Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Next Years venue for KPRC D/Dance

From my point of view if I may be so bold as to suggest, I don't care where it is, so long as Paul brings his lovely sister along again. Beats being down under anytime!
Seriously though, I noticed all the negatives on the survey sheets. From my point of view the parawn cocktail was a bit amatureish, the salmon was fine as was the red current pud and from what I could see, all the puds looked good! I must admit the Roast Beef did not look good. But bearing in mind you get what you pay for, I would put the food down as acceptable. The venue seems to me to be fine and the DJ no problem.
As for alternatives Barbara tells me that she has heard good reports about the Village Hall in Hedley. The lady that now runs it also provides the catering and it is said to be EXCELLENT! So maybe we should check it out. Not sure how much space there is but thats simple to check. I suggest the sub committee does that or you can co-op me to do the task.
P.S. I hardly slept a wink last night! (my rhs ankle was throbing with arthritis-at least I think thats what it was?). Thanks to all the ladies that put up with me on the dance floor, especialy Jen's mum.
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Off to Ozz with the lucky hat.

And finaly the lucky couple who are off to Australia tonight. Bon Voyage, whatch out for the creepy crawley's and the dreaded Pneumonia. Have a great time you must walk the bridge (coat hanger)
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More of the hat show.

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Mexicana Hat Show. Ole!

A selection from the "Hat Show" @ KPRC D&D and Prize Presentation on the 21st February.
Note picas will only publish max 4 pics at a time so you will get 2 blogs and maybe a one off later.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Barry Johnstone

Very sad to learn of the death of Barry. He was always a good and friendly person and I had many a good meeting with him over a few pints when I met him in town. Marjorie and I had known him for almost 50 years and she was as sad as myself to learn of his passing.

We are both keeping well and are pleased that you have had all the bad weather and not us, hope that you were not too badly affected. If any of our old friends are over here near us please let them know that we would be pleased to see them. That obviously includes you if you are over here when the Tour is on as it comes quite close to us (Limoges).


Marjorie & Maurice Spear

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Dear all ,

Simon Legg has been round the course and cancelled the event due to poor road surface! We will run it Sept 12th.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheam and Morden Hilly 50

Cheam and Morden Hilly 50 is Saturday Feb 14th.
To pre register for £2 ( pay on day ) E mail
or turn up on day £3.
Start time is 10am . Late starters can write their start time down.
Rykers cafe , Burford bridge A24 between Leatherhead and Dorking.
If anyone is able to help we do need a few marshalls at start! Contact Jake or Simon, or turn up on day. We have jackets.

Because of this the sat ride will have no leaders, so either lead yourselves or join in the Hilly 50!
Jake 01372 720061

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Next Committee Meeting - Feb 09

Next Committee meeting will be at Frank Cubis's on
27th February 2009.


Barn Dance

0208 394 2665 for Tickets

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Member 45 (2008)

Frank, this is half way down the road across golf course where you go down at a hell of a rate before shooting up to Headly for the Hill Climb that never happened and for which I was conned into paying the annual membership fee just for one month. Today I hammered down this hill in an endevour to shoot up the other side to get into practice for 2009 (subs paid). I could'nt find out what was wrong, I had no fire in my legs at all and I felt so lethargic. Actually I tell a lie my legs were on fire, all that Lactic acid!!
Feeling full of remorse I took comfort in the horse, by gum its legs were right up to its tum!

P.S. How I got to Cobham today I will never know but KPRC.ers, you workers (or shirkers), missed out on a lot! Carry on with the good work. Try and ride the C&M hilly 50, I would if I could but I'm in the Isle of White, so Tony de nows your chance to beat me!!
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