Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Evening 10 #1 - start sheet

Wednesday April 30th 2014

No  Name               Hcp     VetStd    Start Time
1   Ann Bath           8-00    33-02      19-30-30
2   Mark McNamara      9-30    33-50         31
3   Deborah Hurst     10-30    29-34         31-30
4   Amanda Pearce     11-30                  32
5   Adrian Feasby      4-15                  32-30
6   Gavin Hughes       5-00    26-42         33
7   Florence Hallett   6-30                  33-30
8   Grant Pyke         9-00    34-06         34
9   Jenni Chapman     10-30    27-59         34-30
10  Simon Trehearn     1-00    25-30         35
11  John Beer          2-30    30-30         35-30
12  Simon Waller       2-45                  36
13  Sam Pickup         7-15    27-20         36-30
14  Ray Dare           8-00    36-54         37
15  Marcus Edwards     Scr     27-33         37-30
16  Alex Kew           2-00    25-42         38
17  David Watt         2-15                  38-30
18  Simon Tottle       4-30    27-46         39
19  Rick Opie          7-30    27-07         39-30
20  Stuart Pearce      Scr                   40
21  Russell Williams   1-00    27-20         40-30
22  Bob Smith          2-15    25-54         41
23  James Roberts      2-45                  41-30
24  Brian Powney       4-30    27-46         42
25  Phil Ember         Kingston Wheelers     42-30

1st, 2nd & 3rd Hcp
1st 2nd & 3rd Fastest
Fastest Woman

The forecast for Wednesday is iffy (of course) for safety reasons might I request all riders to fit a rear light to their machine.
If there is heavy spray from vehicles it might be necessary to abandon the event, if it is obvious in the afternoon to abandon I will contact Lisa for her to put it on the Phoenix Blog, PLEASE CHECK.

Frank Cubis

IF an advance decision is made to cancel the event I will endeavour to get it on the blog asap and I will also tweet it https://twitter.com/KingstonPhoenix



Monday, April 28, 2014

Barbara Sharp

Apparently Barbara Sharp: wife of Barry, mother of Nicholas, and former Kingston Phoenix Record Holder from the 1950s, died last week.

The funeral is to be at St Saviours Church, Brookwood at 14:30 on Wednesday 30th April


Sunday, April 27, 2014


Before I get nagged about the forum not working, it seems that there is trouble on their end - nothing to do with me and nothing I can do about it.

Check here for (more) information: https://twitter.com/FreeForums or here


Andy Pearce Brilliant Off-Road to Olympic Park

Dear Andy I have to say you did a fantastic job today and I enjoyed the ride immensely! I was amazed at the size of the Olympic venue and I marvel about what may eventually be created! So far there is little to show though what has been done looks good. I was amazed to see all the open space yet to be developed. Clearly there is a lot still to be done by the legacy committee or whatever! I was completely amazed to see that the lights from the Olympic Stadium had been taken down! Presumably footballers need different lights - what an amazing state of affairs!

The pictures below depict some of our day - I guess the most memorable was getting into the Velodrome - well done Andy, you are definitely in danger of getting the Wooden Spoon back!

Must go to bed now I have to be up early for the flight to Palma - looking forward so much to my first training week in Mallorca! Hasta la Vista!

 Clapham Common en-route!
 Rest stop before Tower Bridge! Andy an amazing route down by St. Catherine's Dock and beyond - you are a star!
 Caffe near Velodrome!
 Andy did us proud getting us into the Velodrome - Brilliant. KPRC should take advantage of what is on offer! I talked to a mother and her daughter as the were leaving the Velodrome! They were from a cycling club i n Cambridge and had booked a session with British Cycling trainers to help them develop! Brian P please look i nto it it sounds brilliant!

