Saturday, April 30, 2011

Evening 10 #1 - result

WEDNESDAY 27th April 2011

No  Name             Time  HCP  Hcp/Time Points  Awards

18. Matt Chapman      22-33  PTT 
17. Ben Pearce        23-41  1-30  22-11  7 / 5      1st & 3rd Hcp
20. Joe Cromwell      25-30  PTT 
15. Oliver Dorman     25-48  PTT 
 9. Joe Bertorelli    26-36  5-30  21-06  6 / 7      2nd & 1st Hcp
 6. Bob Smith         26-52  PTT     
21. Steve Hillier     27-06  5-00  22-06  5 / 6      3rd & 2nd Hcp
 8. Jake Dodd         29-07  5-00  24-07  5 / 2      1st Woman
14. Philip Burgin     29-07  4-00  25-07  4 / 2
19. Simon Trehearn    29-12  6-30  22-42  3 / 4
11. Aimee Billington  30-03  PTT 
 7. Mike Morley       30-07  7-00  23-07  2 / 3
13. Lynda Gale        30-16  6-45  23-31  4 / 2
16. Toni D'Italia     30-37  6-45  23-52  2 / 2
 5. Mark & Margaret   31-14  Tandem       2 / 0 each
10. Andy Avis         31-23  7-00  24-23  2 / 2
12. Graham Holder     31-24  5-30  25-54  2 / 2
 1. Ann Bath          32-02  7-30  24-32  3 / 2
 2. Rick Opie         32-15  8-30  23-45  2 / 2
 3. Ken Williams      33-25  9-00  24-25  2 / 2

DNS Apols: Amanda, Grant, Nick, Brian, Stuart, Ray.

Kingston Wheelers
46. George Brent         22-05
44. Steve Irwin          22-24
42. Phil Ember           22-46
45. Ben Elliott          23-00
38. Jim Ley              23-30
28. Dan McMormack        24-34
33. Alan Sherman         24-40
35. Dave Young           25-40
37. Will Rawling         25-52
31. Teresa Goddard       25-55
43. Peter Mollison       26-12
39. Jamie Wasley         26-26
41. Roland Townsend      27-12
26. Paul Banner          27-20
23. Stuart Craig         27-23
25. Noah Banner          27-48
32. Mike Essex           27-52
29. Hilary Hillhouse     28-08
27. Nick Demayer         28-25
24. Ashley Glover        31-26
34. Stew Penney          35-33
36. Dan Coulcher          DNF
40. Matt Tyrell           DNS
30. Chris Campbell        DNS
Frank Cubis
Club Event Sec


SCCU 25 - 17th April 2011 - result sheet

Southern Counties Cycling Union
25 Mile Club Event
Sunday 17th April 2011

No  NAME              TIME   HCP  Hcp/Time Points   Awards

69. Simon Trehearn  1-12-40  13     59-40   6 / 7   1st Hcp
37. Lynda Gale      1-20-51  18   1-02-51   4 / 6
49. Mike Morley     1-22-18  18   1-04-18   5 / 5
39. Amanda Pearce     DNS    24             0 / 0
41. Stuart Pearce     DNS    Scr            0 / 0
79. Richard Addis     DNS     8             0 / 0


Stuart and Amanda were DNS due to a rather unfortunate and potentially expensive encounter with a low height barrier - it's not much consolation, but you are not the first and certainly won't be the last to do that.

Special thanks to Jake Dodd, Steve Hillier and Rick Opie for fulfilling our marshalling commitments to the SCCU and making the event organiser very happy by turning up with the number of bodies needed rather than the number of bodies asked for.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evening 10 #1 - start sheet

WEDNESDAY 27th April 2011
No NAME                 HCP           START
1  Ann Bath             7:30          19:29
2  Rick Opie            8:30          19:29:30
3  Ken Williams         9:00          19:30
4  Amanda Pearce        9:30          19:30:30
5  Mark & Margaret      Tandem        19:31
6  Grant Pyke           6:30          19:31:30
7  Mike Morley          7:00          19:32
8  Jake Dodd            5:00          19:32:30
9  Joe Bertorelli       5:30          19:33
10 Andy Avis            7:00          19:33:30
11 Aimee Billington     Thames Turbo  19:34
12 Graham Holder        5:30          19:34:30
13 Lynda Gale           6:45          19:35
14 Philip Burgin        4:00          19:35:30
15 Nick Hostler         5:30          19:36
16 Toni D’Italia        6:45          19:36:30
17 Ben Pearce           1:30          19:37
18 Brian Powney         5:30          19:37:30
19 Simon Trehearn       6:30          19:38
20 Stuart Pearce        Scr           19:38:30
21 Steve Hillier        5:00          19:39
22 Ray Dare             5:15          19:39:30

If you miss your allotted start time you may not get a ride as the Kingston Wheelers start immediately behind us at 19:40.

Riders are recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position clearly visible to following road users and is active while the machine is in use, especially during these early season evening tens.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Handicap
1st, 2nd & 3rd Fastest
1st Woman

If for any reason you know you will be a non starter, do let me know even if by text on the evening.

Frank Cubis Club Event Sec

Mobile: 07811 291 321

Note: As we have already filled our allotted slot, we are unable to accept private rides from members of other clubs on the night. Any Phoenix member not on this start list who wishes to ride may be slotted in if there are any non-starters, but no guarantees. 


