Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Himalayas here we come

Hello everyone,

Just to let you all know its nearly time for my Dad and I to start our three and a half week journey across the Himalayas. We fly out to Katmandu on Saturday morning. The cycling starts from Lhasa on Friday 6th October and ends in Katmandu on Monday 23rd October. The rest of the time is for us to acclimatise and have a look around Katmandu and Lhasa.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Forthcoming events: October

VTTA 25 H25/2 - 1st October
14. Grant Pyke
29. Lisa Colombo
37. P Brown
39. Jake Dodd
64. Ann Bath

Yes, well, I'm not sure who P Brown is. I assume that it's a misprint rather than someone else entering in our name. Unless anyhone else can shed light.

Hillingdon 25 H25/2 or Redmon Grand Prix de Gentlemen - 15th October

Brighton Mitre Hill Climbs am/pm - 21st October

Catford Hill Climb (am) /Bec Hill Climb (pm) - 22nd October

Brighton Mitre 25 - 29th October

Saturday, September 23, 2006

23rd/24th Sept Results

Ah, the H25/1 - London West's equivalent of Paris-Roubaix: without the smooth tarmac in between! Why do the councils find money for loads of yellow signs saying that x number of people have been killed in the next 300yrds of road over the last couple of years, but they won't make the roads safer by completely resurfacing them ....

Anyway I managed to improve my BBAR counting 25 time for the year by 9 minutes from 1:24:58 to 1:15:57. That takes my average over 18mph, which is ever so slightly more respectable! I'm not going to qualify for
a certificate as the average needs to be over 20mph - but it doesn't look as if Jake or Ann will qualify either as they are missing a BBAR counting event at one or other distance.

Oh, and today's winner Alex Dowsett 50:49 - National Junior Comp Record!

How did the Festival event go? If someone puts the results up as a comment, I'll add them to this post.

Thanks to Ann:

Festival 10 - Sat 23rd G10/42
24:59 Simon
25:08 Andy
26:27 Jackie - a pb?, I've lost track
27:48 Florence
27:56 Ann

Andy did a 25, & Jake & Jen both did 29's - seconds appreciated.

Jackie's ride was fastest lady on a road bike. Ann and Jackie have improved their 10 times, which moves Ann up to the top spot in the Ladies Championship and Jackie up to 3rd (displacing Florence).
John Beer rode the WLCA 10 on the H10/2 - still on his low gear - and improved another 3 seconds to 26:38.

Ray & Chrystal had a wasted morning as the Sotonia 50 was cancelled due to the rain. Sadly that scuppered Ray's final attempt at the Vets Age Record after missing it by less than a minute last week (he did 2:23:28 in the VTTA 50 last Sunday) and also Chrystal's chances of taking the Ladies Championship as she can not now ride a 50 this season.
I did 1:19:41 in the Hounslow 25 the last BBAR counting 25 of the season, and my last chance to improve the counting 25 time.

Finally two more Comp Records today: -
Men's Tandem Yates & Hutch 43.36
Mixed Tandem Chris Madge & Astrid Wheatcroft Severn RC 48.12
On the R something or other in Wales.

Windsor Half Marathon
Joe & Andy ran. Results here
They both put in very respectable runs, coming well up in a field of several thousand runners.


Slide Show by CCP

Thursday, September 21, 2006

End to End Update2

Just called the hotline.

They have got up to between Preston and Lancaster at just shy of 24 hours and the attempt has been called off.

As yet I don't know why, but will add to this post if and when I hear anything more.


Hoppo's comment from the Aborwood Forum below:

Hi peeps.
Richard decided that about 5 miles before Lancaster he could no longer continue. We had been on the rivet most of the day trying to make up for lost time and were steadily succeeding. Obviously this had taken its toll on him far more than I had suspected which was a shame because I was just gaining in strength. Anyway hats off to him, he is a hell of a rider and put in an amazing effort. Respect.
Looking on the bright side, what a good training ride being as I can now try and improve on my 50 time at the Yorks RC 50 on Sat!
Thanks for all your interest and thanks for everyone that helped us, Techno, Ian Franklin, AV tester, Stuart Kirkham,Andy Palmer, all the API crew and Steve Gelder, Mike Johnson and Steve Oxbrow, RRA officials, Frank and Christine Minto, Allsports International, Spiuk and Brian Kilgannon down at HMS Raleigh. Cheers.


End to End Update1

21 Sep 2006 09:17
Hi again,

Well, the riders are still going, but things are looking rather tough now.

They will have known before the start that they would have cross-winds in the first 100 miles, but that things should become more favourable after Exeter. However, those cross-winds were much stronger than they will have wanted, and were actually a bit more head-wind than originally predicted.