Sorry to lower the tone slightly but there was this gorgeous young lady riding a sinlgle speed bike which I could not help but admire! We chatted a while and she explained she was from the Wirrel in Cheshire. Her boyfriend took the photo and as they have just moved to the London area I suggested that they may like to join the KPRC. All in all it was a fantastic day out for me, 63 miles door to door and thanks again to Andy!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Some Pictures from Easter Tour

As Jake said, lot's of lambs, locks at Foxton flight and fields of Rape! I will post more photo's on C&M so look out

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter tour

Some of the Phoenix joined the Cheam and Morden Easter tour again this year at Market Harborough. Lots new faces. 30 on the weekend. Gary and I drove up thur afternoon in the rush hour just in time for the YHA meal at 7pm at Milton Keynes Hostel. Gary drove on the next morn and I cycled with the others. Lovely sunny day, but oh so cold. Met up with more at the station by chance and carried on into the strong headwind. The Hotel was fantastic, with room for everyone and a room for the bikes! The Three Swans. We ate there that night and sunday and had a curry sat eve. Graham led the sat ride using his garmin. I had to wear everything i had bought as it was bitterly cold. Had a look at the row of locks at the canal and headed out. It was earily quiet everywhere, just thousands of sheep and lambs and yellow fields as far as the eye could see. Found a pub for lunch that was like the Mary Celest, music, lights, warmth but empty. They rushed out to buy food and gave us a hearty sandwich selection. We split and had a fast group back home. The sun came out, and i took 2 layers and legs of, yeay! Bombed up and down all the hills and really enjoyed the ride back. The next day was also cold and misty. Pete Byer led with his map, so more stops. 11s was shut at a monastry, due to it being Easter day or something! Rode on to a pub for coffee, then onto another pub for lunch. Bit of rain, not much. Lots of pictures taken, but i can only post on facebook. Thanks to Ann and Steve for organising the whole weekend. We drove home monday morning and some took the train and some rode back.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rawson Shield Update

Firstly, a big congratulations To Helene who won the 'Best Female Novice' award at the recent SCCU25 :winner:

Secondly, the next counting event for the Rawson Shield is the SCCU 10 on the 17th May with the closing date on Tuesday 6th May. We really need one last big push on this event from as many members who can ride it as possible, before we get into the longer events later in the season. Another 10 plus riders would hopefully see us secure this trophy for the KPRC cabinet.
Entry via the CTT website or use the form.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Paris Roubaix - Riding the Route

This ride was another of my discoveries, which mostly consist of my noticing what everyone else has known for ages.  I this case, I noticed that it was possible to ride the course of most of the Classics on the day before the race.  It's very popular to do so, and I expect that it helps the organisers to test their systems before the great day.

Anyway, I chose to ride Paris-Roubaix this year,  one of the great classics which was first run in 1896 and is famous for its long cobbled sections.  It's a hard ride.

For logistics, I chose Sports Tours International, who did a London pick-up, hotel arrangements and ride entries, coupled with viewing the pro race from several points on the following day.  It's a good package, and I thought the price was very reasonable.

Arenberg Trench

The day dawned foggy, which may have contributed to the subsequent cock-up with busses (one got lost, and it was carrying some of the timing chips).  As a result of this it became apparent that I, and a number of others, were not going to be able to get to our start point in time.  Pragmatism ruled, and those of us affected started at a place called Solesmes, which meant that I missed four cobbled sections and did 140 kms rather than the 170 kms of the full ride.  This actually made little difference to me as I was still able to ride 24 other cobbled sections, over 40 kms in all, including all of the famous ones.  Not a problem.

So, off up the road and on to the first cobbles at Haussy.  Three stars (out of five) and as good an introduction as any.  The way to do it, as everyone knows, is to pull a high gear, keep a loose grip on the tops and let the bike kick.  That's the way to do it all right, but when the bike hits the first strip with a bang and seems to jump into the air it takes a little while to get into the groove.  The cobbled sections differ greatly, but the important thing to note is that none of them is as smooth as Guildford High Street and they're all longer - some much longer.

After a few miles I was beginning to get the hang of it - it's rough, tough stuff and very dirty in the dust.  Relaxing was the key - a Vulcan Death Grip gets you no-where, and if you're not careful you can quickly get very tired.  So steady as she goes, but, paradoxically, speed is your friend.  If you can get the bike skipping over the cobbles it smooths out a bit.  By the time I got to the Arenberg Trench I could do it, which is just as well as it's a long, hard section.  By this time I was quite adept at spotting what the cobbles would be like.  If there were lots of camper-vans pulled up, staking out their places for Sunday's race, then it was going to be hard.  Once you started, if there were lots of bidons and loose bits of bike lying around, then it was going to be hard and rough.  Most of them were.

