williams2

Evening 10 #1 Report

For me personally, the omens were written for this event when I found out that after parking in the Inholms car park a bird had taken a hearty dump on my car, my beloved TT bike and me. As I cleaned the greeny-yellow gunk off of everything the temperature dropped and my ebbing mojo dropped with it.

It seemed that I was not the only one afflicted with early season tt-itis. Rick Opie had not got his gear mech out of medium gear mode and Rachel then went and punctured before reaching the start. Along with that a hearty number of no-shows due to various reasons meant that we had a field considerably smaller than our first event last year. Still, 15 KPRC riders along with Phil Ember from Paceline and Rob Gardner from the Wheelers made an honest event of it.

The consensus seemed to be hard work on the outward leg and then stick the spinnakers out on the way home. My evening was complete when I found that I couldn't get the bottom 7 sprockets on my block owing to a loose lockring. I don't think it would have made much difference to the speed at which Phil Ember went past me. It seems that pretty much every night is a fast night for Phil. Our first rider home was David Watt, who is already starting to look like the man to beat this season. I think he's been cheating. Sorry, training. At 24.16 that was a great time to put down so early in the season. Russell Williams was second man home with John Beer taking both third place in the scratch and handicap competitions.

Jake Dodd started where she left off last season and put her Mallorca fitness to good use as she was first lady home with Lynda Gale and Samantha Pickup taking second and third spots respectively. Mike Morley took the top handicap points and Grant Pyke taking second spot.

Many thanks to Rachel and Joe for putting out and retrieving the signs, Andy for pushing off and Frank, as ever, for stopping the clocks. And a big happy birthday on the night to the evergreen Ken Williams.

The next evening 10 is on Wednesday 13th April. Names to me or Frank to get on the start sheet.


No       Name                           Time                H/T                  Vets +/-           Scr / Hcp         Awards                                                                                                  

15.       Phil Ember                  22-28               Paceline

22.       David Watt                 24-16               23-16                                      7   /   2            1st Place

20.       Russell Williams          24-33               23-03              + 3-00              6   /   3            2nd Place

18.       Rob Gardner               25-12               Kingston Wheelers

 9.        John Beer                    25-18               22-48              + 5-27              5   /   5    3rd Pla/ 3rd Hcp

11.       Alex Kew                    25-51               23-41              + 0-27              4   /   2

23.       Simon Waller              26-56               23-11                                      3   /   2

21.       Joe Bertorelli               27-36               24-21              + 0-36              2   /   2

 6.        Mike Morley               27-44               20-44              + 5-18              2   /   7             1st Hcp

25.       Steve Hillier                28-33               24-03              + 0-33              2   /   2

12.       Jake Dodd                   29-11               24-41              + 0-51              7   /   2          1st Woman

 3.        Rick Opie                    30-31               24-01              - 3-24               2   /   2

13.       Lynda Gale                 30-36               23-36                                      6   /   2

 7.        Patrick Ryan               31-55               22-55              - 1-25               2   /   4

 1.        Grant Pyke                  32-18               22-18              + 2-04              2   /   6             2nd Hcp

 8.        Samantha Pickup        33-25               23-55              - 5-25               5   /   2

 2.        Ken Williams              34-04               23-34              + 0-02              2   /   2


 4.        Philip Burgin               D.N.S.

 5.        Rachel Watkins           D.N.S. Punctured going to the start

10.       Deborah Hurst            D.N.S. (Apol)

14.       James Roberts             D.N.S.

16.       Simon Trehearn           D.N.S. (Apol)                                                                        

24.       Adrian Feasby             D.N.S. (Apol)

26.       Marcus Edwards         D.N.S. )Apol)

            Salim Mohamed          D.N.S. (Apol)