Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 Medium Gear 25 - result

SUNDAY 29th MARCH 2009

All Rode Medium Gear
8. David French 1-07-51 Weybridge Wheelers
5. Simon Mitchell 1-11-11 4-00 1-07-11 7 / 6 1st + 2nd Hcp
4. Bob French 1-18-15 Weybridge Wheelers
6. Brian Powney 1-18-57 2-00 1-16-57 6 / 3
1. Jake Dodd 1-21-21 16-00 1-05-21 7 / 7 1st Hcp + 1st W
3. Antonio Coelho 1-24-19 11-00 1-13-19 5 / 5
2. Mike Morley 1-27-21 11-00 1-16-21 4 / 4
7. Stuart Pearce D.N.F Scr (No Gloves) 1 / 0

D.N.S. Andy, Jackie. Grant, Chrystal, Steve, Joe & Tony. - Apologies from all.

Congratulations to Simon, the first Trophy winner of 2009. And the 11th time he has won The Brass Monkey Trophy

Thanks to Ron & Doreen who supplied the tea. On A Morning ‘O’ So Cold.....


Restricted Gear 25TT Sunday 29Mar09

My reflections on the first club event of the year and a reasonable entry of 17 riders. Was it hard, was it hell! Not too windy, not wet but very cold. My main handicap was, having a dinner party which went on until 1.30am, too much Champagne and Red wine, too much food and a restless 4 hours sleep (1hr less). This was of course the same for everyone. Actually the early start of 7.30 BST (6.30GMT) was a challenge but at first the sky was clear and to be in the open countryside with little traffic on the A24 quite refreshing. Some disappointment with a number of DNS, notably Toni de and Jackie from my point of view and Grant.
We all assembled at the car park and to keep the mood jovial this man appeared as usual with his funny hat. Paul took a number of action photo's which I hope will also appear. With the no shows, Jake was first off followed by me and I never saw her again apart from the Ten turn at Capel, with a generous handicap of 16mins (MM 11mins) and an actual time 6 minutes faster than me she was far and away the outright winner on Handicap and I think second fastest after brother Simon. Well done to both. What it must be like to be young again instead of thinking and believing you still are!
I had psyched up some "inspirational" things in my life to make me go faster like Millie but I think she must have been asleep and all I seemed to do was go Backwards. My right ankle was playing up due to extreme cold (no excuses please) and I was unable to twiddle fast enough on gears when above 21.5mph. So tempting to bang in the big ring!
Devastation struck when I turned onto the A29 after some 7mls, first being passed by Simon on fixed who showed me a clean pair of heels, then shortly after a private entry No18 and almost immediately by Antonio also on same 11min handicap. He came by quite quick but somehow I kept him in range at a distance down to Broadbridge Heath. He then seemed to find new life and gradually pulled away to take 2 more minutes out of me, 3 minutes in all as my minute man. A good ride and I have to say Antonio you are showing a big improvement this year according to Jake. Must be all that Gardening? I must say a special thanks to Brian Powney for preparing the handicapping!!?? a thankless and difficult task, to his mum and dad for turning out as usual to serve tea, coffee and cocoa afterwards and of course to the inimitable, the irrepressible, the lovable and in equal measure on all counts our mad timekeeper and fixed gear expert Frank. Without you Frank our club could not put on such a splendid programme of both open and club events each year. And of course thanks to all the riders for taking part. Most retreated to Henfold lake for a splendid breakfast which I really couldn't take after the night before and my huge bowl of porridge at 6am
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Medium Gear 09 - start sheet

SUNDAY 29th MARCH 2009

4. Andy Avis 10-00 34
5. Jake Dodd 16-00 07-35
6. Jackie Townsend 6-30 36
7. Mike Morley 11-00 37
8. Grant Pyke 15-00 38
9. Simon Mitchell 4-00 39
10. Chrystal Sheldon 9-00 07-40
11. Antonio Coelho 11-00 41
12. Brian Powney 2-00 42
13. Steve Hillier 5-00 43
14. Rohan P.T.T. 44
15. Stuart Pearce Scr 07-45
16. Joe Bertorelli 8-00 46
17. Toni d'Italia 11-00 47

Awards 1st & 2nd Handicap, 1st Fastest plus Brass Monkey Trophy

MEDIUM GEAR 72.0 for example 48 x 18

If the pedal has not accomplished a full circle at
226¼ inches or 18ft 10¼ inches or 5.746 mts
The gear is too high.

Those who wish, may ride unrestricted if required. (but won't be eligible for awards!)

Course Details G25/47

We meet at the same car park as the Evening 10

The start is on the A24 at Mill Road, South Holmwood, one mile south of the 10 start.
Continue south and turn at the 10 turn 2nd Rbt on A24 Clark’s Green. Retrace to Beare Green RBT were left into the A29. Continue through Ockley to eventually bare left onto A281.
At Broadbridge Heath it gets complicated, there are 3 RBT’s. At the 1st RBT stay on A281 (2nd left) the next go straight on but now on A264 (A281) to A24 were left down slip road to join A24 northbound. Stay on A24 to finish at railway bridge parapet just after the left turn into Beare Green village and ¾m before the start.

Frank Cubis