Monday, April 11, 2011

SCCU 25 - 17th April 2011 - start sheet

SCCU 25 - 17th April 2011 - start sheet

No Rider                Time of Start    Hcp
37 Lynda Gale         W    07:37         18
39 Amanda Pearce      W    07:39         24
41 Stuart Pearce      S    07:41         Scr
49 Mike Morley        V    07:49         18
69 Simon Trehearn     S    08:09         13
79 Richard Addis      S    08:19          8

Will add club handicaps when I have them.
Oops, sorry to take so long in adding the Hcps, missed the email from Frank among all the advertising emails I get...


Small rucksack

I get a load of emails advertising all sorts of things, and it's always an effort to work out what to pass on here - that might be of interest to members - and what is just free advertising to commercial enterprises if I post on here.

Today I've had an email offering the following rucksacks for cyclists for the princely sum of £3 each, if anyone is interested. Click on pics to enlarge the image.

 Dark Grey

Light Grey
They look as if they are suitable for riding out to races in summer (do we do that anymore?) when you just have a rain jacket, phone & wallet to carry. The bags are rated at 9L capacity - if that means anything to you! And are on sale at £9.99 at their online shop, which is apparently closing down.

If you are interested post a comment or email me and state whether you want light grey or dark grey (and how many in the event of wanting more than one!)

Currently I'm thinking let me know by the 20th April if you would like one.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

sat and sun ride

27 out for the sat ride this week , 7 of them off road. The off road was very dry and great fun, but hard work! 26 miles. Sundays ride to BarnsGreen was 60 miles 17mpg. Lovely day. Andrew,Brian,Nick,Luke,Dave and I out, great pace out to Broadbridge Heath then 5 miles south to Sumners Pond to sit on the veranda in the sun watching the fishermen. Back through Warnham station to Rusper, Newdigate and home to watch Paris roubaix!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Website status - update2

Looks like everything is back for now.

No explanations have been forthcoming and this is the second time within two months that it has happened, which does not leave me full of confidence in them.

I have been tweaking the blog a bit as there is an option to add extra "pages" to make it more website like - so that it can be more of a standalone thingy (technical term here, you understand) in the absence of the complete site. The module that puts the links to the pages on the blog doesn't seem very customisable, and the were too dark to show up on the dark background, so I have changed to a lighter one.
This time I really will look harder about getting the whole lot properly hosted independent of my ISP and also find myself a cheaper ISP that doesn't give me this grief.


Website status - update1

Well it only took me 40 minutes on the phone this morning to get through to someone.

Apparently deleting all of a customer's files is not a "customer service" issue!

The nice man assures me that no one has gone in and deleted all my files, but aside from a disk failure or another systemy type thing which they should notify customers and tech folk alike about there are a very limited number of reasons for this.

I have had more trouble in the few months since TalkTalk took over Pipex, than in the several years prior to that - and that was despite the fact that Pipex erroneously had me down as a business customer which meant that the one occasion I did have an issue I had a massive game of phone tag as the business side was the only side of the company that could see my account, and they tried to pass me over to residential the moment I identified myself - and when I got there residential swore blind that they were not my ISP despite the fact that I was currently connected to their servers.

Time for a new ISP and a proper host for the website...


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Website status - again

Looks like my ISP has deleted all my files - ie our website - again! *Is not happy*

I'll give them till the morning then nag tech support, but now that talktalk has taken over my original ISP I don't think they want my business anymore so it's probably time to move to someone much cheaper like PlusNet.


Monday, April 04, 2011

Addiscombe Challenge Sportive, 5 June

Hi there,

Although we have more than 100 participants, as yet none have signed up from your club.
I am prepared to offer the 5th place free if you can promote some interest among your club members

Best wishes

Alan Malarkey


Sunday, April 03, 2011

Filling in a CTT Entry Form

How to fill in a CTT Entry Form

Click to enlarge image - hopefully each section is explained!

Edit: I know the text could be clearer on the image, but I figured it's better to have this available as is rather than keep fiddling until it's perfect! I will turn it into a web page on the website soon, with the text written out as text as well as on the image.

Cheques should be made payable to the promoting club or organisation, unless it says different in the event entry in the handbook. (ie for the KPRC 10 cheques to the "Kingston Phoenix Road Club" or for the SCCU 25 to "Southern Counties Cycling Union" or "SCCU".)

Closing date for a weekend event is 6pm on the Tuesday approx 10 days prior to the event. Your cheque and form should be in the hands of the organiser by this time to be sure of being considered for the event. If an event is not full an organiser may choose to accept forms that arrive after this time, but if the event is full or it's not convenient then s/he won't. If an event is oversubscribed, unless there are special conditions, the fastest 120 riders will be accepted and then up to 15 riders who ticked yes to being a reserve - most of whom are likely to get to ride in the event and will be notified at least 24 hours before that they have a slot.

sunday training rides 9am

Sunday rides will now start at 9am as the weather is much improved now! Sun 10th April will be to Barns Green, Sumner Ponds. A lovely place in a log cabin. 25 miles there and 25 back.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

saturday April 2nd

Great turnout 28 at coffee the best yet! good to see so many ladies off road very sociable