Carrefour de l'Arbre

By the time I had got to the Carrefour de l'Arbre, the last of the hard sections and about 110 kms of riding for me, I was pretty tired, and it was evident that others were, too.  I had seen a number of crashes, mostly due to momentary inattention I suspect.  On the rough stuff you really have to concentrate or a rogue cobble will have you off.  Punctures were becoming more and more frequent - once you've had one it's hard to get the tyre up to pressure with a mini pump, so another tends to be not far behind.  I saw some broken wheels, and a broken (steel) fork, which had led to a nasty tumble. But mostly the bikes - especially modern, light-weight ones - stood up to it well.  It's the riders that were the weak link.

Roubaix Velodrome

Coming in to Roubaix I chummed up with a Dutch rider who seemed to know the ropes.  We rode into town at pace, jumping red lights and bunny-hopping on to pavements until the last piece of easy-peasy cobbles.  (I later found that some of my English companions had been stopped by the Police for much less - I guess that local knowledge helps in these matters.)  Anyway, into the Velodrome, round the track and it was medal time, followed by a welcome packed lunch at the Sports Tours tent.

The bike was filthy, I was filthy, but we were both happy.  I took my old Boardman cyclo-cross bike and, as ever, it was completely trouble free.  Changes I had made, on advice, were to fit 30 mm tyres which I ran at 80 psi, and I changed the bottle cages for stainless steel ones.  No punctures and I kept my bottles all the way.

It was a great ride, and the race the next day was great too.  But that, as they say, is another story.

I'm already thinking about next year ...


Knew Kids on the Block + SCCU 25 TT

It was great to meet two new young ladies to our Horton Park depart on Saturday. Both young riders are very strong with good style and potential for the future! Frank & Alex we should encourage them to start evening 10's this season.

As for the Rawson Trophy our weekend turnout must be encouraging. There were also some exceptional rides, like Russel Williams who pushed Simon T into second fastest KPRC  member. Joe also did a commendable ride. Finally it looks like we shall have a much more competitive Scratch & H/C points competition in 2014

SCCU 25 - 13th Apr - Result

Southern Counties Cycling Union
25 Mile Club Event
Sunday 13th April 2014
No  NAME               TIME      Hcp     HcpTime    Plus   Scr/Hcp  Awards
74  Russell Williams  1-01-48    1-30    1-00-18   + 8:47   7 / 7   1st/1st Hcp
94  Simon Trehearn    1-02-07    Scr     1-02-07   + 3:53   6 / 4
21  Joe Bertorelli    1-05-26    5-00    1-00-26   + 6:45   5 / 6   2nd Hcp
89  Simon Waller      1-07-11    5-00    1-02-11            4 / 3
43  Alex Kew          1-08-55    2-30    1-06-25   - 1:25   3 / 2
47  Brian Powney      1-11-20    8-30    1-02-50   + 0:19   2 / 2
58  Mike Morley       1-12-09   11-00    1-01-09   +11:35   2 / 5
32  Jake Dodd         1-13-01    9-45    1-03-16   + 3:36   5 / 2   1st Woman
48  Grant Pyke        1-21-31   17-30    1-04-01   + 5:25   2 / 2
26  Helene Grinsted   1-29-26   25-00    1-04-26   - 7:33   4 / 2   pb
38  Deborah Hurst       DNS     21-30                       0 / 0

+ Good
- Not so good

Joe: Fastest 25 for 7 years
Helene: 1st 25 (pb)
Mike: Fastest for years
Russell: 5min 52sec improvement (pb)

Very Many Thanks to Florence & Ken as our Phoenix member’s commitment for this event.


Sunday, April 13, 2014


It was another great turnout for the Phoenix today, with 11 riders on the start sheet for this one. A special mention to Brian and Jake who were apparently out partying until late and were feeling a little delicate; not your usual pre-cursor to a 25 mile time trial.

We were back on the G25/53 course with it's dizzyingly large number of roundabouts. The conditions seemed pretty good at the start, but then a stiff northerly headwind seemed to pick up towards the end, which made the final sections towards Southwater roundabout via Hop Oast a real grind over the last few miles (or was that just me!?)

There were some great results today, which are making the Club Championships very interesting. Russell Williams proved that his last result was no fluke with a very impressive 1:01, taking the scratch win by 19 seconds from Simon Trehearn and pipping Joe Bertorelli to the handicap win, with Joe riding his fastest 25 for 7 years. Russell's improvement of almost 6 minutes must also put him into early contention for the George Crouch Trophy?