The result of that is that they were approx 1h 40m down at Exeter. The last report I have is that they had reached Cambridge (20 miles past Bristol) at 07:30, approx 2h 30m down.

Quite clearly, they will need to make significant progress during the next 12 hours to have a chance of getting the record.


And from the message board:
21st Sept 14:15
"Just gone through 19 hours showing 345 miles so they are getting back on schedule. Both looking weary though through the last 8 hours of effort but will complete!"

Monday, September 18, 2006

Lands End to John O'Groats attempt

From the Secretary of the Road Records Association:

Hi all,

A brief message to tell you that the Chris Hopkinson & Richard Thoday tandem-bicycle Land's End to John o'Groats record attempt will start from Land's End on Wednesday at 7pm.

The current record is 2 days 2 hours 14 minutes 25 seconds.

They have a suitably good weather forecast for the first day or so, so should be well ahead of schedule through into Scotland. It's a little more difficult to predict how things will turn out on Friday.....

If any of you would like more info, and/or may be able to get out on the roadside, please reply and I'll give you the relevant details.

Also, if you know (interested) people who live near the route, then please let them know (and invite them to contact me etc etc).


PS The contact number for information on progress is 01623 621 376

Forthcoming events

I'm entered in the North Hants 25 on the H25/1 on Saturday afternoon (23rd) and again in the Hounslow 25 on Sunday morning.

Colin McDermott's Roadman's 10 promoted for the Festival has attracted a bunch of our riders:

Chrystal is rumoured to be in the Sotonia 50 - anyone else?

The following weekend is the VTTA 25 on the H25/2 and the Epsom 25 on the G25/53.
I have put a late entry in for the VTTA event (the handbook said Vet's only, so I didn't think I could enter, but it is listed as entry to all in Cycling this week) and some of ours usually ride the Epsom.


17th September

Consolation Result - event and all points based on Hcp Time

Act Time Name Hcp Hcp T Points Awards
1:10:30 John Beer 11:30 59:00 7 7 1st Hcp/Trophy
1:10:15 Ken Day 10:30 59:45 6 6 2nd Hcp
1:15:02 Rachel Croggon 15:15 59:47 7 5 3rd Hcp
1:13:11 Jackie Morgan-Smith 13:00 1:00:11 6 4 4th Hcp/Fastest
1:15:12 Jake Dodd 14:00 1:01:12 5 3
1:03:33 Andy Avis 2:00 1:01:33 5 2
1:11:05 Paul Day 9:15 1:01:50 4 2
1:16:41 Florence Hallett 14:45 1:01:56 4 2
1:04:17 Joe Bertorelli Scr 1:04:17 3 2
1:18:48 David Croggon 13:30 1:05:18 2 2
1:28:49 Mark McNamara 23:00 1:05:49 2 2
1:01:18 Richard Hallett (Sydenham Wlrs)

Points in brown are for Men's points comp, points in green are for the Women's points comp and black are Hcp Pts.

Ann rode the Severn RC 50 and recorded 2:26:13 which moves her up to 2nd place in the Ladies Championship, and with a slowish 10 in relation to the others, she has a good chance of improving that. However I understand that Chrystal is entered in a 50 next week - presumably the Sotonia one - and "only" needs just under 2:40 to take the top spot from current leader Jake. Ray was supposed to be riding the Kent CA 50, but I've had no feedback and can't find a result yet.

As the final Club Event, the Consolation finalised the points trophies for the year:
Andy is the winner of the new Men's Points Trophy (formerly the Club Events Points Trophy) with 108 pts, and also the Handicap Points Trophy with 64 pts. Jake takes the new Women's Points Trophy (and the committee had better get a Trophy sorted out by the Dinner!!!) with 84 pts (and co-incidentally is also the runner-up for the Hcp Tropy!)

Andy will claim the 12hr Trophy with 214.513 miles
Stuart the 100 Trophy with 4:27:40
both of these having been decided as there are no more events to be ridden to change the current standings.

Stuart is currently in pole position for the 50 Trophy with 2:4:24, a time unlikely to be bettered, but there are 2 more 50s to be run.

Joe is in pole position for the 25 Trophy with a 1:0:38 for someone to better, and still a number of 25s to go.

Current leaders in the Club Championship - Andy - and the Men's Championship - Stuart, are unlikely to be challenged. But Jake's lead in the Ladies' Championship is on very shaky ground. And Ray looks pretty safe at the top of the Vet's Championship (again!)

John Beer gets the Consolation Trophy for an excellent 1:10:30, which I assume was done on the low gear that he has been riding all year.

Andy and Joe have long since claimed the Kingston to Worthing and Brass Monkey Trophies respectively.

