Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Helpers Needed

Helpers needed contact Simon

One for the Ladies

From the Surrey League mailing list:



We can have our own race at Crystal Palace Park.
We just need 12 women to enter for this to be the case.

This is a short (800m), fast and exhilarating course. There is a climb and a couple of bends for you to practice your skills on. Good road racing practice.
Friendly atmosphere.

Various categories of rider race there so you'll find your level.

£10 – Entry on the day
(Organiser is Michael Moore: Tel – 01689 829682)

Location as follows: http://www.streetmap.co.uk

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spare back wheel?

Has anyone by any chance got a spare back wheel with a 9 spd shimano cassette they would be willing to lend or sell? Nothing special needed, just the kind of thing that might be rotting away at the back of your garage ...



Saturday, April 19, 2008

Evening 10 #1 - start

WEDNESDAY 30th April 2008

No NAME               HCP START

1. Grant Pyke 4-00 7-40-30 pm
2. Tony Tugwell 6-00 7-41
3. Lisa Colombo 8-00 7-41-30
4. Paul Day 2-00 7-42
5. Duncan Folkes 3-00 7-42-30
6. Jen Mitchell 3-30 7-43
7. Steve Hillier 4-00 7-43-30
8. John Beer 1-30 7-44
9. Jackie Townsend 2-00 7-44-30
10. Antonio Coelho 3-00 7-45
11. Jake Dodd 4-00 7-45-30
12. Brian Powney 1-00 7-46
13. Chrystal Sheldon 2-45 7-46-30
14. Ann Bath 4-30 7-47
15. Florence Hallett 5-30 7-47-30
16. Simon Mitchell Scr 7-48
17. Richard Hoskin PTT 7-48-30
If riders use a flashing red rear light attached to the bike, I will not be disappointed.

1st & 2nd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman

Frank Cubis

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Noel Manchee in Flanders

Noel Manchee on Tour! in Flanders

Monday, April 14, 2008

Phoenix Early Flyers' 10

Keith & Tamar A cold wet start
Simon First to start in heavy rain
Jen poised to go
Grant the only trike today
Jake trying to look happy
Pictures from Mike Morley

Monday, April 07, 2008

Website update

Whilst we are waiting for Paul's revamp of the site I needed to update a bunch of things for this year, and in with that I have included a slight revamp of the front page that I was working on anyway. And of course the immediate stuff about Saturday's Open 10.
However, I missed a few things out last night and on checking what was uploaded, I see that I have copied and pasted some stuff in the wrong place, so there is more work to be done tonight.

Bear with me please..... (Actually there is loads more that needs updating, but never mind)


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Saturday Ride - April 12th

The official destination for the Sat morning ride is Wisley for this week, but with the Open 10 at Dorking from 13:00 or thereabouts what are everybody's plans for Saturday morning?


SCCU Marshalling for 2008

SCCU Marshalling requirements for 2008

As usual, based on the SCCU events that our riders enter, we are required to provide marshalls for:
20th April 25: Two marshalls
29th June 50: Two marshalls
7th Sept 25: Two marshalls

And also Rod Starmer who promotes the 100 on 27th July is grateful for all and any help that is forthcoming.

Andy has agreed to marshall the April 20th 25 (while Jackie rides...) and I think Paul might have said he would help him (but I've forgotten already).

Any volunteers for the other events - I might also need a couple of helpers for the event promoter's jobs for the 50, as I hope to ride as well as organise the event.

I am just trying to organise a page for the club events marshalling rota and will include this on it.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Update from John Beer

Another year!
I thought the club 25 today would be too far so entered the VTTA 10 on the cc180.
Pretty good morning for March I thought on an OK course, as usual couldn't find any speed for a 27:47 Eddie Adkins won it with a 23:07.
On the A3 next week praying for a SW wind 8-10mph would be just right for me on a 77" free.
CTC tour to Morocco was excellent lots of huge climbs up to 2,200m. I'm very fit but no speed, I think putting tri bars on the top of ordinary bars is not the answer, my extended position needs to be at least 2 inches lower not just for speed but also to control the bike better, I'm not giving it anything like full welly on the tri bars as I don't feel in control of the bike, the centre of gravity is just too high. No chance of another bike (this year) so I'll just have to lump it.