Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sat Rides

This sat is the 5th in the month , so we will be going to West Horsley Garden Centre on Guilford Rd.
Ann Bath has offered her house again for the sat 20th Christmas ride. Meet Horton Park 10am as usual , and ride to Ann and Steves for hot soup and rolls!
Also the New Year Eve Party is at Anns too! All cycling friends and partners welcome , just bring some food for the buffet and a tipple. 7pm onwards.
The AGM is thur 11th Dec and an American supper after. All sat riders invited to socialise.
Bring some thing very small for buffet and dont eat any dinner! 8pm sharp! very sharp!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally a Committee Meeting - 21st Nov

As the Committee know, I have had a very busy year and spent the last few months putting off the next committee meeting.

So the next meeting is to be at Jake's on Friday 21st November 2008.

Jake says she will be doing a hot meal - continuing the trend, as so many of us miss dinner on meeting nights.

If anyone has anything for the agenda, can they let me have the outline in advance - including any other business - as after such a long gap there could be quite a lot to talk about.

Also I'd like a reminder of some of the decisions made during the year at impromptu meetings, so that I can minute them. Off hand I can think of:

Jake to run Open 10 in 2009 (date confirmed as Sat 25th April)
Joe to run Open 15 in 2009 (date confirmed as Sat 27th June)
Frank to apply for extra - weekly - evening 10s in the height of the summer.
(Excellent, more events! - groan, the stress of getting there every week and the ****** motorway closures on the way home!)
Photo selection printed and framed and send to Peggy Jones on here 90th Birthday. (Also she is already invited to the 75th Anniversary celebrations in 2011!)

Agenda for 21st November

Matters arising
(there must be some minutes around here somewhere - anyone remember when we last had a committee meeting?)

Gen Sec's Report
AGM advised for December 11th and to include American Supper after - seeing as that is the night that most members turn up.
National AGM agenda (I'll put up a seperate post, shortly)
Consideration of advertising on website - I have had a couple of offers, offering commission.
Are all committee members willing to stand for 2009 (is anyone else dying to get on the committee?)
Cis George's sad death to be minuted. Funeral attended by 4 members.
Affiliations for 2009 have been paid for CTT and SCCU

46 paid up members in 2008, plus our three life members (now 2).
Around 15 paid up for 2009 (due as of November 1st - bring cash or cheque book to AGM)

Time Trials Sec
Lots of events to list - will try to get it all typed in here before the meeting.

RR Sec
Simon - apart from the promotion of the Women's Divisionals, anything else to report?
Has anyone got the time (and the skills) to knock up some pages publicising the Women's Divisionals for Simon - I keep not finding the time)

I know we are solvent!

Any other business?


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sat 15th next longer faster ride15

Sat 15th is the next longer ride.The last one went well with 7 riders! Meet Horton Park 9.30 on dot and 11s at Stoke Dabs to meet up with every one.