Ann is currently leading for the Ladies' 25 mile Trophy, but her 1:11:29 is not yet a guaranteed winning time.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ECCA 12Hour BP picture

A better pic from Mike P

Monday, September 11, 2006

Consolation 25





8:05 - 5. John Beer
8 :06 - 6. Mark McNamara
8 :07 - 7. Ray Dare
8 :08 - 8. Paul Day
8 :09 - 9. Jake Dodd
8:10 - 10. David Croggon
8:11- 11. Peter Edwards
8:12- 12. Rachel Croggon
8:13- 13. Ann Bath
8:14- 14. Florence Hallett
8:15- 15. Joe Bertorelli
8:16- 16. Jackie Morgan-Smith
8:17- 17. Grant Pyke
8:18 18. Tony Tugwell
8:19- 19. Andy Avis
8:20- 20. Ken Day

SCCU 25 result

A still and cold day greeted the riders in this event.
Thanks to Tony and Jake for helping out. Please remember we need to produce helpers for next year to allow us to ride the SCCU events.
Commiserations to Ray who packed the wrong shoes.


Club 25 Mile Time Trial
Incorporated in Southern Counties CU Open Event

Points and handicaps are for the KPRC club championships.

No Name Time Hcp Hcp/Time Scr Hcp Award
13 Paul Day 1-09-31 5-30 1-04-01 6/41 4/41
19 Mark McNamara D.N.F. 1/18 0/23
24 Jackie Morgan-Smith 1-11-41 9-00 1-02-41 7/34 6/16
34 Ray Dare D.N.S. 0/41 0/33
39 Grant Pyke 1-12-17 6-30 1-05-47 5/41 3/47
47 Andy Avis 1-02-35 Scr 1-02-35 7//103 7/59 1st Hcp
54 Florence Hallett 1-12-53 10-00 1-02-53 6/74 5/45

This is the final event in the SCCU championship for 2006.
Men had to do a 25, 50 and 100.
Women do 10, 25 and 50.
The provisional result may put a KPRC member in a good position in the SCCU championship!

The awards are presented at the SCCU luncheon at the end of the season.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

SCCU 25 10th Sept 2006

7 of us down for the SCCU 25.
It is 10th September not 10th August as on the start sheet.

Here are the start and Club Handicap times.

7:13. 13. Paul Day 5-30
7:19. 19. Mark McMarnara 17-00
7:24. 24. Jackie Morgan-Smith 9-00
7:34. 34. Ray Dare 3-30
7:39. 39. Grant Pyke 6-30
7:47. 47. Andy Avis scr
7:54. 54. Florence Hallett 10-00

Award for 1st Handicap only.

Good luck lets hope its a good day.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hilly12/Hill Climb Result


3 Damian Poulter 36-55 Weybridge Whls 2m 02.69sec
4 Roy Instrall 42-31 Morden CRC 2m 37.25sec
5 Bob French 46-28 Weybridge Whls 3m 12.23sec
6 Lisa Colombo 51-00 15-00 36-00 3m 13.82sec 3/7 3
7 Andrew Hewett 41-55 4-00 37-55 2m 22.31sec 4/2 5
8 Florence Hallett 47-19 6-00 41-19 2m 55.16sec 5/2 4
9 Tony Tugwell DNS
10 Joe Bertorelli 39-26 PTT 2m 19.45sec
11 Jake Dodd 48-46 6-00 42-46 2m 23.11sec 4/2 6
12 David French 38-08 Weybridge Wlrs 2m 14.14sec
13 Peter Edwards 40-52 0-45 40-07 2m 26.53sec 5/2 4
14 Andy Avis 39-10 2-00 37-10 2m 12.81sec 6/3 6
15 Rachel Croggon 42-46 5-00 37-46 2m 41.79sec 5/2 5
16 Grant Pyke 43-07 7-00 36-07 3m 31.79sec 3/6 3
17 Brian Powney DNS
18 Jackie Morgan-Smith 42-03 5-00 37-03 2m 18.62sec 7/5 7
19 Gary Dodd 32-25 Sigma Sport 1m 36.18sec
20 Simon Mitchell 37-07 Scr 37-07 1m 57.70sec 7/4 7


1st Fastest: Simon Mitchell
2nd Fastest: Andy Avis
Fastest Woman: Jackie Morgan-Smith
1st Hcp: Lisa Colombo
2nd Hcp: Grant Pyke

1st: Simon Mitchell
1st : Jackie Morgan Smith

Marshals : Judy, David, Ben, Nicholas, Iain & Carolyn Margery. Frank Powney.
Pusher Off : Ron Powney Hill Climb start time keeper : Doreen Powney

Unfortunately, Jake took a tumble at the last rbt at the top of Givons Grove but carried on to finish.

Frank Cubis

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Leather sofas

Heather has two cream leather sofas for sale. A 2 & 3 seaters.
Contact and we will let Heather know.

Saturday, September 02, 2006