A big congratulations to Helene Grinsted for riding her first 25. In these days of aero-efficiency, carbon everything and bikes designed using computational fluid dynamics, Helene bucked the trend with a bike shod with mudguards and panniers to earn us another valuable Rawson Shield point. Well done Helene.  Grant and Mike achieved great results against the vets tables and it was good to see Simon Waller back on the start line after his adventures in Scotland. Second claim rider, Simon Tootle was also riding again today for the Festival Club, finishing in 1:11.

Thanks to the organisers, Frank for timekeeping and publishing the results and Florence and Ken for marshalling on behalf of the Phoenix.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Member Profile - Simon Trehearn

Simon competing in last year's SCCU 25
This month, it's the turn of Kingston Phoenix's current Club Champion, Simon Trehearn to tell us a little about his triathlon, cycling and time trialling exploits. An Ironman and 12 hour TT finisher, Simon has been our most prolific tester over the last few seasons and he is continuing his good form into 2014 where he will be taking on the National 24 hour tt and the Embrunman Triathlon later in the season.

What’s your bike ownership history or what do you currently ride?
I started out on a Specialised Allez and that got me through my first season of time trials and numerous triathlons, including an Ironman. I’m now lucky enough to have a Cervelo P3 for racing and a Cervelo S2 for training and weekend rides. The Allez now gets me to work and back.

How did you start cycling?

My midlife crisis got me in to triathlon and that highlighted my need to improve my cycling. It also encouraged me to get on my bike; living in Surrey I am so lucky to have beautiful countryside to be able to explore and enjoy.

 What made you join Kingston Phoenix?
I was introduced to one of my wife’s colleagues who was a fellow triathlete. He (Alex) introduced me to the club and encouraged me to get involved.

What has been your most memorable cycling experience?
Last summer I took part in the Alpe d’Huez triathlon – the memories of riding in such stunning scenery will stay with me forever.

What has been your worst cycling experience?

I’ve been lucky never to have had any injury or serious incident on the bike. Hearing of, or witnessing any serious accident is always upsetting. I’ll take a million punctures, mechanicals or going off course over anyone having an accident any day of the week.

What cycling / sporting achievement are you most proud of?

Picking up the Club Champion Trophy was obviously a very proud moment – especially considering those that have gone before me.
Finishing any endurance event is the culmination of hours and hours of training – for this reason completing two 12 hour time trials and the Ironman distance triathlons I’ve done  are achievements I’m proud of.

What are your plans for the rest of this season or next season?
I’ve somehow been talked in to doing a 24 hour time trial and intend doing that in June. I’m also back of to the French Alps to do another triathlon and will get in as much riding and racing this season as possible.

Sum yourself up in three words.
Happy when cycling

Simon on his way to 231miles in last year's ECCA 12hr TT


SCCU 25 - 13 Apr - start

Southern Counties Cycling Union
25 Mile Club Event
Sunday 13th April 2014
Start Sheet

No  NAME                 HCP     VetsStd   START
21   Joe Bertorelli      5-00    1-12-11   7-21
26   Helene Grinsted    25-00    1-21-53   7-26
32   Jake Dodd           9-45    1-16-37   7-32
38   Deborah Hurst      21-30    1-16-03   7-38
43   Alex Kew            2-30    1-07-30   7-43
47   Brian Powney        8-30    1-11-39   7-47
48   Grant Pyke         17-30    1-26-56   7-48
58   Mike Morley        11-00    1-23-44   7-58
74   Russell Williams    1-30    1-10-35   8-14
89   Simon Waller        5-00              8-29
94   Simon Trehearn      Scr     1-06-00   8-34

Just as last year I have added the Vets standard to our club events as an added bit of interest that we all try to better, and as agreed by the club have used the Vets original standards.

1st & 2nd Hcp
1st Fastest
1st Woman

Monday, April 07, 2014

Paul Smith Paraplegic Emirates Challenge 100

Well club mates sorry I missed the Wet Worthing Bash but I had an equally wet day at the Emirtates doing a boring 100 miles 209 laps of the Arsenal Stadium to raise money for Children in Need. I met Paul and his support van at Wisley on A3 and we started at 9am around periphery road of stadium finish at 4pm.

I see that Jake is planning a re-run of Worthing on 11th May so I'm up for that